Tuesday, August 6

Feeling A Bit Nervous

I have an "interview" today. I use the " " as it is not quite like a formal interview, more of just a face-to-face meeting. I am still nervous about it, and it is like 3 hours away yet. I think I am nervous since it has been awhile since I last went to one.

This is the last week before school starts, and all the boys are anxious to get that last full day of staying home with Dad so they can play on the computer all day. The middle son asked if he could stay home today rather than Thursday, but I had to tell him no, because I would be gone for a few hours driving to Mesa for the interview, plus, on his day home, I need to run him back to the clinic for his updated immunization shots, since his birthday is officially tomorrow, and they would not do them until he was 11. Stupid, but that's the system for you at times.

My eyes are a bit bloodshot this morning, and the nose won't stop running. I am sure it is due to the wind that picked up a little last night before giving us what appears to be a slight wetness from the sky.


Just got a phone call regarding my interview. Supposedly the guy I was to meet with has been called to a meeting today at our meet time, so has called me to reschedule for tomorrow, same time. Just what I needed, another 24 hours of anxiety.



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