Wednesday, December 31

The Eve of Something Big

Want to know what it is? Yeah, me too. I am sure someone, somewhere, has some super-special thing happening in their lives, that would only occur this one time, that being today/tonight. Not at the d00d house....

Tonight will be spent doing the same as any other given night. I do not get off early today, so will be driving in the early party hours (for those that start early), Once I get home, I am sure there will be supper, then most of the evening will be spent listening to the two younger boys argue while they play on the computer, while I sit at mine trying to find something to do. At least, that is how it went last night.

When we a re few minutes from midnight, I am sure we will pull up the count-down clock on the computer, or maybe even on the television, and watch the last 2-3 minutes. I think the last couple of years, I was in bed before that time came around, and I expect I will be again this year. No excitement for me to watch the end of another year.

Many good things happened in 2014 for my family. There were a few bad things that happened as well. Not much different than any other year. Next year be better? Worse? I don't know, but it is pretty much here either way, ready I am ready for it or not.

Resolutions? I don't do them. Are there things I would like to change about myself? Sure. Will I do anything about them? I don't know. Somethings aren't important as others, and some, well, I'm just pretty stuck in my ways.

What about you? Resolutions? Ideas? Goals? Yeah, I don't really care, but I tried to sound like I did.


Monday, December 29

The Last Few Days

It's the 29th, meaning there are only a few days left until the end of the year. Yeah. I know. Real exciting.

Another messed up work week for me, having Thursday off. I should be happy, as it will be another five months until I have another holiday off (plus a few days vacation). Maybe I should use a day or two before then ....

Still feel like I in recovery mode from this last week. I guess the kids enjoying their Christmas gifts even after a few days is a good thing.

I feel pretty tired today, even though I got a good night's rest. Not sure if it because I need some more, or just had too much. Either way, I know it will wear off as the day goes on, because it is about time to head to work.


Friday, December 26

After-Christmas Fall-out

It is back to work for me today. The Wife has to return to work as well. The Daughter and boys have headed over to the MIL's house for the day, and I am working on waking up, even though I did go to bed early last night. I should find me something to eat for breakfast, and get my shoes on, though I don't need to leave for at least an hour yet.

Christmas. I have said many times before about how much I dislike the commercialization of the holiday. Even still, it is nice to see some family, and then be able to leave. We did our usual - ours, MIL's, then RM's places for the exchanging/opening of gifts. Everyone seemed to like what they received. Had lunch at RM's - nothing fancy: ham sandwiches, home made potato salad, some kind of cranberry bread. It was good and simple, which I like. The youngest son has been sick the past couple days, so was a bit worn out (I thought) yesterday afternoon, but upon arriving home, he proceeded to put together several Transformers toys he had gotten (snap-together pieces). The older two boys played on the playstation 3 (?) their sister brought up. The Wife had a migraine, and passed out for the rest of the day/night. I was tired enough for a nap, but felt if I did, I wouldn't sleep good that evening, so I played some WoW.

Yeah. Nothing tremendously standing out about the day, but it was a good one anyways. Back to work today, then the weekend off. Next week is New Year's, but we don't do anything special for it. I have RM talked into maybe making my family some ribs and cole slaw for New Year's, but haven't decided for sure yet. I probably won't, even though I was giving her some grief about not making either this year. I hope she knows I do it in teasing fun, and that I enjoy them that much. If not, she does now.

Got some other things to do before work.


Monday, December 22

I'm Not Ready For Work (again)

I got some resting in this weekend, in the sense that I was "working hard". After being sick, taking it a bit easy was nice. I was plenty tired Saturday night, as the Wife and I had pretty much finished up all her shopping for Christmas. It was a bit more walking than I had planned on, but I slept good that night. The Boys had gone over to RM's to do some baking  and making of Christmas treats, as she likes to do that each year with each of our families. About the time we finished the shopping, they were ready to be picked up, so timing worked out well.

Which reminds me I need to get to RM's next weekend to clear out some adware she has somehow gotten on her computer, and transfer some pics, etc from another system she is giving to someone. So, RM, if you read this, make a note to remind me as I will probably forget. Besides, you need to let me know what time is good for you.

So feeling rested. No signs of my stomach bug going around the family, but a new one has cropped up. The Wife has been sniffling and the middle son as well. She had a light-grade fever yesterday, but as of this morning, fever was gone so she can go to work. The middle son has a fever now. I am hoping they shirk it all pretty quick and not pass it around. No one likes to be sick on holidays.

I only get Christmas day off this week, but just due to the holiday, I am sure most of the days will be light duty work for me. Many people gone, or have relatives in town, etc, don't schedule servicing of the appliances as a rule, unless it is a major one they need. Plus, some of the techs are on vacation. I know the one I drive the furthest west for (a good hour drive total there and back into town) is off this week. That'll shorten my drive time, but have to readjust for the other guys to allow them time to get home now. Tonight will be regular, as I have to pick up his paperwork from the weekend.

Guess that is about all I got for now.


Friday, December 19

Weak Comeback

I have been sick the past couple of days. Some stomach bug. Started Wednesday at work, where I proceeded to be sick, but stuck out the rest of my shift. Thursday I called in sick - something I haven't done in years. I spent all day yesterday pretty much in bed. I didn't want to sleep all day, thinking it would be hard to sleep that night, but could not help it. Sleep decently last night. Today I am returning to work since the fever is gone and I am able to hold down food. Still a bit weak feeling, and achey, but I really don't want to miss any work.

The Boys are officially on Christmas break from school. I guess RM is going to have them over part of the day tomorrow to do her annual cooking with the grandkids time. I believe she has other times planned for my siblings' kids as well.

Not much else to say today. Not looking forward to work.


Tuesday, December 16

MFFF! I'm Full!

This morning I went and got my Christmas bonus from work. Basically, it was the Boss treating the West Side technicians to breakfast at a restaurant called, aptly, "The Place". I have had breakfast there before with PT, so was prepared for the portion-sizing they serve - which is humongous! I settled for what I thought would be a bit smaller, a chorizo omelet with hash browns and biscuits & gravy. I ate it all, but I will not be hungry until late today I am sure. For a Christmas bonus, it'll have to do. Last year we received $25 gift cards for Fry's Food stores. This year is breakfast for the West Side, and Thursday, they are ordering in Olive Garden for lunch for the East Side techs and our shop. The Bossman said I could do both, but I think I will be skipping the lunch.

I finished up nearly all my shopping I had in mind for the season. There is one other gift I know the Wife and I want to go see about, which will probably happen this weekend. I have to wrap anything, but at least I think I am done, aside from waiting for the delivery of a couple items I ordered online. I seriously doubt the Wife is done. She is one of the world's greatest procrastinators.

While out shopping last Saturday, I ran by Verizon. My bluetooth earpiece had lost the rubber cap piece - the one that goes on the part that goes into your ear. I was surprised they do not carry replacements. I would have to purchase a whole new earpiece, or the other option the rep said was to contact the manufacturer of the device. Really? As we were leaving though, he stepped outside and mentioned to check Radio Shack, as they sometimes carry the extra pieces. Instead, I went home and searched for the replacement pieces that came with it, and took a razor blade to one of the other pieces, that had extra thingies (I don't know what they are called) on it, supposedly to hold it in your ear. I use an ear clip so don't need them. Needless to say, it works.

Welp, I got some time before I need to go to work. I should spend some time int he reading room, so it won't bother me when I am rushing to get my drive done this evening.


Friday, December 12

Full of Nada

Yep. Got a whole lot of nothing to write about today. My back is still bothering me, and I have no clue as to what I have done to it, or how to fix it without going to some sort of doctor - which I probably won't do. Maybe all I need is a good couple of days to rest it, but we know that is not happening soon. This weekend is full of finishing up some shopping, and that's it far as I am concerned. Hopefully have it all done within a couple hours on Saturday, then have the rest of the weekend to do whatever.

No company Christmas party for me. There wasn't one last year either. Last year we got $20 Fry's gift cards (Fry's food stores). This year, all I know is Thursday they are having Olive Garden brought in for lunch. The Westside techs, because the shop is across town from them, are meeting for breakfast that same morning at The Place, which isn't a bad breakfast place at all. My boss, who is spearheading both meals, said I could do both, since I live on the westside, and then I could have lunch as it is when I go into work anyways. I told him no, as I felt it was taking advantage of the company, and he looked at me funny. I know. It's weird, but I feel like that would be taking advantage of a nice thing the company is doing - why should I be the only one allowed to have both meals for free? I am not saying I don't deserve it ....but still.

Toothache is still there ... sort of. I remember back when I had braces, and would go in for an adjustment (tightening). For a week afterwards my mouth would be sore due to the teeth being adjusted to the new position. This is pretty much the same thing I think. It is less pain each day, but still enough to be an inconvenience. Hopefully by the first of the week (or sooner) it will stop. Otherwise, I may have to have a damn root canal, and I hate thinking about that.

Wow, for a whole lot of nothing, there was something.


Tuesday, December 9

The Sound of Dentistry

This morning I am actually looking forward to going to the dentist. My regular check-up is not scheduled until later this month, but I had to schedule an emergency visit due to some pain. I am a bit worried about it, as the pain was pretty solid since Friday, though was able to be minimized a bit by ibuprofen, until this morning, where it doesn't seem to be bothering me at all. But still, I will be going to attempt to find out what the problem is. The location of the pain seems to be centered around a tooth I recall the dentist saying he was "keeping an eye on", though, the one behind it just had a crown put on it in July, I fear that the seal (of crown against tooth) is broken and now requires a root canal. That would be my luck. More expensive, and where a preventative measure did not work Sigh. I am getting all down int he dumps about it.

