Tuesday, August 26

Looking to be Busy

I may be putting even more hours in at work this week. One of the two others in my department is going on vacation for a week. That leaves me and the "older" person. Now, the older person, she has been working in "in the biz" for many years, and definitely knows her stuff. She just is not physically able to get around as much as I do, or the guy on vacation. Sooooo .... I maybe doing extra hours to do part of his job, since she isn't able to (the physical portion like moving parts, etc.). Yeah. That means I will be more tired than I am now. Great. No, the extra money doesn't make me feel any better.

That being said, I may not be posting as much this week. Which is fine with you, I can tell. You are already bored and I would be surprised if you read this far. Unless you are the Reverend Mother, and read every word and inflection to find every hidden meaning in my writing to determine how I am doing because she thinks I don't call her enough to update her about my life. Wow ... where did that come from? Must be repressed guilt from years ago.

See? Sometimes it might get interesting.



Rev Mom said...

guilt? You? LOL

Joe said...

I read every word