Sunday, August 24

Good Things for Charity

Friday, my friend Mike challenged me in the current fad of the ALS ice bucket challenge. I had been dreading the day when a friend would take it upon themselves to include me. One would think it really isn't any big deal, right? Not me. It is never simple as in my mind I turn the whole thing over and over, what if this what if that. In a way, it was sort of weird, as just a couple days prior, another friend and I had talked about if/when we were tagged, what we would do, who would we possibly challenge.

For a good cause? Sure. ALS has no existing cure at this time. To date (as of just now when I looked it up, on 8/23 there has been a reported $62.3 million donated. It still is not going to guarantee a cure, or even some sort of medicine to delay, will be discovered.

So, I was tagged. My son was tagged. and even earlier int he week, the Wife had been tagged. So yesterday I made sure we had enough ice, and the three of us took care of getting it all done. Videos were placed on Facebook, and the next people were tagged to do their part. We each also donated $10.

Though mostly done in fun, I do have a little bit of that "I done something good" feeling inside. Yeah, it's probably just gas.


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