Even worse, being an emergency type scheduling, I will be later getting into work today, so will be rushing around all afternoon trying to get somewhat back onto my normal schedule. Doubt it will happen, which will make me be later in running my route tonight. Joy. But maybe the tooth issue will be fixed ... I hope.

Still having some back pain. I did pick up a new pair of shoes with support on Saturday, and yesterday my back seemed to hurt not as bad as before. I know it will take several days to get things back to normal, if it was the shoes causing the problem. By the end of the week I should know for sure.

Friday, December 5

Walk A Mile In My Shoes

My back has been bothering me again. I can't seem to grasp the idea, that something I have done so recently (ie. moved the wrong way, or "slept crooked", or lifted something wrong) is causing all this discomfort. Of course, since I have four hours of time to basically just "think", I believe I have figured out what is causing the pain.

My shoes.

About three to four weeks ago, the pair of shoes I used for work had worn/torn a hole in the side of them, basically making them unable to worn to work. Unable to get out immediately to replace them, I fell back on the pair of shoes I had used prior to the recent pair, as a temporary solution, until I got as chance to get to the store to get a new pair. The difference between the two pairs of shoes, was quite drastic, the newer pair having been a shoe more designed for those that are on their feet throughout the day. Basically, I believe my body adjusted to the added padding/support, which the earlier pair did not/does not have, thus, after a week of having to "readjust" to the old pair, my body has created this back pain.

Even the Wife thinks this may be the case, and she's a physical therapist, so it has got to be a leading cause. That first Saturday a couple weeks back, I had been wearing my sandals (it was a Saturday morning) and we all know they have no support, but I think it just brought out the aggravation my back was dealing with, in adjusting to returning to my old shoes. Obviously, I have not had a chance to get new ones yet, but will be doing that tomorrow. So now I need to get through today with a sore back. I have been lucky most of the week there has not been many heavy parts to be lifted.

I'm off to find something for breakfast.


Monday, December 1

Cue the Christmas Music

I'm not one to get all "into" celebrating a holiday, but I do want everyone else, consumer/company/radio station/whatever, to respect the holiday. Every year, we start hearing of Christmas sales, or music, or people setting up their decorations - earlier and earlier. Drives me nuts! Aside from having to see some decorated yards, and one of the local stations playing solid 24 hours/day music since about the beginning of November, everyone is now able to proceed to the Christmas holiday. Thanksgiving has passed, and today is December 1st - have at it!

My back has pretty much recovered from whatever muscle strain I did to it last weekend. Luckily a light week in lifting things for work helped give more time to heal up. As of this morning, there is still a twinge, but I think that is more from maybe sleeping in weird position or something. Yeah, I am still working the morning kinks out.

The Wife made my coveted turkey enchiladas last night, and we still have several containers of leftovers in the fridge. Plus I had swung by RM's on Friday for the giblet gravy, some stuffing, and ended up with some home made biscuits and gravy (which the gravy was frickin' awesome!) and some cranapple cobbler (or something). Don't know if we will manage to get through all the leftovers before they go bad, but it looks like the Wife won't have to cook for quite at least a week.

I meant to try to get out this weekend to do some shopping. The Wife has her birthday a week from today, plus there are presents to look for for her and the kids. I pretty much have ideas of what I want to buy, and it is just a matter of getting out to do it. I blew off this weekend, thinking that it is probably going to be the busiest with Black Friday deals lasting all weekend. Guess I will HAVE to go by next Saturday. Most evenings I am too tired to deal with shopping and crowds. Wait, that's all the time.


Monday, November 24

Lift, and Twist, and Ouch!

I don't know if that is what really happened, but I am sure it was something close to it. I spent most of the last two days in my chair, at the computer, because doing anything else hurt my back too much. Seems Saturday morning, while emptying the trash from my work truck, I tweaked my lower back. Things were fine until I got home, got down from the cab of the truck, and realized how bad it hurt. The two positions that did not seem to hurt it too bad were sitting, and lying down. So I spent most of Saturday at the computer in my office chair. As long as I didn't shift too much, I was okay. Getting up for a drink, or the bathroom were hell.

Managed to walk into Texas Roadhouse where the family went for dinner that night, and walked out on my own. Went to bed shortly after hoping that a good night's sleep would make me all better the next day. I did wake feeling a little better, though, walking itself still hurt a bit. Again I spent most of the day in front of the computer, playing away at World of Warcraft, especially since I had not played much of the new expansion since it came out.

This morning finds me even a little better. Still getting some twinge pains, but am able to walk, though somewhat slow still. I think I will be able to get to work, though may need to ask for some help if needing to lift some heavier things. The hardest part will be the first part of the day where I am on my feet more. This work week at least gives me a day off on Thursday, so maybe if I don't strain too hard, I can be back to feeling normal in my back next week.


Friday, November 21

Better Off Dead

Dead asleep that is. After getting most of this week off from Zero Hour, the oldest Son is back to the early morning band thing. I was pretty sure that once the marching season was over, they went about a half hour later in the mornings, but as of this one, he hasn't heard of any time changes. Needless to say, after running him to the school, I logged onto the computer, and sat here staring at e screen for the past few minutes. A topic to write about? I couldn't think of one, and my mind kept going blank, or returning to the thought that I am tired, and could use a couple more hours sleep.

It is Friday, and like most, I am feeling worn down from work. The weekend is a good time to rest up some of these sore muscles, and relax the cerebral muscles as well. I am sure I will be pretty lazy and not do much. Thanksgiving is coming up and I am sure I need the downtime now to be ready for then.

There went another five minutes of staring off into space. Maybe I should go lay back down for a couple hours ....


Thursday, November 20

Minus Seven to T Day

I admit sometimes I am slow to realize some things, and it was late in the day, yesterday, when I realized, that Thanksgiving is next week. In the space of about three seconds, I was elated (for some time off work) and then dejected (because I still have to work Friday), and then resigned (because it is not much of a holiday, so why the hell am I getting all excited).

Yeah, I used to like Thanksgiving, but now that I have to work that Friday, it isn't much to me anymore. A day to be thankful. Yeah. Whatever. Thankful for family, friends, and food on the table .... let's eat. Hmph.

Maybe I am just getting into my 'Bah! Humbug!' seasonal mood.


Monday, November 17

Another Weekend Shot Down

I am tired. Not sleepy-tired, just worn-out tired.

Saturday, the oldest Son had State Championships for Marching Band. They were to go first at 9am, so his call time was like 7am at the school. Thankfully, the venue was on the west side this time, and we were able to rush grabbing some breakfast from McD's and get there in time for their performance. Then it was sitting on concrete bleachers for three hours until the awards. After the shat, we had to rush home to drop the two younger boys off, then head to the wedding reception for my brother was having that afternoon. I really saw no reason to go, as they were legally married in May, then did the whole "wedding show" last weekend in Sedona, and now a reception this week. But the Wife said I needed to go because it was family. The Wife had a headache come on from the loud music there, and spent most of the time out in the foyer area. I sat there most of the time, talking with a few others I knew, and family. Thankfully, I did not have to work at the pub that night, and we just stayed home afterwards.

Sunday morning I had to run out and dump much of the accumulated trash in my work truck. I was to meet someone, as he wanted to take the metal stuff for scrap, but I guess I was early, though I thought I was late, and missed him. I did fill up a whole dumpster with trash though. Then it was home to change into my Redskins gear and head to the pub for the game. Was hoping to meet up with a couple friends there, but they weren't able to make it. I felt a little lost without my buddy Don there. So, the Redskins played a horrible game, and instead of staying (and drinking) to watch the Lions-Cardinals game, I stopped by the store on the way home, picked up some needed things, and went home.

Our internet connection at home has been a problem. Been with Qwest/Centurylink for several years now, and at different times, the internet connectivity will go out sporadically, for hours at a time. It had been worse seemingly over the past week, so I called the tech line. After two hours on the phone, there was nothing they could seem to figure out, so told me that the modem must be bad, and I would need to replace it, as the one I purchased through them years ago, the warranty had expired (go figure). I got the specifications of what I would need to be sure I bought the right kind, and headed to Best Buy, but only because the tech said they have the type I need. I asked for sales help, as I wanted to be sure I got the right kind, and it turns out there is only one brand there they carry, that was this VDSL type I needed. Guess what, it was branded Centurylink. But I did find out that they seem to be the only ones that use a VDSL type, versus the ADSL type, and the only difference between the two, is something to do with the wiring configurations in how data is transferred. So, $100 later, I had a newer modem. We went to Denny's for dinner, then home so I could hook up the new modem.

Guess what? Didn't fix the problem. As of this morning, even while typing this post, the modem has lost connection several times. It seems to be holding steady at present, so I should probably close this post and save it before it goes again.


Thursday, November 13

Give Me A Time-Out

There are mornings like today, when I feel a bit overwhelmed with everything that is going on in our lives. No, I am not talking about Ebola, or the Ukraine. I'm not even talking about ISIS, or even how bad Obama is doing in the polls. I am referring to the daily activities and going-ons for my family.

This Saturday is Super State for Marching Band. The Son's school has made it, and it has been awhile for them. I think they were last this far back in 2007 - not sure right off the top of my head of the Daughter was attending then or not. Their performance time is at 9am ... so there goes trying to sleep in. Which means his call-time at the school will be like 7'ish, I am sure. The awards are presented at noon, but I am not sure if we will stay so long. That's 3 hours between the performance and the awards .... on concrete 'bleacher' seats. Not sure if my behind will tolerate that, even with the natural padding I have in place there.

