Friday, August 31

Finishing up August

Today brings about the end of our calendar month of August. What memories has it brought us? Birthdays - the Reverend Mother and my middle son both celebrated turning another year older. The RM & PT celebrated an anniversary, as did my in-laws. School started for the boys, and our evenings disappeared as that brought out events (concerts, football games, etc) that they would partake in. The end of the 'summer time' in which vacations are usually done. The middle (and hopefully end) of the monsoon season in Arizona. The Arizona Primary, though I will not wax on the politic.

September starts tomorrow and seemingly not much will have changed. There will still be the events the kids have (concerts, games, etc). There will be birthdays (mine and the Daughter's in particular). It'll still be over 100 in Arizona, though, supposedly the humidity will be returning to a more "dry heat" level. School is still in session. Oh, we get to throw in a holiday, as Labor Day is this coming Monday. An excuse for those last minute barbecues and family gatherings. We will be attending one. Sis has moved and this will be a first trip to her new place for us. Also, PT's brother and wife are coming out to visit for a week. They will be there as well, before heading up north for a 3-day getaway with PT & RM.

It's amazing how at 4am this can all sound so exciting, eh? Yeah, it is another one of those mornings that the early bird couldn't help but wake me up. Though, honestly, I don't even hear any birds out yet. It's still pretty dark outside. I'm off to finish this cup of coffee, and maybe splurge by having another.


Thursday, August 30

Coming In Next To Last

I am a little behind in getting things done today. I slept in. Yes, I did get up and run the oldest son off to school early, but then I crawled back into bed to sleep some more. I was out late last night with some friends. Actually, I met up with friends yesterday early evening, and ended up staying out later than I meant to do. There was a friend of a friend, that deals with horses. Race horses to be particular. About 2-3 weeks ago, he had one running, which many of us friends went to the Off Track Betting and placed bets on. She came in 1st, and for my $2 across the board, I won $29.60. Nice little bit of change. She was strongly favored on yesterday's run, but we were all confident she would do well. A couple of my buddies and I put in $20 each then placed the pot 'across the board'. The race started. Our horse stumbled just a bit, then took off, leading the pack. She had done this the last race, so were started cheering. As they came around the last turn, and into the straightaway, it was over. She dropped back quickly, and ended placing 8th of nine. Shrug. It was just $20, and I think if we had won, after the split I would have only won maybe $60 (if I calculated the odds right). I know there were people there putting $300 down on that horse....that's nuts!

So this week has been pretty slow, though I feel like I have been ran ragged on some days. Tomorrow night there is the son's first home game in which the band will perform. Saturday is my buddy Smitty's memorial service. It feels like it has been forever since he passed, but only a few weeks. Having the service will help some people with closure I am sure. The Wife and I will be going, as will several friends that I have spoken with recently.

Guess I am out of here to watch a movie or something....


Wednesday, August 29

Ups & Downs

I am feeling blah this morning. Mostly because I didn't sleep good last night. Monday's return to the gym brought on the inevitable sore muscles, and they were bad enough to wake me through the night each time I turned, or shifted my arms just right. Today, not as sore, but still feeling it. Tomorrow I will be back in the gym, as today just don't think I am up to it.

This morning the oldest son does not have Zero Hour. It is sort of nice not having to get up at 5:30 in the morning, though, this morning, I was still up. The past couple of Wednesday, and including today, I have not been overly happy, even with the possibility of sleeping in a little more. The son has had school meetings - one before school for learning the equipment for theater (sound, lights, etc.) which is separate from his actual theater class, and then afternoon meeting for Masques & Dagger, the thespian/acting group. I don't mind him being active in school, but it is starting to piss me off all the extra driving I have to do now. My one day "off", I not only still have to drive him to school (meeting is before his bus would pick him up) but now I also have to pick him up (meeting ends after bus leaves school). So, an extra trip is added on.... in this damn 107'ish heat.... with no AC in my van. It's a pain in the ass. I told him today he should find out an actual schedule, as I am not doing this every Wednesday for the whole school year.

And I think that concludes the bitching for today....


