Tuesday, September 5

Playing Catch-Up, and maybe using some Ketchup

I'm a bit tired. Don't get me wrong, because the job is still there, both mine, and the Wife's. The Wife's job is never in the dire straits mine could be though.... unless she just went hat-flip crazy. For lack of understanding mental illnesses and how they appear, I hope she never does..... in the meantime.....

No. I was referring to the possible volatile situation of my job.. Maybe volatile is not the right word. Transitional? Lucky if you found someone to do it as well? Fucking pay me what I am worth?


My goal (again) is to corner down my boss and talk about pay/wage, etc. One of these weeks he won't be able to avoid me, and I hope (based on past history) he is a good boss and won't screw me over. Because if he did, well, man, I don't wanna think about that.

School is in session. My HS'er is in marching band and working on the show. Youngest is now 6th grade... learning to be a percussionist. I was thinking of buying a trap set for him this Christmas, to start letting him learn his way around one, so when he gets to HS, he could jump right into Jazz.... but who knows.

My birthday is this week. More than ever, I don't care.

I know Reverend Mother and Preacher Tom will text me, early in the day, a "Happy Birthday". It is what they do. I'm sure my brother, Stuman, and sister, Sis, will do the same, though, for the past couple months, we have not been in contact. I deleted them from my facebook contacts. Let's just say, I decided all that, and the why don't matter to the general reader of this here post.

Shit happened.

Yeah, I'm dealing with the repercussions of that shit,  but it's all good! The best part, is not having to them whine about shit all the time.... though I am sure RM still has to hear it, as well about why I'm not talking to them.... blah blah blah. I don't know... just guessing. But you know oms and daughters... and moms and the baby sons..... Thank goodness I ain't one!

Tune in next time.... once I get replies from family about how " it really is " and I'll let you know!