Thursday, August 1

One Of Those Late Night Posts ....

I try not to do these posts at this late hour. Most of the time, it is because I am inebriated (read drunk) and probably don't make much sense.

Tonight is not any different. I am just trying to get it done now, rather than in the morning, when I still have no content to write about, but want to sleep until ... well, later than the usual.

My pool team is coming to the close of a season. Next Wednesday is our last regular game night of this season. We are not going to win the big trophy. Or even the smaller one, or get the prize for third place. We are looking to end up like 12th out of 14. Yeah, I guess you could say we suck that bad. But in my head, we don't. Three of us on the team, started this team. Our original goal was for us to hang out, drink beer, and shoot some pool, like we used to 10 years ago. We have played two seasons this way, and it has worked well. Next week, I told them we need to figure out if we are going to do it again, and see if someone else will be the "Captain" of the team. I have done it for two seasons, and honestly, am getting a bit burnt out on it. I know I have the most available time to do it (though, I think it is like the extras I do, more than the actual Captain-ing part).

Okay. Backing off that for now. Yeah, I had a few tonight.

The Wife let me know tonight, that when she picked up the oldest son from band practice, she had to get a 'jump' for the van. So when I got home, I had to run over to the 24-hour parts place, and have them do a battery test. They said it was bad, so bought a new one, borrowed tools, replaced it, and came home. I let the Wife know, she is safe to go to work, and home, without worry  now. I got a sleepy "okay," and here I am. Yee haw.

I am int he mood for some good vanilla ice cream ... but I have none here, and I am not going to drive out to the store, or a fast-food drive-thru for it at this hour. Sigh.


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