Friday, September 30

End of an Era

Today ends my Birthday month. It has been quite the party, but like all good things, it has reached its end. Anything major happen in the last 30 days? Well, aside from me hitting the ripe age of 45.... my Redskins (1-2) finally won their first game (and hopefully the start of a good, long, winning streak). The oldest son had his first car mishap (explanation later on). The temps in AZ have been below 100 for over a week now. I can't think of much more that would be worthy of mention.

So, about a week ago, the oldest son, new to driving (on his own) as he has only had his license maybe a month, had his first accident. Thankfully he wasn't hurt, and there wasn't much damage. Seems on his way to classes one morning, another driver was "driving pretty fast, faster than the speed limit" somehow glanced off the Son's passenger front fender. Minor dents, pushed in the wheel well area a little, and luckily didn't rip the bumper off, or break the headlight assembly. The wheel well was pushed in just enough it would rub the tire when he hit a speed bump. When I got home that night, I was able to pull it out about a half inch, and he said later that did the trick so it isn't rubbing anymore. The worst of the whole situation, is the other driver didn't even bother to stop AT ALL. Our guess was they were probably un-insured, as too many seem to be out here. That, or possibly even illegal. I felt good that my Son handled himself well, and wasn't hurt. Bonus was that the car wasn't damaged so bad it would not be able to be driven. I just bought that thing!

I had a Doctor visit this past week. Nothing to do with age, just a 3 month check-up following being released back to work after the back injury. Doc wanted to go over blood results from a draw I did last week, for this appointment. Liver activity was high, as were the Triglycerides. I got the usual quit drinking, quit smoking, lose weight speech. I had gained 3 pounds. Got a prescription for something to help lower/manage my triglycerides. Was stressed at to quit/cut-back on the drinking, to be sure I don't get cirrhosis of the liver, or pancreatic problems. Well, the birthday month is over, so the drinking will slow down again. I'm going to be more aware of portions and what I eat. I am sure the alcohol intake being reduced will help with the weight loss.

Supposed to be 96 degrees today. I'll still use the AC in the truck until the sun goes down. After that, it feels nice to be out and driving. Work is the same. have a new tech starting soon, and just had one go on medical leave - ripped his bicep muscle. Probably be out 4-6 months. Saves me about 20-30 minutes of driving to/from his house. He is the furthest out I go to.

Guess that is about all I got for now....


Monday, September 19

And Here I Go Again ....

.... too bad it isn't like the video from Whitesnake.

It is Monday once again, and I am up earlier than I feel I should be. I could be sleeping for another two hours, but such is not my luck today.

The middle son got a new phone this weekend. The iphone he had, I had gotten the replacement screen. Saturday I went to do the repair. Needless to say, it got messed up and it wasn't working anymore. I didn't even complete the repair. The flowchart sent witht the kit, the video and the flowchart on the video did not even match each other at all. So I quit after the 2nd step (removing 5 screws) and tried to put it back to together (5 screws) but still something went wrong and it wouldn't even power up. Need less to say, he got a Samsung now, with the phone plan insurance on it.

Nothing else much to say. My Redskins suck it seems this year. Already 0-2, and I am losing hope fast.


Wednesday, September 14

Slow Moving Mornings

My birthday was just shortly over a week ago. I turned 45. This morning's aches and pains, did not just suddenly appear once I hit that age marker. The arthritis and other general pains, have been present for years. Though they may be more persistent and stronger now, they are still not debilitating. Hence, me still going to work. I do admit, however, this morning found me wondering how much longer I will be able to do this much of a physical job that I do now.....

It is barely past 7am this morning, and I find myself awake and aching. The other night Preacher Tom had texted me asking about breakfast this morning. We had fallen out of our routine of them more often since I had a weirder work schedule due to vacations. I'm guessing he feels it has been awhile since we had one. Personally, I would rather the sleep-in time .... but we all do what we can.

The middle son broke the screen on his phone awhile back. Reverend Mother had given us an old phone she had, an iPhone 4s, that they no longer needed. We just had service to it turned on when we added him to the plan. No insurance on the phone, so of course he gets the screen broke. Found a repair kit online for a decent price, and it arrived the other day. I sat down after work last night, waiting for him to come home from band practice, thinking I would get it done. Not a chance in Hell. Just reading through the instructions informed me the whole process on average is 45 minutes (experienced techs) they also recommend watching the video (on YouTube at just short of 35 minutes), and then watching the video as you do the repair. No way was I doing all that at 9pm. I told him it would have to wait until Saturday.

Oh shit. That reminds me... something going on Saturday. Thankfully you could not see, but after several minutes of pondering (meaning slapping my forehead) I remembered that the Daughter and SIL are coming up this weekend. Saturday I set aside for dinner out with them.

So between the aches and pains of getting older, memory losses or shortages, Life can sometimes be good.


Tuesday, September 13

I'm Beat

This week has started off pretty crappy. Yesterday (Monday) I had an oil change scheduled for my truck. I set them up so I am the first one at the shop at 7:30am, and it also gives them time to check the truck over and if something needed has to be done, I have a couple extra hours before needing to be at work. That also means, I need to be on the road about 6-630am to get to the shop in time, as it is across the Valley from mt house. Yesterday started out normal enough. Left at 6, dropped off the middle son at school, and was on the freeway by 6:15. In Phoenix, the two major freeways (I-10 & I-17) cross at two different points, one going through downtown, one going more around it, then joining back up. By the time I hit the "Stack", the 10 was already backed up, so I stayed on 17 - a normal occurrence for this trip in the mornings I have done previously. Four miles down the road, I hit the parking lot.

Actually, it was worse than a parking lot. At 7:30, the time of my appointment, I called the garage and said I was running late due to a rig had overturned, closing the freeway pretty much. They said no prob. An hour later, I called back and told them I had only moved a mile and a half, and I needed to reschedule. We did for Friday. I continued on, heading to work (same direction) just to avoid the problem later in the morning. All in all, it took 3 hours to get to work (a normally 45 minute drive).

Needless to say, I was more tired than usual from getting up earlier. Then add the sitting in traffic waiting tiredness. I was pretty beat last night. This morning, still feeling tired, too.


