Monday, October 31

I Dreamed a Dream

After a nice day just being mellow, I went to bed at a good hour last night. I figured I would need to get some good rest, and be ready for the gym this morning, etc. Instead, I was up shortly after 2am, and proceeded to toss & turn for most of the remaining morning until I decided it was better to just get out of bed (about 6:30'ish).

Seems I still recall a bit about the dream that woke me up, and it bothers me a bit. As I try to figure out what did I do/read/see/think yesterday, that would bring this up in my dreams.... it had quite a bit to do with my Dad. In the dream, it seems he was never dead, just disappeared, and now he was back. No, not a zombie kind of thing. Not really a secret Government Op type thing either. It was just ... weird. Needless to say, in the dream there was a roller coaster of emotions going on, and when I truly woke up, the ol ticker was beating like crazy, and many confusing thoughts were flying across my mind. I spent the next few hours trying to reclaim that dream, but not able to drift off to sleep to do so.

That leaves me a bit tired this morning. Not necessarily crabby, just tired. Top that off with my nose and eyes running, and I am just not happy. Thinking about crawling back into bed with my Kindle, and see if I can drift off while reading.


Sunday, October 30

A Day of Rest

I am planning today to be one of recovery. Not that i have gone and worn myself out, per se, just that I don't really feel like doing anything.

Spent yesterday afternoon with family at Sis'. Had a nice time doing some catch-up on family stories, celebrated some birthdays, and ate some goof food.

My new Kindle came in yesterday, so it is good to have one again! Too bad it wasn't one of the newer models, but at least the same as I had before. Those new ones don't come out until 11/21, so I guess the possibility of getting one as a replacement was nil.

So, today I think I may just sit around and play games, maybe some reading. A friend was supposed to contact me about helping him get a fish tank, though he has called to confirm it all yet. Maybe he will, maybe he won't.


Friday, October 28

Friday! Friday! Friday!

I don't know why I feel so jubilant this morning. It's not like this particular Friday is any different than most of mine. Maybe it is the thought of going out and having a couple beers. I don't know.

Nothing major really planned for the weekend... except looking forward to my replacement Kindle. Even though I have a couple regular books to get through, I miss it already.

Yeah, exciting I know.


Thursday, October 27

... And Goes On ....

Yesterday's post title just seemed to fit really well for me. In fact, it was so well, that it carried into today as well. Actually, I should back up just a hair.

Yesterday evening, the Wife brought home the classified ads from her parent's house, as she usually does 3-4 times a week. Aside from trying to encourage me to find employment, I don't know why she does it. After all, I do check the classifieds from the local news rag online, which have more ads than the printed version. Shrug. Anyways, not going into detail about how my employment situation is going (perhaps a post another time) I did come across an ad that I felt was compatible. For basic purposes, it was for a Warehouse Associates at a wage that would be acceptable. Looking for day or night, full-, part-, or seasonal work. The address for applications was given (actually 2) one of which is very close to my residence. Then, they also added to go online (website provided) to speed up the interview process, and apply online as well.

The website address didn't give away any real info - as far as the name of the company, etc, so I went ahead and looked it up. A placement agency. I frowned. I am not big about using these types of services when looking for employment. I just don't feel comfortable thinking that I could be assigned (or re-assigned) to any location or type of company, across the whole Valley area. Yeah, I like to think that even though it would be a similar type job position, I have seen several companies I wouldn't want to work for in town. And knowing my luck....

Either way, this placement agency was placing positions for the warehouse here in Phoenix. Here? In Phoenix? Were my first thoughts. Doesn't sound bad. Actually, they were looking for three type of positions. One I knew I did not have the experience they would require; but the other two were more non-experience needed type. The site had a small chat window that pops up to ask questions of a live person. I simply asked the location(s) of the actual facilities, so I would have more of an idea where I would need to drive. Ugh, turns out they are both around 15-20 miles away. Sure, doesn't sound bad, but freeway traffic in rush hour here is terrible.... and only about 2/3 of it would be freeway. Roads can be much worse (traffic, not condition).

So I am debating it. Kind of cool be working for a DotCom company as big as Amazon, and maybe get some sort of employee discount, too? That would be nice - especially for my Kindle! Which brings me to the continuation of yesterday.

This morning as I was bringing my Kindle from the bedroom, I accidentally dropped it. Not the first time it has been dropped, or bumped against something. I have a nice padded leather covering for it - seems to protect it pretty good. But now it has lines on the screen and won't power up. I got onto and read the troubleshooting guides, working every possible solution to see if would return to a working order. No luck.

