Saturday, August 31

So *That's* How It Works

WooHoo! It's the weekend! I wish I didn't feel like crap. All week I have been dealing with a bit of a sinus infection. Now it feels like it has moved partway into the chest. Woke up hacking and blowing the nose this morning. It must be all the in/out of A/C & heat, and being all sweaty... probably caught a cold.

So, yesterday was the end of my first week at the job. I really like it, and feel I am bringing much to the position, though it may be somewhat menial, but making it better ... more efficient. I even got my first paycheck (I know, right?) for the first couple days of the week. Getting paid weekly will be nice. Though, there is a discrepancy on it - they didn't pay me enough. No, seriously, they charged me a uniform fee, though I don't wear a uniform, and was not provided one. I'll get it corrected next week when I go back.

Tonight I am still working at the pub. It is the big pay-per-view UFC fight, and the extra help is good. The extra money is nice, too.

The Daughter is in town this weekend. She is getting ready to start her last rotation, this one with pediatrics, for her respitory therapist training. We are planning to go out Monday evening for dinner with her, the fiance, and the MIL. I am thinking Texas Roadhouse, a steak place near home. I have not tried it, and heard good things about the place.

I'm off to the store to deposit my check, and get some drugs to help ease my symptoms.


Friday, August 30

Going Solo

Last night was my first solo run on the route I drive. I was comfortable not using the GPS. I was comfortable  that I knew the correct directions to the addresses I needed to go. I was comfortable driving the large box truck. So when I got into work yesterday, and found out the guy I had been training with was being sent out on some other business, I was a bit ...huh? Instead of him doing his job, and pulling the parts, doing the transfer of inventory stuff on the computer, etc., he left, leaving me to do it all on my own. Most of which I was trained to do, but is not my job. If I am to not rack up major overtime, I need to leave by a certain time, and doing all that, as slow as I am being newly trained to it, was not looking good.

Somehow, I managed to do all that, get the truck loaded and out the door around the time I should. I started to relax a bit, knowing I was 'on time' and things were going smoothly. Too smoothly. There were a couple accidents along the streets I generally take. Okay, make some adjustments and alternate routes. Then I hear on the radio that there was some flooding (from the huge rain we had the night before) and about half the route between two particular stops was flooded out or closed to traffic. With other miscellaneous construction going on, alternate routes were difficult to find. But I did it. What's better? I even shaved a half hour off the time it should have taken me to do the whole route. I am getting good at this.

Today being Friday, it is the last day of the work week. The deliveries I make tonight will probably be larger as some techs work Saturdays, plus I will be bringing Tuesdays orders as well. Monday we are off! So, more orders may take longer at each stop. Afterwards, I think I am going to go have a couple beers.

Hopefully, today will be better, as far as getting stuff done. With it being Labor Day weekend, I know our family is getting together at Sis' house on Monday. She texted me last night to see if we were attending, but the Wife and I decided not to this time. There are just some other things we would like to get done/do. After I had texted back that we weren't not going to be there, Sis called and tried to guilt trip me saying that this is the first Labor Day I have never gone there, and that I have been avoiding her. I had to tell her that is not the case. Just the last time we all got together, I had to work (it was a Friday night). She just thinks the world revolves around her sometimes I think. Either way it pissed me off that she should act that way just because I want to do something different than normal, with my own family. RM, I know you will be reading this this morning, and will know what I mean.

Well, enough of my self-praise and bitching this morning. I know I am going to relax this weekend.


Thursday, August 29

Getting Tired

Tonight is my first "solo" night driving the route. I am not worried about it. I did it last night without needing to use the GPS for directions, and it will be nice to get the guy who has been training me, out of the truck. I was starting to get tired of his babbling about crap. I might miss the company later, but not for a few days at least.

I am dragging  a bit this morning. It must be the combination of the bouncing along in the truck, and the lifting, etc I do, that is making my body sore. Between that and the allergies, which I am beginning to wonder, if it hasn't turned into a cold. Still stuffed up bad, with a sore throat, add in some coughing now, with phlegm.

