Tuesday, October 1

No Laughing Matter

Who said the title of a post HAS to have anything to do with the content? I mean, aren't you already wondering what I am going to write about that supposedly is no laughing matter, except that now I am am writing something different ... so it that a laughing matter? I suppose it would be if I told a joke or something. Unfortunately, I don't recall having heard any new jokes, and nothing really comes to my head that is worth laughing about. At least at this hour of the morning.

I think summer is pretty much over here in Arizona. Last week was the first that the temperatures were under 100 for the whole week. This week we expect the same, though some days will have some in the 90's degree range. I still run the air conditioning in the truck, but after dark, I usually roll the window down unless I am on the freeway. It is getting to be that beautiful weather stage in AZ.

I gave the oldest son his first cell phone today. It wasn't new, as it was the one I had been using. I decided since my employer gave me a phone, that instead of carrying two around, the son could use one. Now I am in the process of getting my new number to those that need it, and making sure everyone knows that the son has the phone now. It is as bad as notifying everyone that you are moving.

The Wife is off work yet again today. I have no idea why the "census" of patients is low ... maybe them old people don't feel like needing that type of medical attention at this time of year. Either way, she says she will be back from her Mom's soon (taking the boys to school, etc) but maybe I will luck out and not have to see her for the next couple hours while she visits with her Mom. Sounds cruel, but I just don't feel like conversation this morning. I feel like a cup of coffee and some breakfast. Presto! I ahve my coffee and a granola bar. Joy.


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