Monday, August 27

Returning to a Routine

The boys are entering the third week since school started back up, and things around my household are returning to normal routine. Note: I say normal in regards to my household. Both the oldest son and I are getting more adjusted to the 'Zero Hour' starts most days of the week, where he needs to be at school by 6:30. In fact, today I made myself get back to the gym. I had not gone all summer (since about mid-June) so two months plus of not going.... Needless to say, I was a bit worried, in regards to my weight. I have always liked the saying 'An Optimist is never pleasantly surprised' and today proved it. I weighed in five pounds lower than when I was last there. I am now at the lowest weight I have been in years. Even my workout went really well, though I do see a little I need to get back to where I was before (distance walking/jogging). Overall, I am sitting here with a smile on my face (an unusual sight, believe me - more like the Joker's grin), and have that feeling of the 'Workout Glow' going on!! And it's a Monday!!

Preacher Tom and I are off to the movies here in an hour or so. We were finally able to find a showtime that coincided with our schedules, to go see "Expendables II". We both have been looking forward to it, as both our Wives have no real interest in seeing that type of action movie.

The oldest has his first marching band event this Friday for the school's first home football game. I should try to find out how much a family pass is sporting events. It is way expensive to just take the family and go, paying regular entry fees. When the Daughter was last in HS, the family pass was available and probably saved us a goo $100-$200 over the course of several football games. I think we were able to use it for a few of the concerts/plays that went on as well. Note to self to see what I can find out.

I think that about covers things for me today. I already am feeling the muscles starting to stiffen up a little, though, it's a good hurt.


Friday, August 24

At A Loss

Don't have much to say today. AC unit was replaced yesterday, and it is nice to have it cool in the house again.


Thursday, August 23

It's Those "H" Words

Two Words I am hating this morning... Hangover and Humidity. Though, I do admit, both are being worked on this morning. Not that I can change the humidity, but the AC guys are here already and working on getting the old unit off, in order to get the new one on. So, hopefully, within the next 3-4 hours, cool air will be in the house again. The hangover I am working on by drinking some iced tea, and eating the lasagna left over from last night. Breakfast of champions, right?

Friday, me and a couple buddies are getting tattoos done. Yeah, where did that come from? We had been talking about it for awhile. Just a simple Redskins emblem on the arm.... prior to the season starting. Did I mention my buddies are in their 50's, and this will be the first one for both of them. We found a place last night that will do them for a good price, and scheduled them for Friday, unless one of my buddies back out.

Liking my Kindle Fire, though I admit, the battery life is a puzzle. Had the wi-fi shut off, and only reading on it for a few hours, the battery showed down half. I know now it is a bit of a power guzzler, so it is on the charger, to give it a second run today. I hope it is not something I have to recharge every night.

Got nothing else for now. Just sitting here listening to all the walking around on the roof, waiting for everything to get done.... and sweating. Another rainstorm last night isn't helping the outside humidity.


Wednesday, August 22

Almost There

Two weeks has felt almost like forever. It has been that long that the AC has been down. Finally, someone will be here tomorrow to replace the unit and maybe life can get back to what it was before. In the meantime, it rained last night, and I feel like I am wringing out everything inside the house. Everything just feels damp and moist, least of all myself. Today's mantra is: just one more day....

I upgraded yesterday. I have had a Kindle Keyboard for nearly two years now, and thoroughly have loved having it. I think it is one of the greater things of technology, to have an e-reader of some sort.Through a series of events I was able to upgrade it to a Kindle Fire. So far, it has been even better, though, I already see some good and bad things about the upgrade. I guess that is just part of life though. The Wife and I had talked about getting a basic Kindle for the oldest son for Christmas, but now may just pass my old one down to him. He knows I upgraded, so I think he expects me to do this anyways, but I am not 100% sure yet.

One more day.... Oh, I am so tired of this. I am off to take a shower to wash some of this sweaty feeling off of me.


Tuesday, August 21

Not Up To It

I am not feeling well today. Last night I felt a bit more tired than usual, and went to bed a little earlier than normal. Slept throughout the night, only to awaken with a sore throat, achiness, and feeling more tired. I have a feeling I am coming down with a cold. And it is probably due to the damn AC being broke.

Got one quote yesterday for about $4k. Have another guy coming by today to do another quote. I was telling the Wife last night about the first one, and now she is thinks that I should have had them open up the unit and run diagnostics to see what needs repaired rather than just replacing the ancient unit we have. I tried explaining to here, that that is what we started doing last year, and now here we are.... Sometimes she is such a tightwad...

I'm off to lay down more. Just feeling listless.