I found a couple different short-cuts last night on the route. Probably shaved about 30 minutes off the drive time for me. I swear, everyone seems to bitch about this guy that had the position before me, and I just can't grasp that someone could do this job so badly, but they say it is true. I even started implementing a double check prior to the parts going out to my truck, which pleased the 'boss' quite a bit. Taking initiative and all that.

Well, I suppose I should start getting ready for work today.


Wednesday, August 28

Starting to Feel It

Monday morning I woke up to a bit of a sore throat and clogged up sinuses. I thought, great. First day at a new job and I will sound like I am sick with a cold. I know it isn't a cold, but just my allergies acting up. Friday and Saturday nights had been pretty windy, thus kicking up dust, pollen and other allergens. It usually takes a day or so to show up with these symptoms. I thought I would just pop a Sudafed, and deal with it, except we have none at the house. I didn't have the time to get some that morning on the way to work (needed to watch the time) and so I suffered through the day. Tuesday, pretty much same stuff. Today, again. It makes my mornings pretty miserable, sniffling, coughing, etc until I clear up enough. I still sound like I am stuffed up and have a cold though. I think I shall ask the Wife to get some Sudafed tonight.

So Monday, I didn't drive at all, and we had used a panel van to do the route. Yesterday, they gave me my truck. A 16-foot box truck. I wasn't worried about driving it, as I had driven longer ones before. Just in Phoenix and surrounding area, the legal width of a lane on the road seems to change from street to street. Some I felt I could barely fit in the lane, others I had seemingly several feet on each side. Symantecs I guess. Either way, we finished up the route with me driving last night at a good time. Tonight will be the last night I have a rider along. Tomorrow I start solo, and I am actually looking forward to it. There are only a couple stops that confuse me a bit on the directions - several left & right turns in a housing area. I have a mobile GPS, and am expecting a smartphone soon that will have one as well, but still. I prefer to know the stops without it.

I was hoping to sleep in a bit this morning, but no. Though the oldest son usually does not have band on Wednesdays, they called it this morning, so I still had to get up by 7 to get him there. No since in going back to sleep after that. Due to the physical part of the job, I think that is why I am feeling a bit more tired than usual (maybe combined with the allergies is not helping). I know I can feel several muscle groups in my back that are like, 'Hey, we are getting a little workout!' They aren't hurting per se, just can feel that they have been being used. At this rate, I should be down another 5 pounds this week I figure.

Well, that's all I got today.


Tuesday, August 27

Day One: Completed

It is yet another early morning here at my house. Especially after a bit of a late night for my first day on the job. But, not bad considering I put in a good 12 hours (plus) for Day One. Granted, once I am trained, it won't be near as long of a work day. There were just extra things that had to be done yesterday. In fact, today they are having me come in closer to what will be my regular time, though still will be an extra hour I am sure once everything is done.

The job s pretty simple. A bit repetitive for paperwork, and all the eyes that have to see it, just to drop off parts to a tech that ordered them. I don't know why, but the guy training me was training me in his job for a better part of the day, I guess to show me what they do, which leads into my job position. I find it a bit worthless. If I get experienced enough to have free time to help you out, then I can learn. I don't need to know it prior to doing my job.

Everyone seems nice, but then it has only been one day. I am going to like the driving part of the job, especially once I am on my own, which won't be for a couple more days. Of course, that leaves no one but myself to blame if something gets forgotten. Yesterday things were forgotten, but of course, I had no clue, as the trainer did not train me on them, and I felt more like I was just trailing him all day, rather than actually learning much. He's a nice guy and all, but a bit spacey.

Still have about three hours before I need to head in today. Last night we dropped off my personal van, and I got to bring home one of the panel vans that we used on the route. Eventually, they will have me driving a box truck (like a U-Haul) which will be interesting on a daily basis. We were using the van last night, as the manager flat-out said he doesn't trust my trainer (he's only 21) in driving the box-truck as he has no experience. Of course, this was after he asked if I do, and yes, I do. I think driving a 27-foot U-Haul, towing a 4-wheel transport with a jeep on it from Phoenix, AZ, to Hyde Park, NY, counts. He laughed.

Either way, I need to get some things done before I leave for work today.


