Wednesday, December 31

Do I Have Time to Cover It All???

Goodness! Here it is the end of another year. Another year end greeted with surprise that I actually made it through. That means it has been a great year. So without further delay, let's get the season's BS stuff outta the way early....

Happy New Year!

This morning I awoke, rather early for me, and couldn't get back to sleep. So I moseyed (more like cautiously around toys) into the Family Room and sat back to watch some episodes of "Boston Legal" on DVD. Prior to turning that on, I caught some of the early news headlines for the Valley. The big one that caught my attention was the DUI Task Force that has been going on here since 11/27. Why it started that date and runs through 1/1 I have no idea, but it does. There have been over 24,000 traffic stops, 1200+ DUI arrests, with the average alcohol content being 0.1458. Now, for AZ, that is considered just barely under an Extreme DUI (0.15). Damn! That's a lot of drinkers.. and I thought I was bad!

Speaking of drinking, tonight is obviously a night that there will be many people will be imbibing - I know I will be. My good sense though is the Wife will be along to drive me home. She doesn't partake of any of my nasty habits. Such a good woman. We'll be spending the evening at the Sis's place, then home for some sleep and back again tomorrow for lunch. The Reverend Mother is making ribs, and slaw, and prolly some black-eyed peas. Yeah, good food.

What else do we have for you today? Some pictures! I finally got the camera from the Wife so I could download the pics to the computer. Found some from a couple months back, plus what was taken over the holidays. And now, for your enjoyment.... Here is the brood Christmas morning, after opening all presents, and actually somewhat awake.

Damn, my kids are just too cute. Good thing they take after their mother. Here is one I found on the camera that was taken prior to Halloween. I thought it was cute so threw it up on here too. Lessee, going Left to Right, 2 yrs, 6 yrs, and 10 yrs.
Yeah, that's the studly d00ds in my house. Last but not least, I offer this one up. I know if the Wife finds out she will prolly be ticked that I put a pic of her on here, but she doesn't read. So for those of you that know her, don't say nothing. With beauty like hers, it needs to be flaunted every now and then. Here is the daughter and the Wife pre-Halloween sometime.

If you can't tell, the Wife is on the right. Many people that know us will inadvertently call one by the other's name on occasion. They look mighty alike.
Okay, I need to get this closed off for the year. Since I was up so early, I am getting tired and thinking of taking a nap so I can last through the night. Hope everyone out there has a good evening, be safe, and enjoy yourselves. More to come next year!!

Saturday, December 27

What Haven't I Done?

Here we are in the 'tween holiday time' at the end of the year. I have had to do a bit of catching up on several blogs (apologies to ya's, but ya understand why).

This being the day after the Christmas holiday (actually, at this hour more like 2 days) seems so far everyone has enjoyed the holiday; the family time; or just the time.

To keep it fairly short, life here was good. It was a long day, and the kids "scored" well with presents, and I have pics galore for the book. I might even share a few in a couple days.

Meanwhile, whilst I was catching up on some reading, I came across a post from Hoosierboy's site. I figured, maybe (more like once again) I could kinda emulate him and see what comes up - spur of the thought/idea based on his post. So let's see where it goes....

I have never ice skated. Been on ice, just not skating.

I have never visited a Bangkok whorehouse.

I was never successful at learning to ride a unicycle.

I have never bowled a perfect game or shot a hole-in-one. I did come close once with a 295 score though ....

I have visited New York City. The Port Authority anyways. But never spent time "in the city".

I have never attended a blog meet, and likely never will. Unless it is close to AZ, or something like that. I have met people I have met online, but not since blogging.

I have never had a STD. But I used to drive a stick shift.

I have never admitted publicly to snorting coke in my youth. I am still not saying either way. Apropos of nothing, LSD is scary shit.

I never shot a man in Reno, just for snoring. Hell, I never been to Reno.

I have never been deep sea fishing.But been offered lotsa times.

I did not have sex with that woman, Monica Lewinsky. Or any others that may claim.

I did inhale, but not the whole freaking thing as they claim. There was 10 of us and a skinny 'J'.

I have never been to Disneyland. Even if I live in AZ and have to LA several times.

I have never anything probed up my anal regions. However, I am getting to the point I am ready to schedule a physical to check "everything" since I am near the 40 year age.

I think I will stop there. The other stuff I keep thinking up are sure to change the easy-going topic we have here now. I love y'all! Keep coming back!


Wednesday, December 24

Merry Christmas

Here we are on the eve of the holiday. Things around the d00d household have been busy the past several days. Issues with the children have been solved. Shopping has been completed. I think the only little things left are some last minute wrapping and getting to bed at a decent time.

Tomorrow will be a busy day. Not only do we do our family rituals, but then we have to travel as well. Both parents houses, then my sister's place. Luckily it is all within 10 miles of each other, but it does make for a long day. Then you have to unload everything.... sigh.

Have a good holiday and I will be back before the new year.


Thursday, December 18

I might be done posting for the year ....

We all know that the holiday is coming up, and we are all busy doing that damn shopping thing, and getting the presents, doing the parties, doing whatever seems the right thing to do at this time of year. We shrug it off, and complain about - Oh we gotta get so and so - damn, I forgot that niece - F! What about the mother in law... and the rest of the family now....Sheeee-ite! If nothing else, it sounds a bit like my household.

