Monday, October 26

Back Around to Monday

It's actually nice this Monday. To be able to feel like slowing down a little bit from the activity over the weekend. For the most part, things went well.

Saturday the daughter had the marching band invitational. I don't know what they scored...considering she did not make it home until after her curfew we had set. Yeah. A big, bad mistake. This is the second time she has pulled that shit, and frankly, I am fed up about it. She has just decided in the past 2 months that being 18 means she 'doesn't have to follow house rules' and that because she is going to college, she can do as she pleases now, as she will when she is there.

We decided that she needs to learn a few things more before we release her to the world. First being, what Daddy says, he means, and that's the rules.

Needless to say, we have ruined her life now and she informs us she is a "failure" because of it all. I smile and just say "I love you". Mainly, because if I say anything else, I'll lose my temper - and no one wants that. I try to think to myself that in 10 or maybe 15 years, she'll be more appreciative to the things we allowed/didn't allow her to do at this stage of her life. She'll see the "WHY" behind the parenting. We're not asking for thanks.... just for he hope that the children she has grow up to be just like her at this age. PLEASE!!!!

Had a nice time at the Sis's yesterday. We celebrated the Stuman's bday and that of his middle child and wife. I threw in the presents for his daughter too, as it looks like we may not make the party in a couple weeks or so.

I feel like I have put on some poundage this weekend. The food that has been placed before me has been terrific. The Wife made Pork roast, mashed potatoes, and corn on Friday night. It was so juicy and tender... I had to have seconds. And Sunday at Sis's we had meatloaf, turkey, cornbread, mac & cheese, some kind of apple dish, plus crackers with salami and chips, salsa, etc. Oh man. I ate another 2 plates there, and then one of my boys didn't finish half of theirs, so that went to daddy too. Too much good Food!!!

Got nothing exciting planned this week. Halloween is Saturday. No clue what we are doing yet. See ya laters.


Friday, October 23

It Seems to have been a long one

This past week has been so uneventful, it feels as though it has dragged on forever. Not that I was THAT bored, just seemed longer than a normal week. It's ending on a busy weekend though.

It is Friday, and I am getting ready to let one of the boys on to play some WoW. Then I won't have the computer back til later. Saturday will be busy as the daughter has a band invitational to attend, that we may go and watch as well. It is being held at my Alma Mater. Then Sunday we are getting together at Sis's place for a 4 birthday get together.

The Wife had scheduled today off from work. It was pick a day or lose it basically. But it made for a nice day. We went to lunch and did some shopping (for the mentioned kids birthdays on Sunday). It was nice, even if we had the youngest with us. Tried out a place we hadn't eaten before - Golden Corral. I was unimpressed, and for the drive it definitely is not worth it to me.

Guess that is it for now. We'll see how I hold up through the weekend...


Tuesday, October 20

Geez, Where does it go?

It's been a few days since I last threw something up on here. Seems like it was yesterday I posted last, but I see it wasn't. And it is not like I was so busy I forgot the time...

Nothing exciting happening. Kids are back in school after a week off for fall break (and being sick too).

I got nothing else today.


Saturday, October 17

Cuz I is Lazy - with a Z

Here it is, late Friday night. All week you have been wondering where the d00d is, how is things going, kids well? found a job? all that other normal bullshit.

Yeah. Nothing has changed. Except the kids are better. The oldest came down with bronchitis nd an ear infection, but a 'script and rewst does wonders.

Okay, not much time cuz the Wife is on me about other things. I gotta look up the first marching competition location for tomorrow, and a bunch of other stuff I put off to the lat minute.

Til next time.....


Tuesday, October 13

Quick Words before Bed

I am headed to bed, but figured I better throw some words up here to make sure you have something to waste your time on. Heh.

Sunday was good day. Enjoyed about a little over half the Cards-Houston game, and the blast at the tailgate party. Today though I am a bit sore from all the walking.

Daughter ended up in UrgentCare today from being sick. She has come down with Bronchitis and an ear infection. Some antibiotics and rest will do her up fine. We had to re-schedule her SATs until January though. Boys seem to have recovered well enough.

Tomorrow morning I go in for the remaining planing and scaling. It should be the last trip for the year for me. I hope.

That's it til next time.


Sunday, October 11

Late Posting

It's 2am. Yes, I truly am headed to bed at this nice early hour. Too much gaming I guess. Tomorrow is a big day though. A friend invited me out to the Cardinals football game, so some tailgate partying and NFL action going on. Plus Church of Holy Beer and Softball first in the morning.

RM reminded me I forgot about the shirt they had given me for my bday. It was a late gift, but I love it anyways. Across the front is says D.A.D.D. (Dads Against Daughter Dating). Definitely cute. I am wearing it soon to somewhere in public to see what sort of comments I will receive. And RM, no, as usual I forgot to call the next day.

So oldest son is well, all other kids are still sick. The Wife and I are doing everything w can to care for the sick ones, and not catch it ourselves. Makes for a boring weekend (except for later today). At least they are off this next week for break.

