Sunday, January 31

Another Day ....

It's Sunday, the "day of rest".

It ain't raining. I am up early.

Got nothing.

See ya tomorrow.


Friday, January 29

Shee-it! Friday Already!!

I do not understand why so many people cannot find their way around an airport. Sky Harbor Intl. is not a HUGE Place.... it has only 3 terminals (used to be 4), and many signs to direct you to exits either on the East, or West side. But so many people I know do get confused driving there, even if only dropping a passenger off. This morning, I became the Take-me-to-the-airport Guy for my FIL. He had a nice, early departure time, that I had to be at his place at 4am. Needless to say, 40 min later I am back home (it's that easy!) and doing emails, etc. No sense going back to bed to get up 2 hours later to run the daughter to school.

So, Friday made it here and I wasn't really paying attention. Guess I got my mind on doing some other things... though, I couldn't even begin to guess what they are/were/should have been. No major plans this weekend.

Next Friday, though, there is going to be a "Boy's Only" party at my place. Yeah, the Wife and daughter are leaving town, together, overnight, so me and the boys is gonna celebrate "MEN" style. I figure, dinner out, go to the cinema for a movie, and back home to watch videos until we pass out.... drinking lots of Root Beer and maybe have some ice cream too. Wife is chaperoning a trip for the daughter's Vocal Ensemble for a competition up north somewhere. Good time for me and the boys. Looking forward to it.

That's it for now. Laters!


Tuesday, January 26

Over the Kick Start Day

I could tell yesterday was Monday... it was hard to get motivated to do anything. At one point, I even laid down, expecting it to only be about an hour. Turned into a 3 1/2 hour nap - though I did feel lots better afterwards.

Sunday, though long, was a good day. The Race happened between my Sis, Reverend Mother, and Stuman. I was there to help coordinate stopwatches, and take pictures. It was a run of 2 miles, and scoring would be based on US Army PT regulations. Meaning, what time they ran it in, modify in the age bracket, and a score is given. Prior to looking up the scores, based on time alone, Stuman was first, then Sis, then Reverend Mother. Now, that was sort of to be expected. RM being the eldest, and Stuman the youngest.

Once we got back to the house, they were all anxiously asking about their score (because Stuman was the one able to figure out the stuff - him being in Army Reserve and all). After the scores, they were able to finally relax and enjoy whatever the rest of us left for them for lunch. Man, there was plenty of food too. I think my family ended up taking home a good third of it seems.

Oh! The scores! Sis had the highest, followed closely by Stuman, and RM pulled 3rd, but only 1 point behind Stuman. Now, I promised I would not embarrass any by their ages (if I haven't already in a prior post) but RM is Mom to all three of us kids.... so she ain't 20! But she sure ran like she was in her 30's! I gotta give it up to her... she was within about 5 min Stuman. That is someone determined and in fairly good shape! And Sis has been working hard at it in order to beat Stuman! I know I would never had made it.

Anyways, I have no plans this week. Nothing on schedule for today. Y'all have a good one.


Sunday, January 24

The Never Ending Day

Today is Sunday. The day of rest. I don't think I will be getting much. It is already 6:30am and I am up and awake. Even after going to bed after 12 and not getting to sleep til after 1 ... and I can't sleep now either. So, here I am.

Today we are headed out to Sis's place. We are sort of combining her and her son's birthdays (this is the middle between them both date-wise). There is supposed to be some Carna Asada on the grill, chips, and soda (tea is possibly being made for me). I am expecting Stuman to come up from "down South" as well. There is to be a special RACE EVENT today.

I am not sure how the actual full story goes, but the details are that Reverend Mother, Sis, and Stuman will be running the timed mile today. I am thinking they may want to do it before eating, but am not sure when they are planning it. Either way, the ladies felt that they could do the mile in under the time required for female Army personnel. Stuman has to run his in under the men's time. As Reverend Mother has pointed out to me, it isn't important about the time they actually finish it the race, bu that they are doing something healthy in trying it. For the past few weeks (months?) I know Sis and RM have been walking/jogging to prepare.

At one point I was encouraged to join in. I declined stating that I would be there at the finish line with the timer in one hand and a beer in the other. Today, that will be tea instead I think. Besides, I don't think we (and I mean more I than anything) need a heart attack and hospital trip today.

Alrighty, I am off to explore websites. Gotta get me some free samples of something today.


Thursday, January 21

When it Rains, It Pours

Another morning with the rain coming down in the Valley. Already, from news radio, I have heard we have received over an inch of rain so far this week. They are said to expect another 2-4 inches on top of what has come already. This morning started the safety warnings from the Fire Depts. regarding the flooding. The Flood Control Center is up and running (for a portion of Phoenix and valley in the flood zone - which I am not).

