Wednesday, May 30

Winding It All Down

Today wraps up the final day of school for this school year. The oldest son's last day was Friday, and today the two in elementary have early release. I attended the Kindergarten graduation yesterday for the youngest, and got some pictures, since the Wife couldn't make it.
This is a good one I was able to get of him and his teacher. I was glad to see that he wasn't the only white child in the class, though, the few of them were still the minority. He was extremely happy I was there, which makes me happy. Usually my kids don't seem to want me to attend their public events as a rule.

Not to leave out the oldest son. Here's one of him and the Wife. As you can see, he is getting pretty tall.

Because I thought it was cute, here's one of the Daughter and him together.
She went back to Tucson Monday evening. She called me last night to let me know she contacted the dealership about the catalytic converter warranty. It will take a week for them to get the part(s) in, and she has it scheduled to drop off next Tuesday to be completed. Aside from getting transferred like three times, she said there was no issue about the warranty, which I am glad about. Making her set it all up is part of her learning to be an adult. I was hoping she wouldn't get flustered and call to ask me to do it.

So with summer break starting, no major plans as of yet. The oldest son has a week of band camp coming up in like a week. Followed with a second week later in the summer. They will be starting the practice for forms, etc for marching season. Since he plays French horn, for marching band they will give him a Bb horn to use. Tonight is the Parent/Student meeting about band for the marching season into the school year. The Wife will have to go as I have pool league tonight.

Looking to be a decent week.


Tuesday, May 29

Closing Out the School Year

Though my oldest son finished up the school year last week, my two younger ones still have two days to this week, before finally being released for summer break. I don't know why they would make them go two days just past ta major holiday weekend, when one of the days they get early dismissal. I figure it must have to do with the required number of days a school year must be in session. It's weird, but that is normal for the system out here in AZ. Today though, the Kindergartner has a class party that he has mentioned he would like me to attend. The Wife won't be able to go, as she has to return to work, so I already have the camera for pics if it is a "Promotion Event" for them going to 1st grade. The other son is having a party today in his class as well, though he tells me parents were not invited. I asked him if he would like me to stop by anyways, and go the definite "NO!"

Following a big weekend, I am up and moving earlier a bit than usual. I went to bed last night about 7:30'ish, and slept so well, I even had a drool puddle. I hate those. When I sleep good and deep, it seems I wake to one. Stuman had brought me back a bottle of that green label Jack Daniels when he came back from Kentucky. It got opened yesterday while at Sis' and both the BIL and I had a Jack and Coke with it. I don't care for it. I had previously heard it was supposed to be better than regular Jack, but have heard differently from other friends that enjoy good whiskeys, and even other friends that swear it is the bomb. To me, it tastes like the cheap stuff you get for $6 a gallon at the Arabic 7-11 downtown. Not that I shop there, just saying how bad it was. Sis texted me last night saying I forgot my friend, to which I replied an intelligent
"Huh?" This morning I find her reply ( that came in after I was comatose) referring to the bottle of Jack. I emailed her that they could keep it, and if they don't want it, to dump it.

Well, I guess that's enough for today. I haven't had my one coffee of the morning to get em moving, and the Wife is rousing as I have heard the alarm had gone off.


Friday, May 25

A Not So Important Moment

In the past years, well, at least since I had graduated completely out of school, it seems society put some bigger    emphasis on promoting out of the 8th grade. Sure, for many schools, it is not only the start of those 'named' high school years (freshman, etc), but many times it is changing physical location. It is the four years that determine your future, as GPAs are made, and colleges applied to for admissions. But many schools were calling this promotion form 8th grade, a Graduation. Sure in basic terms, I could see it being a sort of graduation. especially by the definition provided at It is progressing in grade levels; completing a "junior high school". But society made them into big ceremonies, where young teeny-boppers wore prom formals, all for nothing. Maybe because I heard more of that happening in AZ, that I am biased in thinking, it must be because most of the damn illegals out here can't go farther than 8th grade, because their English is so bad, or because that is when the parents make them start standing outside Home Depot to work, and help bring home money. I don't know.

