Thursday, July 31

Where has all the time gone this week?

Dang! It has been awhile since I posted something on here. I had not realized that time had slipped by me so quickly - then again, it has been one heck of a busy week.

The Wife is still gone with the boys. She brought the oldest back from camp Monday to the cardiologist's office. There he was cleared for football - the murmur was a minor innocent variety basically. They are all due back tomorrow sometime in the afternoon. Then Saturday I will have to take him for the physical so he can start practices on Monday.

This week with the Daughter hasn't been too bad. I just feel like Dad's Taxi except I don't get paid for the fares. But driving around in the heat just wears me out pretty much.

Still having problems loading pics from the home computer. I think I will try to get them posted from my Sister's this Saturday. I don't know what else to try to do.

Work search has been suspended for the time being. After this week, I will start it back up and probably look for a part time job. With the Son's football practices and Daughter's band schedule, it is going to be too difficult for us as parents to get the kids to their proper events on time. I don't know what else to do...

Hope your days are going good! See y'all back here soon!


Thursday, July 24

Commentors comments - and OTL pics (Early part)

Okay, for some reason blogger isn't cooperating with loading up my pics. I will have to try to send them up later.

Mr. Smith, my seemingly only commentor lately, feels free with handing out some compliments I see. It's a good thing they don't voice record those comments - I would have a hard time hearing you....

Anyway, I will get the 1st couple days of OTL info up as soon as I can upload the pics.


Tuesday, July 22

Been an 'Icky' week so far...

Seems every time I turn around to do something, 5 more things pop up that "have to" be done right away. It's starting to drive me nuts. The Wife and the three younger kids are gone to church camp next week. The Daughter is staying home with me as she has band camp (merely practices twice a day) for the week. But before the oldest boy can go I need to get his physical taken care of this week, as practices for football start the Monday after they return. Plus the Wife is to make sure all the paperwork for HS registration for the Daughter is done, as that is next week as well.

Not too bad you say? The gas dryer quit working last week. It is a brand so old I have never heard of it, so finding the right element to replace is probably more expensive than buying a new one. We need to get out and price them hopefully before the Wife leaves. She has been doing a load or so every day over at her mother's - thank goodness only a few blocks away.

This weekend has been too damn busy and I just don't feel like dealing with anything today. But of course, there are things to do. I need to get drop off the film from San Diego so I can get some pics up on here. I have been lax about getting them turned in. Then we'll have some boobies for ya guys.

Okay, I need to get going if I am going to accomplish any of the running around before it hits 100 (no AC in the car).


Sunday, July 20

I have lame excuses....

Between fighting for computer time with my daughter, and trying to be sober, I have reached a peak that it may take me a few days to put the vacation online. Besides, I don't have the pics developed yet....

Smitty - be patient. work overtime for the printing business of the Cardinals programs, lord knows they need all the help they can get. And no I ain't saying shit against the raiders yet - oh wait - too late.

Been a really busy week getting the one kid in football, and having to deal with other family issues. I will try to get it done next week, plus the pics.


Tuesday, July 15

Back Home Again - Barely

I am back from the trip to San Diego. Actually, I got back yesterday, but was too damn tired to post anything. I'll be getting some moments up over the next few days, but for now, I think I am going to head back to bed for a couple more naps - and lots of water to rehydrate.

Needless to say, weather was wonderful considering we left Phoenix getting rain all weekend. Had a super time at OTL. And have 2 cameras of pics once I get developed.

Glad to see some of you still come here! Be back later!


Thursday, July 10

It's Time!!!!

I leave in just under 7 hours from the front door for my trip to San Diego. Bring on the alcohol!!!!

Posting will be lax until at minimum Tuesday - like it hasn't been lax for days as it is.... but hopefully I will have plenty of damn good pics to post when I get back and develop them.

I have disposable cameras, notebook, pens. New Shorts (thx Smitty - and the size is one that fits me).

I gotta head out and pack, plus watch a movie prior to leaving.

Love y'all! Come back soon!


Monday, July 7

Vacation Time come quickly

Only a few more days of this week before I board that great silver bird and spend 4 days in San Diego. I spend all day thinking about it. Of course I have been doing that for the past several months it seems. O know this week is going to be busy as I prepare everything I need to get done prior to leaving.

Tomorrow, I go in for eyeglasses. Then shopping for shorts and something good for a carry-on luggage that still gives me plenty of room. The Wife wants me to get disposable cameras too, but I want to take our digital. Ya know some places won't develop certain photos.... not that I plan on getting any....

This past weekend was good. Had rain on the fires up north like we needed, but none in the valley - or at least my part of it. I spent a portion of Sunday with my buddy Jeff. A moment of silence for him whilst he re-visits Tent City for a few days. Damn Arpaio!

Enough for now. Will have more this week prior to leaving!


Thursday, July 3

Departure Time approaching!!!

DCI has once again put on another great performance! Last night's show was really good, and I know we enjoyed it very much.I even ran into a friend I had not seen since high school days - so it made for an even better evening.

The youngest is doing fine now - back to running and whatnot, though I am sure his foot is still a bit sore and bruised on the top. The daughter is doing fine considering she had her wisdom teeth (all four) removed this past Monday morning. Kids don't appreciate good jokes like "Guess you lost all your smarts..." She keeps giving me that look.

A week from tomorrow morning I will be basking int he great weather in San Diego. OTL is next weekend, and the 7 or so of us guys going are waiting anxiously. Four days of nice weather, beach favors (women dressed in bikinis) and beer. Ahhhh.... can't wait. Again, if anyone is in that neighborhood, you can probably find me down at Beachcombers at Old mission Bay most evenings, and most days Fri-Mon.

Tomorrow is the 4th of July. We are spending it over at my sister's place. The Reverend Mother and StepDad will be in appearance. The brother and his family has gone north to St Johns to visit his FIL. Will be nice for some swimming, BBQ, and then watching the fireworks.

Hope y'all have a good holiday! Be back next week.


Wednesday, July 2

I have failed you, my readers

Yes, like the title says. I have not been updating as recently as I should have been. For that, I apologize.

Let's talk about the good things. My oldest son is in the youth association to play tackle football this year. I think that is wonderful! He is doing pre-conditioning prior to actually starting practices. So far all on the team are doing them. Good advantage to running , etc. My son, being built like me, is nothing more than a lineman, but hey, we are the guys that make the holes for the runners, etc! He is is ready!

The youngest boy (2) had a major bruise on his foot, whilst we were replacing some fencing on the yard. The slightly older one pushed the support poles over on him. Brothers taking brothers out.

I apologize for my spelling, but this is where we are at. Tonight, we are going to watch DCI (Drum Corp International) at the local community college. That's right - drum and bugle corp. They are awesome.