Monday, August 26

Starting Work

Today I start my new job, and it is going to be a long day. Normally scheduled to start at noon, today he has asked I show up a couple hours earlier, so that the office manager can introduce me to certain people, as well as get me the the address and phone numbers of the techs I will working with, plus get me set up with a company phone. From what my buddy, Don, has told me, the manager had met with the techs last week, letting them know that there was going to be a new driver, and to be sure to be around to meet me as I came by this week. To top that off, the manager was telling them that I would be better organized, on time, and much better all the way around form the previous person that held the position. Inadvertently, I found out the guy had two major strikes against him, and they were looking to be letting him go soon either way, he just gave notice and quit the next day this past week. Either way, the manager seems to be either making me out to be something really good, and making the techs expect a lot from me. I don't think it will be difficult.

So, with a new job, writing may slow down a bit, especially since it is not a job that has a computer in front of me all day. It'll be nice to not have to work at the pub late nights now, though the owner there has asked me to try to keep my Saturdays there. I mentioned just to help out with the larger event nights, like the pay-per-view UFC fights, as I would like to keep the employee discount for drinks/food, but I guess we will see. This coming Saturday is the UFC night. But will see how tired I am from the job.

Guess that is all I have for today. I need to get in the shower and get set for the day.


Thursday, August 22

Working It Out

Yesterday afternoon I got a phone call. It was the guy I interviewed with two weeks go for a part delivery position. The one I have been waiting seemingly for months to open up. I was hired. The initial start time frame was still like two weeks out yet though, however, on the call, he wants me to start Friday or Monday - my choice. I opted for Monday. So, in four days, I will be heading back to a regular 40-hour work week for the first time in about 5 years. I am not extremely happy about the hours, but a job is a job. Today, I am to drive back across the Valley to meet with the HR person to do the paperwork. Then they will send me to Concentra to do the drug test. Hope I pass. I didn't study Pharmacology in school.

Other than that, did an emergency run to the MIL's this morning. Seems she went to start her car, and it wouldn't. There was a bit of corrosion build-up on the negative terminal, so I cleaned everything, but didn't work. Luckily there is an Autozone within a couple miles, so ran the battery there to be tested. It was bad. Bought her a new one and put it in. She is good to go now.

Feeling antsy and anxious today. I am not worried about he paperwork and drug test, I think it is just a bit of nervousness about the whole new job thing. I am sure it will all settle down come Tuesday morning. I am hoping they give me the company vehicle shortly after starting, meaning, the one I take home. It is 30 miles one way to the shop, and I don't care to be running that in my beat up van. I am sure I will have to do it though for at least the first few days. I think they do company meetings on Thursday mornings, so maybe by then, I can catch a ride with my buddy, then just take the company vehicle form there.

The Daughter is in a bit of a pickle. When she last renewed her apartment lease, she was able to extend it a bit over a year, so that it ended the end of October (when she is finishing up school). I guess at that time, it was within a month of the lease expiring. Now, they gave her 5 days to renew (now 4 days). To go month-to-month, the rent goes up to market value (probably at least another $100 higher/month). She and the fiance are not sure what to do. Neither is sure where they will be working (same town or state even). I guess she is checking some comparable places there to go month to month without such an increase of rent, and supposedly said there were a couple places not bad. I have yet to talk to her about it. All this was told to me by the Wife last night. At least with me starting work, there will be a little more money to help offset her higher costs for rent temporarily, though I am not happy about it.

Need to grab a light, late breakfast.


Wednesday, August 21

No News is Good News

Been a good morning so far. Just recently got back home after having breakfast with Preacher Tom over at one of our favorite places, Fast Eddie's. I am soooo full!! Think I shall skip lunch today!

Nothing new going on. Nothing exciting planned. Think I shall play video games and read today.


Tuesday, August 20

It's A Catch-Up Morning

This morning I am spending time catching up on some television shows I like to watch. We don't have cable, or satellite, at our house - never could see paying for it when we don't watch much on cable networks. The Wife has a few shows in the past she has enjoyed, and they are all on regular TV networks, and I am not much for many of the shows in the past. Lately though, there have been some decent ones, and I admit I have a small list now. I prefer to watch them the day after they air, as I can usually find them on the network website, and view them with few, or sometimes no, commercials. Already this morning I have caught up on "LONGMIRE", about Absaroka County, WY, sheriff Walt Longmire, based on a series of books by Craig Johnson. I had read the series after watching the first season through Netflix. Next up is "THE NEWSROOM" which airs on HBO. Following that will be "RAY DONOVAN" which is Showtime I believe.

