Monday, August 12

Getting Back Into Routine

The boys have been shuttled off to their first day of school. It feels a bit weird at home without having one of them here, as most days of the summer, one of them had been home seemingly each day of the week. With school starting up, our schedule seems to fill up as well with concerts, football games, other marching band events. All of that, add in the regular family stuff, birthdays, and holidays ... I'm getting tired just thinking about it.

Either way, with the boys going back to school, I need to get back into my morning routine of going to the gym. Most of the summer, I was just stopping in to weigh myself for my bet I had during the look league season (which I won $14 on). I need to get back to regular workouts. Even with the chance at this new job, my mornings can still have a workout without having to rush everything. Just got to get in the mindset to do it.

Having this quiet time to myself this morning (because I didn't go to the gym) I have gotten through several days worth of emails, social media posts, etc. and even some blog reading in. Debating now if I should watch one of several movies I have, or kick back and read, or play Warcraft. Heh. The decisions I have to make.

I tried something new this weekend. I had been growing my beard out (about 4 weeks worth) but last weekend I ended up trimming it down (about 1"-1 1/2" off) but I kept the mustache long. It is the longest I have grown it (the mustache) and my barber got me a tube of mustache wax. I am not sure if I like using it. I tried it for the first time yesterday, and not sure, but I think I might have used too much. It made the 'stache feel too tacky/sticky. The 'stache seems to hold some form with just training it on a regular basis so far. Here's a pic from dinner on Friday night.

It's getting there. Maybe I need to shave the beard edge down a bit more so the 'stache stands out better... Got to decide what I am going to do.


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