Tuesday, March 1

What Changed?

I worked today. Many Americans did that same feat. Desk-sitters, construction workers, police, fire, rescue... blah, blah, the list can continue. I cannot name every type of worker in America, just trying to include them all.

I guess my political tendencies are going to come out. So be it.

I spent more time on that facebook thingy then I meant to do. Of course there were posts from people I know for this candidate ... some for another... and more for another. All of them posting the drivel, or accusing grievances from the other against their candidate. Maybe I am just human. It made me feel sick to my stomach. Yes, I am proud to say I am registered as Republican. Does that mean I like every Republican candidate? Of course not. I can be honest to say at this time, I am not sure about any of them. But I have a duty to return my primary vote. It's not the final vote for Presidency. Will I use the "write-in" option? Who knows.

But reading "posts" ( I use that lightly) of other people that I do consider, to have somewhat higher intelligence than most, I learned... oh, sigh and shake your head. Most people, if, whatever state of mind they are in, will share a meme. I know, shocker, right? Saw many tonight.

Some I agreed with, to a degree, and I posted a comment, or a discussion, as to why that was not entirely correct. But like the normal US citizen, I am sure it will not spread.

The lesser of two evils. Does that exist? Here's the Wiki post for it: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lesser_of_two_evils_principle

Funny how the first line relates to a cartoon.... much like I feel our candidacy for a President is turning into...

Demos .... Repubs .... are there any Independents still running, that are anywhere close? Lesser Evils?

Yeah. Super Tuesday is tomorrow for a number of states. I think I want to see what happens.


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Rev Mom said...

I know exactly what you are saying! I don't want to vote for ANY of them!! And yet.... who is the 'lessor of the five' out there? I don't know. I've stalled completing my "vote".... just listening and reading and trying to make a decision. When I think I have, then they go do a childish, stupid thing and it's like, seriously? sigh.