Wednesday, August 20

What To Do

Rain visited the state of Arizona yesterday. Actually, a few times. Though our yearly rainfall levels are lower than usual, and we could really use the rain to replenish the waters, yesterday's donation was a bit extreme. Like most desert areas, when a deluge of rain hits, the ground can't soak it up, and then we have run-off, that becomes floods, that cause crazy unexpected rivers in normally dry gulches and washes. Via the radio, I heard of several water rescues, of people from their houses due to fast rising waters. We're talking rescues from their roofs. As I crossed a couple of riverbeds that are normally dry as a bone, I was a bit amazed at the amount of water that was raging through them. Yes, that much water. At least I had most of my route done before I actually got rained on.

Today, I can already feel the humidity, and I haven't even gotten outside yet. I seem to recall the radio saying that we could expect more showers today, though, I don't think they will be as bad as yesterday. Doesn't matter. With the humidity, I will already be miserable.


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