Friday, August 30

Going Solo

Last night was my first solo run on the route I drive. I was comfortable not using the GPS. I was comfortable  that I knew the correct directions to the addresses I needed to go. I was comfortable driving the large box truck. So when I got into work yesterday, and found out the guy I had been training with was being sent out on some other business, I was a bit ...huh? Instead of him doing his job, and pulling the parts, doing the transfer of inventory stuff on the computer, etc., he left, leaving me to do it all on my own. Most of which I was trained to do, but is not my job. If I am to not rack up major overtime, I need to leave by a certain time, and doing all that, as slow as I am being newly trained to it, was not looking good.

Somehow, I managed to do all that, get the truck loaded and out the door around the time I should. I started to relax a bit, knowing I was 'on time' and things were going smoothly. Too smoothly. There were a couple accidents along the streets I generally take. Okay, make some adjustments and alternate routes. Then I hear on the radio that there was some flooding (from the huge rain we had the night before) and about half the route between two particular stops was flooded out or closed to traffic. With other miscellaneous construction going on, alternate routes were difficult to find. But I did it. What's better? I even shaved a half hour off the time it should have taken me to do the whole route. I am getting good at this.

Today being Friday, it is the last day of the work week. The deliveries I make tonight will probably be larger as some techs work Saturdays, plus I will be bringing Tuesdays orders as well. Monday we are off! So, more orders may take longer at each stop. Afterwards, I think I am going to go have a couple beers.

Hopefully, today will be better, as far as getting stuff done. With it being Labor Day weekend, I know our family is getting together at Sis' house on Monday. She texted me last night to see if we were attending, but the Wife and I decided not to this time. There are just some other things we would like to get done/do. After I had texted back that we weren't not going to be there, Sis called and tried to guilt trip me saying that this is the first Labor Day I have never gone there, and that I have been avoiding her. I had to tell her that is not the case. Just the last time we all got together, I had to work (it was a Friday night). She just thinks the world revolves around her sometimes I think. Either way it pissed me off that she should act that way just because I want to do something different than normal, with my own family. RM, I know you will be reading this this morning, and will know what I mean.

Well, enough of my self-praise and bitching this morning. I know I am going to relax this weekend.


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