Also that afternoon is my brother's wedding reception. They had a vow renewal last weekend, wherein they "performed" the wedding that his wife wanted. They had already exchanged vows and did the legal paperwork back in May, in regards to some issue regarding insurance coverage - not clear of the whole story, and don't really care. So this weekend, is a reception they are doing for those that could not make it up north (Sedona) for the wedding, but would like to celebrate with them. Personally, I see no reason I should have to go ... I was at the actual ceremony for the legal wedding. We did not go up last weekend for the vow renewal, as I had other things going on.The Wife says I need to go to this because I am family. I am thinking shooting myself in the foot would be more fun.

That's just Saturday. Doesn't sound busy? When I add in my work hours the next couple of days, I guess I am working the UFC fight Saturday night, I need to get the trash (large doors, tubs, etc) out of my work truck (usually done on Sat. morns, but probably will be Sunday this week), meeting up with a friend from out of state tonight, early morning band hour, and many other little things that take 15 minutes here, and 10 minutes there .... Yeah. All cray-cray here in AZ ...(get it? crazy ... cray AZ?)

I suppose I should start thinking about heading to work this morning.


Monday, November 10

Promises of Change

Before you even start into reading further, this is NOT a post about Obama, his campaign promises, or anything else that might have been uttered from his mouth.

Saturday was the Celebration of Life for my friend don, and it was a good turnout. There were quite a few people there I had not expected to see, and more than we actually did expect. It is nice to know he made an impact in so many people's lives.

That being said, I also got pretty drunk. I remember saying, mostly to myself, that I was only going to have beer - no Jack Daniels, or other shots. I did pretty good, too, then somehow I ended up with a shot glass in my hand, from where I have no clue. Thankfully, it was well after anyone had spoke, and most of the shin-dig was "winding down", I see on my phone I texted the Wife around 6:30, and she came and got me. I'm pretty sure I didn't embarrass anyone, including myself.

Yesterday was a day of recovery, and my proverbial saying of "Ugh, I am not ever drinking again."

In other words, I stayed home, and just mellowed out for the day. I guess at some point on Saturday I had fallen, as my knees are just aching, and one has a nice scrape on it. This morning they are still hurting, so will be a great day for work (feel that sarcasm?). I have another friend that had flown into town this weekend, mostly for NASCAR, and she will be here most of the week. I suppose I will have to have a night out for a few beers with her at some point. Luckily, my work hours will make it later, and her from the east coast the time lag may affect how much we hang out.

Veteran's Day is tomorrow. Kids are out of school. I have to work. Joy.


Friday, November 7


Scotty B, one of my best friends, once said that life is just a stage. Not a period, but a performance stage, and in his reference, he was the star. Everyone else was a secondary role, or less, depending on the type of interaction in his life. I don't know if I understood his meaning back then (a few years ago) or even if I completely understand it now.

I don't think I live my life like the example above. I tend to want to stay out of the spotlight. Not that I am turning down any time to "shine", just that I am more like a cog on the wheel, that just keeps on doing my part in the grand scheme of things.

I'm not sure where I was going with all of that. Stages. I was thinking more about the stages of grief, and depression, or addiction. It seems in recovering from any of these (and possibly other things I can't think of off the top of my head) there are always these "stages" that everyone seems to go through. I don't know what they all are, but I have been experiencing them, and recognizing some of them, as things progress since the passing of my friend Don. At first I was indifferent, then sad, and now I am starting to get into the anger phase. One I am not really wanting to experience, as sometimes, I can't control my temper. And most of that anger I feel, isn't at God, or even at Don, or his death. It's more centered toward certain people, and their actions in regards to the whole of Don's passing. Part of it is not knowing the answers to certain things. Frustration at all of it.

Sigh. Frustrated because I am frustrated. Irritated that I irritated. Angry ... because I feel angry. Seems senseless seeing it typed out that way, but I guess that is what happens when things get skewed and unbalanced.

Tomorrow, what started out as a small gathering of those that knew Don, is taking place. It has been turned into more of a circus (my opinion) thanks to the actions of certain people. Which is where some more of my anger is directed. Even now I still shake my head and say, "Just what the hell were they thinking?" 

Either way, I plan on tomorrow being a good closure to it all for me. Not saying I won't still feel some lose and missing him feelings, just ... closure. I think I need it.


Monday, November 3

Another Week Begins

Yup. It is another Monday, and there is not anything that is super great about this week. Well, pretty much not. The oldest Son's marching band made "Super State" meaning they are int he top ten for their division, and get one more try to be labled as #1. That is coming up in a couple weeks. This Saturday is my buddy Don's celebration of life service. It will be sort of nice to get that done and over with. I'm still dealing with some issues, though they aren't affecting me near as badly as before.

Nothing much more exciting for today. Getting ready to head into work.


Friday, October 31

Halloween Is Here

Gee, it is Friday already? That came around fast. What? It is Halloween, too? OMFG. It's not even 6:30 in the morning and already my day is going to just really suck. Halloween, I learned last year, is not a fun night to be driving around neighborhoods, delivering parts. Parents don't seem to care about how much room you need to maneuver a 16-foot box truck into a parking spot on the side of the road, preferably in front of, or behind, the van in which I need to access to place the parts in. Most streets where the techs live are not wide enough for me to double-park - even for just a few minutes. Last year, in one neighborhood, the parents would get their kid out of the car at the turn-in of the housing complex, send them on down the sidewalk, and literally, follow along behind in the car... yes, idling speed next to the kids as they went down the street, house-to-house. Lord forbid me to honk at them, trying to get them to at least scooch over so I can pass them.

Let's not forget those "precious" children, too. How they love to where dark clothing, and just run out in front of traffic at any given moment. Considering it is getting duck here at about 6'ish, that is only about halfway through my route, and unfortunately, the half with the most stops. I am so not looking forward to this evening.

The oldest Son's marching band has made State Competition this year, which is tomorrow. From the time they need to report to the school, it must be a late afternoon performance time. Not sure if I want to go. I was able to see the show last Saturday. This one is all the way over in Chandler -across the whole Valley for me. The Daughter is due up in town this weekend as well, so maybe I can just send her and the Wife - let them call it a Mom/Daughter outing. The two younger sons get bored so easily at these events, too, so I could help by keeping them at home. Oh, there are a few other runnings around I need to get done as well, so it would be better off.

The Wife has gotten up, so that means I should probably wrap this up. I wouldn't want to over-entertain you (is that possible?),


Monday, October 27

Just When You Think ...

Towards the end of last week, my allergy symptoms started to get worse. The itchy, watery eyes, nose running, drainage running down the throat causing you to cough, etc. For a couple days I was sure it was just my allergies, as with the nicer weather, things were starting to grow again. By Saturday morning, I decided it had to be something else. It had dropped into the chest and left me coughing and hacking, with a phlegm-like feel in the chest. I still attended the Son's marching event at ASU, but afterwards, came home, popped some cold/flu tablets, and proceeded to be miserable. Sunday was pretty much the same. Lots of sleeping and coughing. This morning, the phlegmy feeling isn't so bad in the chest, and I feel a bit better over all. Which is good, considering I need to work today. Hopefully, here in the next day, this "bug" will end.

My Redskins play tonight against Dallas. Yeah. We are probably going to lose. I am supposed to try to meet up with some of the guys at the pub to catch maybe the past part of the game, but feeling as I do, I may not even try to make it.


Friday, October 24

Doing Better

It has been almost a week since my friend Don passed away. It has seemed harder to cope with the loss, even when compared to my friend Smitty when he passed away. I think the difference is when Smitty was sick, we knew about it, saw how he was getting worse ... had time to accept he was not doing well. Don's was pretty much just out of the blue. Or at least our knowledge of it. Grieving sucks. We are having a Celebration of Life for him coming up here in the next three weeks.

This last week, I have spent some time (while driving, go figure) about the what if's of life. I know the Wife and I should get wills drawn up, but it seems each time we try to get to a point to decide on things, and something else happens to distract us... band event, church event, etc.I guess we need to be more definite about getting that done.

Today should be a light day at work. Usually on Fridays, I pull parts for Saturday and Monday, then do my regular delivery route. However, this Monday there is an all-day training scheduled. So my guess is I will pull only Saturday, and then on Monday, resume the regular schedule. I think I will go in more like the time I am supposed to today, rather than the hour early like usual.


Monday, October 20


Friday was a long day. Not only did my regular job take a bit longer, that night I was covering a shift for one of the bouncers at the pub.Friday was also the day my buddy Don took a turn to the worse. Seems his health had deteriorated so bad that day, they moved him to hospice that evening. A couple people I knew had been in to see him, and told me how bad he looked, and that I should get there to see him. But I had to finish work first. All night I debated with myself, if I should go see him or not. Word was he was incoherent due to the morphine. By then end of the shift came, I had decided I would go, and I got there about 3 am.

Fifty minutes later, he passed away. Was he hanging on, waiting for me to get there? I don't know. His girlfriend said she believes it, and it just makes me feel guilty. To think he held on waiting for me, so because I hadn't gone and seen him sooner, everyone, including himself, had to suffer? I don't like to think that.

I spent most of the weekend with my family, avoiding having to deal with people. Though Sunday I did go down to the pub to watch the Redskins win (a win for Don!) and saw a few people there. Dread going into work today. Don had gotten me this job, and he had been with this company several years. Many of the techs he has worked with for even longer with other companies, through mergers, etc. I have a feeling, that prior to getting to start my route, it is going to be a long day. I'm trying to time it so I am not early (like usual) and right on time, to avoid as much extra chatter as possible.