There are few other shows coming out this fall that have caught my eye. "AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D." is one. It is a take-off of THE AVENGERS movie out this past summer. A couple others with new seasons are "VIKINGS" and "GRIMM". And the longer running "SONS OF ANARCHY". Guess I will have to start setting schedules to watch them all come this fall. Hopefully it will be around a work schedule, as the new job is hopefully starting in the next couple weeks. I will be following up with the manager there this afternoon, or maybe tomorrow, depending on if he has the time to talk a bit.

The boys have settled back into a school schedule pretty easily this year. This is the second week back, and things are falling into a regular morning again. The oldest has his first football game coming up next Friday. The Daughter is getting ready to start her last 6-week internship within the next 2-3 weeks as well. She is looking to graduate the end of October.

With the boys back in school, I need to get back into a regular thing of going to the gym. I have done well, considering most of the summer I did not go. I managed to lose about 18 pounds since January, and look to try for another 15 before the end of the year. Losing 30 pounds for the year doesn't sound like much, but it is good for me. Plus, maybe I can win Reverend Mother's challenge of 10% weight loss (I was over 300 lbs. when she made it, so I figure 30 is about 10%. Would love to drop a few extra, but we will see. The hard part is always keeping it off.

Guess I should get off here and get my shows watched. Need to do some correspondence, too.


Friday, August 16

Just Some Words

Yesterday I had nothing to share. Today, I seem to have like half a million jumbled thoughts running through my head, and before I can figure out how to write one out, it is gone, and half a dozen others take it's place. Yeah, welcome to my Friday morning. Between that and feeling like a have a zit on my butthole ... You're welcome, I shared.

I am sitting here snickering at that last comment. I can imagine anyone reading this imagining that scenario.... Okay, now I am literally laughing out loud!

Anyways ... So I got asked out to lunch by the RM yesterday. She is off work as it was her and PT's Anniversary earlier this week, so they had stayed up north. Yesterday they were back in the Valley, and invited me to First Watch (breakfast & lunch cafe). RM had a free birthday meal coupon, but I am still glad they asked me to join them. It was nice to catch up on some family talk one-on-one. Today being the last day of her week off from work, I asked the RM to lunch on me today. Looking forward to that! I started out the day with a phone text battle for the last word, which she was kind enough to let me win.

This afternoon I will be heading to Sis' probably. She is picking up our friend, Leah, from her conferences today when they are done. Leah is staying at her place, then Sis will take her to the airport in the morning. I have to work tonight, but thought I could spend a couple hours out there. I know the Wife is planning on her and the boys heading out there this evening.

That's all I got today. Thinking it may be time for a granola bar for breakfast. That, and I gotta pop that zit ...


Thursday, August 15

Simply The Most Important

I got nothing for you today. My mind is drawing a blank. Think I better get off the computer and find something constructive to do (yeah, right).


Tuesday, August 13

What To Do ....

Today started the early morning wake-ups, as the oldest son started Zero Hour at school for band. That means getting up early to wake him up, then have him to school prior to 6:30am four days of the week, for pretty much the whole school year. I guess I got used to sleeping in an extra hour over the summer, because I am feeling tired this morning.

Being up so early, I accomplished my regular routine much earlier, too. So now, as it hits the 8 o'clock hour, I find myself with a lack of anything to do. Wait. Let me rephrase that. A lack of desire to do anything. I don't want to lay back down, as I want to get used to being up earlier, but it sure is sounding good about now. I know I mentioned about going to the gym again, but this morning, I am too tired to even think about it.

Guess I'll sit here and contemplate what I should do, versus what I want to do, versus what I feel up to doing.

Exciting, I know.


Monday, August 12

Getting Back Into Routine

The boys have been shuttled off to their first day of school. It feels a bit weird at home without having one of them here, as most days of the summer, one of them had been home seemingly each day of the week. With school starting up, our schedule seems to fill up as well with concerts, football games, other marching band events. All of that, add in the regular family stuff, birthdays, and holidays ... I'm getting tired just thinking about it.