The Reverend Mother was nice enough (because normally I would not have done it) to purchase a two-year Accidental Damage Handling warranty on the device. I was leery of calling it though. Because it was dropped (accidentally damaged in my opinion) would they be so contractually strict about the extent of the damage, etc. My pessimism coming through, obviously. But I called. The phone call lasted maybe 8-10 minutes. My new (or possibly refurbished) Kindle of equal type (or newer, at their choosing) is due here on Oct 31 (2 day shipping) and they are emailing me the postage paid label to tape on the box and return this one.... all within 30 days.

Freaking AWESOME! So, recap: replacement Kindle of equal (or possibly newer) type - but having at least the all the same capabilities (if not maybe more?) to be here, providing me with a box to send the broken one back, AND a postage paid label to boot. I am impressed.

Though, I am still thinking about the job with warehouse.... Seems to be yet another reason to like this company.


Wednesday, October 26

It's Been Too Good Lately

I am a pessimist. I think I have admitted that before to all of you, but just in case I haven't... I am a Pessimist. With a capital "P".

There is no cup half-full. It's half gone, and it was probably something I wanted to drink, but someone else will drink it, or worse, probably bump me as I raise it, and make me spill it on my crotch, then I have to walk around with that 'looks like you peed your pants' look. I definitely know I would get tired of trying to explain what really happened.

So, life in general was going pretty good for awhile. Then I had that dental cleaning yesterday. No cavities, but have other issues. Many years ago, I had a molar become abscessed on one side of my jaw. Due to lack of dental insurance, I opted for the extraction (cheaper cost) so have had a 'gap' on the one side. Obviously, most of my chewing is done on the opposite side.

Well, since about August, when I chew on my 'regular' side, within a couple hours, I would get this blister-type swelling on the outside of my gum. Didn't hurt per se, but was discomforting. If I applied enough pressure pushing on it, it would 'pop' but not discharge any blood. It was happening almost daily. What is a bit worrisome, is that it occurring in the area between where I had 2 root canals done 2 years ago. Yeah. I am thinking what is so weird.....

I was due for updated x-rays anyways, and the Doc says it looks like there may be some more decay in the root area of one of the teeth he previously did a root canal on. I'm thinking surgery, but he said no. They would drill down through the crown, and try to locate the area, clear it, and pack the hole (similar to a cavity fill). Oh. That sounds easy.

Wait. Here's the worry part. He won't numb me up when he starts. Seems that since the tooth is nerveless, when he gets drilled down to the approximate area, he has to poke/dig around to get the right area that I can only let him know he has reached it by the feeling. Read: When I scream and lock my teeth around his fingers. Then, he says, once the area is found, he can numb it, do the job and finish up.

I'm scheduled to have this done in 2 weeks. I am SO not looking forward to it. Yeah, Life seemed to be going too good.

Trying to be an Optimist.... at least it is a no charge procedure, since it was "missed" on the root canal.

Could use that half drink now, too....


Tuesday, October 25

Oops! Rinse, Please!

I have never been very fond of dentists. Rather, I think it is truly less than that. I don't like them. Bad experiences from my younger days have left a rather very distinct bad feeling about them. I only would go to see one when I knew the problem was bad, and I mean REAL BAD. You would think, with my dislike of them, I would have taken better care of my teeth over the years, but I didn't. One of those things you regret a bit later in life.... But the past two years, I actually sort of don't mind going to the dentist. The Wife had found this particular dental office, mainly I think because it is close to our home. But it turns out, they are great up there!! The Doc is very thorough explaining things, and in words we can understand; he is good with the boys, and even better with me. I told him my first visit I don't like dentists, and why. He understood, and has always been very good to me. Front office staff is good and will work with you on payments if needed, and are so nice! Everytime I go, whether for me or the kids, I end up standing around talking for about 30 minutes. Of course, that might just be because at home there is no one to hold any conversation with....

So, I have a dental cleaning this morning. Should be a short visit as I have been doing good with my brushing, flossing, etc. But it will be a good 20 minute visit I am sure, as I relay the trip to Disneyland.

Preacher Tom mentioned the other day maybe for us to do a breakfast this week.... but hasn't said anything yet. I am a bit sore from getting back into the gym routine. Not happy I still put on a couple pounds over last week, as I was hoping to drop a couple more....

Gotta go!


Sunday, October 23

Time for Church!