Have I dealt with all my grief? Probably not. I just don't want to be dealing with it in public.


Friday, October 17

Gone For A Few

Posting here will be spottier than the usual. I mentioned yesterday about my buddy Don, and some new info came to me yesterday. Seems he is in stage three with his cancer. It has spread from the spot on his neck (now removed) somehow to areas of his brain, his lungs, and that there are spots on his liver as well. He was moved into ICU and is on oxygen (due to the pneumonia) and morphine (to help with the pain - severe headaches related to the brain tumors is my guess). He has lost quite a bit of weight. His girlfriend and his daughter are meeting with doctors today to discuss options for treatment and whatnot. As of last night, his girlfriend said he will be needing to be transferred to a hospice within the next couple days, as the doc says nothing can be done while he has pneumonia. They gave him a prognosis of three months.

A couple years back one of our (Don and I) friends had passed in a similar incident. Had a lump on his side, went to have it removed. Turned out it was cancerous, and somehow had spread. Smitty went through a few weeks of chemotherapy, before getting pneumonia. From that point, he went into hospice, then home, then hospital with pneumonia again, back to hospice, before finally giving up the fight. Don goes in to have a lump from the side of his neck removed, and here the cycle starts again.

Maybe I should stop having friends. No. I know that won't happen. This whole thing just makes me think stupid things, because I am stressed out over the whole situation. Things like, how did they miss these other cancer areas, if he had stuff done on his neck within just the past few months? Did he know, and not want to tell anyone? Did he opt to not do chemo, and possibly end up in the same situation as Smitty (even though, it appears he still has)? Yeah, like I said, stupid thoughts. Either way it doesn't matter. He has it. It is there. What do we do next.

See ya in a few days.....


Thursday, October 16


If some person were to stop me one the street (hopefully without the television camera) and ask my if I felt I was healthy, I would say yes. They would probably follow that question up with, "Are you sure?" and my answer would still be yes.

If you have seen a pic of me, you might even question this yourself. I am overweight. Not just a "few pounds", I am talking like 50 pounds or more. I smoke. I drink alcohol - more than I should, more often than I should. I don't exercise (regular routine, or go to the gym anymore). I eat fatty foods, or foods that supposedly are not healthy.Sometimes I eat a lot of that kind of food.

Sure, over the past 2-3 years I have lost some pounds. I am not that fat guy over 350 pounds that had to use a cane to walk anywhere. Sure I try to eat more salad and drink less beer. My job keeps me active for at least half the work day, and I mean active like on the feet constantly moving, lifting "weights". I sweat a ton at work.

So ... healthy? I would say yes.

My buddy Don isn't, at least at the moment. Since his surgery to remove some cancer on the side of his neck, he is back in the hospital again. This time with pneumonia, that in my experience, he probably got while having the surgery in the first place. Either way, there seems to be some conflicting opinions of what people have been told is going on with his health. One report is that the cancer spread to his liver. Another that it is just the pneumonia. Either way, he was not doing good earlier this week, and got to do an ambulance ride Tuesday morning. He will be in at least 3-4 days for now. I should go up and see him, but with my work schedule versus visiting hours .... that and I hate hospitals.

Healthy. Yeah, and I just had some pizza rolls. Talk about breakfast of champions.


Monday, October 13

Feeling Wiped Out

Today ended up being a long day, or at least it sure felt like it. Yesterday I had spent most of the day with friends, as we were out at the University of Phoenix stadium, tailgating prior to going in and watching my Redskins get their butts handed to them. I think I am pretty much done with our performance this season, though I will still watch and support my team, I just may not get excited for them. Except when we play Dallas, because then every NFL team is on our side to beat Dallas.

The tailgating was fun, as I had not been out there to do it in several years. This time around there were more people (some I knew, others I didn't) also there was a ton of food, though, I only munched here and there because I was too busy talking and drinking beer. My ticket once we went in was at the corner of one end zone, here they call it the Red Zone, so was two stories down, pretty much level with the field. One could smell the turf from my seat, and were close to the plays at that end zone, though, there were not many. The Jumbotron at the other end of the field was seen with clarity to help enjoy the game. Beer was expensive inside - about $11.50 for a "bomber" which was a tall boy can.

Afterwards, those I rode with, and a few others went over to the restaurant/shopping area near the stadium (called WestGate) and sat down to dinner at Margaritaville - yes the chain owned by Jimmy Buffet. My first time there. The food was okay, and along with the drinks (I was having just beer) both were pricey. Following dinner we all rode back to the starting point, and I drove home. I had thought about going up to the bar, but figured I had had enough to drink (I thought that?) I just went home.

This morning had me waking up from about 4:30 on, seemingly every 45 minutes. Got up to run the Son to school, then returned to bed as I was feeling the regular worn out from drinking too much - not a hangover per se, but just groggy and tired. I slept in nap increments until I needed to get moving for work. Felt fine most of the day, though, before I started my route, I was beginning to feel muscle soreness in the legs from all the walking the previous day, then working on my feet today. By 5:30 this evening, about halfway through my route, I just started feeling wiped out.

Once home, I heated up a couple Hot Pockets, and here I sit, waiting awhile for the food to digest before heading to bed. I am sure I will sleep in til time to take the Son to school. I am beat.


Friday, October 10


That was a relieved sigh, not one of frustration, though, there are days I feel that way. The reason I am relieved has to do with the health of one of my buddies. A couple weeks ago he had a surgery to remove some scar tissue from the side of his neck where some cancer had been before. All of a sudden, another good friend and I, were not receiving any contact from this one friend - texts, calls .... nothing. Finally last night we talked and things are good again. Seems he was having some bad headaches (that were getting worse) and finally went to the doctor about them. He had some fluid building up in his inner ear, so they put a tube in there, and now he says he is doing much better.

Sure doesn't sound like much. But my friend is 58 years old, and after having lost another friend just a few short years ago to cancer, we (meaning my other friend and I) were getting a bit worried about the sudden "no contact".

I'm just relieved that he is feeling better now, and just needs to rest up.


Monday, October 6

I Just Want to Breath

Ever felt so overwhelmed that you just can't breath? Well not me. For me, it is my allergies. And they were bad this weekend. Yesterday I literally had one eye that would not quit watering, so that kept that side of my nose running. So by evening time, my eye is swollen and red, as is the nose, from rubbing and blowing (respectively) them all day. I even had my regular allergy pill, but it didn't seem to work. I am hoping today, whatever was setting me off, will be reduced, considering I will working and running around town.

I did get quite a bot of sleep I feel. Both Saturday and Sunday nights I was in bed earlier than usual, and slept well through the night. I feel more rested, though still a bit achy. I think that is just the age though.

My Redskins play tonight, and will probably lose to Seattle, but I told my buddies I would do my best to meet them at the pub for the 4th quarter. I might be able to make it if I can get a decent start on the route tonight.


Friday, October 3

Friday Gripes

It's too damn early to be up, is what I think, though it is later than most mornings when I have to take the Son to school. I guess there being some kind of Jewish holiday, all the schools had to move their varsity football games to Thursday night, instead of Friday. That meant Zero Hour was cancelled for today (so I didn't have to get him there early), but his bus arrives to pick him up a whopping 45 minutes later. Which means I was able to have 30 minutes extra sleeping time (actually, it was 22 minutes). I'm up now, so I guess I should at least get moving.

The amount of rain we have had this past monsoon season is a good thing. They are saying it is the 7th wettest monsoon season we have on record (not sure how far back that goes ... 1930's?). Instead of drought conditions, they say it is extremely dry. With that rain comes the explosion of greenery growing, which brings on my allergies. Today is probably the worst they have been for months. Stuffed up nose, coughing from some of the drainage from the night, itchy, red eyes that water constantly. Popped my pill just before I started typing, and it has not kicked in yet. Hopefully soon.

Good things today .... It is Friday, so the last work day this week. Next week the boys are off for Fall Break. I'm craving me some pulled pork today. I need to figure out if there is some place I can get some on the way to work, or on my route this evening.

Some Friday music for you.


Thursday, October 2

The Earworm is Back

I will be humming this one for a couple hours this morning. Not by choice. I do admit I sort of like the song, but not so much I would want to go around humming it.

Other than that, I don't have much to say today. an hour until I need to leave for work. I should get something to eat. And get my shoes on. Yeah. Exciting.


Tuesday, September 30

Dreams and Daydreams

I probably should go back to bed this morning, at least to get a couple hours more of sleep. I had my usual routine last night, yet still couldn't fall asleep until well after midnight. Not sure why. I think it was to give the poison the Wife had in my dinner, time to get to work. At least, that is my story. Only my iron-clad stomach fended off the worst of the poison, and the bit that actually got into my system, created some of the weirdest dreams I am able to recall. I'm talking so weird, yet so realistic, that when I kind of woke from one that had the Wife and I having this huge argument about something completely inane, I laid there thinking I should wake a her so I could apologize .... for what happened in a dream. So between the getting to sleep late, throw in a few times waking up from weird dreams, I could use a couple more hours of sleep. Don't know if I will or not though.

It is a beautiful morning in Arizona today. At least here in the Valley where I live. Thanks to the cooler bit of weather from the rains over the weekend, this morning was nice and cool as I ran the oldest Son to school. It is supposed to warm back up to the upper 90's within the next day or so, but Monsoon Season officially ends today, so cooler temps will be here soon. Last night was nice being able to drive with the truck window down, and the A/C off.