Tuesday, September 6

Holy Crap! It's September Already!

I hadn't fully realized that it had been a month since I last wrote anything here. I know that Life has seemingly been keeping me busy ,,, or if nothing else, my schedule is nuts.

Today is the 6th, and follows the Labor Day weekend. It also marks my 45th birthday. Normally, this day would be a normal work day for me, except of all the texts, Facebook notifications, and calls that have come in, preventing me from sleeping in to my regular 9am wake up time. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate them ... just appreciate the sleep prior to work even more.

So what has happened in the last month? School started for the two younger boys. The Oldest Son started college and got his drivers license. The Wife and I ... we got to work jobs and pay bills. Nothing new there.

Went out to Olve Garden for my birthday last night. Had a good meal. They had the Eat one there and take home special going on, so I have Raviolis for tonight ... but no OG salad. I even brought home some of the pepperoni fettuccine Alfredo I had (and the rest of oldest Son's, too) that I may have prior to going into work today.

Guess that is about all I have today.


Friday, August 12

First Week Done

Today is the last day, of the first week of the boys going back to school. I realize I am going to have to get better at getting up at 6am to take the middle son, but otherwise wasn't a terrible week.

Work is pretty much the same. My back is fine, and hasn't given me any problems. Things are picking up, as we head into our more busier time of year. Who's think that appliance repair would have a busy season versus just steady work?

Rev Mom and Preacher Tom are headed out this weekend. RM celebrated another birthday just a few days ago, and being the black sheep I am, I still haven't gotten her bday card(s) over to her. I know she won't mind if I wait until they get back, but still....

Guess that is all I have today...


Monday, August 1

Another Week

It is Monday again, and the last week before the kids return to school. I don't have much to say today. I thought about griping about the problems we went through last Tuesday getting the middle Son through registration ... and the three hours it took, but I decided not to do so. It just gets me riled up a bit more each time I think about it. One would think a school that has been there for many years would have the process down to a routine by now.....

Got insurance, registration and title changed over for the oldest Son's car.

And for some reason that feels like all I got accomplished last week. I am sure there are other things that got done, but I can't recall any off the top of my head.


Monday, July 25

Chaos Rules!

The last couple of weeks have been a bit chaotic. Adjusting to being at work again. The back is holding up well, though we are in the slower period of the year for the business. I have not had to lift many heavy objects, which is even better, as it gives me more time. One of the guys in my dept. took vacation last week, so I had to put in a few extra hours .... like 10, so that 50 hour week was a bit long. Overtime is over time, and though our pay periods aren't matched to a Sun-Sat week, it will average out that I get a couple hours overtime for two pay periods. Beats the 36 hour weeks I was having. By winter, I should be back up to about 42 hours/week. Yes, we get that busy.

We bought the oldest Son a car this weekend. It was off of Stuman and his wife. We went to a DMV office this morning to get the title changed to his name, but couldn't. Seems even though the registration is good until December, they said it needed a new emissions done prior to changing title. Which means we will probably have to pay registration fees on top of everything else now as well. Either way, we ran it through emissions where it passed. Now to get back to get the title changed, but due to other things going on, may not do it until Wednesday. then setting up the insurance....

The middle Son is at band camp this week. Tomorrow is his school registration (hence why it may be Wed to do the title thing). Two weeks until school starts for the two younger Sons. The oldest Son is to be getting ready for community college, but I have not seen him do anything yet.

Guess I should get out of here. It is almost time to head to work.


Thursday, July 14

Feels Like Another Day

I have been back to work for a week or so about now. In other words, long enough for pretty much everything return to normal. Everyone was pretty happy to give up whatever part of my job they were doing while I was out. Lazy bitches.

In no way,shape or form, am I saying anything improved, for my lowly station, but at least a couple people recognized what my little bit does. Pros and Cons of being recognized, I guess.

Life otherwise is falling into that same old rythym, minus me drinking so much. Damn Doc. At least I don't see him for a couple more months.

Exciting? Yeah not here. Scared for who Trump names VP... and either party, and the rest of the nation.


Tuesday, July 5

Day Two

I started back to work last Friday. Wasn't a bad day. Legs were a little sore on Saturday, but back felt fine. The 4th wasn't anything major. The Wife had to work. The Boys and I went to Sis' and hung out for the afternoon. RM & PT came, too. We watched a couple movies and snacked on food all afternoon. Now I don't have another holiday until Labor Day.

Not much to really write about today. I just got up about 15 minutes ago, so haven't even read any news updates as of yet. I'm sure there will be plenty of BS to sift through.

Have a good one!


Monday, June 27

Back To Work Soon!

I finished up with the physical therapist last Thursday. Tomorrow morning I see my PCP, and should get the release to return to work. I'm a bit excited about that. After a month off, I am going stir-crazy here at the house.

It has been a pretty crappy month for us. About the time my back went out, our freezer quit working. Nothing like the smell of rotting food to bring it to our attention. Saturday, took the Wife's van in to have diagnostics done (the engine light was on) and find out it is the catalytic converter. The place we took it won't replace it as the system is "welded in". Then Saturday night, our wall oven decided to take a quit ... luckily the Wife was able to finish getting dinner made before it died ... or as it died. Today, my last "free day", I have taken the van to Firestone, but they won't touch it. however, the referred me to Midas. It is there now, and I am at home waiting to hear the estimate. They said it would be an hour or two. Thankfully, Preacher Tom is available today for the ride home, and one back when it is ready. So, back, freezer, van, oven ..... I'm scared as to what may be next.

My PCP will be going over my blood test results tomorrow. I know it will be bad: bad cholesterol high, good will be low. Not sure about the A1C (diabetes) as years previously I had been borderline, but was slowly lowering it. Blood pressure will be discussed I am sure. He will probably up my dosage on the meds I am taking. And again he'll bitch about my weight.

July 4th is coming up next Monday. No plans here. The Wife will probably have to work that day.


Friday, June 17

Good News/Bad News Friday

For those of you that work M-F, I am sure you are happy today is the last day of the work week. For those that work longer than Friday, due to work schedules ... yeah, I get ya. Being out of work pretty much make today like a Monday ... or any other day pretty much. The only difference is that the Wife is not home all day.