I am taking my camera - maybe get some good pics to share!


Thursday, October 8

Sometimes it is just a blank look and ....


Yeah, that's it. with a total blank look, and a half open mouth. Why? I just can't figure out what the heck is going on. It's been one of those days, though I should have seen it coming all week.

Thursday, started out wonderful. By noon I was thinking it was going to be a good day. I headed out to the pub in the early afternoon to meet up with a couple buds, and Buds, for a nice round or two of video golf. Was out having a good time - when the phone call came.

Actually, it was a text. About 5:40'ish, I get this text from the daughter - something along the lines of: Boyfriend is coming to concert tonight, and asks if I can go to dinner afterwards.

(pondering look on my face) Concert? Tonight? Huh? Dinner with B boyfriend? It's Thursday....

I text back a quick "Call me", thinking that would be easier to get the answers I need about what is going on... teach me to think.

About that time in the process, the phone rings and it is The Wife. She is calling me to talk about the same thing. As we are talking (barely past the "Hi" and "What's up?") the phone is beeping for the other line. I miss it of course, and it was the daughter. I sigh in exasperation (because already this has confused the hell outta me) and call the Wife. She explains, rather patiently I might add, that the daughter has a Vocal Ensemble concert tonight (which no one had informed me of) and the whole boyfriend/dinner thing.

Fine. We worked out that yes it was fine - be home by 10 as it is a school night. Oh, but wait! There's more for this prize winner!!

Backing up to Tuesday, the oldest son became sick - fever over 100, coughing, other flu-like stuff. He misses 3 days of school this week (including today). Now on the phone, the Wife tells me the next oldest son has over 100 temp, and feels sick. Older better, next sick, and one in the wings just waiting I know. Now the Wife can't afford to be sick with Flu-like stuff in her line of work. They make them stay home mandatory 7 days (she works with geriatrics).

Damn, sometimes I am a good husband. I said okay, I would stay home with the sick boy, and any others wanting to NOT go to the concert. What time does daughter need to be there? In 20 minutes - and I am 10 minutes from home yet.

Sometimes it is good there is a police station on the way home from where I was. Because it seems the police are never in that area to pull anyone over. I made it home in REALLY good time.

The evening goes on, Wife comes home. Pizza had been ordered and we kicked back watching "Return of the King". Daughter due home at 10pm. At 9:58'ish, the Wife says, " I just got a text message from the daughter."

Huh? She is due home like in 2 minutes... Turns out, they supposedly were caught in traffic and were running late. Okay, sounds legit. I call her back and ask just where are they? Ten minutes from home... and she is just now calling to say oh, they were late.

Needless to say, she was later than 10, 15, or even 20 minutes following the call. Yeah. Traffic my ass. And she knew we were not happy about the whole thing. As soon as she came in it was tears and crying. We three sat down and as parents explained why we had guidelines, and how she is not following them. Next came what should we do to enforce them... blah blah blah.

Sentencing is held off until Saturday to allow the Wife and I to determine proper procedure.

So, if you are out in the early evening (Arizona time that is) and from the West (or East if yer in Cali) you hear a distance scream of rage and pent-up frustration.... That's me!

Children - don't know why I have them, except it was so much fun making 'em.


Edit: And Uncle Mike, for some reason, I was trying to be a bit vague rather than point fingers at ya, but I guess Reverend Mother would have figured it out anyhows. From now on, you'll get name mention!! You're a great mentor!!

Wednesday, October 7

Wait. How much does it cost me?

I think every teenager, or son-to-be ones, start hating this question early. I know at my house, the daughter *still* hasn't learned to provide that info up front when asking me about something. It is almost the first phrase out of my mouth every time, answered with "I don't know" from her.

Well, not every time. But it sure feels that way. The Wife and I have been pretty well blessed, even with the economy today, and the job market (interpreted as my lack of a job) we have been able to "get by" and still do extra things family-wise. OF course, sometimes that means just going out to eat considering the size of the family.

So what brought up this topic today? Nothing really. Just me thinking. Saturday the daughter has her SAT testing scheduled. No one has mentioned the need for a possible fee. I am sure there is going to be one. Isn't there for everything when it comes to college prepping? And no one (meaning the daughter) has provided me (read as The Driver) any idea what time and exact place she needs to be. Evenings at my place are going to be repetitious for the next few evenings I am sure.

On the growing up side, the daughter is supposed to "instruct/teach" the 11 year old son how to operate the mower and weed-eater Friday evening. She has had the 'employment opportunity' of landscaping maintenance for the past few years, and now they pass on to younger shoulders, to allow her to prepare for Life's 'real work' ahead. This should be interesting. Wondering if I can find a place to take pics and listen in without them noticing too much.

Enough of my rambling. On to other important matters....

