Tuesday, May 22

Another One Bites the Dust

I am not pleased this morning. Not only did the dog wake me up an hour and a half early, chewing up some stuff, but I found out another friend has passed away. I think that makes like four over the past year, that I have had to see pass away, in my eyes, before they should have. I know in all instances, health was a factor, and age did not help. I guess I should start finding younger friends, instead of the ones 10+ year solder than me. Then again, at 40, I don't know how possible that would be - to have younger friends.

I think what makes me a bit more upset, at find out out my friend had passed last Friday, is that I had to read about it on a post on Facebook. Granted, my friend's family probably did not know me - or well enough to have my contact info, or know how well we were friends - to just randomly call me from his contact list to inform me about his death. But I don't know. There were enough of our friends to let me know, but no one did. I'm just kind of pissed off about it I guess.

So my Tuesday starts out  a bit bummed. We are taking the daughter's car in to the shop to be looked at today. She says it is "running rougher than normal" and the previous problem of a possible catalytic convertor issue will be looked at. I am hoping maybe just a tune-up rather than that. They were saying it would $800-$1200 if it is the catalytic. Please be something simple and cheap for once!!! Afterwards, I need to do some chores (dishes, run to the bank) all following sitting with FIL so MIL can get some shopping done. This week is pretty clear after that, until Friday when I need to pick up Stuman when he flies back in from Ky.

Tommy, my friend, you will be sorely missed.


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Reverend Mother said...

sorry for both, son. It is hard enough when you hear about the death of a friend, but harder still to hear it through other means rather than personal contact. Love you.