Monday, October 28

Taking Recovery Time

I feel like I need a day off to just recover from doing things this weekend. Friday night I ended up getting asked to work at the pub, as the  cook was sick, and the guy working the door that night was also a cook (second job). So I ended up working almost 14 hours straight. To top that off, there was a sewage back up at the pub, that ended up coming up through the floor, and all bathrooms were backing up. Made for a stinky night. It was fixed and all cleaned up the next day. Seems some kids had unscrewed the vent caps and filled them with rocks. What a mess.

Saturday, the Wife and I were able to get out without the kids, and attend a birthday/Halloween party with some friends. It was over in Chandler, so was a bit of a drive, but had a wonderful time, then drove past where I work to show the Wife where it was located. We ended up stopping at Dennys where she had some dessert, and I ate supper. Sort of a mini-date, which was nice.

Sunday was spent in my usual fashion: softball followed by the football game. Too bad my 'Skins didn't do well against the Broncos. Tried to end up the night watching WORLD WAR Z, but I fell asleep during the movie, rousing at the end, and retired to bed.

Headed out to breakfast with PT here in a few. Other than that, it's back to work.


Thursday, October 24

A Bit Empty

Thursday has now come around, and I feel like I have nothing much to say. The MIL is home form the hospital, which is good. Things have pretty much returned to normal, for us, around here. My free time of late has been filled up with reading, though nothing so fantastic I need to share it here.

It seems I haven't heard much about the Government since it has resumed. Of course, the radio in my truck is out again (it's got to be a fuse) and I have not taken the time to fix it. Since I don't read the paper, or other sources of news, I guess maybe I just haven't heard anything. The only politics I have seen, and quickly skimmed over, then discarded, were on Facebook, and that is all just boring as shit anyways.

So, you know my weekend plans already. Guess I can just end this today.


Tuesday, October 22

Getting Busy

Sometimes it just fees like there is too much 'stuff' going on. I'm am starting to feel that way. The sad part is that there doesn't really seem to be much. Maybe it is because I am constantly going over things in my head, and repeating them that it seems like a lot.

The Daughter is coming into town this weekend. Mostly because it is Homecoming for her High School, the same the oldest son attends. There is a dance Saturday night he wants to go to. Also on Saturday is a "fair" the church puts on, mainly for kids to sort of trick or treat in a safe environment, that  am sure the two younger boys want to attend. The Wife and I have a birthday party to go to, that is also that night, so the Daughter is going to have to do running of the kids for us. Will she have her car? Will she need to use my van? What about supper?

Also the MIL is still in the hospital. From what I was able to understand from the Wife, she has some enlarged discs in her back that they say they will not operate on. Something about the surgery being too extensive (maybe due to her age?) or something. The cardiologist had them do a stress test, but the results were not back as of last night. The Wife made it home to catch up on sleep, but will be returning this morning again. Another day off work for her, but no one else in her family will step up and help at this time. Of course, the closest lives about 30 minutes north of us, and the next closest is about 2 hours (average) north of the Valley. The Wife has kept them in the loop of what is going on, but no one has offered to come down and help, or just sit with her so the Wife can get other things done. I guess because the MIL is not dying, they won't be coming.

Already took one boy to school this morning, and I suppose I will be taking the other two here shortly. Which reminds me I need to change my contact number with the schools to my new cell number. I suppose they will not let me do that by phone. I don't know.

See it doesn't seem like much. But in amongst all that rumbling around in my head, I have the other issues: bills, how much is in the bank, did I get that one thing done at work that needed to be done, what roads are closed that are going to affect my route, what if the MIL gets worse, Christmas is coming - presents, other holidays and what are plans are, and the list goes on. I know there is a ton of stuff going through the mind, and it just is getting to the point where, for now, it is starting to feel overwhelming. I am sure if I got a few hours to sit down and relax without interruptions, I would feel better, and have a better perspective and idea of how to get things handles, plus putting what needs to be worried about in their proper places. I guess that meditative time is sort of like Reverend Mother's 'time with God' she does each day. Well, sort of similar.

Okay, I am off of here. Got to get the boys up and ready for school....


Monday, October 21

The Late Night Post

It's just after midnight here, and I am awake. Not a normal thing for me, unless I am out drinking, or working. Tonight's cause is the MIL. The Wife had mentioned to me earlier that her mom was experiencing some discomfort, and her blood pressure was a bit elevated. I guess she called Wife about 45 minutes ago, stating she was having pain bad enough to want to go to the emergency room, so the Wife left to take her. Having no clue how long she could be there, she had to wake me to be sure I knew where things were for the boys to get them off to school. I hope she is back by then. And of course I hope the MIL will be fine.