Either way, I feel like I have a day that is packed full of stuff that needs to get done. I have to be at my PCP's office for a blood draw sometime between 9a-12p. Per my work comp insurance, I need to see if they will do a voucher saying when I saw the doc, that I was unfit for work. Since my PCP doesn't do work comp claims, I am sure they have nothing in my file ... and the doc just went to Hawaii until the 27th. I see him on the 28th, hoping he releases me back to work, and I know they will want a release voucher, too. Wonder if he could back date the one...? Wouldn't be lying, just didn't do it until he got back and found out I needed it .... right?

My last scheduled (as of now) PT visit is this afternoon about 2:30. I have been doing the exercises he gave me, and hopefully today he will say he doesn't need to see me anymore. I'm hoping anyways. I know I feel so much better after seeing him already earlier this week.

Then if I got time in between all this, I probably should run my car through emissions. Registration due this month on both our vehicles. Only the Wife's has the engine light on, so need to get it in to the shop to find out what is going on, if anything, and get the light off before her emissions.

Wow, only three things that make the list today, and only two of them NEED to get done. Yeah, this sitting at home crap is driving me nuts.


Thursday, June 16

What Have We Got Today?

A whole lot of nothing.... Almost 9am, and I am bored out of my mind. Think I just might go take a nap. The two older boys are still asleep. Why not I as well?


Wednesday, June 15

I'm So Butt-hurt

No. Really, I am. My buttocks are sore from the physical therapy regime I am going though. Today was the second visit, and he says I have improved quite a bot just since my visit on Monday. He added a couple more exercises for me to help build up better abdominal and lumbar support, and have another visit scheduled for Friday. That may be the last one for me. I asked him who releases me back to work, and he said my PCP, not him. My complaint about that, is I don't get back to my PCP until the 28th. So looks like a couple more weeks off work.

I am feeling so much better now. Walking without the cane. No hurting pains in the back, though the lower back, buttocks and hips are sore from the muscle stretches, etc, the PT has me doing. Now I just need to get started in some weight-loss regime....  

Well, need to get ready for the dental cleaning I have next, and the Middle son's cavity work...


Tuesday, June 14

Slowly Getting Better

Yesterday I had my appointment with the physical therapist. For almost two hours he evaluated me. Worked up a good sweat. At the end he has me doing a handful of small exercises a few ties throughout the day, with a return visit for Wednesday and Friday. The impression I got was by Friday, I may not need to return to him at all. Which means that is a good chance I will be back to work soon. But just because the PT clears me, I don't know if that means I can return, or need to see my PCP again, as that won't be until the 28th.

Other than that situation, I am feeling better. The back, having to wait a week for the PCP, and then another for the PT, has slowly gotten better on its' own. Today I am sore in the buttocks and lower back, mostly due to the stretching of muscles the PT has me doing. It is supposed to help loosen, and strengthen the lower back muscles, etc, to help prevent future injury and to heal this one up better.

Sunday we had family get together to visit with and Aunt and Uncle that came to town. Everyone seemed to have a good time. They A&U are out of town again with PT & RM up north for a day or two.

Nothing much exciting is happening otherwise. Off to do my exercises...


Friday, June 10

Finally Friday!

Yup, Friday is finally here, not that I am jumping all over the place to celebrate it. I do admit I went most of yesterday without a cane, but come the evening, had to get it back into use. The back was just hurting too much.

Not much going on today or this weekend. Have and Aunt & Uncle coming into town from Indiana on Sunday, and the family is all getting together at Sis' place. Other than that, I am just waiting for that PT appt on Monday.

Have a good weekend, ya hear?


Thursday, June 9

Working My Way Back To Being At Work

This past Monday I was finally able to get in to see my PCP for my back injury. I expected flak in regards to my smoking, drinking and weight, before even starting on how it has been 5 years since I saw him last. I was a bit surprised. Smoking and Drinking were never brought up, but he spent plenty of time harping on my weight. Aside from the fact it is a strong contributor to the arthritic discs in my back, and adds more strain to many joints/muscles, it also helps with my high blood pressure. In short, I got a new prescription for the high BP, a prescription for muscle relaxers (to help ease the back pain) and a referral to a PT that specializes in lower back. I can't get in there until Monday. Another week pissed away.

Since the weight is such an issue, and though over the past 5 years I have kept a good 50+ pounds from coming back, I haven't been able to lose more. Looking into a weight management place mike Medifast, is going to be happening soon.

But in the last three days, I have noted great improvement. I am able to get around without the cane now, though I still move slower than before. I am not waking at night from pain as often (almost none). Bending over to touch toes is still out, but I think today I may be able to get my socks on without too much problem.

It's good to being closer to getting back to work. I have been going stir crazy sitting at home. There is only so much Netflix I can watch, and video games to play.

The past few days we have had a mystery in our house. A strange smell, like rancid corpse in the Arizona sun. We have looked thinking a dead mouse behind furniture, or something, Nothing. Then thought maybe in the duct work or ceiling...nothing. Turns out our full -size freezer quit working, and pretty much defrosted, ruining all the food inside. Ugh! So now I guess we will be looking for a new one. The Wife is pretty upset about it, but I am not. Seemed we put more stuff in that freezer than ever took out. But it is something she wants....

Today I am taking the oldest Son to the MVD to renew his driving permit. He has had it a couple years now, but still is not ready for his driving test. His admission, not mine. I know we are looking for a decent used car for him, and he will need to get his license soon, in order to be able to transport himself to school this fall.


Monday, June 6

Oh Joy, It's Doctor Time

I had a hard time getting to sleep last night. Most nights, once the head hits the pillow, I am out pretty fast. Last night it seemed I just had too much stuff on my mind to let it go to fall asleep. I am sure most of it has to do with today, as I finally get to do my follow-up with my PCP. Granted it has been over a week since my ER visit, at least I am able to get an appointment. I just am not sure what will happen. The Wife says that an MRI will not happen for a few more days once the Dr sees me, as they have to get all the info "in a row" before they will schedule it. I don't know how it works, I have never had one before.

