Monday, May 14

I Am Beat

This past weekend felt like it was a week long, rather than just two days. Overall though, I think it turned out just fine. The son's Wind Ensemble received a Silver, plus, the group selected him to be one of the two that went up to accept the award. Their instructor had told the students to decide who they would want to represent them, and they chose him. Yes, you can say that there is a flare of pride inside me for that! They made it back late yesterday afternoon with no problems.

The Daughter surprised me by coming up this weekend as well. Saturday she called and asked if it was okay. I don't know if she only asked because the Wife was gone, or what, but of course I told her she could. It was a nice surprise for the Wife when I picked them up, to see the Daughter with me. Daughter had to head back home last night, as she has school today, but she did make it to see her Mom on Mother's Day.

The Wife had left me in charge of finding/buying presents for our mothers this year. Mainly because she had not had time previously to get out and do that. I shopped Friday morning and got it taken care of. I visited RM after picking up the Wife and son, then we went home, where we gave Wife her stuff. We then headed to MIL's, then out to dinner. Most restaurants still had lines out the doors, and due to time limit we had (for Daughter to catch the college bus back to Tucson) we ended up at Dennys. Though, the Wife did say I would have to take us out later this week to a nicer restaurant to make up for it. Works for me.

Last night I started making a list of things I need to get done this week. I am usually not a person that makes lists like these, but I feel like I am forgetting some things. We had received our income tax refund over the weekend, and there are things that NEED to be taken care of, though I should have been compiling this list for several weeks. So now I know I am forgetting things, as I look at only three things written down so far. I know the next few days will be busy, as I schedule these things to be done, plus work in the regular things, and the extra school activities going on for the boys.

Guess I should get started. It is after 8am, and I know places are opening.


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