Monday, September 30

Going to be a Long Week

The appliance repair company I work for is doing inventory this week. That doesn't sound odd. Many companies do inventory at different times, sometimes monthly, some yearly - based on fiscal year, etc. I don't know how often they plan on doing it here. I would think not often, as this is the first one they have ever done since the company was put in place/purchased/whatever back about 10-12 years ago from what I have been told. What does that mean? It means, there is a lot of miscellaneous stock (for appliance repair) that has been shelved/boxed in the parts room for that long. Think like washer/dryer sized tubs (in boxes) and shelves of miscellaneous small parts. Needless to say, over the past few weeks they have been doing small stages of preparing for the big day of counting inventory by getting rid of some stock, returning it to the place of purchase for maybe a reduced price. There are some things that the distributors won't take back, and I am not sure what our company will do with it. Either way, our big day of counting is this coming Saturday.

Which means, I won't be delivering Friday night (yea!) though I will need to work the day shift, and also that Saturday. The first part of the week through Thursday will basically be business as usual for me.

Nothing much else going on. I suppose we will find out today if our Government is going to close down because they can't settle on anything. Joy.

The Daughter was in town this weekend as her birthday was Saturday. She turned 22 this year. the end of this month she finishes up schooling to be a Respiratory Therapist, and graduates in early November.

That's all I got today.


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