Saturday, August 31

So *That's* How It Works

WooHoo! It's the weekend! I wish I didn't feel like crap. All week I have been dealing with a bit of a sinus infection. Now it feels like it has moved partway into the chest. Woke up hacking and blowing the nose this morning. It must be all the in/out of A/C & heat, and being all sweaty... probably caught a cold.

So, yesterday was the end of my first week at the job. I really like it, and feel I am bringing much to the position, though it may be somewhat menial, but making it better ... more efficient. I even got my first paycheck (I know, right?) for the first couple days of the week. Getting paid weekly will be nice. Though, there is a discrepancy on it - they didn't pay me enough. No, seriously, they charged me a uniform fee, though I don't wear a uniform, and was not provided one. I'll get it corrected next week when I go back.

Tonight I am still working at the pub. It is the big pay-per-view UFC fight, and the extra help is good. The extra money is nice, too.

The Daughter is in town this weekend. She is getting ready to start her last rotation, this one with pediatrics, for her respitory therapist training. We are planning to go out Monday evening for dinner with her, the fiance, and the MIL. I am thinking Texas Roadhouse, a steak place near home. I have not tried it, and heard good things about the place.

I'm off to the store to deposit my check, and get some drugs to help ease my symptoms.


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