Monday, August 20

Swimming in Hell

This past week has been a test of some sort. I'm sure it is, but I just can't figure out who would want to test me. The A/C is as good as dead now. With the past problems of it freezing up when the humidity gets high, and the shorter and shorter period of time it would actually run properly, the Wife and I decided it was time to look at alternative solutions. New A/C units are expensive, and rough estimates we have heard range at the lowest $5,000, to as high as $12,000. We definitely do not have that kind of money to make life easier by having a cool environment at the homestead. Luckily, my buddy Don mentioned he and another mutual friend had their A/C units replaced completely for about $3200 by a specific company. I got their phone number from him this morning, and will be calling at a reasonable business hour. In the meantime, we have been running our evaporative (swamp) cooler. With the high humidity going on now, and add in the swamp cooler's high moisture output, one cannot help but drip constantly. But it is a tad bit cooler than just no air movement in the house. Hopefully, the A/C company will be able to get out here in the next day or two and replace our unit within a decent price range.

In the meantime, I am trying to find things to do to stay out of the house, preferably in somewhere where they have good A/C. I am helping the MIL take the FIL to his Dr appointment today, so that kills a couple hours. I'd go to the library, but they are closed most days of the week anymore due to cutbacks. Maybe I will go to Barnes & Noble. I have a gift card for there, And I could waste a good hour or two browsing titles.

Life is pretty sucky about now.


Friday, August 17

Playing Catch-Up

This past week has been a weird one. The household is adjusting to the boys being back in school. My regular sleeping schedule has been re-scheduled by a dyslexic preschooler with a crayon, so I felt like I never knew when I was going to get some rest, or not. Last night I got the best sleep I have had in days, though I think I 'slept crooked' as my back is feeling a bit sore this morning.

Yesterday I got to spend some time one on one with the Reverend Mother, as I had invited her out to lunch. It is nice that I have the time, and money, to even have the chance to sit with my parents every once in awhile. We play a bit of catch-up in the events and stories going on in our individual lives. I know Preacher Tom and I will probably be getting back to our occasional breakfasts, maybe a movie, at some point here. I think it more depends on my schedule than his, but either way.

Looking forward to how things go the next couple weeks. Our softball league is getting ready to start soon. There is a Coach's meeting this Sunday, and I have been selected to be one of our team's votes. Each team gets the Coach and a one other vote, basically. I had not played for several years now, due to my weight causing issues (knee problems, back pains, etc.) but have made sure to voice that I want to play this fall. Sunday we will find out our exact start date, though I am still hoping for the week after Labor Day.

I guess the Daughter will be up to visit at some point his weekend. The Wife has managed to get tickets for the Mercury (WNBA) game on Sunday evening, and has asked the Daughter if she would like to go. She knew better than to ask me. Basketball is so boring.

Supposed to be scattered showers throughout the day here, and at least 100 degrees. Freakin' miserable is what I call it.


Tuesday, August 14

Cold Weather Nights

Today's high temperature was to have been 115. I don't know if it truly reached that awful number, but I am aware it was at least 112... at 7pm. It had to been at least near 100 inside my house, though, it was on the cool down. I had shut off the AC for a good portion of the morning and early afternoon, and once I turned it back, things returned to somewhat near normal, though it never yet quite reached the temperature range we keep it at during the summer. I awoke this morning about 3:30am to dripping sweat and a soaked bed, got up to check the AC, and it was frozen up again. Off it went, and now almost 2 hours later, it is still somewhat warm inside, though not nearly as bad as the daytime had been. I will be leaving it off until probably mid-morning.

Reverend Mother and Preacher Tom celebrate their anniversary today. I think it is the 30th, if I remember RM telling me right. I recall when she told me, I mentioned that the concept of them being married 30 years was sort of weird, considering I am 40, and I have been married 21 years. Obviously, it is because it is their second marriage....but it still just sort of seems weird. Happy Anniversary to you both!

Today starts the early bird hours for the oldest son. He is supposed to be 'on the field' by 6:30, so that means dropping him off about 15 minutes prior. I asked him last night how much time in the morning does he need to do his morning ablutions. He is starting to be like me. He says 30 minutes - from waking up to being out the door. I'll be waking him in about 20 minutes, so we will see how that works. I had told him previously, I was not going to spend 30-45 minutes trying to get him up and moving of a morning, and wait til the very last moment to rush him off to school so HE isn't late. Went through that with his sister.