I got my truck back on Friday, so am happy about that.

The son's band will be attending the State competition, by receiving another Excellent rating at the competition on Saturday. This week is Homecoming. The Daughter will be coming up for the weekend, and is able to help us out with the boys so the Wife and I can attend a birthday party for a friend.

Okay. Sitting here staring at the screen isn't helping anyone. Guess I shall go lay back down and see if I can fall asleep again.


Friday, October 18

I Want My Baby Back, Baby Back, Baby Back

No, this isn't a post about some food, though that almost sounds good at 6:30 in the morning... It's more about my truck, and the hope that it will be done today so I can get back to using it. Driving a van for my route really is not really working out all that great. My boss has today off, but I figure I should take initiative and call the shop to see if she is ready. If so, maybe I can pick it up on my way to work. I miss that big ride.

The son has another band competition tomorrow, but I don't think I will be attending. If I remember correctly, it is over at ASU, and quite frankly, having to drive past there everyday, I have no desire to drive that far again on a day off from work. That, and the cost of entry, and all the walking. Nah. I'll pass.

Wow. I seem to have a blank mindset this morning. Go figure.


Wednesday, October 16

There Was A Time ....

I think I have come to accept that I am getting older, and having not taken the best care of my body these past many years, that there will be signs of the body's disapproval. The past several weeks at the new job has made me more do more physical work than I have in ... well, about 15 years approximately. A couple weeks ago, my feet were hurting pretty bad at the end of the day. I the cause down to the shoes I was wearing, a pair of sneakers that I had worn for my workouts at the gym. I thought, well, they are a good year or more old, maybe not up to 8 hours of being on them all day. So the other weekend I went out and ended up with a pair of hiking shoes. I chose them as they had good arch support, and thought they would be more durable for being on my feet most of the day.

Now, my ankles and knees hurt. Take away the foot pain, and the next 'squeaky wheel' comes along. I am sure the ankles and knees hurt just from all the work  put them through, especially considering the weight I was at for years, and I am no skinny little guy now even. I am hoping the use of some ibuprofen will help alleviate most of the pain. I say pain, but I should clarify and say more like an ache, or just sore. It is not debilitating, just sore and achey. Can't think of better words.

In other news, THE LAST DARK by Stephen R. Donaldson was released yesterday, and I got my copy. For those of you that don't know, this is the fourth book of The Last Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, which is the third series of Thomas Covenant that Donaldson has written. I remember picking up LORD FOUL'S BANE almost 25 years ago, that started my journey in this series. It is sad in a way that it has to end. I am sure I will be reading it soon.

This morning's madness leaves me with nothing else for you today. Still trying to wipe clean the dream I awoke to this morning.  Maybe I can get s a short story idea out of it. Not to ruin details, but it involved me, some other guy that was supposed to be a best friend (though I didn't know him) and a moving truck, with us in it, that had flipped while we were driving it. The dream gets really erratic after that. Where my mind gets this stuff sometimes ....


Tuesday, October 15

Sending My Baby Away

This morning it is a low 54 degrees (in an outlying town of the Valley called Buckeye) so it is about 58 where I live. I had the brief thought that it is almost time to start wearing jeans, rather than shorts, not only when I take the son to school, but maybe for work as well. Then I dismissed the idea. There is no way I want to wear jeans any longer than I need to, and quite frankly, with the temps to be in the mid 80's all week, I am not wearing jeans. I'll put up with a slight chill before I put them jeans on. Though, I may need to get out a light jacket ... just to be prepared. And maybe be sure I have a couple pairs of jeans that still fit.

I'll be driving a little further than normal this morning on my commute to work. I spoke to my boss yesterday, mentioning that we need to get the truck I drive back into the shop. The coolant sensor is not working properly (still) plus she needs an oil change. I am not happy about having to send her away. I am getting quite used to the truck (a 16-foot box truck, diesel) and with her being in the shop, I'll be using the standard vehicle the company has: an extended panel van. People just don't get out of my way like they do when I am driving the truck. Plus, I don't sit as high, and I really lose storage space. I just hope over the next couple days I don't have an unusually large number of doors/tubs to deliver to the techs.

So the Government is still shut down. Yeah. Enough said there.