Speaking of last night, I ended up being a few minutes home later than usual, due to my missing my exit from the freeway. How did that happen? I was daydreaming. how many times does that happen to those of us that drive quite a bit? Or are distracted while talking to someone, that we miss a turn or something.

I recently have found myself with a pretty wasteful daydream that keeps popping into my thoughts. It is all about if I were to win one of the big dollar lotteries. Usually, near the end of my route (within a couple miles of my home) there is a billboard that displays the current amounts of the Mega Millions and Powerball jackpots. I only see this as I am headed home. But it seems each night, at some point prior to this, I have the thought of "what if" running through my head.

Of course, once I start, then I have to expand on each expenditure of money, but the basic breakdown of what I would do if I won...?

Let's say it was a sizable amount ... like $100,000,000. Since I don't know what percentage would be taken out by taxes, because I would take the cash-out option, not the annuity, let's call it 50%, so that leaves me with $50,000,000. Fifty million dollars.

For the Wife, I (probably should say the proverbial "we", but I have never discussed any of this with the Wife) would give 10% ($5,000,000) to the church. Down to $45,000,000.

Set up Trust Accounts for each of the kids starting at $1,000,000 each. This is where I start expanding on my though process. I don't just want each Trust to just hold money until they reach a certain age, but obviously be more like a growing fund they can "live" off of, but yet, limit the monthly amount that they would have to probably still work some sort of job, until a certain age (say 30's?) where they can change how they want the Trust to work. Hopefully have kids of their own to think of by then. I still have much more to think about how this all would work, and talk to some financial dude about what I can do with a Trust. Down another $4,000,000 leaving $41,000,000.

Shell out $1,000,000 to each sibling on each side, not in a Trust, that they can do with however they want. They won't be getting anything else from us in regards to money. That's another $7,000,000 gone. For our parents, we would want them to live comfortably as possible financially, so let's throw them $1,000,000 to each side. Minus another $2,000,000. That leaves us with $32,000,000 at this point, and have not done anything for ourselves.

Here is where I really start losing myself. I start with, how much should we put back for retirement/investing etc, and how much for "play" money and basic living expenses, especially considering there would be some changes in our lifestyle? I mean, I know I would want a nicer, newer vehicle than the 2000 Ford Windstar I have now, and the Wife would want something better than the 2006(or 2007?) Chrysler T&C. We would want a bigger house, but stay in the same school district(s) as much as possible. There would be some newer stuff like furniture, computers, clothes, and who knows what else. Let's say $1,000,000 for all that. Sound right? Throw $1,000,000 in the checking account for mundane monthly bills .... down to $30,000,000. I would guess that we would take $25,000,000 of that and set aside for retirement/investing and the remaining $5,000,000 be set aside in some account for who knows what: vacationing somewhere ... miscellaneous expenses for whatever.

Each time some of that money is spent, aside from the 10% to the church, I will break down in my head. How do I want to get the most out of spending that amount, in that way. The Trust one keeps popping back into my head, because I want to make it something the kids will have for quite a few years, and eventually, as it grows more than they take out, to maybe turn into something they can use as we did with the lottery winnings. I always add more details the more I think about it, and hope, that if I ever do win the lottery, I will remember all this.

I know, I know. There is a better chance of me being struck by lightning, on four separate occasions, than of ever winning a lottery like the Mega Millions, or the Powerball. Of course, that chance drops even lower if I don't buy the tickets (which I don't).

You can't win if you don't play.


Thursday, September 25

Time for Punishment

I love to read. I am pretty sure I have shared that fact before. I will read almost anywhere, more so now than ever before thanks to technology. If I don't have my Kindle Fire handy, there is always my Samsung Note III phone, which has a couple different book readers on it. Plus games. Any time of day, where I have some down time, I am usually on one of these devices geting in a few pages of a book.

This morning, will be no different, though I think we claim it as a punishment more than just some time to be able to read. I have to go to the Motor Vehicle Dept. Yes, that place of seemingly eternal wait times, where the best case scenario is to take off half the day of work to ensure you will be able to do the one thing that takes only 30 seconds to complete. In my case, it is to update my photo on my drivers license. Yeah. Just to update the photo. Click. Pay. Leave. Doesn't sound hard, right?

I will admit though, that Arizona's MVD offices and procedures have gotten much better over the years. When I took the oldest Son to get his driver's Permit, I think we were only there about an hour and a half  - total - and that included the time to take the written test, etc. The last time I had to go into the MVD to take care of vehicle registration (I was late) I recall it only taking about 30 minutes. They use a nice numbering system, seem to have quite a few windows for service, and plenty of room for seating, with somewhat comfortable chairs. Of course, you can't always get to be sitting next to sane people, but hopefully, one won't have to wait long.

I spent some time this morning going over the locations of the MVD offices here in the north Valley area. According to the information provided online, There is one location a bit closer to me, than the one I regularly go to, that should be able to provide me with the services I need. It should also have smaller lines as it doesn't provide all services that the other does. I hope it can help me out, as otherwise, I will need to waste tomorrow morning going to the other one.

So, kind of a pain to have to go waste time sitting at the MVD instead of sleeping, or catching up on some other things. But at least I will have a book.


Edit: Not too shabby. Only took an hour. Arrived 20 minutes early to be sure was near the head of the line and 40 minutes after they opened, I was walking out. I still have time to kill before heading to work.

Tuesday, September 23

Getting the Late Start

It appears the company has hit the "busy season". For about the past two weeks, the work load I have has steadily increased. Yesterday was the biggest I have seen since seemingly, last winter. It appears that the slow down starts in the late winter/early spring, and picks up around summer end/fall start. Also, one of our techs that has been on medical leave for the past several months is back, so more parts to pull, and he is one I deliver to as well, so more drive time. In a sense, one would think that means more money for me, but not really. I was going in to work earlier, to make up the time that I didn't get driving. That will change now, though there is an increase. I suppose I could go in an hour early each day, and end up with 5 hours overtime, and I don't think the company would mind - as long as I am busy, and not just sitting around (and I don't).

Either way, the past week or so has lead me back to sleeping in a bit. I don't know if it is just a combination of the heat and humidity (been quite a bit of humidity the last couple weeks), or if it is just that work is increasing. Maybe both. All I know is I am tired at night, and even though in the habit of getting up early, after dropping the Son off at school, I feel the need for a nap as I am so tired feeling. Usually an extra hour or two before getting up to face the day helps. I wonder how much longer this will last?

It is Tuesday, and already the aches and pains of the week have started. I think I put a shallow muscle bruise on my shoulder last night while carrying a door. It feels tender this morning.

Preacher Tom has asked me to help with some computer problem he has, so I am headed over there to see if it something I can fix or not. Hopefully something easy. Then off to work I guess. I have some extra stuff to do this morning, so going in early is not an issue.


Friday, September 19

Gonna Get Me Some Money

I mentioned yesterday that this Saturday I will have the chance to spend a little more time with a friend from GA. It is at a get-together at my buddy Jan's house, spending the evening playing some Texas Hold 'Em poker. If all works well, it won't be a huge gathering, I think he was planning on about nine players. I am a so-so player at Texas Hold 'Em. Depends on how much I have been drinking (obviously). I usually end up about mid-rank of about 15-20 people. Never made a final three for cash. But who knows, that may change Saturday night. I invited the Wife, so she could have "adult interaction" but have not heard if she wants to go with or not as of yet.

That is the recreational part of Saturday. I have plans for the earlier daytime, most of it involving physical work, so not quite sure how much of it will get done. I need to run my truck over by one of our stores to empty the accumulating trash in the back. I admit, I don't empty it daily at the shop - mostly because I don't feel like climbing into the back just to have to carry doors. SO I will wait a couple weeks then back it up to a dumpster at a store and empty it. Much easier than having to carry everything. Also in the agenda is the front yard needs to be mowed. The oldest boy will help with that, as it pretty much is his job. I just have to get on him about getting it done. The rain we had last week has turned it into a jungle. I know I had pulled up some grass/weeds that had gotten in around the Wife's roses, and I am sure will need to touch that up again as well. The truck needs washed. That probably won't happen.

Sunday is football day. My new Redskins hat that the Reverend Mother got me for my bday is getting some wear time. Though, I admit I need to get another jersey to wear, but so far, they cost quite more than I am willing to pay - at least the authentic ones I see online. Maybe if I go to sports gear store they might be a bit cheaper. I haven't decided which one I want yet either. No, I don't want to wear an RGIII or Morris one. Right now all I have is my Monk (whoa... that was a few years ago). Maybe if I could find a Manley, or Mann. Course, I am not sure what they have made, or if I have to have it made, the extra cost. Who knows, I may just chalk it up to a wish list thing.

Well, my "quiet time" is coming to an end. I hear the alarm clock going off for the Wife to get up and moving. Next will be the younger boys. I should find me a pop tart or something for breakfast.

Speaking of food, the RM will be happy to hear, I finally got a piece of the cherry pie last night ... actually, two pieces. It was that good! Hmmm.... cherry pie for breakfast ....


Thursday, September 18

Happy Wednesday (Oh Crap, It's Thursday)

Just like everyone else, I am happy it is one day closer to Friday than I thought. This week has just not been the best one it could have been, yet I admit, I haven't helped on making it better either. I just want the damn thing to end.

Last night was nice. I went out to the the pub and got to hang out a bit with a friend that is in visiting from Georgia (the state, not the country). It's been close to a year since he was last out here to visit. There was enough other stuff going on around us, that we only had a few minutes (between the two of us) and I know Saturday will another time we can hang out before he heads out of town.