Either way, my oldest son is moving on from 8th grade today. I love how the school is not calling it a graduation. In all the announcements, etc, I have seen, it is called a promotion celebration. I think that makes more sense. Anyone could have that as long as they passed the class(es). He will be a Freshman at the HS this fall. The Wife has today off, so she could attend the little ceremony they have at the school. I will be over sitting with FIL, so that MIL could attend today. She has been a big help with out kids, and their learning, since they were babes, that I thought she would like to go. With the Wife there, I know there will be lots of pictures, and after explaining to my son what OI wanted to do, he thought it would be good for Grandma to be there too. Of course, my parents will be attending as well.

Other than that, picking Stuman up from the airport tonight is all I have planned. I am hoping he brings back the bottle of green label Jack Daniels I asked for. I can't find that reserve brand anywhere out here.


Thursday, May 24

Sometimes It Just All Comes Together

I was a bit worried yesterday. It all had to do with the pool team. I was anxious, more than worried, as it was the first night of league play, and I was not sure about one teammate. Another had called and said due to work, he was not going to make it. The person that said they would sub couldn't make it as well. So I am down one player already, and another that I couldn't even get in contact with. I am thinking that the first night was not going to be smooth.

While waiting for the games to begin, I finally was able to contact the one player, and found out he would be unable to play at all for the season. Now I am down two players for the night, plus needing to fill a spot. With a bit of help form my buddies, we were able to find a couple people interested in playing, or being another sub for the season. But no one was able to attend last night due to the short notice. Now I am down to just three players for the night, which is barely enough to not give a forfeit.

The other team never showed up. Yeah. We were the AWAY team, and the HOME bar didn't have a team show up. Not one person. So, we received all the wins for the night. I even was a good boy and was home by 9pm. When it just works out good like that, it's great!

Getting ready to head out to breakfast with Preacher Tom. Then I need to do some grocery shopping as one local market has some really good deals on pork chops and ground beef. Wife told me to 'get the limit' on them as we won't see prices like that for awhile. It will pretty much finish filling up the freezer space we have as well, and I am sure we will be sharing some of it with the In-Laws.


Wednesday, May 23

Waiting For the Other Shoe to Drop

The last week and a half have been pretty good for my family. I feel that I (rather than We) have been finally able to get some things done that needed to be done. I got my eyeglasses. The Daughter got her car serviced (more here in a bit). School is ending out the year, and we have 2 boys having Promotion events. Sounds like the perfect American family thing, right? How bad is it going to be when reality catches back up?

Got the Daughter's car into the shop yesterday. I believe I previously mentioned, it had the check engine light on, and a mechanic friend a few months back got the code that it was catalytic converter related. The garage verified that issue. Good news that they let me know, is since it is a GM manufacture (Pontiac) the catalytic is covered under a 80,000/8 year warranty. She only has about 76K on it, so it is covered. They recommended that I call a GM dealer to have it taken there for the converter. Meanwhile, there were other items that needed to be addressed. Those included new plugs, PCV valve (a tune up basically), new serpentine belt, a power steering system flush (they said the fluid was black), and a couple smaller items that I just told them to do, because they could. Oh, and I told them to do an oil change, too. She got her car back last night and says it runs much better, and that the issues she had had seemed to be cleared up. She is going to have to contact a dealer in Tucson though to work in a time to get it in for the converter though. On a Wednesday, right before a 3-day holiday weekend, no way in Hell is a dealer here in town going to have time to order, receive, and replace the catalytic before she leaves on Monday (the holiday). She needs to learn to do that anyways.

With the oldest son's issues the past 3 weeks regarding homework, and the purposely lying to us to avoid it as much as possible, the Wife and I have not fully decided what to do. He was able to complete the missing assignments (final one was done the day they were due), so it appears he will not have any F's on his report card. He has a "celebration event" at the school tonight we are allowing him to attend, but he will not be able to attend his cousin's party on Friday. I am sure he will be upset about that.

