Saturday, February 6

Just Chillin'

It's Saturday, ad I am happy this past week is over. Being sick on Monday, just screwed up the whole week. At least everyone here is back to regular healthy standards as far as I know.

The Wife and I settled out our Anniversary plans. I guess we are going to go out of town for a couple days. Still have no ideas what to do for a gift ... maybe the trip can be the gift.

Super Bowl is tomorrow. Already have plans to hang with friends. Don't care about the game or commercials.

Figured I would check with RM and see if she wants to do lunch today. One of her Christmas gifts was a pack of four "Santa Wishes". Basically, a chance to spend time with Mom. Well, check that. Guess I won't. She just texted me that they have plans today. Oh well. Some other time. I like waiting for the last minute to plan lunch. Heck I never know when I will be free.

Since I am not taking RM to lunch, I guess I can go out and get a new pair of shoes for work.


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