I wanna throw a quick shout out to MLAH over at this place. Someone had the balls to stand up for the Cowboys (though we will never figure out why...). Go give them a quick read. I did, and had a few laughs, too.

I received some email this morning from a family relative. Sorry Reverend Mother, but the desire to share is here. I was informed that today is SYBSTD. For those of you not able to figure out them acronyms, it's Show Yer Buddies Some Titties Day. So, (might as well end reading here RM, and go to the next site) here ya go to all my online buddies!


Monday, October 5

Starting the Week off

Yesterday gave the week a good start. The Redskins won, Dallas lost; I won third place in my NASCAR pool (won money) and I won some money at GoldenTee 2010. All in all it was a good Sunday afternoon.

Of course, that was after the oldest son knocked out the middle son's tooth (which was loose anyways). Yeah, that was fun.

The daughter has her SAT tests this coming Saturday. I need to figure out where the HS that they are having them at is located. Be my luck will be across town. Which means I can cancel trying to get to my nephew's bday party out in BFE.

Tomorrow I got for a planing and scaling of my teeth - well, at least the left half. Then next Tuesday will be the other side. I am learning the meaning of a "million dollar smile". Been feeling less pain now. Maybe it is just some pressure on the teeth that has adjusted now - I don't know. Just glad it doesn't hurt as much.


Saturday, October 3

It's a Little Distracting

So Thursday morning I went in to visit the dentist again. I was concerned about some pain I had been having, feelinglike it was coming from the general area of a 3rd tooth we had discussed about crowning. Thought it was going to be another root canal, and mentally psyched myself up for the possible pain like last time. No root canal - YEA! Instead, about 1.2 the tooth was removed (decay) and they did a build up. This one will need a crown as well.

The worst of it is I still hurt. Later that day when the novacaine wore off, I had a severe pain from the teeth in front of where he worked that morning. Needless to say, ibuprofen had been a regular part of my diet prior to the visit, but that was supposed to have been fixed. Well, now it is Saturday, and I wake up (early of course) and I am in discomfort again. Notice I didn't say in pain. ?But I still popped a couple ibuprofen.

I think I figured out what happened. In rebuilding the tooth (which was the furthest back of molars) he had to put a band around the area. I think the rebuild has added some pressure against the tooth in front of it, causing the chain effect of moving my teeth just slightly forward. Similar to how braces are used to the same effect. I noticed the pain isn't as severe as it has been, and hopefully if this is the correct explaination, it should be okay come Monday. It's just very distracting right now.

So "Stargate:Universe" started last night onthe SyFy channel. I don't have cable, so I called in backup (Sis) and asked her to Tivo it so I can see the 1st episode. I enjoyed the other Stargate series, and have a feeling I will like this one as well.

Sis also brought over last night the last of my Bday stuff. It had been ordered and late in arriving. It's a cool shirt made for my WoW character! I love it! A friend had ordered one for my son, and now I have one!

Guess that is it for now. I haven't been doing much since the teeth been bothering me. Maybe next week will be different.


Friday, October 2

Early Friday

I guess this is where I upset the Reverend Mother. I mean, Mom, skip about 4 lines before you read more. (ok, make it more like 6)

What the Fucking Hell?!?!?!?

I was laughing about Stuman and Sis doing a contest about physical fitness, and running the mile, or doing push-ups/sit-ups. Now, by yer own admission, yer in on it too?

And I thought I was the fat bastard of the family.... and no one challengedme into this fitness battle. No one asked me, even dared me, to lose some weight.

Guess everyone loves my teddy bear hugs more.. I know my wife loves them, but she can get them no matter what.

Yeah. I see why I wasn't invited. Gets expensive, holding a bottle of Jack Daniels at the finish line every day so I can make it there ... sooner or later...

Besides, I'm lazy.


Thursday, October 1

Appointments, Cancellations, and the Usual

I notice how rough the skin is on my hands this morning. I have no idea why I am noticing it, besides it being uncomfortable as I rub my eyes. I need to put some lotion on I guess.

And hopefully, that will be the most painful thing, or closest to it, I will feel today. I head back to the dentist chair in about an hour. Third procedure that he says should not be a root canal, but I feel differently. I hope he is right and it is just my regular pessimism that is going to be surprised.

Either way, I am canceling all appointments to the dentist for myself for the rest of the year. Seems my dental insurance coverage has already been maxed for this year. So after I finish fixing the painful things, I will wait til next year to complete the process to being "healthier" in the sense for my teeth.

Not much else going on around here. Weather is cooling down to the mid and low 90's. It is October, so I guess time to start trying to get some Christmas shopping done early if we can. Yee haw. The daughter needs me to run to the bookstore today to get her "Jane Eyre" which they are reading in English.

Okay. That's it. Getting ready for my appointment, and debating where I want to go for breakfast afterwards. Thinking BK or McD's sounds good. Maybe I'll just wait til lunch.


edit: no root canal - rebuilt 1/2 a tooth though, and the pain is still there. GuessI will be seting another appt.