Welcome to Sunday Morning!! Here it is again, bright and early and I am the only one that has risen from slumber at this hour. I enjoy the little bit of quiet time I get, before the boys are up and making noise. Gives me time to get some writing done, emails replied to (actually, I had none, but it's the thought that matters), and reading how everyone is doing since last night on Facebook.

This morning and early afternoon I am heading up to the ballpark to my Church of Holy Beer and Softball. I have several friends that play on 2-3 of the teams that are in this league, and I go up to hang out, have a few beers, and mingle. I also keep score for them if needed (which is as often as I am there for one of the teams). Afterwards we head back to one of the pubs (it's a bar league) for a few more and some football (tis the season, don't cha know?) and maybe some brauts.

Tomorrow I am hoping to get out and see a friend that is in the hospital. My buddy Tim has been in for almost 3 months now I think. Seems he was having some heart problems, then blood clots in his leg, then the good & bad antibiotics messed with his colon, so they had to remove it (or a portion) and he is still in rehab after all this stuff. At least, that is the way I was told it the other night. So we are going to try to set plans to go up and see him tomorrow, if he would like us to, and find out what really happened. some of it just sounds a bit drastic (can you live without your colon?) but I dunno.

Reverend Mother and Preacher Tom got back last night from their trip to Indy. I picked them up at the airport. Sounded like they had a great time, even though it seemingly rained there most of their visit.

That's it for now.... I am off to church!


Friday, October 21

Fall Break Over

It's Friday once again, and the end of this week. The boys have been out of school for Fall Break, which is why we had gone to Disneyland. The past two days I have had them at home, as the Wife had to return to work. Looking forward to them being back in school. It is a strain on my patience when I have all three of them at home, by myself. Another way why I am such a bad parent I guess.

Due to the amount of sore muscles in my legs, I had vetoed going to the gym this week. Though, I am debating going tomorrow morning, if I get up early. I am anxious to find out where my weight is after the trip and all. I felt I had been doing good about watching what I ate (snacking) while driving, and with the added amount of walking, am hoping for more good calorie burn.

Reverend Mother and Preacher Tom come home form their week-long trip to Indianapolis tomorrow. They had flown in last weekend for a wedding for one of my cousins (the youngest actually), and to visit family. I said I would pick them up tomorrow night when they arrive back here.

Other than that, I have no big plans this weekend. Dentist appointment next week for a cleaning.... yeah, such an exciting life.


Tuesday, October 18

Back Home Again

We just arrived back home from California about 30 minutes ago. See the dedication I have to get back on here and post for you readers?

We spent a very long day at Disneyland and California Adventure parks and I am just beat. Anything having to do with moving my legs was sore, as nature's repercussion for all that walking I did yesterday. But I am hoping it helped me lose a couple more pounds.

Tomorrow we are heading to Casa Grande to meet up with the Daughter's boyfriend. He is meeting us halfway, to pick her up and take her on back to Tucson. So, another 2 hours trip there in the making. Plus we can take care of the middle son's trumpet issue by replacing it from the company we are renting from. I may be in recovery a couple more days... we will see.


Sunday, October 16

DisneyLand, Here I Come!

We are leaving this morning for California. Well, I am hopeful when I say 'morning'. I would like to be on the road by 10 (it's a little past 7 now), but the Wife and kids always seem to delay an hour - even if I try to tell them an hour earlier than I mean. I can't win on that one.

The Daughter is coming along as well, though I am not happy about it. She pulled her unexpected arrival Friday night, and so we had to actually tell her that we were leaving Sunday, and why, and where to. She was upset because we hadn't included her. Why would I include a 20 year old, whom we fully support income-wise in another town, that doesn't work, isn't attending school.... why invite her on a trip with us? She doesn't include us on trips she does with her friends.... Bah! I am getting all angry about it. Bottom line is she got so upset her mother said she could go along. So now, I have to drive an extra 2 hours to get her back to Tucson, on our way home Tuesday.

Otherwise, I am hoping we have a safe trip, and a good time. See y'all in a couple days!


Friday, October 14

Homecoming Weekend

Fall always brings the things everyone seems to know about: leaves changing colors, cooler weather, HS football, and Homecoming. Many probably do not return to their high schools for homecoming, feeling that they already had four (or maybe more) years of it, and no wish to remember their past. Others thrive on it, and go 'all out' in promoting the event. I think over the past 21 years since I graduated, I have maybe gone once, maybe twice.

This year is a bit different. The Class of '91 is having their 20 year reunion this weekend, which weirdly enough coincided with homecoming this year. An old friend who will be attending the reunion (I think) had set up a group page on Facebook a few months ago, for all HS band members for classes 89-93 (I think, again). Between her and a couple others, we have set up a couple meet & greets for just us old band members for tonight and tomorrow. It will be nice to 'hook up' with people I haven't seen for many years, and I am sure there will be a few there from after the years I had graduated.