Either way, with the boys going back to school, I need to get back into my morning routine of going to the gym. Most of the summer, I was just stopping in to weigh myself for my bet I had during the look league season (which I won $14 on). I need to get back to regular workouts. Even with the chance at this new job, my mornings can still have a workout without having to rush everything. Just got to get in the mindset to do it.

Having this quiet time to myself this morning (because I didn't go to the gym) I have gotten through several days worth of emails, social media posts, etc. and even some blog reading in. Debating now if I should watch one of several movies I have, or kick back and read, or play Warcraft. Heh. The decisions I have to make.

I tried something new this weekend. I had been growing my beard out (about 4 weeks worth) but last weekend I ended up trimming it down (about 1"-1 1/2" off) but I kept the mustache long. It is the longest I have grown it (the mustache) and my barber got me a tube of mustache wax. I am not sure if I like using it. I tried it for the first time yesterday, and not sure, but I think I might have used too much. It made the 'stache feel too tacky/sticky. The 'stache seems to hold some form with just training it on a regular basis so far. Here's a pic from dinner on Friday night.

It's getting there. Maybe I need to shave the beard edge down a bit more so the 'stache stands out better... Got to decide what I am going to do.


Sunday, August 11

What a Doozy!

In the last post, I made sure to mention that the Reverend Mother was celebrating her birthday, by having the family out to dinner. Prior to meeting there, the Wife tells me that the Daughter's boyfriend had texted her that they might not it up in time to meet there, but wanted to talk to me. Either way, through a couple phone tag games, we ended up talking on the phone (the boyfriend and I) and he asked for the Daughter's hand in marriage. I gave our blessing, and he proposed to her Saturday morning, at the top of one of the local hiking trails on the mountains in town, at sunrise. She said yes.

Here it is Sunday morning, and I have basically told her she needs to let everyone know, and give us the okay to be able to mention it to people. Mainly, I want her to have all the excitement, as, I hope, this will be the only time she is engaged. I know she has told most of the immediate area family, and will be sharing with more today.

It is Sunday, and my afternoon and evening are pretty booked. There is a coaches meeting around 2pm that I need to go to (I am pretty much the admin part of our team) and leave there to be home by 4pm to head to the airport to pick up Leah, my friend flying in from Michigan. The Wife and I decided this morning that we would take the whole family with us to the airport, then take Leah out to dinner once she has arrived. It is the only chance for the Daughter to see her prior to her returning flight next Saturday. That will put me back home probably somewhere between 8-9pm.

The boys start school tomorrow. Sigh. not looking forward to another school year of the 6:30 am drop-off for band dang near everyday.

Needless to say, I am feeling a bit busy today!


Friday, August 9

Week End Update or How'd My Week Go

Not that too much of any importance happened, I just didn't feel I had much of content to write about.

Wednesday I went for the interview. Thirty miles, one way, for this one. Wasn't as bad as it could have been, since it was 99% freeway driving, and at 9am, traffic was smooth flowing. The interview itself went very well, and I feel confident that the job is pretty much mine. They are saying it will be about 4 weeks before it will be available though. I've been out of work this long, what's another month, right?

Wednesday was also the middle son's 11th birthday. We had gone out Sunday evening for his birthday dinner, as I had pool league that night, and the oldest son had band practice. This weekend I will be taking the birthday boy to Barnes & Noble to find a couple books for presents.

My pool league finished up this week. The next 3-4 weeks are small events, including the awards party, and the captains meeting. Due to this new job coming up, I will not be able to play next season, and broke the news to the team. They were not exactly pleased as not only do they need to find another player, but someone to do the paperwork (I had done it before). Luckily, my buddy Don stepped up and said he would do it. So now just to find another player.

Today has some errand running to complete. The oldest son is home with me today. First stop is the school bookstore, as he needs to change out a couple of books for school since we changed a couple of his classes. Then off to the elementary school, to update the nurse's file on the middle son. I had taken him yesterday to update his shots (D-Tap and Meningitis). From there, the Wife mentioned last night we were short on a few grocery items, so will be headed to the store.

