Tuesday, February 9

What Have We Got Today ...

Pretty much nothing.I'm basically just killing some time before heading into work. Though, today will be better than yesterday. Sunday was the super-dumb bowl (I don't think I watched any of it) and I was at a friend's house for his bowl party. Whew, I ate too much there, I'll say that! Had some beers, too. I had gotten in on some of the betting pools, and won $50, which was nice. After the game, many left but a few stayed, chit-chatting about whatever. Finally we decided to put it up for the night and I left. I was feeling pretty good, so stopped by my regular watering hole, since it was on the way home. Had a couple more beers there, then headed home, stopping at McD's for a a milkshake and a couple sandwiches (I felt hungry).

Got home, went to bed, got up for work Monday feeling okay. Maybe a little tired still from being out later than I intended. Left for work on time, drove across the Valley, pulled into the gas station where I regularly fuel up ... and realize I don't have my wallet. All my other regular packet content is in place, but no wallet. No worries, I must have left it in my car when I paid at the drive through the night before.... except I didn't use my card. I paid cash from my pocket. Same at the pub. I hadn't pulled my wallet out since earlier Sunday morning when I fueled up my car.

So now I am stressing at work, trying to figure out where my wallet may be. I have enough fuel in the truck for the first half of my route, and only about $20 on me ... my gas card is in my wallet. Finally the time comes to start my drive, and I pretty much drove straight home. Checked the car - nothing. Checked places in the house where I empty my pockets - nothing. I'm starting to get worried. On a whim, I looked under the edge of the bed, and found it. How it got there I don't know, but I found it.

There's nothing like the silent stress when you have lost your wallet. What cards am I going to have to replace (all), and the license, SS card, other miscellaneous cards... Glad I found it.


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Rev Mom said...

It is a horrible feeling!! I agree!! Glad you found it right away.