Thursday, October 10

When the Wind Blows

Yesterday was not a good day. Aside from the fact I was feeling a bit foggy-headed from imbibing a few beers the night before, it was windy. The advanced forecasts had been calling for it, the day before our temps were to drop into the 70's (for the high) and a very good chance for showers. For once, they were right. The Valley was a dust covered haze all day, and in parts, the mountains were even hidden from view due to the amount of dust in the air. South of us, there were several accidents on I-10 due to the low visibility. I was not enjoying my route, as a 16-foot box truck gets blown around a bit when the wind is gusting.

Aside from the feeling of it being a long day, the wind is my enemy. I woke up this morning feeling my allergies taking effect. I've got the stuffy nose, runny nose, itchy, watery eyes feeling that I just love so much (could you feel the sarcasm?).

It is raining though, and that will help clear the dust and allergens from the air, even if the drivers out here have no clue how to drive in these conditions. And, the work truck gets washed!


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