Yesterday I was at a bit of a loss as to what to do with myself since the boys were back in school. I ended up spending part of the day watching 'Eureka' on Netflix. PT was having some problems with a letter, so I went over and helped with that as well. I got to learn how to scan a document, use OCR and put into an editable format. I hope the end results I achieved will work for him, so at least he wouldn't have to try to e-type the letter, and all the formatting, etc, that was included in it. Not saying he could not do it, just that it would have been more of a pain in the ass to accomplish.

This morning, I will be headed over to the MIL's to sit with Dad so she can get some shopping done. For me, that means reading time, pretty much. I heard from my grandparents yesterday. This past July they celebrated 65 years of marriage, so they are in their early-mid 80's. I guess my Grandma had a heart attack scare, which turned out to be gallbladder related, after a couple days of testing in the hospital. It is good to know she is doing fine and is back at home, though the thought of her (or Grandpa) passing away is something I definitely do not look forward to find out about. I know, I know. It's a fact of Life, and at their age, expected pretty much anytime. I just am not sure if I am ready for it.

Well, the alarm clock just went off in the bedroom. I suppose I should think about getting the son up though it is still like 45 minutes til I need to leave.


Monday, August 13

Making Adjustments Again

I am a bit lonely this morning. The boys all started back to school today, and by 7:30, I was at home all alone. Even the dog and cat were quiet. I sat here at the computer wondering just what am I going to do ith myself today. Actually, more like what am I going to do everyday with the boys gone during the day. Seems most of the summer there was always at least one here at home.

Not that I don't have some sort of plans I stored away for this event. I need to get going back to the gym, and with the oldest having to do Zero Hour at school, it is easier for me to get to the gym after dropping him off. PT and I have discussed getting back to doing our weekly breakfast meetings, and the occasional movie.  Of course, the job search continues it's regular course as well.

It's the middle of August, and I am definitely ready for the monsoon season in AZ to end. Today it is supposed to be at least 115, and this morning's news radio said 56% relative humidity. In other words, it is going to be miserable. Not that the weekend wasn't as bad. Again, the AC unit is "freezing" up. Seems anytime there is high humidity over a couple days, it does this. It means shutting it down for awhile, then hoping it doesn't freeze up again before it can cool the house back down. It would be wonderful to just get a whole new unit, but we can't afford that kind of luxury at this time.

It's mid-morning, and by completing this post, I have accomplished pretty much everything I set out to do today. I guess that means I can do whatever I want the rest of the day....


Friday, August 10

It's A Special Day!

Being Friday, today normally has it's own special merits. However, I am adding to it. My middle son is being rewarded today for being more helpful without complaint with regular household chores and whatnot. I have been meaning to do this all summer, but I tend to forget, and he had not made up his mind what he would like to do. Finally this past weekend we talked and he decided on bowling. I am throwing in the lunch and ice cream from Cold Stone as extras.

Last night we joined RM in celebrating her birthday. It was a nice dinner out at Village Inn that RM would not let any of us pay for. I don't understand how being the birthday person, she still paid for it all. I;m a bit miffed at that, but what can I do? Either way, it was a nice evening where we got to catch-up on things going on with my siblings and their families, plus poke fun at my brother. Heading home I felt contented.

Tomorrow I am getting together with some members from band back in HS. Well, maybe I am. I am not quite sure if I am going to make it, but have it marked down on the calendar. I will probably see most of them in September at the Homecoming game, so have not decided 100% if I will go tomorrow night.

Well, I need to get my regular morning stuff going....


Thursday, August 9

Another For the Reverend Mother

Today the Reverend Mother is celebrating the 34th anniversary of her 29th birthday. I haven't bothered to text or call to tell her 'Happy Birthday' yet, and I am sure she is waiting on pins and needles for me to do so. Stuman and Sis have probably already called her, as well as several other family relations. I may just wait until this evening when we get together for dinner. I dunno.

So, other than this momentous occasion, I got nothing for you.


Wednesday, August 8

Ugh! Another Long Morning.....

I can tell today is going to suck already. I know it as it is only 1:30 in the freakin' AM, and I am already awake. Can't seem to fall asleep, so I am wasting time trying to find something to make me sleepy. It isn't reading like what usually happens. I did that earlier, and was up later than normal (good part in the book) and just am not tired from it tonight.

