Monday, February 29

What Happened?

Sometimes that semi truck called Life hits you and sends you reeling. The past couple of weeks have been so busy for my household. The oldest boy has had their spring musical going on during the evenings for the past week and  half.  Though we aren't there each night, getting him to/from is sometimes a hassle, especially with our work hours between the two of us. Not to mention that we still have two other boys that may have stuff going on.

The oldest son has a California trip coming up this weekend. The middle one goes in May. Middle son has a concert tonight, that the oldest's school also will be playing. I have to work. I'm sure the youngest will have a spring concert sometime in the next couple months as well. Let's through in Easter and our anniversary as other things that will keep us busy.

My brother, Stuman, leaves this coming weekend for Texas. He is being deployed (again) to Kuwait. I think it makes his 4th deployment. He had recently changed Reserve units, in order to have a chance to deploy again. He says he likes it because the pay is better. I think it is so he can get away from his wife and kids and "have fun". Either way, he is going. At least he paid back some money he owed me.

Received the primary ballot for AZ in the mail the other day. The primary isn't until the 22nd of March, but I want to get it in earlier. Only problem is, who will drop out before then? There are 14 candidates on this ballot, and several I know have dropped out of the race. Yes, it is a Republican ballot. I guess I have a few days to listen to the news and gather data before I need to send it back.

Not much more to share today. Still trying to wake up, as I just got up about 20 minutes ago.


Tuesday, February 16

Before the Shower

The thing with living in AZ, is one should never be surprised about the heat. Unless it happens in February. This week may be one that goes into the weather archives for temperatures, and not the cold ones. Yesterday we broke the second (that I heard of) high temp ever for the recorded day, and at this time we are already in the upper 80's ....and it is only February!!!

The way I heard it from the news on talk radio yesterday (yes, only one source) we are to expect these high temps, leading into the low 90's, this week, with a "cooling trend" by the weekend. Cooling trend? What, LL Cool J coming to town after the Grammys? Are temps to drop back into the 70s? Or just drop a degree or two? No one seems to know.....

I don't care for the warmer weather. My only relief in the 'warehouse' room I work in is a fan. It has been on the last week ... to at least let me think there is air movement, and anything to help make me sweat less. Yes, I know it is only a psychological thing. I still drip sweat, and pretend I am not hot. And it has not quite hit 90 yet... though expected either today or tomorrow .... yea.

Happy. Happy. Joy. Joy. No. Really.           Not.


Tuesday, February 9

What Have We Got Today ...

Pretty much nothing.I'm basically just killing some time before heading into work. Though, today will be better than yesterday. Sunday was the super-dumb bowl (I don't think I watched any of it) and I was at a friend's house for his bowl party. Whew, I ate too much there, I'll say that! Had some beers, too. I had gotten in on some of the betting pools, and won $50, which was nice. After the game, many left but a few stayed, chit-chatting about whatever. Finally we decided to put it up for the night and I left. I was feeling pretty good, so stopped by my regular watering hole, since it was on the way home. Had a couple more beers there, then headed home, stopping at McD's for a a milkshake and a couple sandwiches (I felt hungry).

Got home, went to bed, got up for work Monday feeling okay. Maybe a little tired still from being out later than I intended. Left for work on time, drove across the Valley, pulled into the gas station where I regularly fuel up ... and realize I don't have my wallet. All my other regular packet content is in place, but no wallet. No worries, I must have left it in my car when I paid at the drive through the night before.... except I didn't use my card. I paid cash from my pocket. Same at the pub. I hadn't pulled my wallet out since earlier Sunday morning when I fueled up my car.

So now I am stressing at work, trying to figure out where my wallet may be. I have enough fuel in the truck for the first half of my route, and only about $20 on me ... my gas card is in my wallet. Finally the time comes to start my drive, and I pretty much drove straight home. Checked the car - nothing. Checked places in the house where I empty my pockets - nothing. I'm starting to get worried. On a whim, I looked under the edge of the bed, and found it. How it got there I don't know, but I found it.

There's nothing like the silent stress when you have lost your wallet. What cards am I going to have to replace (all), and the license, SS card, other miscellaneous cards... Glad I found it.


Saturday, February 6

Just Chillin'

It's Saturday, ad I am happy this past week is over. Being sick on Monday, just screwed up the whole week. At least everyone here is back to regular healthy standards as far as I know.

The Wife and I settled out our Anniversary plans. I guess we are going to go out of town for a couple days. Still have no ideas what to do for a gift ... maybe the trip can be the gift.