I am captaining a team over the summer for a pool league. Pool as in billiards, not swimming. It has been about 8 years or more since I last played on a league, and am a bit rusty I am sure. I have dug out the case that has my stick, and gathered the miscellaneous deitrus that goes with, and have it all ready for tonight. It is a 5-man team, and I am having issues with one player that I can't seem to get in contact with as of today. Luckily, one of my friends on the team knows this guy and aid he would touch base with him today. Seems like I am sucking already at being a captain.

It's almost noon. I suppose I should try to get some other things done, rather than sit here to entertain you.


Tuesday, May 22

Another One Bites the Dust

I am not pleased this morning. Not only did the dog wake me up an hour and a half early, chewing up some stuff, but I found out another friend has passed away. I think that makes like four over the past year, that I have had to see pass away, in my eyes, before they should have. I know in all instances, health was a factor, and age did not help. I guess I should start finding younger friends, instead of the ones 10+ year solder than me. Then again, at 40, I don't know how possible that would be - to have younger friends.

I think what makes me a bit more upset, at find out out my friend had passed last Friday, is that I had to read about it on a post on Facebook. Granted, my friend's family probably did not know me - or well enough to have my contact info, or know how well we were friends - to just randomly call me from his contact list to inform me about his death. But I don't know. There were enough of our friends to let me know, but no one did. I'm just kind of pissed off about it I guess.

So my Tuesday starts out  a bit bummed. We are taking the daughter's car in to the shop to be looked at today. She says it is "running rougher than normal" and the previous problem of a possible catalytic convertor issue will be looked at. I am hoping maybe just a tune-up rather than that. They were saying it would $800-$1200 if it is the catalytic. Please be something simple and cheap for once!!! Afterwards, I need to do some chores (dishes, run to the bank) all following sitting with FIL so MIL can get some shopping done. This week is pretty clear after that, until Friday when I need to pick up Stuman when he flies back in from Ky.

Tommy, my friend, you will be sorely missed.


Monday, May 21

Getting Riled up

The other reader here at B&B, Spockgirl (from Spockgirl Musings) sent me a picture. She had designed it based on some recent things going on here at the Ralphd00d Palace, and quite frankly, I think it is it pretty damn cute!

I think the beer in hand is the best part....

In her note to me, Spockgirl mentioned that she, like myself, is struggling on, trying to write something of the elusive 'substance'. I don't know why, but it got me a bit riled up. Which is good in the sense that it gives me something to write about today. So a good h/t to SG!

I know for quite some time, my drivel here is ... well, drivel. I suppose it is more of a journal or diary, than some money-driven, expert-advice, see my journalistic experience and professionalism - type blog. I don't write about one subject and all of its wonders and things. I don't reach a crowd of millions, because I am famous. I tweet, but few and far between, and I am sure no one that reads here follows my tweets and Facebook (well, FB I know some of you do).

I guess what I am leading up to is 'canned posts'. I know some other bloggers use them. Some more than others, and some are just good enough, you can't tell if they do use them or not, let alone when. I have not ever used one. Yes, I have put up posts that were from a file - like some old ones where I was "writing" more and put in some excerpt of a short story I was working on. I don't like canned posts. When I started this blog (wow, going on like 6 years at this address) it was to work on doing a daily post of some sort, and to exercise my writing skill(s). As you can see, my skills seemingly have not improved, but my griping has. I know some family members read here to find out how things are going with my family, and that's fine. I even refrain from bitching about yours just because I don't want to deal with your shit, too. In fact, on a side note, I have another blog I do that on, but it is in no way connected to this one, or to me in anyway you will find.

The rest of you that read here, well, it's down to one of two reasons I think. First, you are out searching for some weird kind of porn, or looking for some boob pics. I have been a bit lax about posting any of them of late (the boob pics). When the Reverend Mother reads here, some times I feel a bit guilty about posting them. Yeah I really do. There RM, you scored some points there. The rest of you, probably just read here to hear how bad I have it (bad compared to maybe your life). I wouldn't believe anyone reads my stuff tyo actually learn anything..... not that what I botch about is really learning anyways.

Well.... hell. I guess that's all my ramblin' on will get ya today.


Friday, May 18

Last of the 90's

The oldest son is 14 years old today. Aside from the fact he is very nearly taller than I (I'm 5'10") he is the the born in the 1900's. We are planning to go out to dinner tonight to celebrate, but he has not decided on a place yet.

