Thursday, August 22

Working It Out

Yesterday afternoon I got a phone call. It was the guy I interviewed with two weeks go for a part delivery position. The one I have been waiting seemingly for months to open up. I was hired. The initial start time frame was still like two weeks out yet though, however, on the call, he wants me to start Friday or Monday - my choice. I opted for Monday. So, in four days, I will be heading back to a regular 40-hour work week for the first time in about 5 years. I am not extremely happy about the hours, but a job is a job. Today, I am to drive back across the Valley to meet with the HR person to do the paperwork. Then they will send me to Concentra to do the drug test. Hope I pass. I didn't study Pharmacology in school.

Other than that, did an emergency run to the MIL's this morning. Seems she went to start her car, and it wouldn't. There was a bit of corrosion build-up on the negative terminal, so I cleaned everything, but didn't work. Luckily there is an Autozone within a couple miles, so ran the battery there to be tested. It was bad. Bought her a new one and put it in. She is good to go now.

Feeling antsy and anxious today. I am not worried about he paperwork and drug test, I think it is just a bit of nervousness about the whole new job thing. I am sure it will all settle down come Tuesday morning. I am hoping they give me the company vehicle shortly after starting, meaning, the one I take home. It is 30 miles one way to the shop, and I don't care to be running that in my beat up van. I am sure I will have to do it though for at least the first few days. I think they do company meetings on Thursday mornings, so maybe by then, I can catch a ride with my buddy, then just take the company vehicle form there.

The Daughter is in a bit of a pickle. When she last renewed her apartment lease, she was able to extend it a bit over a year, so that it ended the end of October (when she is finishing up school). I guess at that time, it was within a month of the lease expiring. Now, they gave her 5 days to renew (now 4 days). To go month-to-month, the rent goes up to market value (probably at least another $100 higher/month). She and the fiance are not sure what to do. Neither is sure where they will be working (same town or state even). I guess she is checking some comparable places there to go month to month without such an increase of rent, and supposedly said there were a couple places not bad. I have yet to talk to her about it. All this was told to me by the Wife last night. At least with me starting work, there will be a little more money to help offset her higher costs for rent temporarily, though I am not happy about it.

Need to grab a light, late breakfast.


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