I spoke to HR on Friday. Mostly to check that they had all the paperwork needed from me in order to get the work comp stuff rolling. They said yes. I would assume there would be some long claim number I needed to reference when seeing the doctor, but no. Just the Insurance company name, and my social as the claim. Sounds almost too easy.

Overall, I am doing a bit better. I haven't felt the pain bad enough for the Percosets since Thursday. I have been getting by with ibuprofen as needed, not around the clock. Since get pain spasms when I cough/sneeze, certain movements that cause back twisting, etc. I have not tried to pick up anything per se. It will be interesting to see what the Dr. says about a time frame to return to work. I know I need to call my boss after the appointment to update him on what the doc says and recommends.

Three hours to go to the appointment. Guess I need to find something to do to entertain myself until then.


Friday, June 3

There was this bar ....

So I broke down last night. No, not my vehicle ... me. I went up to the pub. I had not left my house except for mandatory things (like my whiz quiz on Monday) so I needed to get out. It wasn't much different than me stumbling around my house. I couldn't drink enough to ease any pain, even the one I was having.

But it is Friday. And I am up early, waiting on that 9 o'clock hour so I can cal Human Resources. I just want to make sure my paperwork is all good for the work comp, and get info for billing so I can give to the hospital, and my pcp on Monday. Should I be so lucky? I don't know. Never been down this road before.

Afterwards, I am headed to the 99-cent store for food. I can't find anything easy to make here at home. Works fine when I work until 9pm, but no hot dogs?!? It will hurt, but for a good cause.

That's about all I got today.


Wednesday, June 1

Been Taken Away

My boss came by the house yesterday. One would think he was doing it out of concern for my health, but it wasn't. Not really. They took my work truck, keys and gas card away from me. Then he sent my replacement driver on his way before really asking me how I was doing. I sound like I am making him out to be a bad person, but he isn't. One of the best bosses I think I have ever worked for in all the jobs I have been employed. We spent several minutes talking about how soon I can get to the doctor, and what we think the procedures might be. He has no contest about it being work comp, and is pushing everything through for me.

In the meantime, I am slowly going stir-crazy. I haven't been cooped up in the house for this long in ... I don't know how long. At least the boys aren't here fighting, and making me crazier. It sucks not being able to drive right now - due to meds, and the pain of trying to get in/out of the car. Besides, where would I go?

Since I don't have anything planned until Monday, I am sure the writing here will become few and far between again.


Tuesday, May 31

Nothing Better To Do ...

Up early this morning. Pain was pretty bad waking me often through the night (again). Just waiting now for the doctor's office to open so I can call to get an appointment with him, and get this MRI done. I am hoping for both on the same day....

Overall, I felt fractionally better this morning, but still a long way from being fixed.

Okay, enough about me.


Update: My PCP is not able to get me in until Monday (six days from now). I cannot schedule an MRI without seeing him. I cannot renew prescription for pain without seeing him. Pill rationing has gone into effect, just in case.

On the good side, my Boss has got my paperwork started for work comp. I went down to Concentra (urgent care for the company) and did a whiz quiz per company policy. They did not require I list any drugs I have had, meaning I am sure the morphine will show on the drug screen. Good thing I told the Boss they gave it to me.

Boss said he is coming by tonight to pick up my truck and keys as they have arranged another worker to get my deliveries done until I am able to work again. I wonder how long that will be....

Monday, May 30

Happy Memorial Day .... for some

Take that moment of silence for all fallen veterans, whether it be while in the service, or not. Normally I get out early in the morning on today, to visit a couple friends that are buried at the National Cemetery here in town, but this year I am not able to do so. 

Time has a way of taking hold of a person, and spinning them into a whirlwind of things that need to get done, places to go, people to see to, and no time to sit down and catch one's breath. At least, the past couple of months have seemed that way.

Since Easter, The Wife and I celebrated our 25th Anniversary. We took of work for three days and went north to Sedona for a little get-away. It was nice to get away and not have to worry about pets, kids, work, or anything else. We also exchanged silver rings (because the 25th is silver anniversary. 

Once we returned to the Valley, it became a period of increased hustle and bustle. The Boys (all three of them) had concerts for the Spring, plus the oldest had Jazz concerts/competitions. The Middle had a trip to Disneyland with the 8th grade wind ensemble (the Wife went as a chaperone for that one). The middle of May brought the Oldest's birthday around in which he turned 18. Last week, had me taking another day off work (Monday) as we had to attend the Middle's 8th Grade Promotion in the morning, and the Oldest's high school graduation in the early evening.

This past Thursday I was injured at work. At first, I thought it was a muscle strain in my lower back. I hadn't lifted anything heavy, but was sliding it on the floor (it was a washer tub piece). I didn't think much of it at the time, other than I must have strained a muscle. Friday I took some ibuprofen to help, as it still felt sore, but not as bad as the day previous. I worked a regular day. Saturday found me having painful difficulty rising from a seated position, to standing. All in that same lower back area. As Saturday progressed, the pain grew worse.

Sunday came around, and when the Wife returned home from church, I informed her we were going to the ER. Once there, they IV'ed me, hooked up the ecg/ekg, popped the oxygen meter on the finger, then looked at my vitals. BP was high (212/100-something). immediately the gave me some BP lowering med and some morphine in the IV. From there I had a chest x-ray, then a CAT scan done of my abdomin (to make sure the aorta was okay) and the lower back. I think I went in about 2pm, and by 7pm the ER Dr. was back to let me know what they determined.

I have a protrusion in my lower back, and another spot that is "narrowed" near it. Around the L4 & L5 discs. The protrusion is causing the inflammation and irritation of the nerve there. I guess it is similar to a herniatic disc. Fortunately, this is only causing extreme pain for me - no tingling along the legs, or numbness anywhere. However, it also means I am barely able to walk (with cane assist) and sitting/laying in most positions hurts. Small adjustments to sitting/laying send spikes of pain. They released me with a small prescription for some BP medicine, and some Percosets, as well as orders to contact my PCP Tuesday morning first thing as I need to get an MRI set up to find out more details. My PCP will be adding/adjusting to my BP meds I am sure, as well as any pain management needed going into treatment(s) once we find out more.