The Daughter made it in to town last night, and will be here through the next week. This is her one week break from school, which will then go through September before her next break.

Posting this week has been lax. I feel as if I have nothing to write about, though, in theory I could just pick a topic and pound out some resemblance to something. I can't do that. Or rather, I try not to. I hate writing something out, that makes me appear misinformed on a subject. Even if it is nothing but an opinion.

Headed out shortly to do some errands.


Tuesday, May 15

Kill The Dog

Yesterday ended up being one of those days where it just pisses you off. Started off great... was getting things done left and right, no probs... I even set up an eye exam appointment for like 3:30 (my first one in 4 years). No worries. I even went like an hour early because I got tired of sitting at home. It was in the mall, so I figured I could 'walk the mall', which I did do. They were able to get me in 30 min early, nice. That the "whole appointment" took 2 hours to complete....GRRRR!!!

I kid you not.... two hours, for a typical 30 minute exam. It was, do the prelims, wait 15-30 minutes, do the eye adjustment thingy, wait 15-30 minutes. Dilute the eyes, wait another 30 minutes. Oh, the doctor forgot you were waiting for her to go over the retinal picture results with you.... THEN I had to wait another hour for them to complete the lens for the glasses, which I am now wearing. Waste of an afternoon. Total time at the mall: FOUR hours. I needed a beer after that, and then a friend showed up at the bar, and next thing I know it is 2am, and ....oh geez, I am tired this morning.

I think the 3-yard chase is not helping me being tired. Daisy (our Chihuahua-Daschound mix) scheduled for an 8am appointment for her yearly shots/vaccs. I also am getting her spayed. The vet is only like 5-10 minutes away, so at like 10 min til 8, I leashed her, and went to head out. I don't know who, or how, but her collar was loose enough she ended up slipping out of it, and I had to chase her across three yards before cornering her. I was not happy when we got to the vet, but will admit we were still on time. Her check-up went fine, and I gladly left her there to be cut open. I asked about the odds she would die while they are doing the procedure, and the vet looked at me funny. I explained about the chase scene this morning, and she laughed. Glad someone thought it was funny.

I am headed to the MIL's this morning. Maybe I can catch a nap while she is out shopping, as long as FIL doesn't decide to fall down. I am just tired. Thinking a nap when I get back home.


Monday, May 14

I Am Beat

This past weekend felt like it was a week long, rather than just two days. Overall though, I think it turned out just fine. The son's Wind Ensemble received a Silver, plus, the group selected him to be one of the two that went up to accept the award. Their instructor had told the students to decide who they would want to represent them, and they chose him. Yes, you can say that there is a flare of pride inside me for that! They made it back late yesterday afternoon with no problems.

The Daughter surprised me by coming up this weekend as well. Saturday she called and asked if it was okay. I don't know if she only asked because the Wife was gone, or what, but of course I told her she could. It was a nice surprise for the Wife when I picked them up, to see the Daughter with me. Daughter had to head back home last night, as she has school today, but she did make it to see her Mom on Mother's Day.

The Wife had left me in charge of finding/buying presents for our mothers this year. Mainly because she had not had time previously to get out and do that. I shopped Friday morning and got it taken care of. I visited RM after picking up the Wife and son, then we went home, where we gave Wife her stuff. We then headed to MIL's, then out to dinner. Most restaurants still had lines out the doors, and due to time limit we had (for Daughter to catch the college bus back to Tucson) we ended up at Dennys. Though, the Wife did say I would have to take us out later this week to a nicer restaurant to make up for it. Works for me.

Last night I started making a list of things I need to get done this week. I am usually not a person that makes lists like these, but I feel like I am forgetting some things. We had received our income tax refund over the weekend, and there are things that NEED to be taken care of, though I should have been compiling this list for several weeks. So now I know I am forgetting things, as I look at only three things written down so far. I know the next few days will be busy, as I schedule these things to be done, plus work in the regular things, and the extra school activities going on for the boys.

Guess I should get started. It is after 8am, and I know places are opening.


