Sunday, July 31


I was doing some, what I considered small, changes here at the ol' blog site. You know, just taking out some little things on the sidebars, etc. I don't know what I did, but it take forever for the blog to load up now. I think it is trying to access something, but I removed probably only a portion of it, so it causes such a delay. Again, something else I screwed up.

I guess the positive spin to it, is now I will be 're-vamping' the site now. Think I will remove and redesign the layout and stuff. If you have a link on my sidebar, and are removed, but would like to be back, let me know....


Friday, July 29

Getting Things Done

It's another Friday in my part of the world. Only 8am, and I feel like so much has been accomplished! I have been to the gym, did my email, replaced a tire, cleaned out a car, showered, and now, at the top of the hour, getting a blog post in for the day. May not sound like much to the average person, but was quite a feat for me.

Tire, you ask? Yeah. My old car, the Saturn, or POS, had been sitting my the RV drive we have since early June when we purchased the newer van. I had not bothered to do anything with it at first. Then my bro ScottyB needed a vehicle, and I was going to clean out all the junk and give to him. When I say junk, I mean JUNK. Since I was the only person driving it, and riding in it, for 99.9% of the time, I accumulated stuff in the back seat. Miscellaneous books I had dragged out, read, and moved on to the next, sports bag, coats from winter, old baseball caps, and the inevitable if you just toss it in the back until later, trash. Early in the week I started on the front seats, and that took much longer than I anticipated. Yesterday, with the help of one of the boys, I emptied out most of the back seat stuff, making 5 grocery bags of trash, and other miscellaneous stuff I could throw away, including a cooler (with pull out handle) and radio that leaked. Why was it still in my back seat considering I hadn't used it in like 2 years? I'm lazy and never cleaned out the car.

Back to the tire part. So ScottyB's situation worked out that he did not need the car, so everything came to a halt, and it still sat there. About a week ago (maybe a few days longer) my BIL asked about the car, as he knew someone that was in dire need of a vehicle that could get them to & from work. Being available, I had to get around to getting it ready. a Few days to get things out of it. Turns out the front driver side tire was flat, and cracked open. BIL came by, took the bad spare, and got a used tire to fix it. We were going to use his AAA to come and change out the tire. I actually started the car for the first time the other day, and it runs still, no probs there. Today, I figured it would be easier on all if I just changed out the tire, so I did, right after my gym workout. Still a little muggy being monsoon season, but the extra physical labor did no hurt for me to do.

Now the car is pretty much ready. I will head to the bank to get the title notarized with the odometer reading, and then it will be ready to be picked up. Once again, we will have one vehicle only sitting on the side of the house, and that is my next project. It is the first van we had, that took a crap on us about 5 1/2 years ago on the way to San Diego. Needless to say, it has mechanical issues, and will be donated to some charity to sell for scrap/parts. There is some stuff still in there, that we just never finished getting out. One of those, don't have the time when you think about it, and otherwise not on the forefront of our minds. It will be gone couple months I plan.

So, not bad for the start of a Friday! Got busy plans for tomorrow too... stuff around the house, miscellaneous running around. I'm going to need that rest time on Sunday, to watch the race!


Thursday, July 28

It Crapped Out On Me!!

Sometimes in life, it just feels like things do that - crap out on you. Break down, fall apart, quit working, etc. For many of us, it always seems at the most inopportune time: on the road, in-between paychecks, while you are not somewhere near to replace/repair. It never fails. One Murphy's Laws, or another close relatives of Murphy anyway.

I know I have bitched/whined/complained about some of mine. Lately, it seems like the van. Lately means the past 2 years (rolls eyes). My oldest son and I took it up to the garage yesterday. Spent an hour and a half for them to say "We think we found the problem, but we are not sure". Oh, nice and affirmative! Seems the rear drums had some 'grooves' in them, that the theory is the brake shoes were grabbing, then slipping, hence causing the sort of thumping noise I heard. We gave them a turn on the lathe, to knock out the grooves, and so far, they are doing better. Great! Only wasted a little over 2 hours there to do that. At least it was covered since I just had them done Friday.

Things are looking up! Then in the afternoon, my computer mouse, quit working. Weird. System reboot seemed to fix the problem. It happened twice more throughout the afternoon, until I was just aggravated by it. I could not figure out why it would 'freeze up' - no new programs, nothing out of the ordinary. Well, at the Wife's computer, the kids had evidently spilled some sticky drink on her mouse at some point, and the buttons would stick occasionally, so I figured it was time to just replace them both.

