Saturday, April 15

Nothing Yet

I woke up suddenly out of a sound sleep this morning. All because I thought I heard the phone ringing. Knowing you could get a phone call at any time saying the kids are on the way to the hospital, I have been like this for the past few nights. But as of right now, it hasn't happened. My Granddaughter just isn't ready to come into the world, I guess.

It's been a week since the Wife left to go down to Morenci and "help" out with things at the Daughter's place. The Boys have been good, and the Oldest Son has helped out a lot with getting the other two to school.

Other than that, not much going on. Hope to hear good news soon though.


Monday, April 10

When It Is Out of My Control

Man.... The Daughter's due date is the 13th. The Wife left me on Sunday to go down there to be with her for the next two weeks. It is day Two, and I am already freaking out.

Things started out good. Got the college-aged Son, helping get the younger ones to school in the mornings, since I go to work before they even awake. First evening, I get to Grandma's house, where the kids go after school, and picked them up. Life is good.

Then I find out that Grandma's gate was hacked. The wooden gate entry to the backyard. Happened a couple months ago and the "vandals" stole some bikes (random bikes they had for parts for people that really needed them). This time, they seemingly stole nothing, that she noticed, but cut the combination lock she had on a hasp on the gate. So, as I heard it tonight, I said I would take care of it tomorrow night... evaluate the damage, find a better hasp, install, and asked her preference for a lock. I got her answer, and that's the plan for tomorrow after work.

Called the Wife, who is is down with the Daughter for the next two weeks.... Grand-daughter is due Thursday, and from  text from the Wife, the whole dilation/blah blah blah... she seems to be on track. Cool. If so, she'll have the baby before the weekend, and as I try to book a hotel somewhere within 50 miles of where they live, it could be good, but I have to wait until tomorrow night, according to the phone call I just had with my Wife, who was mad because they were watching"Finding Dory" and was pissed I called. Inconsiderates. Even after I reminded her, I don't handle things well with her not here... like my sleeping. I got maybe 3 hours last night. Two weeks to go. Yee Fucking Haw.

I'm excited about my first Grandchild. I know it to be a girl. Doesn't matter to me. Can't wait to hold her in my arms....

Until then, I work. Adjust schedules with the boys, picking up/dropping off for events (if any), grocery shopping for Grandma, and anything else she is not able to do. More work than my usual weekly.

But, it is all good. Busy as Hell, but all for a Good reason.