Had a nice dinner out at the pizza place with RM & PT along. It wasn't a big fancy deal, but what the son wanted. He received a Nintendo DS for his present from us, and was just ecstatic. It sure makes us as parents feel good when the kids react like that to something we get them.

Reverend Mother will be celebrating a birthday tomorrow. I asked her at dinner if she had any big plans, but the answer was no. Seems they have some obligation they need to attend to, then they just have nothing written down as planned. I told PT he better think of something good in the time he has left, because you know RM isn't going to plan it on her own. She's leaving it up to him to do something for her on her birthday.
And I know you both read this blog, so.... enough said!

I managed to waste 10 minutes so far. Still not tired. Sigh. Oh well, off to try something else. Worse case scenario is I will be napping during the mid day.


Tuesday, August 7

Another Birthday Is Here!

When you have a family the size our's is, it is inevitable that birthdays are going to come around. Today is no exception, and we are celebrating the middle son's 10th by dinner out tonight.

This is a recent one I had from his concert this past springtime. Hard to believe my kids are all growing up. I remember back in 2002 when he looked more like this....

Time flies, even when you're not having fun it seems.

I got out to do some shopping this morning. Seems The Wife hadn't had a chance to get out and find anything for him prior to today, so once again I get to play the role of Gift-Shopper. Note: I hate this role, as I am not a good gift shopper. If it isn't practical, why bother? I was able to get his shopping done in under 30 minutes, as well as some other things that were needed. If nothing else, I am fast at shopping. Get in and get out.

As I mentioned yesterday, we will be heading out to supper at one of the local pizza joints that has some token operated games for the kids. I invited along RM & PT, and the in-laws, but I don't think they will make it (the In-Laws that is). Being sort of last minute, it isn't going to be much. Some pizza, and open some presents. then I am sure he will want to get home ASAP to play with what I bought him.

I need to get some other things done, so I am out of here.


Monday, August 6

Doctors, Birthdays, and more

This morning I am waiting a call from our Dentist. Seems the middle son lost one of his fillings last week, and though they are not open on Fridays, I had spoke to the receptionist about getting him in sometime this week before school starts to have it fixed. Luckily, the lack of the filling has not caused any pain or discomfort to my son. I expect to hear from the office within the next couple hours, and possibly even get him in today, at worse, tomorrow.

Tomorrow is also the same son's birthday. He will be turning 10 this year, and I have no clue what to do as far as presents for him. I guess I will be out shopping tomorrow for gifts, though he has not given us many ideas. I just asked him where he would like to go for dinner, and Peter Piper Pizza was his answer. It is similar to a Chuck E. Cheese, especially in cost....sigh.

This is the last week before school starts, which makes me a bit happy. Though I have enjoyed having the boys (together or one-on-one) it will be somewhat nice to get a chance to have time for me to do what I want again.

Guess that is about all I got today.


Sunday, August 5

Should Have Been Dead [Asleep] On A Sunday Morning

Most of you don't know that lyrical line, but it is the first thing that popped in my head when I went to think of a post title. It's from Creed's "My Own Prison" and though I may not feel that way, i am a prisoner to my being able to sleep. Again it is one of those mornings where I have found myself up and about WAY to early. This morning, it is at 4:30am. I had the alarm set for 5:40a, and truly did not need to even be out of bed until 7am or so. Sleep, you have teased and eluded me again.

It is a Sunday morning though, and that means I am meeting up with a couple friends for our regular Bloody Mary breakfast. It's nice to get a "set" time to hang out with them, since the past few months I have been feeling time slip out from me with the loss of other friends. I don't mean I lost friendships, just that they have passed. For some reason, the average age of my friends is 10-15 years older than I am. I don't know why, just is. Maybe there is some psychological babble for it, I don't know. I just assume it is because I grew up more mature for my age, even if there are more often bouts of relapse of that now (snicker).

I've noticed that my posts here have become more of a journal over the past few years. Surprised some of you even still read it. I guess I don't plan on changing it to something else. Heck, even if I did, what would I talk about? Hmph. I guess I never had really much to say anyways. I keep the thought in the back of my mind that this November my domain name will be up for renewal, and I will be moving it from the company it is with to find another that has better pricing. More than likely, I will end up at But maybe it will be time to change up the blog a bit. I say that in the sense of a new name. With the Reverend Mother reading her, and Preacher Tom as well I found out, I just don't feel comfortable putting up some of the pics like I used too. Sometimes I even rephrase the way I say things just to not offend them. Why? I have no fucking clue. See - that there was intentional since I forced myself to say "fucking'. I must be under the influences of something that is changing me to a nicer person. Maybe all them prayers RM says are working. I want to say, I hope not, but I don't know. Maybe all-around it would be a better thing.