We took the family out for dinner to Sizzler, and were met up by Reverend Mother and Preacher Tom. Had a nice dinner, then headed to Fry's Electronics. Picked up a couple mice of the cordless variety (wire-less, cordless - what's the diff?) and hooked them up once we got home. This morning, the Wife's wouldn't operate. After a reboot, it worked fine. This late morning, mine wants to get crazy with me, and occasionally just stop, then unfreeze and work normal. Teach me to go with the cheap stuff, but I couldn't see spending $40 for a fricking mouse.

While we were out, I picked a USB wi-fi card for the middle son's laptop. I tried to get that working last night, and it appears almost everything is working, except it is not giving him an IP address, so he can't connect to the internet, though it shows signal strength and access to the home wi-fi network. I have plans to call on that today.

So, some things crapped out, somethings just don't like me, and y'all are probably saying it is operator error. Just laugh at it, and move on.


Wednesday, July 27

Hmmm, Is That A Bad Noise?

Monday I was able to meet up with an old friend. We hadn't seen each other for about 18 years, though we kept in small amount of contact the past couple years on Facebook. An old friend? Maybe I should rephrase that. She was my first girlfriend. It was nice to meet her husband, too! We had a great couple of hours hanging out.

Though, the title of this post starts Monday evening when I was heading out to meet up with them. See, back on Friday, I had taken my van in as the brakes were making some noise, and turns out, it was metal-to-metal. For those of you that know, it means they were shot. And of course, the luck I have, I had to replace rotors and drums as neither could be lathed down for surface. Sigh. Another pretty penny gone. Come Monday, every time I braked, the last about 4 car lengths before coming to a stop, I would hear a slight 'thump-thump-thump' noise, coming from the rear passenger area. Kinda like when the washer is overloaded on one side and is in the spin cycle? Know what I mean?

Being Monday night, nothing I can do. Happened more when I drove home. Now they said give it about 100 miles of regular driving to "set" the pads, etc as everything was new, but I don't think this is a regular noise. I could understand maybe some squealing sound, but not thumping. Yesterday I overslept, and just didn't feel like going anywhere. Today, as I was headed the 2 miles to the gym, the thumping stopped, and a slight grinding noise started. I think I slipped a brake pad, or it broke, and now it is not good. So, back home I go (after the workout - might as well do it since I was there already) and the thumping noise starts again, with the grinding. So now that I have showered, will take it to the garage and see what is wrong. It better not cost me any money though!


Monday, July 25

Down to the Wire

It's the last week of July. For many of you, I am sure that is just one of the early warning signs that summer is drawing to an end.... that school will be starting over the next month or so. This is true in my house as well. But what it really brings to my attention, is the goal I set for myself for September - 20 pounds more off by then, minimum.

It was early July when I set that goal, and it seemed realistic to me. Three months, 20 pounds. I had lost 17 just the first three months I started trying, and only about a month of that was using the gym. Fair, reachable goal, I thought.

Now it is the last week of July, and I have like 5 weeks to reach my goal, and am needing 19.5 pounds to lose. The past 3 weeks I have only lost a half pound. So I guess I need to do something more. I decided this week to start doing the gym 5 days a week, instead of just 3. the two extra days I will do the elliptical machine, as I am not very good on it yet. The other three days I will do my regular workout routine. Plus the usual, trying to eat better, though, that's another issue in itself.

Today I am off to the DMV, to get a replacement title for my car. Yeah the one I quit driving when I got our older van. My BIL has asked about it for a friend that is in dire need of a vehicle. I am trying to get it cleaned out (I had stopped bothering at the time ScottyB didn't need it) and all that jazz. It's just too damn hot (and muggy today) to get out there and try to do it short of the early evening. And I had alot more junk in there than I thought I did. I am sure it is frustrating my BIL, that it is taking me so long. I am sure the gal he asked for, is hounding him about it, but I shouldn't care. Beggars shouldn't be choosers, and trying to demand it faster is not going to motivate me any faster. Even if I weren't giving it away for free, and I was offered money, I just don't care. I really think it should be sold for parts, and not let anyone drive it.