I guess over all it is better than being in certain areas of California. Heard many have left homes on the hillsides, for fear of mudslides. Let alone the whole deal with the tornado warnings.

So, bottom line is today is another day I will feel sorta blah. Maybe I will work on the photo project. Maybe I will play some WoW. A nap somewhere during the day is definitely good.

Don't know why, but am craving bacon like crazy this morn....


Tuesday, January 19

Another Rainy Day

I can't believe this! Again it is raining today in Arizona. In fact, I heard a clip of the weather on the radio this morning, and they were saying it is supposed to continue all week. PLUS, there is a chance we may get more rain this week than we did all of last year! Oh my! That'll be fun to deal with flooding, bad enough drivers here don't seem to know how to drive in rain.... I am SO not looking forward to this week.

Today...hmph. I go in a couple hours to have my first two crowns put in. Then followed with a periodental check up. Yee. Haw.

Cruisin' through my blog list today, I found this over at Why My Life Sucks. Nice video...take 5 and watch it.

The Warrior Song

That's it for now...unless something really interesting happens.


Monday, January 18

For Rudy in Ottawa - Blah! It's Monday!!

Weekend is over, and I have just awoken this Monday morning. First thought through my head was 'Did I wake up early?' I mean, it was dark yet.... so I peeked out the door, and it is one of those overcast, rainy days. On a Monday. Blah. Make me feel gloomier than I already do....

And I sit here, and realize why I should feel so gloomy. Rudy form Ottawa left a comment for me at some point, that made me realize I have been neglecting many of you. I mean, after all, this is called Boobies & Beer... shouldn't you see some when ya Google that?

And ya know, I don't feel so blah after seeing some of these ... without further fanfare or bitching, a selection of pics for you today. (Sorry Reverend Mother).

Definitely a Beer & Boobies saver!! Wish I knew what brand of beer though....

Football playoffs are in swing.... too bad these aren't swinging too...

Oh, to catch the BIG ONES!

Some schooling for ya that may need it.... I leave ya with a thought - I wish those were my hands....

That's it. Rudy, hope you liked.


Friday, January 15

Results are In

So, been a nice few days for me to cool down. But it has been a shitty week. I know being angry all the time is a real pisser....

The other night the daughter and I got into a large verbal battle. I am done. I truly believe I have reached my peak with the amount if disrespect she shows this household. Not so much at me... but everyone else. And this all started when she turned 18 and thinks she can rule the world. I flat out told her, if she wants out, get me the Emancipation papers, and I will sign. So I am waiting to see what an 18 year old, with no job (no time with all her "school" activities), no license (her choice), and maybe soon, no home to return to, will do.

No. As a parent you know I can't truly turn her out, though I should just to teach her a lesson. If nothing else, to get her to respect her siblings and her mother better. Would it do any good.... doubt it.

So, shitty week. Use comments and vent your bad stuff out here now... then I am burying this week.


Tuesday, January 12

Things that are just making me angry today

I don't know about this post title, but at my humble abode, there has been a troll ... a very, angry troll ... roaming around. He has been roaring, and threatening, and cajoling. His eyes are bloodshot and filled with a look of such utter... I shudder to think of a word to describe them eyes.

I will admit he has been a somewhat good troll, though. He hasn't thrown any items that have been within his reach. No holes in walls, or broken windows; nothing strewn about and tossed; nothing kicked (and causing sore toes). But now, he has calmly sat down in my chair, and you can just see that inner rage simmering down to a very, hot, little flame in the center.... it reflects in his eyes. Be wary, knocking on the door this morning.

This troll even has a name. It's Ralphd00d.

At 6:30am the day started to look pretty good to me. The daughter had a ride to school, so I didn't have to get up and rush right away. Sis had emailed me the information needed to transfer a modem from her calling plan to mine. Everything was hunky-Dorey. Until I called Verizon. Two hours later, 5 people, 6 phone calls (not including all of mine to actually GET Customer Service), and a cancellation later.... nothing is resolved.

It all comes down to a factor that I think is being used too much in this day and age - the credit score. A simple little thing, that for some reason is controlling how seemingly every business is using to limit a person and what they can do. Geez, sounds close to government plans... and here I go getting pissed again.

Yes, I feel the need for certain enterprises to rely on a credit rating of an individual (s) for certain things. I worked in the real estate and mortgage business for over 12 years. Definite a decent credit rating would be needed for any type of large purchase... house, car, boat. I could even see using it to open a charge card account. Obviously, that includes for any type of loan through an institution.