Bah. Too much thinking for this early in the morning. I am off to waste time using StumbleUpon.


Friday, August 3

Ralphd00d the Grouch

When I was younger, and used to watch 'Sesame Street' on PBS, my favorite character was Oscar the Grouch. I don't know why. I mean, c'mon! He was grouchy, he lived in a trash can, supposedly had no friends (that he acknowledged anyways). Maybe it was because sometimes he could find something neat in the rubbish left by others. I don't know. What I do know, is that I am definitely grouchy like him this morning. And I'm tired.

I was awakened at about 3am this morning to my cell phone chiming that I had received a text. I was not going to get up to check it. I knew it had to be one of a couple people that would be up at that hour, and waking me up was not going to get a good response back from me. No sooner had I fallen back to sleep the alarm was going off (though it was truly like 3 hours later). The Wife got up, and I sort of dozed back to sleep, only to be awakened by one of the boys slamming the front screen door .... repeatedly... while getting the trash and recycle out for collection today. I knew it was useless to try to sleep anymore, so went ahead and got up.

The Wife goes to leave, and comes back in to take 5 minutes to tell me her oil light has flashed a couple times. So I told her it needs oil, but she had to get going otherwise be late for work. I told her it would be fine until this evening and I would take care of it. She leaves, I walk into the kitchen to see the $20 of hamburger I bought last night, still sitting out. I had picked it up from the store after supper, and the Wife had been watching TV and playing on the laptop. She told me to leave it there and she would section it out to smaller portions. Evidently she forgot. There goes a waste of money.

The middle son lost a filling form a molar the other day. I goofed and forgot to call the dentist office yesterday, and today they are closed. So now I will have to wait for Monday to call about getting him in to get it done again. Thankfully, it is not so bad that it is causing him pain with it out.

It's not even 8am, and I am feeling the urge to go out and have a few beers. Bah! It's going to be one of those days... and sadly, it's a Friday.


Wednesday, August 1

I Got A New Book!!

It is not a surprising thing for me to get a new book. I mean, I visit almost every day to go through all the free books they put up. Not counting the torrents I use to download other ones, or collections of other ones. But yesterday, I got a book that had just released and I had been waiting for it for awhile.

Many of you have heard of Dean Koontz, and some of you may even like some of his books. I am sure there are some of you that don't like him. Personally, I like only a few of his books. I think his writing style is a bit plain, that the average teen reader would be bored with it, but one of my vices is I like his 'Odd Thomas' series. Book five released yesterday. The Daughter is extremely happy as well, as she shares my enjoyment of this series, and I was nice enough to send her a copy as well.

I got to thinking a short bit last night, as to people, and what they like to read. I had made a comment on Facebook about getting this book, and someone made a comment that he writes like a third grader. I agreed and said it was just one of my vices that I like some of his books. This morning they mentioned that their comment didn't come out the way they meant it. Without a correction from them, I presume they meant a third grader can understand his writing style? I don't know, but it made sense to me that way, too. But the first statement could be taking as derogatory, which made me think.

All of us probably read at different skill levels. I admit, I am usually an avid reader of fantasy style books, and am able to read quickly through books, comprehending them easily. Not necessarily due to the style or age group recommended for the book, but because it is entertainment to me. Like some of you prefer to watch television or movies instead of reading. But when it comes to some book I really don't want or desire to read, it is a slow process at times, having to go back and re-read certain portions to make sure I understand what is trying to be put across. I don't know if that is because I am not in favor of reading the material, or what. I just know it happens.

The Daughter has picked up my love of reading, and nicely enough, shares her enjoyment reading much of the same style and authors of books I do. The oldest son, well, he goes through phases (don't all teenagers) and seems to enjoy similar sci-fi/fantasy, but would rather watch television. The middle son, he will read when he HAS to (meaning required reading time for school) but otherwise is not interested. Same with the youngest, though he is just starting to read. I still have a chance with him.

I have just babbled my way out of where I was going. Even re-reading this post, I lost it. Well, it was enough to keep you here for a bit.

Tell me what you like to read, through out some book titles. Maybe I will try the books you read.