My main worry now is about work. Obviously, I am not able to climb into my work truck, let alone carry/lift/deliver parts to the technicians. Also, because it is work comp, I don't know what kind of hornets that will be stirred up from that whole ordeal, since it wasn't discovered the extent of the injury until later. Top that off with my boss is out of town until Thursday this week, and he is the one that covers when I am on vacation days. Basically, it was not the best time to have this happen (though, no good time for something like this).

First thing this morning I emailed my boss the details of what happened, starting from last Thursday. Then I sent a text to him, to let him know I was injured and definitely would not be there tomorrow, and maybe most this week, pending the results from my PCP, and that I had emailed him the details of what happened/is going on. I feel bad bringing this bad news on his vacation ... but what else should I do? He needs to know ASAP.

For now, I am just waiting until tomorrow to get in to see my PCP and go from there.

Happy, happy, joy, joy to me .....


Sunday, March 27

Easter Sunday

I haven't really had the time to write anything much here of late (as you noticed). This past month, my department at work has been short-handed every now and then due to sickness, and vacations. This all leads into me having to help fill other positions, as well as my own, and giving me 12+ hour days. So from getting up at 5:30-6 am and and getting home 8:30-9pm, there isn't much time for anything. The kids are usually in or on the way to bed. I sometimes will go out and have a beer or two to wind down, or just plain crash into bed.

But today is Easter. Of course, the best day for me to sleep in, I awaken early. The Wife and boys will be headed to church in a couple hours. Our family had gone over to Reverend Mother's for Easter dinner there with her and Preacher Tom. Afterwards played a couple rounds of Apples To Apples. Seemed everyone had a good time. This evening we will be headed over to the MIL's for dinner with her. Or at least The Wife will be with the boys. Haven't made up my mind if I want to go.

This week also brings out some other good things. The Wife and I celebrate our 25th Wedding Anniversary this Wednesday. We are leaving town that morning and headed north to Sedona for a couple of nights, before returning home. The Daughter is coming up from Morenci to stay at home with the boys, to get them to school, etc. The Wife and I each bought silver rings to exchange on our anniversary. It isn't much, but it was something we both thought would be nice. Getting out of town and to be able to relax a couple days is the big present.

Still a couple months from schools closing for the year. The oldest son will be graduating this May, and then off to college in the fall. He is not clear yet as to where, but won't be a regular university. He wants to get some of the pre-req classes done at a Jr college or similar trade school. The middle son will be moving up to high school. The youngest into 5th grade. They grow too fast....

Not much to say about now. Thinking about trying to lay back down and catnap or something....


Tuesday, March 1

What Changed?

I worked today. Many Americans did that same feat. Desk-sitters, construction workers, police, fire, rescue... blah, blah, the list can continue. I cannot name every type of worker in America, just trying to include them all.

I guess my political tendencies are going to come out. So be it.

I spent more time on that facebook thingy then I meant to do. Of course there were posts from people I know for this candidate ... some for another... and more for another. All of them posting the drivel, or accusing grievances from the other against their candidate. Maybe I am just human. It made me feel sick to my stomach. Yes, I am proud to say I am registered as Republican. Does that mean I like every Republican candidate? Of course not. I can be honest to say at this time, I am not sure about any of them. But I have a duty to return my primary vote. It's not the final vote for Presidency. Will I use the "write-in" option? Who knows.

But reading "posts" ( I use that lightly) of other people that I do consider, to have somewhat higher intelligence than most, I learned... oh, sigh and shake your head. Most people, if, whatever state of mind they are in, will share a meme. I know, shocker, right? Saw many tonight.

Some I agreed with, to a degree, and I posted a comment, or a discussion, as to why that was not entirely correct. But like the normal US citizen, I am sure it will not spread.

The lesser of two evils. Does that exist? Here's the Wiki post for it:

Funny how the first line relates to a cartoon.... much like I feel our candidacy for a President is turning into...

Demos .... Repubs .... are there any Independents still running, that are anywhere close? Lesser Evils?

Yeah. Super Tuesday is tomorrow for a number of states. I think I want to see what happens.


Monday, February 29

What Happened?

Sometimes that semi truck called Life hits you and sends you reeling. The past couple of weeks have been so busy for my household. The oldest boy has had their spring musical going on during the evenings for the past week and  half.  Though we aren't there each night, getting him to/from is sometimes a hassle, especially with our work hours between the two of us. Not to mention that we still have two other boys that may have stuff going on.

The oldest son has a California trip coming up this weekend. The middle one goes in May. Middle son has a concert tonight, that the oldest's school also will be playing. I have to work. I'm sure the youngest will have a spring concert sometime in the next couple months as well. Let's through in Easter and our anniversary as other things that will keep us busy.

My brother, Stuman, leaves this coming weekend for Texas. He is being deployed (again) to Kuwait. I think it makes his 4th deployment. He had recently changed Reserve units, in order to have a chance to deploy again. He says he likes it because the pay is better. I think it is so he can get away from his wife and kids and "have fun". Either way, he is going. At least he paid back some money he owed me.

Received the primary ballot for AZ in the mail the other day. The primary isn't until the 22nd of March, but I want to get it in earlier. Only problem is, who will drop out before then? There are 14 candidates on this ballot, and several I know have dropped out of the race. Yes, it is a Republican ballot. I guess I have a few days to listen to the news and gather data before I need to send it back.

Not much more to share today. Still trying to wake up, as I just got up about 20 minutes ago.


Tuesday, February 16

Before the Shower

The thing with living in AZ, is one should never be surprised about the heat. Unless it happens in February. This week may be one that goes into the weather archives for temperatures, and not the cold ones. Yesterday we broke the second (that I heard of) high temp ever for the recorded day, and at this time we are already in the upper 80's ....and it is only February!!!

The way I heard it from the news on talk radio yesterday (yes, only one source) we are to expect these high temps, leading into the low 90's, this week, with a "cooling trend" by the weekend. Cooling trend? What, LL Cool J coming to town after the Grammys? Are temps to drop back into the 70s? Or just drop a degree or two? No one seems to know.....

