Saturday, June 24

Guilt Trips

I have always stated to the Reverend Mother that guilt trips don't work om me. Shaming me doesn't work either. But after having some time to catch up on things at home, I jumped over to her blog, and now here I am writing on mine, because she pointed out it had been awhile since I last wrote here. So let's play some catch-up....

My granddaughter arrived just over two months ago. I instantly named her Doodad (my special name for her), and though The Daughter and SIL live 4 hours away, we have been able to see Doodad a few times.They happen to be here this weekend, and The Wife, The Daughter, Doodad, and myself all had a lunch together. Papaw got him some special time. I'll share pics later as I have not downloaded them from my phone yet.

Work is work. Due to some down-staffing (not by choice) some responsibilities are changing. The guy who took my old position is now dropping to a  half-time job, and will only deliver parts to the techs on the west side of town. The duties of preparing the work orders, and gathering of parts for ALL techs (his job portion) are now added back onto me, as well as having to maintain what I do now. I am hoping this will only be temporary until we fill the tech positions that were emptied, and be able to again substantiate the cost of the driver doing the full time job, and take that extra work load from me. So, this goes into effect July 10th.

The Oldest Son is looking for work. Online. Which means shit to me. I told him to get out and go to to managers, follow up with a call in a few days to see if they are still considering the position. Don't know if he will. The other two boys are just enjoying the time off from school.

So that is how life s going for me now. Rev Mom will be happy I!