Monday, October 21

The Late Night Post

It's just after midnight here, and I am awake. Not a normal thing for me, unless I am out drinking, or working. Tonight's cause is the MIL. The Wife had mentioned to me earlier that her mom was experiencing some discomfort, and her blood pressure was a bit elevated. I guess she called Wife about 45 minutes ago, stating she was having pain bad enough to want to go to the emergency room, so the Wife left to take her. Having no clue how long she could be there, she had to wake me to be sure I knew where things were for the boys to get them off to school. I hope she is back by then. And of course I hope the MIL will be fine.

I got my truck back on Friday, so am happy about that.

The son's band will be attending the State competition, by receiving another Excellent rating at the competition on Saturday. This week is Homecoming. The Daughter will be coming up for the weekend, and is able to help us out with the boys so the Wife and I can attend a birthday party for a friend.

Okay. Sitting here staring at the screen isn't helping anyone. Guess I shall go lay back down and see if I can fall asleep again.


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