I don't care for the warmer weather. My only relief in the 'warehouse' room I work in is a fan. It has been on the last week ... to at least let me think there is air movement, and anything to help make me sweat less. Yes, I know it is only a psychological thing. I still drip sweat, and pretend I am not hot. And it has not quite hit 90 yet... though expected either today or tomorrow .... yea.

Happy. Happy. Joy. Joy. No. Really.           Not.


Tuesday, February 9

What Have We Got Today ...

Pretty much nothing.I'm basically just killing some time before heading into work. Though, today will be better than yesterday. Sunday was the super-dumb bowl (I don't think I watched any of it) and I was at a friend's house for his bowl party. Whew, I ate too much there, I'll say that! Had some beers, too. I had gotten in on some of the betting pools, and won $50, which was nice. After the game, many left but a few stayed, chit-chatting about whatever. Finally we decided to put it up for the night and I left. I was feeling pretty good, so stopped by my regular watering hole, since it was on the way home. Had a couple more beers there, then headed home, stopping at McD's for a a milkshake and a couple sandwiches (I felt hungry).

Got home, went to bed, got up for work Monday feeling okay. Maybe a little tired still from being out later than I intended. Left for work on time, drove across the Valley, pulled into the gas station where I regularly fuel up ... and realize I don't have my wallet. All my other regular packet content is in place, but no wallet. No worries, I must have left it in my car when I paid at the drive through the night before.... except I didn't use my card. I paid cash from my pocket. Same at the pub. I hadn't pulled my wallet out since earlier Sunday morning when I fueled up my car.

So now I am stressing at work, trying to figure out where my wallet may be. I have enough fuel in the truck for the first half of my route, and only about $20 on me ... my gas card is in my wallet. Finally the time comes to start my drive, and I pretty much drove straight home. Checked the car - nothing. Checked places in the house where I empty my pockets - nothing. I'm starting to get worried. On a whim, I looked under the edge of the bed, and found it. How it got there I don't know, but I found it.

There's nothing like the silent stress when you have lost your wallet. What cards am I going to have to replace (all), and the license, SS card, other miscellaneous cards... Glad I found it.


Saturday, February 6

Just Chillin'

It's Saturday, ad I am happy this past week is over. Being sick on Monday, just screwed up the whole week. At least everyone here is back to regular healthy standards as far as I know.

The Wife and I settled out our Anniversary plans. I guess we are going to go out of town for a couple days. Still have no ideas what to do for a gift ... maybe the trip can be the gift.

Super Bowl is tomorrow. Already have plans to hang with friends. Don't care about the game or commercials.

Figured I would check with RM and see if she wants to do lunch today. One of her Christmas gifts was a pack of four "Santa Wishes". Basically, a chance to spend time with Mom. Well, check that. Guess I won't. She just texted me that they have plans today. Oh well. Some other time. I like waiting for the last minute to plan lunch. Heck I never know when I will be free.

Since I am not taking RM to lunch, I guess I can go out and get a new pair of shoes for work.


Thursday, February 4

Planning For Disaster

Hmmm. Didn't look like I spelled it correctly, but I guess I did. Might be the beer on my brain.

I feel a bit ... put on the spot. The end of next month is the big 25th anniversary for The Wife and I, and I ... have not put any thought into it. I mean in the aspect that, I , was obviously expected to find some unique gift item, and life would go on. I was school'ed. Meaning, no, that was then this is now.

Everybody keeps throwing at me that I should do some big, theatrical, over-the-board thing for the 25th Anniversary. Pshaw. The Wife and I, we were never into big shows. We aren't into throwing parties, family gatherings (though we attend others), or other acts of ....yeah. It's just the way we are. I got two words for you if you don't like it.

So The Date falls on a Wednesday. I figured a weekend get-a-way. I must have messed up somewhere, because now the Wife wants a get-a-way .... in the middle of the week, and I lose 3 days vacation to do it.

Not a bad exchange.... not arguing that. But she tells me, you figure it out. ARGH! I offered up some basic places near Phoenix: how about San Diego (I love this place) - No, Mexico, we could go to Rocky Point - no, neither of us have the passport now that it is required, and I wouldn't want to go there again for this event. Bottom line, don't travel far (meaning in state) and find a nice place.

I know AZ is not NE, and the ends of March are not summer for most states, but I want no snow (though I have lived in it, and have no probs), and preferably warmer weather, as like most of us men know, women are like snakes.... cold-blooded, so the more sun they get, they better our lives can be....

I asked around tonight. Female bartenders. Female customers. Female co-workers. Just for an idea, within the state, that they thought would be a place they would like to stay a weekend. I did not share it was for my anniversary, just to get an honest opinion, if they could get away, without kids for 2 days... blah blah blah.

I have a few more things to check. A couple more people to check in with, before I make actual plans. But things are looking good in that department.

A gift. I gotta do that, too?!? I received one. Ordered one (it is en route). Have plans for three more. They may seem cheap priced, but meaning behind them is more important. I texted the Wife tonight because one last gift I was thinking about needed her ring size. I had no clue. She responded I think it is this. I asked if I did a half size larger, would it be ok. I never got an answer. Which means, I am in hell for that one.Heck, last time I bought a ring, she was with me... and it was our wedding rings. Wait, no. I bought her a ring on our 10th. So it is just another piece of my memory gone, that I don't remember her ring size.

Once again .... I'm gonna burn in a slow Hell....


Tuesday, February 2

Top News: Stomach Bug Strikes Home!

Oh boy, and did it.

Saturday morning started early for us, as the youngest had some vomiting and diarrhea issues in the early morning. Thank goodness we have tile throughout most of the house. By Saturday evening he was feeling better, had kept down some food, and said he just felt sort of tired.

Sunday he seemed back to himself, and the family (excluding me) went to church. The Wife picked up lunch and brought home afterwards. I was playing Fallout 3 for most of the afternoon. Then I decided to go out for a couple beers. I had just barely started my second beer, and felt the familiar gurgling down deep in the stomach. I thought to myself, no way was I doing a back-yard run here in the pub...where the stalls have no doors. I proceeded to quickly make my way home. Once there, I barely made it into the bathroom, and once that job was done, literally, stood up, turned and did the other.