Halloween is in 16 days. Thrill. I know many places are doing their parties the previous weekend (the 26th or something like that) which is cool, since I will be working Halloween night. I know the church the Wife goes to is doing the regular Harvest Festival thing, where they give out candies to the kids, and have games, etc going on. The safe environment thing. I actually like that idea. The kids usually go to that. On Halloween we will drive the kids around to some of the local churches that do the Trunk Treats thing in the parking lots of their respective churches. It seems to be becoming more of the normal thing for us for this holiday.

Speaking of holidays, that means the next one is one of my favorites. Who doesn't like to eat turkey, mashed potatoes, giblet gravy, stuffing, etc. all afternoon, and for the next week? If you said you don't care for it, you might as well just quit reading here. I can never get enough. It is truly a holiday that I can just enjoy for a week, meaning the week after, if there are enough leftovers that is. I know the Reverend Mother has posted recently about holidays, family gatherings, and needing (for her) to "let go" more, for us siblings to be able to do/make holiday pans with our own families (or those of spouses) rather than be centered on just Our general family. I honestly don't know what we will do over the next three family holidays. I like to do T-Day with my family (meaning RM, and the other siblings plus their families) but I don't know. Usually we do it at Sis' as her husband doesn't like to go to RM's for holidays. Personally, I think it is the control of the TV remote he doesn't get to have ... well, that and a few other things. But that is my opinion, and since too many family people read here, I am not going to share.

There's the holiday after that one, too. I don't want to think about that one yet though. It's just too damn expensive.


Monday, October 14

It sure is a Monday morning. I have been up for about an hour, and already I feel like climbing back into bed. The comfort of being under covers in a warm bed, cat-napping just sounds good.  Not that I will get to do that ... seems like there are too many other things that need to be done today.

The oldest son had the first marching competition of the season on Saturday. He was supposed to have been there at 6:30, but we had overslept, thus he did not get to the school until 7:30, but at least they had not left yet. Their performance was at my alma mater, so we went to watch it. This was the first chance I had had to see their show, and must say I thought they looked and sounded good. Evidently the judges did as well, since the scored and Excellent, with captions for General Effect and Musical Performance. Not bad for the first competition.

Even though today is Columbus Day, the boys still have school. It might be because they were off all last week.

The Wife and two younger boys have just left, so I guess if I want to crawl back into bed, there is no one here to stop me. Maybe I will go lay down until I have to get up for work.

Decisions. Decisions.


Friday, October 11

Another Week Finished

It is Friday again, and nothing new is going on. The Government is still closed. Everyone is still blaming everyone else. Soldiers aren't getting paid, and Nat'l parks are not open. Luckily, I am still working, and getting a paycheck. That's the best news I have for you today.

This week wraps up my first month and a half with this company. I am looking forward to my 3-month probation period to end, to see if (and how much) they give me a raise in pay. The past 2-3 weeks have been stressful at times due to the whole inventory situation going on. At first I was doing more work than the job description explained, and now (or this week anyways) much of that has been given to a new position they created. Makes it a bit easier for me, in the way that I am not time constrained as much as before. I am not feeling as rushed in completing the first part of my day (gathering the parts orders). All in all, it is getting worked out to a better solution, slowly but surely.

With the rains we had yesterday morning, it has brought the temps down in the Valley. Supposed to be back up to a high of 79 today ( via the radio) but this morning it was cool enough to make me wonder if I should wear jeans instead of shorts to work. Plus last night, I wondered if I should bring along a light jacket, for the later evening (after nightfall) when it cools down in the outlying areas that I am in. I opted for shorts today, and no jacket. The truck has a heater if I get cool.


Thursday, October 10

When the Wind Blows

Yesterday was not a good day. Aside from the fact I was feeling a bit foggy-headed from imbibing a few beers the night before, it was windy. The advanced forecasts had been calling for it, the day before our temps were to drop into the 70's (for the high) and a very good chance for showers. For once, they were right. The Valley was a dust covered haze all day, and in parts, the mountains were even hidden from view due to the amount of dust in the air. South of us, there were several accidents on I-10 due to the low visibility. I was not enjoying my route, as a 16-foot box truck gets blown around a bit when the wind is gusting.

Aside from the feeling of it being a long day, the wind is my enemy. I woke up this morning feeling my allergies taking effect. I've got the stuffy nose, runny nose, itchy, watery eyes feeling that I just love so much (could you feel the sarcasm?).

It is raining though, and that will help clear the dust and allergens from the air, even if the drivers out here have no clue how to drive in these conditions. And, the work truck gets washed!