Today is the Reverend Mother's birthday, and she has planned for all the families to meet-up at Village Inn for dinner. She likes to do this big dinners so she can have time with each person. I will be there a bit early, as I need to work tonight and won't be able to stay the whole time. I just called her to wish her a happy birthday, but had to keep it short as I am sure she is at work and if not having started already, preparing to do so.

Weekend is sort of busy. My best friend's wife is arriving in town Sunday for a conference/convention she is attending. I am picking her up at the airport and taking her to the resort so she will not need to rent a car. Next Friday we are going to try to get family together to hang out with her before she flies back. Sunday I also have a coaches meeting for the softball season that is close to starting. I fell like I am starting to get quite a few things on my plate ...


Tuesday, August 6

Feeling A Bit Nervous

I have an "interview" today. I use the " " as it is not quite like a formal interview, more of just a face-to-face meeting. I am still nervous about it, and it is like 3 hours away yet. I think I am nervous since it has been awhile since I last went to one.

This is the last week before school starts, and all the boys are anxious to get that last full day of staying home with Dad so they can play on the computer all day. The middle son asked if he could stay home today rather than Thursday, but I had to tell him no, because I would be gone for a few hours driving to Mesa for the interview, plus, on his day home, I need to run him back to the clinic for his updated immunization shots, since his birthday is officially tomorrow, and they would not do them until he was 11. Stupid, but that's the system for you at times.

My eyes are a bit bloodshot this morning, and the nose won't stop running. I am sure it is due to the wind that picked up a little last night before giving us what appears to be a slight wetness from the sky.


Just got a phone call regarding my interview. Supposedly the guy I was to meet with has been called to a meeting today at our meet time, so has called me to reschedule for tomorrow, same time. Just what I needed, another 24 hours of anxiety.


Monday, August 5

The Weird Things From The Past Few Days

I didn't look when I posted last, but it was probably Friday. Either way, this weekend was a bit different than most of them.

Friday night was work as usual, nothing major going on. Saturday night they had on the UFC fights, so the crowd was a bit bigger than usual. The past two UFC fight nights have been mellow, but it was bound to change sooner or later. A couple hours after the fights were over, there were a couple younger guys running their mouths, putting down people. I guess they had said something to one guy (who works there as a karaoke host on several nights) that his tattoos (he has body sleeves of them) are shit, etc. Oh, I should mention this guy they insulted, is a tattoo artist as well. Needless to say, two of our larger regulars (and tattooed as well) heard it and there was a near fight. The punks were herded out the door, and between myself and another bounce, we were able to keep the large guys from kicking the asses of the mouthy bastards.

I forgot to mention that shortly before this, we had a transvestite customer come in. Five minutes or so later, my brother and his girlfriend come in. Later on, my brother's girlfriend tells me that the tranny had gone to the restroom in the ladies room, standing up.Now, it is against the law, that if you have a penis to use the ladies room in the fashion this was done - meaning, the mens/ladies rooms are clearly marked, and there is no shared bathroom. We employees got a kick out of it, as I passed it to the head bouncer, who kept trying to get someone to talk to the tranny about it. Needless to say, he handled it well, informing it that it could stay as long as it used the men's room the rest of the night. It was up with three female friends, and a short time later, they left, being bitches and telling people outside that our bar doesn't like its type, etc. Either way I got a good laugh at the head bouncer for having to handle that situation.

Sunday was a mellow day. I rested (read napped) off and on through the day. For an early supper we took the middle son out to the place of his choosing for his birthday, which is actually Wednesday. Invited along were the MIL, RM, and PT. It was nice to sit down and visit for a bit, while the kids played video games or whatever. It was at the pizza joint. I got a bit miffed at the place though. They had this "special deal" where for $20 you get 100 tokens, and was advertised as a $5 savings. So I went to the counter to get that deal. As she rings it up, I hand out the $20 bill, but she tells me it is $21.66. I made the comment that that is not $20 for 100 tokens then, and that is not a $5 savings for me. She just looked away, saying "That's just how it is." Nothing else, just that. Then hands me a token (that gives 100 tokens when used int he token machine) and a small plastic cup. Well, needless to say, we only go to that place maybe twice a year ... definitely not going to do more at those prices. But I will admit, they messed up our pizza orders, and ended up giving us a free extra large pizza with everything (the one they made by mistake). So I guess, overall I did get my moneys worth. I'll be eating pizza for lunch all this week....