I was shaking with cold. I ached all over. I had four covers on me in bed. Couldn't hold down anything. This was about 8pm. By 10'ish, the youngest had started the signs again. At 2am, the middle son is doing the middle of the night trips. At 4am, the Wife joined in the party. Weak, tired, and achey, we waited to see if the oldest would soon succumb.

He didn't. The Wife made it up and ran him to school for zero hour, then went and picked him up about two hours later, because he had a migraine coming on. As of last night, he was still having no symptoms. So one of us may have made it free. I held down a small bit of food and drink last night, But this morning, made a trip to the can for a healthy dose of the runs. I am returning to work today - the Wife isn't - but I hope to not have many episodes today. I am still pretty weak-feeling, and definitely ache all over, but still need to get the job done.

Being sick sucks.


Thursday, January 28

Wrecks, Near Misses, and Total Annihilation

Woke up this morning to having a number of texts on my cellphone. Aside from the usual handful (traffic updates from the local news radio) there was a string started by the Reverend Mother. My first thought was she was going to ask some minor detail of me, but there were several from her. Once I opened it up, I realized it was a group text, thus the many responses.

Seems RM was rear-ended this morning on her way to work. She says she is fine, but the van won't power over 40 mph and making a racket. Just now she says the insurance adjuster says the tailpipe is bent over about 10 inches. Could be the cause of the power loss and racket. My siblings told her she should go to the hospital either way to get checked out. I'm staying out of that argument. I guess she is now trying to get someone to pay for the rental car she will need.

Though I am not usually out driving at the time RM goes to work, I do have to occasionally. If I remember right, most of the way to work for her is freeway, and that moves sluggishly, rarely getting over 40 most of the way. But hearing now the tailpipe bent that much... sounds likke maybe they were clipping along at a good rate.

With me driving all over the Valley in a daily route, I think about how many times I have come near to having an accident, be it my fault or theirs. At least twice comes to mind, of near misses that could have resulted in tragedy. I have had spin-outs on the free way at 65 mph happen right in front of me, and missed it. Sitting at a red light and that one guy making a left not quite making it, and getting spun out right in front of me. I still don't know how his car missed me. Let's not forget all the regular stuff that happens: people changing lanes without looking, cutting me off, sudden stops. That 16-foot box truck doesn't stop on a dime.....

Anyways, I need to run. Be safe out there.


Monday, January 25

It's Monday Again

How about them two big upsets in football yesterday? Did I care? No. My Redskins have been out of the playoffs for awhile.

Hung out a bit yesterday with one of my buddies. While together, we went over and visited another friend, one that had broken his hip the weekend before. He'd had hip replacement done Tuesday. Seemed to be getting around good with a walker.

The Daughter and SIL were in town this weekend. The SIL had other plans, so on Saturday we took the Daughter out with us to Olive Garden. The boys love being around their sister, and the three older ones seemed to do nothing but giggle and make fun all night. I guess that is good. Could be worse ways to act with your siblings.

Still trying to adjust a bit to the "new" work hours. I have been starting later, but still finishing up a  bit early. Mainly because I had one tech that was out sick all last week. Hopefully he will be back this week, and I can see how the change in hours should generally affect me.

Guess that's all for today.


Thursday, January 21

Making It Later

The other day when I arrived at work, I wondered at how my day was going to go. The first thing I heard was that my Boss wanted to see me. I didn't think much of it, knowing I hadn't messed anything up (that I knew of) and maybe he had some special request of me (special delivery, extra drop-off/pick-up, etc).

There are a couple of newer techs that I deliver to for the "west side". Believe me, we are still a bit short on techs ... but that is another story. One of the two newer guys leaves waaaaayy, waaayyy out on the west side ... about a mile further than the previously 'furthest west guy'. Due to the way I run my route, and times that I arrive, this new tech can't seem to be home by the time I get there. Unfortunately, I cannot make a return trip to him the same evening (due to distance) so he ended up not turning paperwork in for (according to my boss) three days. So how do we fix this problem?

Boss' idea is to make me start work an hour later each day, thus, making me deliver an hour later. Which also means, I make it home an hour later. So instead of being home by 9'ish at night, it is now 10'ish. Maybe even later. Last night was the first night, and already I don't like the extra drive time I have as I leave right int he middle of rush hour (4:30'ish) and have to cross half the town for the first stop. Not liking having to be home later. I hardly see my boys as it is due to my work hours, and school for them. The Wife was not entirely pleased either. But the Boss and I could not figure out a better way to solve the issue at this point, and per the Boss, it is supposedly temporary - to get the tech up to speed. Though, I did point out to him that the end result was going to be he takes advantage of the "extra time" and not rush to meet me.... which will call more delays in the long run.

So that left me this morning with an extra hour to kill before going to work. Actually, it will be that way for awhile. An extra hour to sit here and wait for time to go to work. Joy.

On the plus side, it has been near 70 most this week....


Friday, January 15

Yup. Figured.

So, I shall share the great news. I didn't win the Powerball lottery Wednesday night. Not even close. I even had the ticket checked yesterday morning, and didn't even win a dollar. Yep. Figured. Now the jackpot resets to 40 million, but I don't want to play. Seems I only play if it gets up over 100 million, but it probably is a waste of money everytime I play. Oh well.

I'm glad it is Friday though. Feeling pretty worn out from work this week, though not because of any specific thing. Maybe it is the stress of daydreaming of winning the lottery, then having those dreams dashed to the ground when I found out I didn't win.... Yeah, right.

No major plans this weekend. Think I am going to avoid doing as much as possible. Crawl into bed and only get out to eat & use the restroom. That'd be nice, because it will never happen.


Wednesday, January 13

You Can't Win, If You Don't Play

Powerball Lottery drawing tonight. Prize is at an estimated 1.5 BILLION dollars. With the cash option, it is around $930 Million .... I believe they said after taxes (for an Arizonian) it is around $633 million, if you are the single jackpot winner. Wow.

I had posted several months ago about daydreaming about wining the lottery. It was at a high amount back then. A piddle in the puddle compared to this week. Simply said, I have been daydreaming, again.