Tuesday, October 8

Living Vicariously

Yesterday was a long day. The company had completed inventory over the weekend, but the busy part is here over the next few days. We had our parts company hold our orders (and we placed orders every day) for the past 4-5 days, so we would have to inventory those parts as well, intending to add them as fresh inventory now. Yesterday alone, the estimate was about 750 parts came in, and that was just one company, for a portion of our parts on hold. Needless to say, the boss had asked me to come to work early, so I ended up putting in a 12-hour day, counting the route last night. Afterwards, I had to do an errand to Wal-Mart, and stopped by my brother's.

My brother, Stuman, is blessed. I really mean it. He is blessed with having bad things happen to him, or at least that involve him to large degrees. I am sure somewhere in the past nearly seven years, I have posted some of his unfortunate events. Needless to say, I went by his place to visit a bit last night, to catch up on his current drama. Sometimes, it is more fun than a TV show. Sunday night we had invited Rev. Mother and Preacher Tom out to dinner, and they had dropped a couple things about goings-ons with Stuman. It's not my place to really share them, as I am not sure he would appreciate me airing out some issues. I did mention to him last night that I live a fucked-up life vicariously through him. He was a bit intoxicated (well, more than a bit) so he just nodded his head. I am not sure he understood what I was saying, but probably took it as a compliment. It wasn't really meant as one. But he won't change.

One of my buddies tells me every so often, that he lives vicariously through me. Usually it is while we are having a few brews, and the talk turns to the wives. He is always shocked that the Wife lets me do somethings with no strings attached, or no complaints, whereas he claims to have to go through bloody hell just to get to do something. I always laugh when he says it though. I think I have a pretty simple life. Would be nice to be able to do more things, to go more places, et cetera, and I know we could, by making myself commit to a goal, or whatever. But you can tell how lackadaisical I am.

Well, today I am on my regular schedule for work. Will be the rest of the week as far as I know. Maybe more time to write tomorrow, if I can figure out a topic, or something.


Friday, October 4

Counting on Friday

Fridays are becoming my 'Feel Good' days. Mainly because I know I have a couple days off. however, that may not be the case this week. With our company doing their first time ever inventory, the last couple weeks have been ... trying. I say that as We in the parts department, have been stretched thin and put in extra hours leading up to this great event, which takes place tomorrow - on my day off. As of yesterday, it seemed all was pretty much in place, and aside from final details, things should go smoothly tomorrow. What I don't know, is if I am working tomorrow or not. I shall find out today when I go in. What is nice, is I do not have to deliver on my route tonight, as all techs will be going to the shop tomorrow, to inventory their trucks, and will pick up their parts for Monday then. Sounds like all I am doing is pulling the parts for Monday, today, and who knows what else. Maybe I will get off early today, to ease up on my hours, since I have put some extra ones in this week already.

Aside from not knowing yet if I am working tomorrow or not, no other major plans for the weekend. I may just bum around the house.

Our Government is still closed down. My brother is on furlough due to the shut down. A few other people I know are affected as well. Doesn't change anything here for myself or the Wife, which is nice.


Tuesday, October 1

No Laughing Matter

Who said the title of a post HAS to have anything to do with the content? I mean, aren't you already wondering what I am going to write about that supposedly is no laughing matter, except that now I am am writing something different ... so it that a laughing matter? I suppose it would be if I told a joke or something. Unfortunately, I don't recall having heard any new jokes, and nothing really comes to my head that is worth laughing about. At least at this hour of the morning.

I think summer is pretty much over here in Arizona. Last week was the first that the temperatures were under 100 for the whole week. This week we expect the same, though some days will have some in the 90's degree range. I still run the air conditioning in the truck, but after dark, I usually roll the window down unless I am on the freeway. It is getting to be that beautiful weather stage in AZ.

I gave the oldest son his first cell phone today. It wasn't new, as it was the one I had been using. I decided since my employer gave me a phone, that instead of carrying two around, the son could use one. Now I am in the process of getting my new number to those that need it, and making sure everyone knows that the son has the phone now. It is as bad as notifying everyone that you are moving.

The Wife is off work yet again today. I have no idea why the "census" of patients is low ... maybe them old people don't feel like needing that type of medical attention at this time of year. Either way, she says she will be back from her Mom's soon (taking the boys to school, etc) but maybe I will luck out and not have to see her for the next couple hours while she visits with her Mom. Sounds cruel, but I just don't feel like conversation this morning. I feel like a cup of coffee and some breakfast. Presto! I ahve my coffee and a granola bar. Joy.