Sure! I have no problem for that use. Yes, I authorize a credit check for that purpose. I understand the need to feel more secure in a large transaction of credit (ability to pay back).

But this is what I DON'T understand: for cable TV (maybe I could see this - the box/dish if provided, but for cable-ready TV?); some utility companies; but for an existing, in good-standing, cell phone account?

Our cell phone company, recently was bought out/taken over/absorbed by a larger one. I am sure you can guess who. Many, many years ago, when our account was first opened for one cell phone (mine) my credit rating was not at their "standard". As the years have gone by, and we have added other lines (wife, daughter) for some reason, still my rating is not good enough. We have always used the Wife's, which lists her as PRIMARY on the account. It was ALWAYS adjusted (through multiple visits to the office in town, and on phone with their 'customer service') to have me be able to make all transactions/changes to account as necessary - even though I was not listed as the PRIMARY. Well, this 'new' company we have, doesn't see it that way, and never informed us of 3 (yes only 3 they say) stipulations that as non-PRIMARY I cannot get accomplished without my Wife. One of which was the addition of a modem to the account. A transfer of service requiring an Assumption of Liability. No prob! Pshaw!

Needless to say, on a three-way call, in order to add this modem to our (previously described) account (in good standing for many years) requires a new credit check. EVEN UNDER THE WIFE'S NAME. Why? It was good enough to have 3 phones on... what's one more? It's not a business account. And every pull someone does on your credit just starts the opportunity to bring it down lower... just by multiple pulls - be it the same company or several.

It all seems so simple now. Really. Just build a time-machine to encompass the whole universe and flip it back in time... I dunno, 60 years or so? I could handle those days. I sure would love raising my kids back then. Values, honesty, hard work. some one's word was his word.

The flame has gone down enough that this troll is tired now. Feelings of frustration linger, but drained of energy, the troll doesn't feel as destructive as 15 minutes ago.... when on the phone .. with some damn company's "customer service".

HB, I read about how you recently have (or are in the process) of looking for new insurance; and read about how in the past the computer and cable issues that have led you into the "many, many calls syndrome".... I give you kudos. The patience required, to repeatedly explain, cajole, demand, expect, confirm, etc, etc on the phone.... multiple times. Whew.... don't know how you do it.

Out of high school, for a few years I did medical billing. I worked up from a file clerk to "claims adjuster" to the accounting department. Backing up a little bit, at one point, my job was dealing with calls to/from the patient/spouse/insurance regarding the collection/payment/satisfaction of their account. From that CSR experience, I have the utmost patience when someone is upset at what is happening, and need it resolved, and I can't do anything. I am sitting there knowing it isn't me, and this is just my job. But when it IS you, man... I can't tolerate it. And I know, that the Rep I am talking to, is just 'doing their job' like I used to do.

And for some weird reason, that pisses me off more.

** SIGH **

I am done for the day.


Monday, January 11

Have you missed me?

It has been a few days since I bothered to write about my boring day to day stuff here. I don't know if that makes you happy or not, but it sure saved the time for me to type it and you to read it.

Did some housecleaning this weekend. Was able to locate about 98% of my music cd's, and load a selection of most of them onto itunes that I have on this computer. My daughter has overloaded the itunes on the other computer... well, I say overloaded. It takes me forever to locate one of the songs I want to listen to, amongst all the other type of music she has in there. So I got to spend most of the day listening to stuff like early Loggins & Messina, Kris Kristofferson, Johnny Cash, The Outfield, and many more from almost every genre of music it seems. Good day!

This week nothing special is going on. I got things moved around out computer area, and switched some components from one to the other. Since the Wife had found more pics that I hadn't scanned a few months back, I now have them ready to go next to me. I will probably start working on that off and on.

Next week I get my crowns for 2 teeth. Then figure out how much more I want to spend out of pocket for the rest of the year on dental. Yee Haw.

That's it for now.


Thursday, January 7

Is Shaved, a New Thing?

I dunno if it is new or not. But I did it. Best pic I could come up with is this one....

Well Gawd damn! I just lost half my post by getting this here pic in here. Ok. Let's move on.

So any ways, I was talking about shaving the beard, which I did come this past Monday. The skin under it all was getting pretty irritated and needed a good airing out, and some lotion
(dry, dry, dry).

So, I went out in public today with minus them whiskers.... went to one of regular places, and they didn't say nothing. About 5 minutes sitting there, then someone recognized me...and all the drinking began!

