Friday, October 4

Counting on Friday

Fridays are becoming my 'Feel Good' days. Mainly because I know I have a couple days off. however, that may not be the case this week. With our company doing their first time ever inventory, the last couple weeks have been ... trying. I say that as We in the parts department, have been stretched thin and put in extra hours leading up to this great event, which takes place tomorrow - on my day off. As of yesterday, it seemed all was pretty much in place, and aside from final details, things should go smoothly tomorrow. What I don't know, is if I am working tomorrow or not. I shall find out today when I go in. What is nice, is I do not have to deliver on my route tonight, as all techs will be going to the shop tomorrow, to inventory their trucks, and will pick up their parts for Monday then. Sounds like all I am doing is pulling the parts for Monday, today, and who knows what else. Maybe I will get off early today, to ease up on my hours, since I have put some extra ones in this week already.

Aside from not knowing yet if I am working tomorrow or not, no other major plans for the weekend. I may just bum around the house.

Our Government is still closed down. My brother is on furlough due to the shut down. A few other people I know are affected as well. Doesn't change anything here for myself or the Wife, which is nice.


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