Monday, August 4

Bring It On!

Last night was the best night of sleep I think I have gotten in pretty much a month. Between waking earlier than I need to be up, and just the regular waking up during the night, it didn't seem to happen as much last night. Thus, I feel more rested than I usually do ... and I didn't wake up until the alarm went off (even if it was actually an hour before I had to be up - the Wife has to be up before me ... at least this last week before school).

Feeling more rested, but yet, my joints are a bit achy. Like most mornings, I am sure that will drop into the background as I get to moving around (and let the ibuprofen go into effect). Mostly feels in my shoulders and ankles today. I know I didn't do anything exerting this past weekend, so maybe it is just the old body trying to fix itself.

I think this morning I shall reward myself with a movie to watch before work. I keep glancing over at the early ballot, but then shudder when I think of reading through the statement pamphlet, plus getting info online. I know it will be needed to be done, but I think I can put it off another day or two.

Other than that, the week is off to a decent start. Should I wait for that "other shoe to drop"?


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