Friday, August 1

What Don't I Understand?

The Wife and I got into a bit of an argument last night. Of course, it was late, and I had just come home from having a few brews with my buddies. The middle son had his registration for Junior High last night, which the Wife had taken him to, since I had to work. No big deal ...

Well, it is enough to say that the school district we live in, has a record of messing things up. They have done it again.

The Jr and Sr high schools are far enough from our home, they kids need to ride the district provided school bus to attend. I remember previous years, at both levels, having to argue with the respective school, about the location of where I want my child picked up and dropped off at. We use the MIL's place. The kids are there prior to being picked up, and they stay there once out of school. The MIL's location is only a half mile from our house, and, in fact, has the bus stop for both Jr and Sr high schools, literally, right in front of her house. But no, the schools always decide that the bus route the kids should ride is always based on our home address. So when they make the ID card, they put on the wrong bus route.

Of course, that happened last night. The Wife was told it could not be corrected until the first day of school (in about two weeks). I told her she wasn't firm enough with the "pigeons" that work at registration, and I would take care of it. For some reason, she took offense, claiming I said she was stupid, and from there started her "I'm a martyr" rant like her mother uses from time to time, and I called her out on it.

I still slept good, on my own bed. The Wife woke up about an hour late this morning. No, I had nothing to do with it. She claims she set her alarm. I say it is karma, for pulling that dumb ass argument last night.

Watch me get hit by a bus on the way into work this morning, because I said that.


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