My good buddy that got me my job, is in the hospital. He had had some lump growing on his neck that turned cancerous. Earlier this year he had gone through some chemo and radiation to "kill" it off, which worked. He as admitted yesterday to have the docs go in and remove some scar tissue. Seems some of the interior scarring is pressing on some sort of nerve cluster, plus they want to remove the interior scars to prevent the cancer from coming back. He's in for a couple days. I called him yesterday evening, but he was still groggy, and doped up, so we didn't talk long. I sure as hell am not going to the hospital to see him,

I hate hospitals.

What else I got? Pretty much nothing.


Monday, September 15

Let's Start With Some Crap

I didn't sleep well last night. Seemed I woke about every 30-45 minutes, would roll over and try to doze back off. Kept having these recurring snippets of dream based on a the story line of a book I had recently finished. I couldn't escape having these dream snippets, though every time I woke up, I tried to tell myself that I need to dream something different and new, or just not dream. Having the same one coming every time I drift off was dreadfully boring. Maybe it's good that I just remember having a dream.

So that being said, I crawled back into bed after running the oldest son to school this morning. As Life has it, I woke up 10 minutes before the alarm went off, getting only about 45 minutes more of sleep.

I suppose I should spend some time in the reading room this morning. As a family we ate pretty good this weekend, and I know I need to be dropping some of it off at the water slide, or will have to make extra stops tonight while on the route. Yeah, you really needed to know all that, right?

The Daughter was up this weekend. Her and the fiance' had a couple of scheduled appointments to check out potential locations of having the wedding. Seems they picked a place, and a down payment was made. I have a feeling we are paying for it, but can't get the Wife to give me details. Every time I asked she would tell me we would discuss it later. In my thinking, that means I probably don't want to know.


Friday, September 12

Beat Up and Broke Down

I am so glad that today is Friday, and the end of my work week. For some reason, I am hurting more than what I usually do. Must be old age, right? No. I am sure it isn't. More like being clumsy. I have had some tendinitis going on in my right elbow, and though it hurts, I can usually manage the day by using some OTC ibuprofen. However, last Monday, I slipped coming out of the shower, and without going into much detail, ended up catching the edge of the door jamb against the back/outside of my right shoulder. Luckily I didn't fall, but ended up bruising the muscle in my shoulder. So lifting things this week has been hard, but I have managed. So my right arm/shoulder have been achy a bit more than usual, and the back, well, I think it has been hurting more just do to compensating for lifting with the sore right arm. I'm not a doc, but I am pretty sure I am right.

And today, is a double-duty day for me, meaning I do two days worth of parts pulling, rather than the usual one. So a longer day. Joy.

Swung by the Reverend Mother's last night. I guess she had spent the evening before with my niece, and they had made some pies. RM had asked me the night before if I wanted one, a cherry, and I had said yes. Also, she had picked up a Redskins hat for my birthday (and some beef jerky, and a candy bar) for my presents, though I told her not to get me anything. Mothers (eye roll). I was too tired last night to try the pie, so am looking forward to trying some tonight. It sure looks good.

Yesterday was 9-11, and many people shared there thoughts/events of what happened on that day thirteen years ago. I thought about sharing, but then realized, who would care? I thankfully did not know anyone in any of the events, that died, though I did know at least one person that FEMA had called up from AZ to help with the clean up in NYC. Was I upset at the time? No. Mad? No. Feeling the need for vengeance? Maybe a little, though I didn't know against who (at that time). I heard radio call-ins that talked about how they prepared for the end of the world, even here in AZ. What's I do? I went to work. Nothing changed for me.

Heartless? Maybe a little. Apathetic? Most definitely.


Monday, September 8

The Calm In Between

Phoenix received a very large amount of rain in the early hours this morning. I woke about 2:30ish and noticed the wind had picked up quite a bit, and that it had started to throw rain. I woke the Wife and mentioned we should get a bucket under a couple spots that leak, but only when it really pours. Glad I did. By the time we got up about 5:30, the rain had been coming down in buckets, and already their were major freeway closures across the Valley. I ran the oldest Son to school, and waited to find out how things were going to go with all the closures.

The Wife called after finding out that the elementary school the youngest goes to, had cancelled school for the day. I had heard also on the radio, there were a couple other districts that had closed as well, though they were more in the SE valley, which I was hearing had had more rain. The middle son, we tried repeatedly to contact the school to see if they were cancelling as well, but gave up. I decided he would just stay home as well. About that time (about 8:30) the Wife got one of them automated messages from the high school, saying they were cancelling as well, and any students already at the school had a chance to catch a bus back to their bus stop, or be picked up. I didn't want the MIL to be out driving in the bad rain, so I picked him up and dropped him off with the MIL, where the other two boys were for the day.

My buddy Don that works at the same company as I, texted me this morning he was not working today. The area he provides service for, was not able to be reached by him due to two of the major freeways on that side of town had closures. I called into work to see what they wanted me to do. My Boss decided that even though there were a number of techs that could not make it to the shop (to get parts/routes) or could not reach their service areas had called in and were not working, but he wanted me to be able to get routes/parts out for tomorrow. Joy. I left my house about two hours early, as I had no idea what to expect on the roads, as well as having to use surface streets, because by this time, ALL freeways had closures at some point(s), and three of them were ones I used on a normal basis. So what normally is about a 45 minute drive, ended up being an hour and a half, but luckily did not have to be detoured around closures/flooded areas.

Aside from being a bit late getting started on my route this evening, after locking all of us employees in the building by accident, most closures had cleared up. I had to do one small detour, but the detour was not out of my way, and it was on the final trek home at the end of the night. Never did get to splash through the big puddles in my box truck (pout).

And now I am just worn out. Between the humidity and being more tense while driving, trying to watch out for stupid people, and plan ahead via the traffic reports to be sure I didn't get caught in something, I am wiped out. Rain for the next two days is expected, though not as much as today.

Phoenix set an official new record for the rainiest day on record. by 6am, the airport had received 3.29 inches, beating the previous record of about 2.94 inches set back in 1933. It rained across most of the valley until 9-10 am. Parts of the valley were reporting up to 6 inches of total rainfall. Yeah, water retention areas were huge lakes. I am sure there will be many warnings about mosquitos and the West Nile virus in the next 2-3 weeks.



Saturday, September 6

Happy Birthday to Me

Today is my birthday. I turn 43 years of age today. To quote Jon Davis (the cartoonist that does GARFIELD) "Color me unimpressed."

Special plans for this "special" day? Not really. Maybe lunch with the family out somewhere. Was thinking Fuddrucker's as we haven't been there in awhile. Maybe go out for a few drinks later tonight. I don't know for sure.

What I do know, is that I didn't get to sleep in this morning. My bladder woke me at 4am, yelling at me something about having to pee. Once that was accomplished, I couldn't get back to a regular sleep, so just lay in bed and cat-napped. That whole bladder thing ... I guess at this age I should be getting used to it, right?

The Wife was up early to take the Oldest son to get some blood work done at the lab. He had been to see an allergist earlier this week, and he wanted some additional work done. It all has to do with his allergic reactions to bee stings. He gets it from his momma's side, because I never remember having huge swellings when I got stung as a kid .... just saying.

Welp, since it is early (for a Saturday) I guess I should go surfing for free stuff for my birthday.


Friday, September 5

At Least It Is Friday

Last night, I did the community a favor, by 'breaking in' a new karaoke DJ at the local. One would think, because I did this service for them, that the area would be quieter this morning ... but no. I know not to expect miracles, but some quiet ... well, I would not have complained about it being quiet. At the same time, I admit, much of the noise is the garbage and recycle trucks picking up the load for the week, so maybe I am just being a bit anal. But my head hurts .... not tonight dear, I have a headache.

That being said, the Wife is mad at me. I was not able to wake up (at her attempts, feeble as they were) at her beckoning, so she had to run the oldest Son to school. Yeah, I know it is only about 2.5 miles away, but with me doing it, she has the chance to lay back down for an extra 30 minutes of nap .... which she didn't get today. And that lack of beauty sleep, showed, since she was a bit stand-offish, as she told me goodbye on her way out the door (because by then, I was awake).

Cold spaghetti with corn ... it's what's for breakfast!

It's Friday, and I shall be daring. I am not checking my email until tonight. No matter what might be there! I know ... risky!


Thursday, September 4

Lazy Post Title

It's just a tad past 7am, and things are starting to quiet down in the house. I woke up about a quarter past six, realizing the Wife was still in bed with me. Usually that is not a bad thing ... except on most weekday mornings, considering the oldest Son needs to be at the school at that time for morning band practice. So, it was the quick rush around getting him up and to the school (which he made being only 3 minutes late by the clock in the van, thanks to my superb driving skills while still waking up and wiping sleep crusties from my eyes). Once I returned home from the morning drive, it was getting the other two boys up and moving, a feat of super powers on some mornings. The youngest decided to be a whiner this morning, which almost threw my short-temper switch. Overall though, the Wife was out the door with the two at a good time, and now I can sit back and relax a bit before thinking about work.

Football season starts tonight with the first season game. My Redskins play this Sunday morning. I am not sure if I am going to hang out at the pub with my buddies or not. I just haven't been able to "get into it" yet this year. Maybe it was because last year I was more gung-ho, and we ended up with a crappy season. I don't know. Maybe RG3 is overhyped. I just don't know.

I have been doing quite a bit of internal reflection the past few days. No, I haven't. I just wanted to get your hopes up your read some special insight I have about myself. Here's one: I'm hungry. Off to fix some breakfast.