Tonight's activities include a tour of the HS campus since it's 'renovation' by the current principal (the band director from my senior year) followed by some sort of tailgate party prior to the Homecoming game. Afterwards, those of us in the group, and I am sure others that will be invited, are meeting up at one of the hotels nearby, where they have arranged extended hours at the lounge for mingling... for me, drinking ... and be playing 80's music (reason enough to be drinking). Saturday they have a family picnic thing set up, but I won't be attending it.

So, I have got my camera batteries charging, clothes set out for tonight, and money in my pocket. Looking for some good times!


Wednesday, October 12

I'm Going to Disneyland!!!

No, I didn't win the Super Bowl. Nope, not the lottery. Nyet - no major sporting event, or any other contest. The Wife and I had talked about a couple months back about possibly doing a 3 day trip over to Anaheim and take the boys to Disneyland about this time of year. The Wife brought the idea back up the other day. I had thought it died, with some unexpected expenses we have had lately (read: van repairs), but the Wife assures me that she has put away money for this trip. Though, that will be fast gone after seeing the ticket prices for admission!!!

Yesterday I spent part of the afternoon searching for possible discount admission tickets, but only found offers that were part of vacation packages. I did find a nice hotel very close by, and we will be checking with them if they possibly have some discount offers once we are there. We will be making final plans tonight, and looking to leave Sunday, return on Tuesday. It is about 7-8 hour drive for us from Phoenix, so plenty of time for driving, and spend the whole day Monday at both Disneyland and the California Adventure.

Two nice things about this trip. The boys don't know we are going. We are going to try to surprise them, and just announce Sunday morning we are doing a road trip. The other thing.... I have never been to Disneyland. Of course, the 2 younger boys haven't either, but still. I been the Magic Mountain (Six Flags) but never Disneyland. Yeah, taking every camera we have for pics of the boys... and maybe a few of me and the Wife. The boys are out of school next week for Fall break, so it works out good for the timing, and we are hoping the park won't be too crowded, like summer or winter breaks. Getting a tad bit excited I am.

The middle son has decided to learn trumpet this year for his first year of band. Everything worked out, where we have a rental for him, that applies towards a brand new one once it is paid off. Last week, he finally decided to inform us a piece was missing off the trumpet. I am not sure what it is called, but on the valve, where your finger sits to depress it, the top is missing. How it came off and he NOT notice it, is in contention. So is his lack of responsibility about letting us know, taking care of the instrument, and the 'sneaky' way he tried to get out of any possible blame/trouble are topics being reviewed daily by us to him. Grounding from the computer for an unknown length of time, is already wearing on him, and it has only been a handful of days. I called to the rental place, and they said to just bring it in, they will exchange it out, and all is good. Except, the only location they have is in Mesa, which amounts to about 45 minute drive one way for me, for 5 minutes, and then back home. I think it will wait until we are back from California next week before I do that.

In other good news, with the van now up and running fine again, I was able to get back to the gym this morning. It had been almost two weeks since I had been able to be in the gym, and no, I did not do any exercising while not going. Not even walking the block. I was worried about any possible weight gain, as I pretty much didn't watch the amount of stuff I ate, or what I ate. Kind of a vacation so to speak. I weighed in today, to the same weight I was back on 9/28 - 2 weeks ago. So, I think, could have lost a couple pounds if I had watched my diet better, and maybe a little exercise. But I don't care. I want to lose about 15 more before I see the Dr. again in Dec. I'm trying.....

So, family that may read this, don't say anything around us, or to the boys, about the trip!


Monday, October 10

Fall Was Here

Good news is I was able to get my van up to the shop today, for them to replace the water pump, thermostat, and gasket (since it was leaking). As I sat there, a few minutes before they opened, I was listening to the news talk radio here in the Valley (KTAR) and heard the weather report. Today is supposed to be the coolest day this week, with temps reaching upper 80's. By Thursday, it is supposed to hit 100 again, and a bit higher heading into the weekend. WTF is this? This last week has been beautiful! We had some rain (much needed) and the temps cooled down even with the sun out. Heck, the Wife even dug out a sweater for the mornings, as it was cool to her. Old Man Weather must be a bit senile, to keep playing us this way....

