Monday, February 29

What Happened?

Sometimes that semi truck called Life hits you and sends you reeling. The past couple of weeks have been so busy for my household. The oldest boy has had their spring musical going on during the evenings for the past week and  half.  Though we aren't there each night, getting him to/from is sometimes a hassle, especially with our work hours between the two of us. Not to mention that we still have two other boys that may have stuff going on.

The oldest son has a California trip coming up this weekend. The middle one goes in May. Middle son has a concert tonight, that the oldest's school also will be playing. I have to work. I'm sure the youngest will have a spring concert sometime in the next couple months as well. Let's through in Easter and our anniversary as other things that will keep us busy.

My brother, Stuman, leaves this coming weekend for Texas. He is being deployed (again) to Kuwait. I think it makes his 4th deployment. He had recently changed Reserve units, in order to have a chance to deploy again. He says he likes it because the pay is better. I think it is so he can get away from his wife and kids and "have fun". Either way, he is going. At least he paid back some money he owed me.

Received the primary ballot for AZ in the mail the other day. The primary isn't until the 22nd of March, but I want to get it in earlier. Only problem is, who will drop out before then? There are 14 candidates on this ballot, and several I know have dropped out of the race. Yes, it is a Republican ballot. I guess I have a few days to listen to the news and gather data before I need to send it back.

Not much more to share today. Still trying to wake up, as I just got up about 20 minutes ago.


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