Tuesday, September 2

The Aftermath of Labor Day

In years past, even though Tuesday after Labor Day was a work day, it was 99% of the time a recovery day for me as well. Not much work would get done since I was hungover. This year, I just think I am getting too old to be doing that anymore. I spent Monday at home with the boys, as the Wife had to work. Though I am not hungover today, I still find myself not exactly jumping for joy to return to work.

We made no special plans over this last weekend. Went out to eat a couple times. Did a little shopping. It was more of an extended regular weekend, I guess you could say. Must be losing some of the excitement in life, or we are just getting old.

Since nothing of major import happened, I guess I don't have much to say today.

Off to catch up on the news I missed this weekend....


Thursday, August 28

Something Bad is About to Happen

You know Murphy? Yeah. Him. The one that they named those laws after. I have a feeling I will be proving the truth of one (or possibly a few) of them probably this weekend. Two reasons why: 1) it is Thursday, and they have yet to ask me to work extra time to help out at work (for which I am happy about), and 2) the fact that I haven't been asked, that I am happy about it, means something bad is going to happen because I never seem to get to have a happy time last, or a good thing come to pass without something bad coming along right afterwards. Good, positive outlook, I know, right? Well, let's just throw in that Labor Day weekend is this weekend as well. Yeah, odds aren't stacking up well in my favor.

Friday night is the oldest Son's first home game they will perform at this school year. I feel sort of bummed I won't get to see it due to work, but then again, I never had the patience to sit through half a game just to see the half-time performance. I usually left afterwards. I guess in a way, I am saved from having to attend, though I will be going to at least one of the band competitions as they are usually on Saturdays.

Weather has been getting nicer. No rain for us this next week (so they say) and monsoon season should be ending. The past couple of evenings, it has cooled off enough by about 8pm that I actually shut the AC off in the truck as I am getting cool, and roll down the window. Can't wait until "winter" so I can leave the window down all the time.

My year with the company came up on Tuesday. I haven't been called in for a performance review as of yet. Maybe today will be the day. But I did receive the information packet for their 401K program. I have never done one before. Just glancing through the pages of the booklet they sent on how to set it up and the options, I am confused. The Wife will straighten me out, I hope, once we can sit down and go through it this weekend. At least the company will do a percentage match up to a certain limit.


Tuesday, August 26

Looking to be Busy

I may be putting even more hours in at work this week. One of the two others in my department is going on vacation for a week. That leaves me and the "older" person. Now, the older person, she has been working in "in the biz" for many years, and definitely knows her stuff. She just is not physically able to get around as much as I do, or the guy on vacation. Sooooo .... I maybe doing extra hours to do part of his job, since she isn't able to (the physical portion like moving parts, etc.). Yeah. That means I will be more tired than I am now. Great. No, the extra money doesn't make me feel any better.

That being said, I may not be posting as much this week. Which is fine with you, I can tell. You are already bored and I would be surprised if you read this far. Unless you are the Reverend Mother, and read every word and inflection to find every hidden meaning in my writing to determine how I am doing because she thinks I don't call her enough to update her about my life. Wow ... where did that come from? Must be repressed guilt from years ago.

See? Sometimes it might get interesting.


Sunday, August 24

Good Things for Charity

Friday, my friend Mike challenged me in the current fad of the ALS ice bucket challenge. I had been dreading the day when a friend would take it upon themselves to include me. One would think it really isn't any big deal, right? Not me. It is never simple as in my mind I turn the whole thing over and over, what if this what if that. In a way, it was sort of weird, as just a couple days prior, another friend and I had talked about if/when we were tagged, what we would do, who would we possibly challenge.

For a good cause? Sure. ALS has no existing cure at this time. To date (as of just now when I looked it up, on 8/23 there has been a reported $62.3 million donated. It still is not going to guarantee a cure, or even some sort of medicine to delay, will be discovered.

So, I was tagged. My son was tagged. and even earlier int he week, the Wife had been tagged. So yesterday I made sure we had enough ice, and the three of us took care of getting it all done. Videos were placed on Facebook, and the next people were tagged to do their part. We each also donated $10.

Though mostly done in fun, I do have a little bit of that "I done something good" feeling inside. Yeah, it's probably just gas.


Friday, August 22


I have a lack. A lack of interesting things to post about. A lack of anything to do. I lack the gumption, to do just about anything today. And it is Friday. I should feel motivated, and excited, and quit using "and" so much in a sentence.

Should I give you my opinion about ISIS/ISIL? They suck. They had a journalist that they could have used to write up little blurbs about them, and how they are so good for the world ... but no. They behead him. I haven't seen the video. I truly have no desire to to after hearing about it constantly on the radio the past few days. I have come to the conclusion, if you claim to be a member of this organization (not a religion) then you are just dumb, and deserve to be dead meat. A bunch of worthless scum just terrorizing the weak. Below the level in which I place Hitler, even.

Now I am a bit angry. I knew I shouldn't have started in on that subject.


Wednesday, August 20

What To Do

Rain visited the state of Arizona yesterday. Actually, a few times. Though our yearly rainfall levels are lower than usual, and we could really use the rain to replenish the waters, yesterday's donation was a bit extreme. Like most desert areas, when a deluge of rain hits, the ground can't soak it up, and then we have run-off, that becomes floods, that cause crazy unexpected rivers in normally dry gulches and washes. Via the radio, I heard of several water rescues, of people from their houses due to fast rising waters. We're talking rescues from their roofs. As I crossed a couple of riverbeds that are normally dry as a bone, I was a bit amazed at the amount of water that was raging through them. Yes, that much water. At least I had most of my route done before I actually got rained on.

Today, I can already feel the humidity, and I haven't even gotten outside yet. I seem to recall the radio saying that we could expect more showers today, though, I don't think they will be as bad as yesterday. Doesn't matter. With the humidity, I will already be miserable.


Monday, August 18

Time to Adjust

It's been a week since the boys started back to school. I know I am still adjusting to getting up an hour earlier than normal. I think my main question is: How do I adjust? To waking up, running the oldest boy to school, then returning home and to bed for an hour? Or staying awake, hopefully making a post (if I am coherent enough to log on)? Probably four of the five days last week, I stayed awake once running the boy to school. Did it help any?

I got done with my "daily internet surfing" earlier. I watched an extra episode of "Scrubs" (my Netflix television series I am working through right now). I usually ended up leaving for work earlier than I needed to, thus arriving early, and sitting there to wait the time to be closer to the required, so I don't load up on overtime, plus spend extra time waiting around each afternoon before I can leave on my route. Maybe this week I should return to bed each morning, and set the alarm for an hour or two later. See how things go then ....

The Daughter came into town this weekend. She has a dental appointment today I guess - the whole purpose for her trip up this weekend. I heard (after the fact) that she, the Wife, the MIL, and her future MIL all went shopping/looking Saturday afternoon for her wedding dress. Joy. I know she has a date set like in May of 2015. All I can say is June 2015 can't get here soon enough. I'm already tired of this wedding, even if it is my only daughter. I keep wondering how much the Wife is going to spend on it too.... sigh. I hope I am just a worrywart.


Monday, August 11

It Was Here A Second Ago ....

We had pizza for dinner last night from Little Caesar's, and for something a little different, I ordered one of the a supreme (with olives, peppers, etc) rather than just the usual 3-meat type. I think it is a dollar or two more, but that is beside the point - I wanted something the Wife and I enjoy, instead of just what we know the boys will eat. For some reason, they don't care for veggies on their pizza. Well, I don't know if it was just me, or if something was up with some of those veggies, but I had some pretty weird dream sequences last night. Many of them. It seemed I was waking about every half hour, so this morning finds me a bit tired still. Though, as I sat down to do my post today, every idea I had just disappeared ... like the dreams I was having last night. nothing remembered, just the scent that it was there, and how it felt. Of course, in that dream-like state, the ideas for a post were some of the best I ever had ... you know how it is.

So, I really don't have much to replace those great post ideas. I could discuss all the crap going on in
 the world: the Ukraine, Hammas and Israel, Iraq. Yeah, just what we need ... more wars. Border Security? Arizona Elections? Which reminds me I still need to get my early ballot in. Sigh. I probably will do that tonight.

The Boys have started school today, and I have already dropped the oldest off. He has that wonderful early band schedule (sigh). The middle son is starting Junior high, and the youngest returns to his school, though going into the 3rd grade.

Saturday evening we spent at the buffet. Reverend Mother likes to get the family together on her birthday and pay for everyone's meal. I think she does the paying as it ensures them that there is no financial strain, thus should be able to attend ... but that is just my thought. She won't let us offer to pay, and argued with me briefly when I said we were at least helping with the tip. Aside from that, it was a fine time. The kids got to see some of their cousins they hadn't seen for awhile. Sis and I caught up on miscellaneous talk. Stuman couldn't make it (OCS school back East somewhere) but his wife and kids were there. I ate too much.

Guess that's about all I got this morning. Should get off here to get something done before going to work.


Thursday, August 7

Yet Another Milepost

Today, my middle son turns 12 years old. Monday, he will start Jr. High. This morning, he is currently wasting his time playing some game on the computer, here in the room near me. All I can hear are the sounds of gunshots.

I don't remember many specific details of when Nathan came into the world. Well, actually, I can remember it was at Phoenix Baptist hospital, and it was late. The labor ward did not have a room available until just before 11pm, if I remember correctly. Late enough, that we had no time to plan/arrange for the other two kids to be watched/stay over night somewhere. We didn't want them in the room (thought it may be a bit too graphic for them) so they spent most of the night in a waiting room, just outside of the labor ward. I would go out and check on them every 30 minutes or so. One incident happened, but I won't share as it could be embarrassing for those involved (not me).