Last Saturday, at $700 million, I bought a few tickets. Not one, not two, but ten. Yeah, waste of $20, but .... yeah. I heard Sunday morning that there was no winner, and waited until Monday to have the tickets checked. I won $8, and promptly re-invested it into 4 new tickets for tonight. My chances better? Not really.

So I guess the big question is, if I win, do I take the annuity or the cash option? I was just glancing at the website, and I don't see an option on the menu to determine how the annuity works, as far as % of payout, and if it is annually or monthly, etc. It would be interesting to check that out, and how long it lasts. Getting only about half of it all in cash is crappy, even if it is$600+ million I don't have now....

Drawing is tonight .... while I am on the road. Guess I will be checking my tickets when I get home.
If I win the big jackpot, anyone that makes a comment here prior to the drawing tonight, I'll send you a million dollars ....


Monday, January 11

Again?! Already?!

It is Monday once again, and this one is a bit different for me. I usually don't mind getting up and going to work, as I like my job. Today though, I'm just .... eh. Maybe it is because my Redskins lost the first round of playoff games. No. Maybe it is because I drank too much yesterday. No, I didn't go out at all, except to pick up pizza for dinner last night. Maybe I didn't sleep good .... well, maybe but I don't remember tossing and turning much last night. I don't know.

The new year is off to a roaring start. Powerball has rolled over a few times. I actually bought a few tickets this last time, and though I am not the big winner, it looks like I may have wona  few dollars of it. That is, if I read the payoff chart correctly. guess I will check with the clerk at QT this morning when I stop for gas. Always try for Wednesday's drawing ....

Well, guess I stared at the screen long enough. Off to work ....


Thursday, January 7

Am I Able?

Moving today, is actually a little worse than yesterday. It seems whilst driving around (aka my job) Monday night, I had a 'little slip' and bruised the muscle on the backside of my leg, up near/under my buttock. Not enough to discolor the skin, but enough that it isn't a pleasure-feeling I get when walking around. Luckily, within a few steps it backs off (the pain). However, sitting for 20 minutes, and climbing down from the cab of the truck... not fun. Last night was bad. Getting out of bed this morning was not enjoyable either.Feels worse, though I know it isn't.

So should we talk about things that are a pain in the ass? What would the average male say ... mothers-in-law (though I love mine), taxes (well.... yeah can't argue), and people that don't properly chill a pinot noir wine.

What average guy is drinking wine? Let alone know the proper chill point?!? Be happy it came from a bottle instead of a box!

No idea where that all came from.... I must be slipping mentally (go figure).

Off to watch a movie before work.


Wednesday, January 6

Dreary Week

It's Wednesday in what is turning out to be one heck of a dreary week. Back to work on Monday following a holiday three-day weekend. I was ready to get back to work, but evidently no one else was in the office. Seems half of them were hacking/coughing and the other half, just didn't seem to be wanting to be there. With all that around me, it was hard to want to be there myself.

El Nino has shown up for part of this winter here. It has rained everyday this week, and we are to expect more through Friday (as I last heard). So overcast skies (whether it is raining or not) so that kind of blahs things. Through in the idiots that don't know how to drive in wet/rain conditions .... enough to ruin my 5 hour drive each day. Monday I saw more accidents than I had in maybe the last 30 days... and it barely rained that day.

RM is a big coffee drinker. I mean, as in she really enjoys her coffee. I had to quit drinking it several years ago, due to it causing some stomach pains (my thought it was the coffee because it stopped when I quit drinking it). A few short years ago, I learned I could handle a couple of cups a day again. While I was unemployed, I would have those each day in the cooler months (Dec-Feb). Since I started working, sleeping in for an extra hour or two is more important it seems. However, last night I broke out the instant coffee. It was like seeing an old friend after a long time. Having a cup, maybe two this morning since I awakened early (damn leg cramp).

Off to fix that second cup ...


Friday, January 1

New Year

I made it through yet another holiday season. The kids were happy with Christmas. I presume most of the extended family were as well. In a way, it doesn't matter now if they were or not, because I am not taking anything back.

Broke the new year in last night by staying home and waiting until midnight. The oldest son had gone to a friends for some kind of get-together, so it was the Wife, myself and the two younger boys. The males played on the computers, while the Wife had a nap for a better part of the evening. We all watched the replay of NYC's ball drop at the appropriate hour for AZ. Went to bed shortly afterwards.

Resolutions? I don't do them. Goals? Don't do them either. Pretty much by the seat of my pants for this next year, and hope it goes well. My side of the family were getting together today at Sis', but the Wife had to work today, and wasn't sure if it would be a full day or not. That being said, I opted to not go with the boys. I'm sure there will be some left-overs, and RM will bring me by some of the cole slaw - since I am about the only one in the family that likes it. Maybe I'll get some ribs, too...

Been trying to get through as portion of my e-book library I have amassed. At one point I had around (but probably more than) 2200 e-books. Many are series. I have maybe knocked it down close to 100, as I try out the first book of a series and decide if it is something I want to read, or if it is just not my style. Mostly that means, since I read quite a bit of paranormal, urban fantasy, that is there isn't a lot of romance crap pin the story. I don't mind a little, as sometimes the story needs it ... but when we are talking borderline smut, pages and pages long with detailed description .... No. I am not interested. And there are a few authors I have found, that write that way in any series they write. Must be for those really, lonely women.

On the negative side, I have probably added another 50 to the library. you know, updating book seven of that series, even though I haven't started it yet. Because if I like it, I don't want to have to go hunt down the book(s) again later. Or there are new books that sound interesting. I may never get my library back to a more manageable side.

The oldest Son received a used Kindle Fire from RM for Christmas this year. We threw in the stipulation that he would need to pass his regular Kindle to the next brother. They both help keep books moving along in the library. They seem to have similar tastes in fiction that I do, and we are able to swap ideas/books easily.

Well, almost 4pm, and haven't heard from the Wife. Guess she had to work all day. One of my buddies and I might get out a bit tonight, but haven't heard from him yet either. He said something the other day about maybe having to work today as well. I'm glad to have it off. It'll be another five months before my next holiday off (Memorial Day), but I know I am planning to use a few days of vacation before then.