So me and some friends, decide we are going to another bar. We get up there, have a good time, and I go to cash out. Ya know, run my tab. WAIT A MINUTE.... this ain't my debit/credit card....

I was someplace earlier, surely they mixed up the cards... I called, and went there... No. that was the card. I had them pull receipts, and realized they had run this card (not mine) for my tab. I had them void it. said I will be back and pay it, then sat in the car. Called the Wife again. Where does the billing from Monday end?

Bottom line, found out it was the last place I was Monday, which did not show a charge in the bank account..... I show up there, and asked the lady working... Some one missing a card?

"YES! And whatever ya want to drink is on the house!"

WHOA! How often ya get that? I politely explained, yes, the cards got mixed up there on Monday. The other party involved, they caught it quicker, but I was already gone. So, tonight, they got their card back too.

I tell you what, though, trying to track that shit...... if I wasn't on the phone, had the Wife doing the bank acct check, and out communication...... who knows. I mighta cancelled my card tonight, and had to wait like 2 weeks for another.

But hey! It worked out ok, I got my card, I gotta run a couple places tomorrow to settle up, but they trust me.

Wouldn't you?


Wednesday, January 6

Getting Back to Normal

Things here around my house are getting back to normal. Kids are back in school, and have readjusted to "school rules" for around the home again. That mostly being the bedtime rule. I am still adjusting to getting up early to take the daughter in to school, but within the next week I should be back to bitching about it every morning, more than I am now.

So things are normal. No more holidays until that commercialized one in February called Valentine's Day. Only a couple birthdays before that. Seems like it should be a slow month plus. Super Bowl isn't that biog a deal here, considering my team is hardly there.

My friend Ginny made it back from OH just fine on Monday. We met up and had a few drinks. Meeting up again tonight just for the heck of it. That, and she is bringing me a ham. Seems she is not crazy about ham, and she was given a large on for the holidays. My kids (all of them) will eat it, so it is a good trade off. I told her I would buy her drinks this evening in exchange. She usually doesn't drink too much.

Welp, not much to talk about today. I guess I will go play some WoW.


Sunday, January 3

Last Day of Freedom

It's Sunday, also known as the last day of Christmas Break from School (to the children anyways). Yes, they start back tomorrow, and I don't know if I can stand it! Right now, it's a wonderful morning, but I know soon they will awaken, and I am sure the whining will start as chores need to be completed today. Like laundry, so they have clothes for tomorrow, etc. Yes, just what I want to hear today.

The New Year has started. So far it seems okay. I dare not say more so I don't jinx myself.

Dentist appointment tomorrow for me. It is just a regular cleaning, preparing for the one in 2 weeks where I get molded or whatever, for the 3 crowns I am getting. I did say the start of the year was good? Do I need to reconsider that?

Guess that is all I got for now. Here's a pic my StepDad sent me. Thought I should share.


Friday, January 1

How Does the Year Start?

It's barely past 4:30am where I am at, on New Year's Day. So Happy New Year's to ya peeps that need that, for reassurance purposes.

We, as a family, spent the evening here at my sister's. Having/had (depending on whom fell asleep) a good time. Lotsa drink, computers, and WAY too much free time. I am almost thinking of using some old family photos, Sis has stored up, and doing a video to some old Judas Priest song... maybe Iron Maiden's "Run To The Hills".... No decision as of yet.

Anyways, Family is having/had fun. And the lunch comes later today.... yeah, ribs, slaw, and peas... fuck the peas.

We invited the daughter's boyfriend this year. She is 18 after all, and rather here than in some place I dunno about. Truth be told, I like him. He's got a sensible head on his shoulders, and I have heard him tell my daughter NO, when he thinks it is a bad idea. And she listens to him! (sigh)

Easy to see why I like him. Though, I am getting tired of him calling me Mr. Smith all the time. I told him call me Ralph, at least til I get angry, then ya can go back to the Mr.

Another work in progress.... him calling me Ralph instead of the Mr., not the pissing me off.

So... day 1. We wrote resolutions on paper, sealed in an envelope, that Sis is holding til next year. I mean, all here did that. I am not one for resolutions....too easy to break. So it was phrased, things to do in the next year, and it was broke down in diff categories: physically, spiritually, financially, and personal goals. All were sealed, with no one reading anyone else's. I tried to be honest with mine. But personal goals of getting the damn, dumb, nigger out of office ain't gonna be an easy one. The rest is privy to me and .... yeah. ain't going there neither.

Hey! Y'all, have a WONDERFUL start to your NEW YEAR!!!!!