Friday, May 11

Heading Into the Weekend

I am up a bit earlier than usual today. I just happened to awaken about an hour before I usually do. Not sure why. Either way, it works out in a good way as everyone needs to get an earlier start to the day. This morning I need to drop off the Wife and oldest son at school so that they can get started on their trip to CA. Which means dropping the two younger ones at Grandma's to get them to school.

After that I need to get some other stuff done. New brake and turn signal lights for the van (they are evidently burned out on one side) and I really should take the time without kids along to find something for the Wife for Mother's Day from the boys. I have a really nice idea, but need to see if I can find the items to do it. I should also look to find something for RM, though, I know she reads here, and she would openly say a card would be fine.... I just don't feel like doing that - though, it may end up that way. I have no idea what to do for her. Amazon cards would always work, since she has a Kindle, too.

I also have to try to hook up with the sister of my sister-in-law. The SIL had asked us about picking up a present they had sent to her sister, for my MIL for Mother's Day. Not too big a deal, but I found out she lives like 15 miles from me. Not a tremendous amount of distance, when one is talking about Phoenix, I just don't care to drive in town that far. Just one of those nit-pick things. So I need to call and see about doing that today, or maybe even tomorrow.

Yesterday PT and I watched 'Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy" and were not greatly impressed. PT had dozed off even near the beginning, as it was a slow start of a movie. The overall story was fine, but I just felt like it was going nowhere the whole time. I guess true spy intrigue movies are this way, and not the action-packed way Ian Fleming's James Bond movies are. Shrug. Oh well.

Welp, I am off to waken the boys.


Wednesday, May 9

No Change - That's Good!

This morning as I roused from my bed, I got that 'ugh' feeling. You know, the one when you know you need to get up and do something that you really just don't feel like doing? For me, today it was going to the gym. I have found out over the past year, I am a 'Morning Gym' person. Meaning, if I don't go first thing in the morning, I won't make it at all. But I still have those days where I just have to push myself to go. I guess, in some ways, that is good. A little exercise of the will power, too. The reason for this morning's 'ugh' was that I knew I should weigh myself today. I try to do it once a week, on the same day, so can get a true loss/gain for a week period. Today's scale reading left me with no loss ... but no gain, so that is good! I was worried about it after a party I had went to on Saturday, where there was so much good food, I had like 2+ plates, and felt on the verge of throwing up, I was so full. And having pizza just the other night, I was thinking I might have even gained 2-3 pounds.

PT arrived right on time last night, so I only had to sit for about 30 minutes in the cell-phone lot at the airport and read. I guess being a Wednesday, and early evening, the traffic was lighter than usual so there were no problems getting in and out. Some days, Sky Harbor airport is bitch to maneuver through, with all the traffic. RM will be coming in Saturday, and PT has declined my help of navigating the airport when he goes to pick her up. I know RM gets utterly lost at times in traffic, and I wonder how PT will do.

A couple more days until the Wife and son leave on the CA trip. I set plans with PT for a couple days, while RM, the Wife, and son are all gone. Even one with the two younger boys. I am actually kind of looking forward to the time with them, though, I would not be surprised if that changes once I got that!!

Okay, I am out to do whatever until later, when I think I shall head out for a few brews.


Tuesday, May 8

Waiting On A Touchdown

Nothing of major importance is happening today. At least nothing planned. The morning is a couple hours from coming to an end, and I have pretty much finished up my regular routine. The free ebooks have been gone through, and downloaded what looked interesting. Facebook updates and games done. While doing all that, I have been recharging my ipod and going through everything I have on itunes to reload some other selections to the ipod. I am still doing that, and may be for awhile longer, as I try to figure what to do next.

This evening Preacher Tom is flying back in, and I will need to head to the airport to pick him up. Reverend Mother is staying in Indiana a few days longer, so PT will pick her up later this week. The Wife and oldest son will be heading to CA Friday morning for the competition the Wind Ensemble will be participating in. I will be staying home with the younger boys for the weekend. I shall have to get out one night this week to have a few drinks with my buds before then. I think I may even get out with PT and the boys while they are gone, and before RM comes home. I don't know for sure yet.