Sigh. Enough of that. I know Sis reads here, and she'll prolly relay that rant on to her hubby. Oh well.


Thursday, July 21

Feeling Worn Out

Whew! Yesterday I spent 8 hours with my three boys, neice, nephew, nephew's girlfriend, and distant family member, at the water park. Needless to say, it felt good considering our temps are so hot right now, and the monsoon weather making it feel so damn muggy. But I am worn out. The two younger sons were passed out on the way home. The oldest and I were pretty beat, though managed to stay awake to our more regular bedtimes. A little bit of red amongst us all, but I was pretty good about us keeping sunblock on throughout the day, so we aren't too burnt. My legs can feel it from all the walking, and swimming that was done.

Today I got to spend half the day with the youngest son on his "Dad & Son" day. I say only half a day, because even though he slept on the way home, napped until dinner, and went to bed early, he still slept in today until noon when I woke him up. I have been trying to make sure he drinks plenty of fluids to help catch up from yesterday as well.

Plans coming up? Nothing really. In fact, my calendar shows the rest of the month free of events, though I am sure the Wife will find something to throw in there.


Tuesday, July 19

Times Are Changing

Recently, a blogger I love to read, Joe, over at Fat in Indiana, took a hiatus on the blog writing. He had been blogging for about 6 years (if I remember correctly) and just needed a break. Also, in the past year he has made changes to his blog, like the title, layout, etc.

I am thinking it may be time to do that here as well.

WHAT?!? You ask incredulously? No more Boobs to look at? No more posts about how much Beer I had to drink? No more crazy stuff about how those both go soooo good together???

Yeah. It has been almost 5 years (and just over 1000 posts!) since I created this place, and we all know how Life changes people sometimes. I feel I may have changed enough that this place isn't what it used to be. In fact, I know it has lately seemed more of a journal than anything else. Maybe now is the right time for a change not in just the layout, but maybe the Title... and maybe how I write here. I know it is all up to me, but I am curious if anyone would actually feedback what they think as well.

So, if I am going to change the Title, what are some other good possible names... or should I keep the same one?

Note: I have the domain name until later this year, so this may decide if I renew that or not.

Let me know in comments, or if you prefer, email me:


Monday, July 18

Summer Coming to a Close

It is a month until school starts up again for my boys. I know these next four weeks will probably fly by fast, with everything that "needs" to be done before that first day. I mean, we are talking school supplies, clothes, registrations, Meet-The-Teacher nights, etc. Plus I am trying to pack in extra time and things with each of them, to help round out their summer vacation.

This week, aside from the semi-regular, one a day at home with Dad, I am taking them to one of the local water parks on Wednesday. The park is open from 10a-6p, and I have a feeling we will be spending much of the day there. To help make it more fun, I am picking up some a few others to go along. It shall be a nice rewarding day in the middle of monsoon season, so I am hoping it doesn't turn a rainy day. Being AZ I should be safe....

The middle son will be celebrating his birthday the week prior to school starting. I have no idea what we should plan for that event. Usually he is happy to go to the local pizzeria that has a bunch of the games to play, but he is turning 9 this year, and his tastes may have changed... then again, maybe not. I will have to ask and find out when I have on his day this week. Plus I need ideas of what to get him for his birthday either way.

It was a good weekend. Got to hang with some good friends on Saturday for a bit. Had a wonderful family day yesterday. Nothing but good things to look forward to this week.


Sunday, July 17

Having a Family Day

It's Sunday, that day when many of us sleep in, or at least relax around the house. That day to do your best to enjoy what is left of the weekend, or to try to finish up stuff that didn't get done.... all before heading back to the work week. Well, those of us that are normal anyways.

Today is my father in law's birthday. I don't know his age, though at this point I don't think it matters. Dad has finally retired late last year after 40+ years in the American Missionary Fellowship. He has held several positions in those 40+ years, starting in the central portion of AZ, then State Director, and on up to SW Region Coordinator. He has started and maintained many church communities around the state, sometimes in towns I had never heard of: Cornflower, Skull Valley, Nutrioso, Crown King. Sure, not all survived the changing times, but many have. I learned many of these places from talks with Dad, and trips we made on Sunday mornings with him to visit a church, or he was guest speaking there. Most were followed with pot luck lunches, and man, you don't wanna miss that kind of food!!