I remember all the time The Wife and I thought about the name for this second son. We wanted (or maybe it was more me than her) something strong sounding, that had some meaning, yet, would not be from either side of our families. We settled on Nathan, which was the name of an angel, sounded good. His middle name is Michael, another angel name, and common enough to not necessarily be attributed to anyone in particular. We both have Michaels in our families. The Wife had a cousin killed around the time we were dating named Michael. I have an Uncle Mike (a couple actually), but Uncle Lil Mike gets the nod on the name. Sorry Uncle Big Mike.

Twelve years sure has gone by fast.

Yup... He's turning into quite the young man.


Tuesday, August 5

I hit a bad place tonight. No clue what brought it on.

I finished out my work day ... it was a bit longer than usual, but nothing overly bad. Got home a bit later than the "usual". It is Monday, and though not a night I go hang out, I felt the need to get out from the house. Didn't call the buddies ... just headed to the pub to have a couple, read my Kindle ... relax a couple hours.

I was reading THE DARK DEFILES, by Richard Morgan. Third book in his series A LAND FIT FOR HEROES. I got an ARC (Advanced Readers Copy) through Maybe that is why my mind took a little walk on the weird side. I say that, for those that might have read any of the series ...

I came home. I have seemingly half a million thoughts of things that need to get done, people that need to be seen/talked to, and let us not get started on what needs to be done to get the boys ready for school. Oh, and yeah, I was a bit inebriated. Not as much as I wanted, because I left the last two drinks on the bar, with hardly a sip out of them. There was a calling .... for me to leave them there, so I did. This wasn't the first time.

So I came home, the Wife and I talked a bit. Little bit of this, little bit of that. Turned about 1am, I said, I know you need your sleep....

I put my CPAP on. Normally I fall asleep within minutes, just because ... well, I do. I heard the Wife fall asleep. I could tell. She snores, very lightly, and she won't admit to it, but after 23+ years .... yeah I know. And I laid there, wondering why I wasn't falling asleep.

Then shit started in my mind.

First it was the email I got from my grandparents (on Dad's side) just recently, which I hadn't written back to them since the last one I received about two months ago. They aren't spring chickens, and the guilt started flooding in.

WHAT GUILT?!? Why do I feel guilty? I don't know. I was in that half-asleep/half-awake stage, with my CPAP on, wondering why I have tears flowing from my eyes. And memories. Stuff from when I was younger, but seeing it from my older perspective. What could I have done different, is there something I could have done, if I done that, would this have happened if this was done..... The old second-guess game.

At some point, I stopped, and pretty much came to my senses. How else would I have gotten here, though it has been over an hour since I got out of bed. I didn't have shellfish, but something messed with my head good tonight. No, alcohol usually doesn't do that, in fact, it helps blank most guilt I feel ... though, I think I don't have any. Fuckers deserve what they get.

Retaliation? Could be.

Scared to go to sleep tonight? Yeah. A bit.

Do we all have demons we don't want to face? Maybe. RM would say give it all to God, and if you are true in your belief of Him taking them, He will. That's why RM prays for me so much.

Sometimes, I wish it were so easy to give up. RM, I don't need a speech ....


Monday, August 4

Bring It On!

Last night was the best night of sleep I think I have gotten in pretty much a month. Between waking earlier than I need to be up, and just the regular waking up during the night, it didn't seem to happen as much last night. Thus, I feel more rested than I usually do ... and I didn't wake up until the alarm went off (even if it was actually an hour before I had to be up - the Wife has to be up before me ... at least this last week before school).

Feeling more rested, but yet, my joints are a bit achy. Like most mornings, I am sure that will drop into the background as I get to moving around (and let the ibuprofen go into effect). Mostly feels in my shoulders and ankles today. I know I didn't do anything exerting this past weekend, so maybe it is just the old body trying to fix itself.

I think this morning I shall reward myself with a movie to watch before work. I keep glancing over at the early ballot, but then shudder when I think of reading through the statement pamphlet, plus getting info online. I know it will be needed to be done, but I think I can put it off another day or two.

Other than that, the week is off to a decent start. Should I wait for that "other shoe to drop"?


Sunday, August 3

I'm Making Myself Insane

It is a Sunday evening, and here I am, still sitting at the computer. I have been for a couple hours (or so) since I woke up from my two hour nap I took earlier. Why'd I take a nap? Because I could ... and I was tired. I was up at that bright hour of 6am on a day when I could have slept in, probably until at least nine. No clue as to why.

Either way, I spent this morning organizing my ebook library, catching up on emails, Facebook. Even some online gaming. Watched a movie. Read for awhile. Yeah ... I am bored now. Trying to stay out of the bar though. The Wife has some stew cooking, so maybe after eating I will crash ... and wake up early tomorrow, would be my luck.

We received our early ballots for Arizona yesterday. I dread opening it, and having to read up on people to decide who I think may be best for the job(s). Most times, it is the picking of the lesser of two evils, it seems.

Alright. Enough staring at the screen.


Friday, August 1

What Don't I Understand?

The Wife and I got into a bit of an argument last night. Of course, it was late, and I had just come home from having a few brews with my buddies. The middle son had his registration for Junior High last night, which the Wife had taken him to, since I had to work. No big deal ...

Well, it is enough to say that the school district we live in, has a record of messing things up. They have done it again.

The Jr and Sr high schools are far enough from our home, they kids need to ride the district provided school bus to attend. I remember previous years, at both levels, having to argue with the respective school, about the location of where I want my child picked up and dropped off at. We use the MIL's place. The kids are there prior to being picked up, and they stay there once out of school. The MIL's location is only a half mile from our house, and, in fact, has the bus stop for both Jr and Sr high schools, literally, right in front of her house. But no, the schools always decide that the bus route the kids should ride is always based on our home address. So when they make the ID card, they put on the wrong bus route.

Of course, that happened last night. The Wife was told it could not be corrected until the first day of school (in about two weeks). I told her she wasn't firm enough with the "pigeons" that work at registration, and I would take care of it. For some reason, she took offense, claiming I said she was stupid, and from there started her "I'm a martyr" rant like her mother uses from time to time, and I called her out on it.

I still slept good, on my own bed. The Wife woke up about an hour late this morning. No, I had nothing to do with it. She claims she set her alarm. I say it is karma, for pulling that dumb ass argument last night.

Watch me get hit by a bus on the way into work this morning, because I said that.


Thursday, July 31

Another Morning

Welcome to Thursday. It is starting pretty similar to Wednesday, but supposedly is one day closer to the weekend. Not that I have anything exciting going on this weekend. Maybe just catch up on television shows I haven't had time to watch. Then again, maybe not.

Nothing of any importance has really happened the last couple days. Pretty much getting up for work, going to work, then coming home and head to bed. I know, you wish you were me.

I should get off here and see what sort if trouble I can create for today.


Tuesday, July 29

Getting Old, It's Just In Your Head .... Right?

I feel like I need a week off from everything. Not just work, but just Life in general. A week where I can literally just relax, not do anything to exert muscles. A week to let the body heal up from the stuff I make it do in one of my regular weeks.

In other words, I am sore. By last Friday, I felt almost broken down. Muscles ached, joints groaned, constant tension headache at the back of my head. And that was before I went home to the family! Saturday I was up earlier than usual ... not by choice. Wasn't a bad day. Took the family out to the Hibachi Grill (Chinese buffet I like) for dinner, and surprised the boys with going to the movies to catch TRANSFORMERS IV. That started at 8:50, so knew it was going to be sort of a late night. No worries ... I'll sleep in good the next morning.

With about an hour to go in the movie, the screen blacks out. Seems a storm was hitting the Valley, and had reached the North side where we were. A power surge had hit, shutting the computers down momentarily, is my best guess. Either way, it was back up and running within about 10 minutes. But while it was down, I walked out to the exit door, and saw the winds were pretty strong, and rain was starting to fall. We finished the movie, and got out about midnight. Some rain as we walked to the van, and on the way home.

Within a couple blocks of getting off the freeway, we noticed one side of the street was without power. Our side of course. No biggee .. we live further down, and our area wasn't affected. Nope. We are talking a good square mile, including our home. It's about 12:20/12:30 by now. Arrive home. No power. But the house isn't stifling, so couldn't have been out very long. That, and no neighbors outside, so most everyone was asleep when it happened. After an hour getting the kids somewhat situated, I went to bed, to sweat, toss and turn. We had what doors and windows we could have open, but there was no air movement, and it was so humid. I couldn't sleep, but caught little naps. The Wife and Oldest Boy, the same. Power finally came on about 5:30am, and we quickly shut the doors, so the air conditioning could get to work. Turned on every fan in the house, too.Was only able to sleep in until about 8.

Sunday was an okay day. Met up with a buddy for a couple hours, then over to RM & PT's for burger and dogs on the grill, plus some swim time for the kids. Got to bed about 9:30'ish. Up again before the alarm set for 7. Ran the Oldest Boy to band camp at the high school. Then off to work. Got some tennis elbow going with the right arm. just regular aches still in the shoulders, knees and ankles. The lower back flares a bit every now and then, depending on what I am doing. In bed 9:30 again. This morning up just before 6.

Getting old - we joke about the aches and pains. We snicker about the need to go to bed early, and the early hours that wake them up (probably bathroom calls). The gray hair. Shit, that all sounds like me now.


I need to rub some Ben-Gay on before work, take my pills ... and use the bathroom yet again.