Saturday, May 18

Getting Older

Today is the oldest Son's 21st birthday, and tonight he has allowed his Dad (Me) to take him out for the first legal alcoholic drink. Looking forward to that this evening. Might even go do some karaoke.

Life is Life. I am on vacation this week. Purpose was to move from our house to the new one, but I don't know how much of that will get done. Renting a small Uhaul for the big stuff a couple days. Luckily we are only moving about a half mile. The two other boys finish school about mid week, and will then be able to help.

Still not happy at my job, and still no job offers have come around. Still searching....


Sunday, May 12

Death and Holidays

Today is Mother's Day, and it will be a long one. The Wife has mentioned even earlier this week, with tears, that this is going to be a rough day for her.And with whatnot still going on, I didn't get out to get even a card from the boys for her.... let alone a card for RM. I guess a text message will have to do.

Still working on moving. I'm off in another week, where we will rent a truck for a couple days to get the larger stuff moved between houses. I have no idea when we will be completely moved though. It is taking a longer amount of time to go through things there for the Wife. I'm not allowed to help as I think it should all just go to the trash or Goodwill. We did end up getting the car though, so my middle son is happy. It will be given to him once he has his license.

Still looking for work. Seems there is not much on the market closer to home for me. At least at a pay level I am acceptable with. Have a couple other ideas I am workign on this weekend.

That's all I got for now.