Much of that ended for Dad once he retired. See, Dad is diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease, and the effect on his mental abilities has become more and more severe in the past year. His health has deteriorated as well, and he has lost quite a substantial amount of weight. Mom has been his constant caretaker, though the strain gets to her at times. I guess after 50 years of marriage, you can see how much love is truly there in times like these.

But today is his birthday, and we are celebrating by taking them to lunch at one of our family favorites, the Black Bear Diner.

Happy Birthday Dad!


Friday, July 15

Tackling Red Lobster

Friday morning, 7:00am, the flight took off for San Diego. It was to be a fun weekend spent with friends, watching some OTL, and checking out the girls, drinking beer.... just having a fine time. My first drink was a Jack Daniels. With a 'Free Drink' coupon, it was my only in-flight drink. Of course, they were coming around to pick up cups before I was finished, so I had to slam it. The flight was only an hour and ten minutes.

From there, the 12 ounce curls were done abundantly. I even changed hands, so I could build up my muscles evenly. Wouldn't want one bicep bigger than the other, don't ya know? We started at the Paradise Lounge and Grill - right next door to Deja Vu Showgirls (Where they have "1000s of beautiful girls, and 3 ugly ones!" - see the small print on the sign).
Breakfast was great, and washed down with more barley and hopps. From there, it was check-in at the hotels, then off to Beachcombers, where more beer was imbibed. If you hadn't got the hint yet, there was much drinking going on, and we hadn't been in town one night yet. The afternoon continued on our regular itinerary of going to Fiesta Island (where the games are held) and buying merchandise, then back to the hotels to freshen up for dinner.

Dinner on Friday is fairly early, since one of our buddies is an early to bed type guy. No big deal. My roomie and I made it there about the time he was finishing up and leaving. We ordered and ate, had some good lobster and shrimp. And I forced myself to eat it all. What? From the post title, you though I wouldn't be able to finish my plate? Heh.

So, as my roomie and I were leaving, following the sidewalk out the door, where it does a little path alongside the restaurant, and curves back to the sidewalk next to the street...where we were headed to walk back to the hotel. I don't know what happened. I thought maybe in my inebriated state I tripped over my own feet, but my roomie says there was a step down that I evidently didn't see.... Needless to say, this huge mass of body, full from dinner, full of beer, started to do the 'Catch-Your-Balance' stumble. Yeah, where you stagger forward in an appearingly drunk, awkward footing, trying to regain your balance. It didn't work. About 12-13 steps into that dance, I knew it in my head, and within maybe 2 more, the rest of me knew it.

Red Lobster has nice landscaping. Being in San Diego, there is lots of greenery around, and this place spared none, having a nice, ohhhh, 3 foot high brick planter alongside the building, that holds flowers, I think. I really didn't pay attention as I landed weird, yet full-length, along the corner edge of it. The quick stop, followed by a small tumble the remaining 3 feet to the ground, and a quick jump-up saying "I'm okay!" happened, then the clapping sound from a couple people walking in brought on a bit of blushing by myself. As I was dusting myself off, the roomie was asking if I was ok, etc, and I shrugged it off. I noticed I had some slight tears in my shirt, along the line of where I hit the corner edge of the bricks, and was a bit miffed. It was an OTL shirt from 2007 (irreplaceable).

Was that all? Well, no sooner had we made it to the sidewalk, I noticed my knee was letting out a pretty decent blood flow, so we hurried back to the room. Took a good half hour to get it to quit bleeding. Turns out I had skinned up the left knee pretty bad, the right one about half as much, and had a nice bruise/scrape line from the upper right to lower left off my torso (right along the tears line on my shirt). The next day the pain of it all settled in, and I am still feeling it today - about a week later. I also found out my ring finger on the right hand had been jammed, so am unable to close my hand still at this time. The knees got some good internal bruising (aside from the skinning) according to the Wife (physical therapist) after she checked them out when I got home Monday.

Needless to say, I had not been to the gym this week, being unable to grab things (like to do weightlifting) and the soreness of the knees (so not walking as much). I decided today to try to get in and see what walking at least I can do. May not be as much as regular, but I gotta start somewhere, and the Wife encourages to do some to help heal the knees faster, just to not over so it.

So, Red Lobster scores. I get an error, and some other bad marks.


