Monday, August 18

Time to Adjust

It's been a week since the boys started back to school. I know I am still adjusting to getting up an hour earlier than normal. I think my main question is: How do I adjust? To waking up, running the oldest boy to school, then returning home and to bed for an hour? Or staying awake, hopefully making a post (if I am coherent enough to log on)? Probably four of the five days last week, I stayed awake once running the boy to school. Did it help any?

I got done with my "daily internet surfing" earlier. I watched an extra episode of "Scrubs" (my Netflix television series I am working through right now). I usually ended up leaving for work earlier than I needed to, thus arriving early, and sitting there to wait the time to be closer to the required, so I don't load up on overtime, plus spend extra time waiting around each afternoon before I can leave on my route. Maybe this week I should return to bed each morning, and set the alarm for an hour or two later. See how things go then ....

The Daughter came into town this weekend. She has a dental appointment today I guess - the whole purpose for her trip up this weekend. I heard (after the fact) that she, the Wife, the MIL, and her future MIL all went shopping/looking Saturday afternoon for her wedding dress. Joy. I know she has a date set like in May of 2015. All I can say is June 2015 can't get here soon enough. I'm already tired of this wedding, even if it is my only daughter. I keep wondering how much the Wife is going to spend on it too.... sigh. I hope I am just a worrywart.


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