I know I will be getting together with PT this week to watch 'Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy' that I got from Netflix. It was one we both had an interest in seeing, but didn't have a chance to see it in the theater. It is one I think the Wife and RM wouldn't be interested in.


Monday, May 7

Will He Do It?

I have got to be one of the worst fathers in the world. At least, I am sure my oldest son is thinking that this is true. I have kept him confined to his room, supposedly working on missing assignments, over this past weekend. Yeah I know.... I bitched about that last week. Only, he still has NOT completed them yet. And on Friday? Well, we received a note from his Science teacher, that he has an F in that class (a big difference from the C reported on his mid term report) and that he is missing another 5 assignments from that class. Plus, oh this is where I start losing a bit more of my sanity, the Science teacher had informed him of this PRIOR to notifying us, and the son STILL was not going to tell us. He is supposed to be going on a trip Friday for CA, for a competition festival for Band (they only class he seems to be passing, excluding PE). I don't know if he can even go now due to his grades. After paying around$300 for him to go.... Sigh. This weekend, asking him for the umber of assignments completed, I think it came down to "2"...out of a needed like 9. At this rate, he will be repeating 8th grade, and be grounded until he just gives up on high school and gets his GED at age 35. I exaggerate, but surely you can understand how I feel.

Tonight, they scheduled just last week, to have a concert to perform the musical selections that will be played on the CA trip. I would not be surprised if they do not allow him to play tonight due to grades. If they don't, I will probably lose it - blow my top. Not in disagreement with the the school, but at the son, because that will mean he won't be playing on the trip, and I am out that money. PLUS, the Wife still has to go as she is a chaperon. I'm going to be dwelling on this all day, no matter how I try not too. I am not going to be pleasant to be around tonight.



Friday, May 4

Things Are Looking Up

Ahhhh! It's Friday again! After this past week, I normally would have dreaded today, but so far it hasn't been too bad. Of course it is still only about 8am.

Bocci Ball party tomorrow at a friend's house. I love going and hanging out with everyone there. I wonder if the Wife will go with this time....

The son got his list of missing assignments. It wasn't as long as I feared, but he still has probably most of the weekend to get them all done. Either way his grade needs improved before Next weekend when he goes to the Heritage Festival in CA.

Yesterday, my Grandpa turned 86. The grandparents do well taking care of themselves, with all the walking they do. I expect them to be around a few more years yet.

I need to get my ass outta here and headed to the gym.


Thursday, May 3

Gonna Be One Of Them Days

Some mornings, you just wake up and have one of those internal feelings, that your day is gonna be something. I don't get them often myself, or if I do, I don't notice it much. But every now and then, I can say from the time I open my eyes, that it is going to be a good day, or a bad day, or whatever. Today, it feels like Ick. Not Ick as in sickly feeling, just a bit different than Blah. Could be a good or bad thing.

I am done with the son. The three of us talked about grades, school, and future last night, with the result being that we, as parents, are giving him all the responsibility in completing/turning in homework. Not that we won't help when asked, but we cannot be hounding him about it, especially when he lies to us and tells us he has none. We gave him long-range possibilities of what would happen if he continued to not care about his schoolwork, including the chance of no financial help once graduated from HS, to even the extreme of sending him to some facility where delinquents were just short of criminals. Okay, the last one was more a 'scare tactic', but either way, I hope he got the hint. We made sure he knew that even though it was his duty to complete his work to the best of his ability, but if he was not proving he could do better (ie, if needs help, asking; show he is struggling with it, etc) then he is going to suffer repercussions. Hint: Grounding, loss of privileges, etc. Now to see if he understood.

Either way, it is going to help free up some of the stress I have been feeling the past couple days about that whole situation. I think it is working a bit too. He was up til after 3am this morning finishing up his research paper that is due today. Why so late? Because he was trying to blow it off I think. Not my problem now though.

Well, I think I need some breakfast this morning. I feel like I want to go back to bed, too, but have to head to MIL's to sit with FIL this morning. I guess he went to the doc yesterday, and his Parkinson's is still gaining on him. Wish so much there was a cure for it. Even the doc told MIL to seriously start looking for an assisted living facility. MIL has been trying the past year or so, to handle him on her own, but you can see the stress she has been under. Part of that 'in sickness and in health' feeling she has, and of course, it gets expensive, and that's if they don't make you sign over all your money to them (the assisted living facilities).