Well, last night the Reverend Mother mentioned I should blog about the token thingy, and I guess I did. I had nothing else for today.

Tomorrow, I have an interview clear across the Valley, for a position I have waiting for to happen. Maybe no post tomorrow.


Friday, August 2

The Art of Bearding (or How to be Lazy and Not Shave For Awhile)

It has been about four months since I started letting the beard grow again. It has reached a nice 1-2 inches by my guess, and I have been receiving quite a few compliments for it's appearance. Just earlier this past week, I even colored it with a sample of Just for Men that I had received as a test product (another story). I missed some of the greys in the beard, but got most of the thicker spots. I did not do the coloring for vanity. It was a test product review thing. When the grey grows back out, I will let it.

I forget why I originally even started growing the beard. I think mostly it was because I got lazy and just didn't feel like shaving. Usually I have a mustache and goatee, but every few months I decide to grow the beard out. What can I say, I get lazy often I guess. Either way, it usually only lasts a couple weeks before the itchy stage drives me to shave again. This time I decided I was going to get past that stage, and I have. I just am not sure where I want to go with it. Toying with the idea of at least handlebarring the mustache, as it is getting to some good length, but just am unsure about it all.

Think I am off to McDonald's - pick up some breakfast for the oldest son and I as it is his turn at home today. Work for the next couple nights, yee haw.


Thursday, August 1

The Sweet Spot

During my morning routine today, through Facebook, a friend had posted a link to this article. Normally, I would not have clicked on it, since I saw it went to the Huffington Post. Why? Well, I have quite a bit of dislike for that site, as I feel they have bad reporting, and very biased viewpoints. That being said, I still felt compelled to read this particular posting.

After reading it, I sat here a few moments thinking about my own family. Today the youngest son is at home with me, and already this morning we have gone to the store, and to Denny's for a special breakfast for us. I realized, again, how fast my kids are growing up. Thinking of the past five years I have been out of work, but have been here for the rides they need for dentist, doctor, and other miscellaneous appointments. I have seen each of the boys grow taller and more assured of themselves. I missed much of this period with the Daughter, and it saddens me a bit, but knowing I have been able to correct things that I have been here now, I feel better.

The Reverend Mother writes a lot these days about how much she loves any time she can get, not only with myself and my siblings, but even the grandchildren, whether it is one-on-one, or in a group/family setting. I think I am beginning to see more of why that is so important to her.

Okay, sappy post over.


One Of Those Late Night Posts ....

I try not to do these posts at this late hour. Most of the time, it is because I am inebriated (read drunk) and probably don't make much sense.

Tonight is not any different. I am just trying to get it done now, rather than in the morning, when I still have no content to write about, but want to sleep until ... well, later than the usual.

My pool team is coming to the close of a season. Next Wednesday is our last regular game night of this season. We are not going to win the big trophy. Or even the smaller one, or get the prize for third place. We are looking to end up like 12th out of 14. Yeah, I guess you could say we suck that bad. But in my head, we don't. Three of us on the team, started this team. Our original goal was for us to hang out, drink beer, and shoot some pool, like we used to 10 years ago. We have played two seasons this way, and it has worked well. Next week, I told them we need to figure out if we are going to do it again, and see if someone else will be the "Captain" of the team. I have done it for two seasons, and honestly, am getting a bit burnt out on it. I know I have the most available time to do it (though, I think it is like the extras I do, more than the actual Captain-ing part).

Okay. Backing off that for now. Yeah, I had a few tonight.

The Wife let me know tonight, that when she picked up the oldest son from band practice, she had to get a 'jump' for the van. So when I got home, I had to run over to the 24-hour parts place, and have them do a battery test. They said it was bad, so bought a new one, borrowed tools, replaced it, and came home. I let the Wife know, she is safe to go to work, and home, without worry  now. I got a sleepy "okay," and here I am. Yee haw.

I am int he mood for some good vanilla ice cream ... but I have none here, and I am not going to drive out to the store, or a fast-food drive-thru for it at this hour. Sigh.