Super Bowl is tomorrow. Already have plans to hang with friends. Don't care about the game or commercials.

Figured I would check with RM and see if she wants to do lunch today. One of her Christmas gifts was a pack of four "Santa Wishes". Basically, a chance to spend time with Mom. Well, check that. Guess I won't. She just texted me that they have plans today. Oh well. Some other time. I like waiting for the last minute to plan lunch. Heck I never know when I will be free.

Since I am not taking RM to lunch, I guess I can go out and get a new pair of shoes for work.


Thursday, February 4

Planning For Disaster

Hmmm. Didn't look like I spelled it correctly, but I guess I did. Might be the beer on my brain.

I feel a bit ... put on the spot. The end of next month is the big 25th anniversary for The Wife and I, and I ... have not put any thought into it. I mean in the aspect that, I , was obviously expected to find some unique gift item, and life would go on. I was school'ed. Meaning, no, that was then this is now.

Everybody keeps throwing at me that I should do some big, theatrical, over-the-board thing for the 25th Anniversary. Pshaw. The Wife and I, we were never into big shows. We aren't into throwing parties, family gatherings (though we attend others), or other acts of ....yeah. It's just the way we are. I got two words for you if you don't like it.

So The Date falls on a Wednesday. I figured a weekend get-a-way. I must have messed up somewhere, because now the Wife wants a get-a-way .... in the middle of the week, and I lose 3 days vacation to do it.

Not a bad exchange.... not arguing that. But she tells me, you figure it out. ARGH! I offered up some basic places near Phoenix: how about San Diego (I love this place) - No, Mexico, we could go to Rocky Point - no, neither of us have the passport now that it is required, and I wouldn't want to go there again for this event. Bottom line, don't travel far (meaning in state) and find a nice place.

I know AZ is not NE, and the ends of March are not summer for most states, but I want no snow (though I have lived in it, and have no probs), and preferably warmer weather, as like most of us men know, women are like snakes.... cold-blooded, so the more sun they get, they better our lives can be....

I asked around tonight. Female bartenders. Female customers. Female co-workers. Just for an idea, within the state, that they thought would be a place they would like to stay a weekend. I did not share it was for my anniversary, just to get an honest opinion, if they could get away, without kids for 2 days... blah blah blah.

I have a few more things to check. A couple more people to check in with, before I make actual plans. But things are looking good in that department.

A gift. I gotta do that, too?!? I received one. Ordered one (it is en route). Have plans for three more. They may seem cheap priced, but meaning behind them is more important. I texted the Wife tonight because one last gift I was thinking about needed her ring size. I had no clue. She responded I think it is this. I asked if I did a half size larger, would it be ok. I never got an answer. Which means, I am in hell for that one.Heck, last time I bought a ring, she was with me... and it was our wedding rings. Wait, no. I bought her a ring on our 10th. So it is just another piece of my memory gone, that I don't remember her ring size.

Once again .... I'm gonna burn in a slow Hell....


Tuesday, February 2

Top News: Stomach Bug Strikes Home!

Oh boy, and did it.

Saturday morning started early for us, as the youngest had some vomiting and diarrhea issues in the early morning. Thank goodness we have tile throughout most of the house. By Saturday evening he was feeling better, had kept down some food, and said he just felt sort of tired.

Sunday he seemed back to himself, and the family (excluding me) went to church. The Wife picked up lunch and brought home afterwards. I was playing Fallout 3 for most of the afternoon. Then I decided to go out for a couple beers. I had just barely started my second beer, and felt the familiar gurgling down deep in the stomach. I thought to myself, no way was I doing a back-yard run here in the pub...where the stalls have no doors. I proceeded to quickly make my way home. Once there, I barely made it into the bathroom, and once that job was done, literally, stood up, turned and did the other.

I was shaking with cold. I ached all over. I had four covers on me in bed. Couldn't hold down anything. This was about 8pm. By 10'ish, the youngest had started the signs again. At 2am, the middle son is doing the middle of the night trips. At 4am, the Wife joined in the party. Weak, tired, and achey, we waited to see if the oldest would soon succumb.

He didn't. The Wife made it up and ran him to school for zero hour, then went and picked him up about two hours later, because he had a migraine coming on. As of last night, he was still having no symptoms. So one of us may have made it free. I held down a small bit of food and drink last night, But this morning, made a trip to the can for a healthy dose of the runs. I am returning to work today - the Wife isn't - but I hope to not have many episodes today. I am still pretty weak-feeling, and definitely ache all over, but still need to get the job done.

Being sick sucks.