Wednesday, July 13

One of Those Weird Ones

I just woke up from having a very weird dream about my Dad. I can only remember some of the basics.

I'm about 20, and this woman suddenly contacts us (my sister, brother and I), informing us she is our step-mom from a marriage to my Dad from years before (Note, Dad is passed away as he did in real life, and I am guessing from after the divorce with Reverend Mother, and before the one with my true step-mom). The letter somehow included some pertinent facts (which ones escape me now) and concludes she wants to meet us, and raise us herself. (Why raise us herself, I have no clue - like I said I was about 20 in the dream).

It then switches to Tennessee where RM's side of the family were known to do big family get-togethers. My siblings and I are there, and so is this 'supposed' step-mom. She is winning the hearts of all my distant relatives, on both sides of the family. Excluding some that are not there, mainly my grandparents on Dad's side. (Why Dad and Mom's relatives were mingling long after their divorce, in Tenn. is beyond even me). At one point I got all childish, and exclaimed I would have nothing to do with her, and promptly threw a fit, walking off from the event. I get a bit fuzzy here on the details, but something about walking a long ways, and driving a car in a tunnel, that intersects another road in a tunnel, and having to back-up and try the turn a few times. Then I arrive at my grandparents' (Dad's side) and am 'sat down and given a talking-to', telling me I am selfish, that this lady was really married to Dad (though why it was all secret is still a mystery).

This lady (the supposed Step-Mother) shows up, with a younger version of my Sis, and Stuman, and I agree to speak with her, alone. We are walking off to a some place quiet, with no one around - turns out some park rotunda and a picnic table, in the desert. I tell her I don't need her, as she was never there in my life anyways, and how I am over 18 and am living my own life, that my grandparents or other adult relatives have no say in decisions that concern me. She says she understands, and just wants me to understand about the relationship she had with my Dad. I ask about why it is so "secret" and no one knew about it. I am told it is not because she was a secret agent, or in the witness relocation program, or is some kind of rogue terrorist...mainly that it was something they both knew would not work out. Though they communicated all the time via letters. I bring up the fact that  never once saw any letter from her. I get a story about how Dad even told her that he destroyed most of them so no one would ever know. Then she reaches into her purse, and pulls out an envelope with my name on it, in Dad's writing, and hands it out to me saying, "Your father knew you would be the hardest to convince of our marriage, and the circumstances that happened with the choices we made. Maybe if you read it in his words, it will help you understand."

At this point, I woke up. I think the dog climbed over me onto the bed or something.... I am not sure. But I laid my head back down, and tried to re-capture that 'almost dreaming' feeling, where sometimes you can get a dream to kick-start where it left off....

... and got nothing. So I got up and decided this was a weird one and I better get it down before I forget most of it. So I never got to read the words my Dad left me, about how this woman, many years before, and he were married. Or the story of why I should believe her, and the sudden appearance of her in my life. I mean, c'mon! They were supposed to have been married years before, but she looked like Olivia Wilde....
So she looked younger than my years (though seemingly 20 in the dream, I had the almost 40 thing going on in my head).

Was she some sort of  forgery artist, that could mimic my Dad's writing to fool me? Or better, work for a group that needed my belief to get whatever info they needed in perpetrating this deception? Maybe she really was some rogue agent and that is why their tryst was so secret.....

I guess I won't ever find out ....


Tuesday, July 12

Back Home Again

Well, I made it back home yesterday evening. I want to add the word 'barely' but that wouldn't be true. Though I did come home with some war wounds.

San Diego was beautiful! The weather (compared to Phoenix) was nice, the girls were on the beach, and I had beer in hand. Maybe in the next couple days I can get more pics up, but here is one taken of the girls we spent Saturday with.

I wasn't very good at taking pictures, and only got a few from Friday and Saturday. The rest of the time I was to inebriated to figure out the camera, or hold it still enough to get the shot.

More to come later. I am recuperating.


Thursday, July 7

Ready For A Good Time!

WooHoo!! It's Thursday, and I am in the final stages of waiting.... I leave tomorrow for OTL in San Diego. Or as I call it, four days of drunken debauchery! Printed out my early boarding pass, got my clothes set out to pack, and now the anxiety of the trip is flowing through me!