Okay, I am out. Have a nice Thursday!


Wednesday, May 2

Dragging Knuckles

Remember comic strips, and even cartoons, that always showed the big thugs looking like gorillas, arms so hairy, big and long that they looked almost like they were dragging their knuckles on the ground? I almost feel like that this morning. I have been stressing the past couple of days about my oldest son's grades. I tell myself that it isn't my problem, that he is the one that has to correct the problem, and it will affect him more than myself. The problem is trying to believe that statement.

As a parent, I know there are areas that I just extremely suck at, when it comes to setting an example. I am not sure where I would be considering to excel at, either, but that is a different matter. Granted, my kids weren't around when I was in high school, nor when their mother was in college - well, the boys anyways - to see how doing one's homework was a requirement to get through the class with a passing grade. I'm trying to get that into my son's head, without beating the living crap out of him.

The past two days I have told him to check with his teacher(s) to find out what the missing assignments that they are allowing to be made up. Yes, I emphasized that he will be working on them every night after school until they are done. He is down to just under four weeks of school left, and he needs to get his grades up. Both nights he has come home (without his schoolbooks) with an excuse as to why there was not time to talk to ONE teacher about it. He conveniently 'forgot' to ask at least one other teacher (who has indicated he is missing work).

I don't know what to do at this point. I am debating sending an email to the teachers explaining that due to 'classroom activities' (as my son says) he hasn't the time, so would they feel free to send the list to me, and I would be able to be sure he completes all work. I have threatened this to him, but it seems to make no difference. The Wife and I have tried to sit down with him and explain how this will make a difference if he even makes it to 9th grade, let alone setting up a good habit for when he is in high school - where they won't allow one to make up missing assignments. All I get is 'I don't know' and the whole careless attitude about the whole thing.

I have nothing to "ground him" from.... he has never been one to be very social. He's still 'opening up' to that. Short of time on the computer, where he plays video games, I can't think of much else.

I know these past two years, the two classes he seems to be missing the work from are both advanced classes (English and Math). He has mentioned time and again that in high school, they would probably be too hard for him. I don't think so. He is very intelligent, just is lazy. The Wife and I were talking last night, and I mentioned I was already saying he was taking regular Eng. and Math in HS. Mainly because I don't want to have to go through this crap again. But he doesn't know that yet. Think it would make a difference now?

Am I stressing over this too much? I don't want him to be held back a year just because he is lazy, and the possible (and in my head very much imagined) ridicule he will receive from classmates.

Sigh. I just don't know what to do at this point.

I think I will write his teachers tomorrow though, if he doesn't bring home the list of assignments today.

On a good note - I lost another 3 pounds this week. I am now at a new high for total weight lost.


Tuesday, May 1

Osama, You're Still Dead

I took RM & PT to the airport this morning, as they are traveling back to Indiana to visit family, friends, and do a 13 mile walk marathon. Seems like I heard constantly on the local news talk radio about toady being the one year anniversary of Osama Bin Laden being killed. Of course, going out with every announcement of this fact, is the heightened awareness of possible terrorist attacks, as supposedly they love to use anniversary dates as attack dates in retaliation. Personally, I could care less that it has been a year since Osama was killed. I would want them to concentrate on containing/preventing terrorist attacks than celebrating the death of a 'Head terrorist".

I know, I know.... it's not really a celebration, more so than letting the public know that since they use anniversary dates, to be prepared for anything. I guess another good reason to get the parents to the airport in plenty of extra time, for any possible additional security measures. I am sure the TSA wants to group them old folks just a bit more today.... gotta make sure they aren't packing a Sherman tank in the wrinkles, don't ya know?

Trying to kill some time now before I go to my 6-month dental check-up. Not enough time to lay back down and get a few more moments of sleep. I still have over an hour to kill, and have completed my regular morning routine. I guess I could use 'Stumble' and cruise the web....