So yeah, my Monday has been a bit tweaked. Not looking forward to the later part of the week. I was hoping the AC could be shut down until next April, but it is not meant to be. At least I am getting the van fixed so I am not 'stuck' at home unable to get anywhere. I haven't been to the gym for a week and a half since I didn't want to risk driving the van. Wednesday will be a good day to start back. I am hoping I didn't gain too much while not going. I was looking at losing about another 15 pounds before my Doctor appt in Dec.

Not much else going on. The oldest son has his first concert tomorrow night. I will be getting together with some HS friends from band on Friday, which is our Homecoming game from Barry Goldwater HS. For our group, we have some after game music/drinks at a local hotel as well. I don't know how they persuaded the Lounge, but they will be open later than normal, and will be playing 80's music (groan).

That's all I got for today. Catch ya later!


Friday, October 7

Some Friday Music

I don't have anything much going on to share with you, my esteemed readers, today. So, I am just going to post some videos of stuff I am listening to this morning.

Just a bit of what's playing for me.... See ya next time!


Thursday, October 6

Babysitting Time

Parkinson's Disease is a terrible thing. I remember back years ago, I had no clue as to what it was. Images of Michael J. Fox announcing he had it, but you didn't see anything wrong with him. TV coverage of the Olympics, when Muhammed Ali was there to light the torch. You could see the trembling in his arms and hands. Ohhhh, that's what Parkinson's is, I thought.

My Father In Law has spent over 40 years working for American Missionary Fellowship (AMF) in the state of Arizona, and most of the SW region of the US. The job involved many, many hours on the road, traveling weekly among churches in his 'area', covering vacations of pastors, guest speaking, etc. About 2 years ago, aside from seemingly normal age-related things starting to happen, the family started noticing larger signs. It came to a head that summer while he was in Crown King with my daughter for Vacation Bible School, that his skills in driving had started to worsen. Luckily she was there and was able to complete the VBS week, and do the driving home.

Needless to say, after many tests, he was diagnosed with Parkinson's. It is crushing to watch the effects of the disease deteriorate this once active man. For many years, he would hike the Grand Canyon at least twice a year; three times a week up local mountain trails in town; constantly physically active, and the travelling. Now Parkinson's has him barely able to walk, it is hard for him to stay on track in a conversation, and process things being said to him. Memory lapses are more than common, though, some of things he remembers and brings up in slow conversations (at least with me) are still signs he hasn't given up.

This morning I am going over to sit with Dad so Mom can get out to get some grocery shopping down. I hate doing it, because I feel so uncomfortable having to stop him, almost like a child, from doing things he can't control (ie. getting into the ice cream, undressing in the living room, etc.). I love him, but some things I would rather not have to do. I guess I am a bit selfish about that. The family is talking and searching for some kind of hospice/LTC that can handle the daily care that is wearing Mom down, but the search is terrible. They either want them to lose money in income, or sign over all the income to them. It's ridiculous how that system works, though, some of it I can understand. But I also feel it should be based on individual cases.

Shrug. I can't change it today. I need to head over to Dad's.


Tuesday, October 4

It Has Been Found!!

I was surprised this morning. As I went through my emails, I actually had a comment from a reader here at the ol' blog. Joe from over at Fat in Indiana had replied and suggested another artist for me to check out, in my search for this particular earworm I have been having. Joe, you are da MAN! His suggestion was Chuck Mangione, and the first video I found for him at is the earworm!

Oh, it feels so nice to finally put a name to the song! Of course I downloaded and loaded into my music players! Thanks Joe!!!

Other than that, things around the d00d household are at a minimum. I am stuck at home for the most part, waiting for the Wife's next check to arrive so we can get my van in to be fixed. I am trying my best to not drive it any, just to prevent any further problems than a leaking water pump. Which is nice in a way, as I am not out to the pub as much.....

The oldest has a concert coming up soon - the first one of the school year. The middle one will have his first come December. And our youngest has adjusted to Kindergarten very well, and seems to be enjoying it.

That's all I got for now. I am off to play some more of this song!


Sunday, October 2

On the Hunt (again)

I find myself clicking through many, many videos on once again, searching for the elusive earworm that ran rampant in my head a couple weeks or so ago. I have gone as far as to run through searches on iTunes, Spotify, and Amazon, listening to previews for many great trumpet players Doc Severinson, Maynard Ferguson, Herb Alpert, Al Hirt, etc) trying to find it. All to no avail.

This song was one I remember hearing often in the movie theater, as the background music provided before the movie started. A trumpet was the featured instrument of the song. No words, just music. It sort of repeated upon itself, in such a way that 'Classical Gas' does.

Anyone have any other suggestions?