Since I will be gone a few days, I won't be posting. I don't have a laptop to take with, and even if I did, I don't know if I would have the time, or sobriety, to be putting anything legible here, let alone anywhere else. I plan on taking lots of pictures, and am sure I will share a few once I get back. After that extremely warm weekend we had, and the haboob (that name makes me giggle) that hit us this week, I am ready for the upper 70's and sunshine that San Diego has.

See ya when I get back!


Monday, July 4

Happy 4th of July!! (WooHoo! Post 1000!!!)

I hope you all had a good 4th of July. I had a wonderful day with family, and an evening catching up with old friends from high school and their families. Food, pool fun, and fireworks sure made a day long for me, and I am a bit weary.

Edit: I forgot to throw in, that if you didn't get it from the post title, this makes my 1000th post on the blog. Wow, I feel old now....

Sis' was a good family event again. I even got out in the pool and played with all the kids. Dummy me forgot the sunblock though, and shoulders and face are pretty red. Ain't hurting too bad yet, but it isn't tomorrow yet. Ribs, chicken on the grill, and Subway sandwich, plus sides of chips and sodas. Yeah, was pretty good and I thought I didn't eat too much.

Near 5-6'ish we left to head over to a good friend's house (the mom of my best friend from HS). There meeting up with Mom, and my bud Scott (not my bro Scotty B - different Scott), his lil Sis, and their families... Wow! Such a good time!! It had been a good 8+ years we determined, since we last had met up. One of those good signs about good friends.... we basically caught up in 5 minutes, and spent the rest of the time bringing up old stories, names, and then hearing the new stories of our kids, etc. I wish we had more time together, and found out they are moving closer in the Valley to, it is just sorta-kinda working out.

I had gone to the gym early this morning. Still did this week's weigh-in, and came in with another 4 pound loss. So, overall, since Oct 2010 I have lost 27 pounds, and towards my goal in September, I still have another 19 pounds to go. After that, I will have to set another goal... but for now this is working. I was planning to start going to the gym 5 days/week, and doing just some extra walking on the treadmill on the off-days, or maybe starting to try some of that stuff on the elliptical machine. But after today, the work-out, plus sun and playing in the pool, and the high heat of Phx.... I think I may just skip tomorrow morning and help the daughter get stuff ready for her move to Tucson.

Oh yeah, she starts moving in tomorrow. Not the same unit we had picked out, but a compatible one. We are already a week over the time we were told we could move-in originally (basically), and with a little help from me, we got this 1st month rent waived completely, get the discounted price that would have happened Aug 1 for her lease. May not be much, but enough to help with some of the damage of me being angry.

Whew! seems like it has been a busy last few days. This week will be spent getting my stuff ready for San Diego, because I leave Friday morning!!!


Sunday, July 3

It is Frickin' Hot!

It has warmed up here in AZ. For the first time I can ever remember since my arrival in 1986, this spring has been pretty mild. We never made 100 until May (usually it is early April) and have only started hitting 110+ the last couple weeks. Though, yesterday it averaged 117, and today feels worse, but I know it is the humidity that makes it feel so unbearable. We are supposedly do for some rain to come to town like Tuesday, so it has been getting more and more humid. Our AC unit is not keeping up with the heat, so we are feeling a bit miserable if not sitting in front of a fan.

To help alleviate some of the uncomfortableness of the whole thing, we decided to go see "Transformers 3" this afternoon. Get out of the heat/humidity for 2+hours.

Tomorrow is Family day for the 4th. Hope your day is good!


Saturday, July 2

Packed and Loaded

My friend made it back to AZ last night. This morning my oldest son, and another couple of my friends, helped get boxes loaded into the trailer and her truck bed. There was still a bit that needed to go to storage, but of course, after everything was done being loaded, then others show up, so she will put them to loading the other truck to take and put into storage for now. My son really impressed me with the amount he helped today. Makes me even more proud of him. Especially since I volunteered him into helping.

Holiday weekend. Doing my Sis' on Monday for lunch and some pool time in the afternoon. We were invited to my best HS bud's mom's place (still with me?) for a combination holiday/birthday party that evening, so I guess we said okay. I haven't seen him in years, so it will be nice. Will have the chance to finally do some catch-up on stuff, and see each other's kids/families.

Today, we are home form the packing, had our showers, and I been playing around on the computer. I am headed out to hang with some buds this afternoon to play some Golden Tee video golf.