Until tonight.

I am an alcoholic. Tonight I went to the bar, actually, early this afternoon. I came home, about 1:30'ish, the family were all in bed (par for the course). I went to the computer (where we generally place the daily mail) and there was a cut-out Christmas card of Santa, laying on top of everything. It wasn't the greatest coloring job, and there was no envelope. So I booted up the computer, to log in, and whilst it did the electrical thing it does, I opened the card. I found these heart-breaking words inside....

"Dear Family, I love you and I know you love me. But sometimes I think you don't love me. Dear family please be nice to me. I hope you be nice to me. Merry Christmas. Love (my son)."

This is from my 2nd son. The middle child. It's hard to type when yer crying, so bear with me.It's damn near 2 in the morning, I can't just wake him up, and to know this is how he feels... that he feels neglected - as a parent, it rips me apart. I think back - where did I not spend equal time with him and the others? Where did I go wrong?

There is no right answer.

Posts here are probably going to be few between for awhile. ALL my children, need to know I love them all, and there is time for all of them. The blog can wait. I know many of you understand, and stand beside me on this. I appreciate that.

Look forward to seeing you in probably a couple weeks.


Tuesday, December 16

Again. Here we are.

I thought long and hard about the last post I planted here. It was filled with many SPITEful words, many words that young children should not hear, when speaking of their 'team'. For that, I may apologize, except - yes, except. I had my son read over what I had wrote, even though it was about the team he played for, he said it was fine. He was in agreement with the narrative. I'll leave it at that, and that is why I did not remove it.

Brings us to today. Talk about bad English composition.... Anyways, the days to the snowy holiday are narrowing down. I spoke to the Wife about it, and at 1:30 in the morn, she was not very verbal, but.... I voiced about my desire to help her finish the shopping season. I was informed this 'morning' we would have to wait til at least daybreak.


I hate Christmas. But I try to do my best so the kids enjoy it. Sometimes, it makes me hate the kids too. I am not a Grinch, I just hate this holiday and the way it is "supposed to be celebrated". Yeah, I'll give ya something....

Okay, before I get more hateful, I am outta here. Less than 10 days, who knows how my posting may be....

Pray - to whatever gods, maybe it won't be long.


Sunday, December 14

Spookiness of the Season - Find Yer Ghost

Here it is, mere hours from my earlier post. Hell, yeah, I been to the bar. So? Wouldn't you have drank a few if you was in the same zone?

Needless to say, the oldest son had received his "trophy, picture, and shirt" basically as an end to the season. His coaches attempted to say nice things, but they ran dry after "...a nice kid and big offensive lineman."

Kiss my ass mother fuckers! They were shocked my family actually showed up. F'em! We ain't playing on that league next season anyways. Neither is my nephew. Find something 20 miles closer to home I will. We drove and dropped off the niece's, nephew's, and another player's stuff from today after the "picnic". I was nice about that. Every time we turned around it felt like we weren't wanted - go figure. Santa may hate me but FUCK 'EM!!!!

(hand over mouth) Sorry. Maybe I had too many doubles at the bar, but oh well. You've read worse than this before. Pray to Santa.. I know most of my kids are.


Saturday, December 13

Weekend Preview and Pics

Welcome to Saturday morning at the dood's house! It is actually before 10am and things are hopping like crazy already. The Wife is in the kitchen frying up some bacon and other tasties for breakfast, kids are awake and the boys are fighting already. The older son has been in here next to me and awakened my senses of hearing and smelling with a bout of morning flatulence. Nothing gets you awake quicker.... damn kid. Paybacks will be good, let me assure you.

Thursday was the oldest son's 1st concert. It was combined with the 3rd & 4th grade 'choir'. Needless to say, it was a pretty bad show. I know I don't live in a very classy neighborhood, but when I first walked in, I couldn't tell if I was in Mexico, or on the Indian Reservation. Then, of course, no one around me speaks English it seems, and everything that is announced has to be repeated in 14 dialects (exaggeration - but not by much). The end result was after the younger kids were done singing, over half the crowd left, and we white people, began to emerge in the crowd. The son played a duet with another band student, then the band played 3 or 4 songs. Over all they did good. Then we rushed a couple miles up the road to try and catch the daughter's choir concert. We missed the choir, but caught the orchestra. By the time we made it home, I had a headache and excused myself to the pub for the next few hours.

Today, the son's football team is celebrating with the team picnic - at a park across town again. Another half hour drive to get there. I had mentioned in previous posts about how disorganized the league admin and team leaders were... well found out earlier this week they had dis-invited my BIL (who was one of the coaches) plus his son, and his daughter (who cheerlead for the team). They also removed my son from volunteer list of items to bring. So, this morning, the Wife and I are talking about the whole thing. I mentioned I wished it had just rained so we wouldn't have to deal with it, but no - nice and sunny today. We both agree the son should not be penalized for their stupidity and lack of tact/class/intelligence. Plus, the BIL asked that we pick his kids trophies when they pass them out today. Then my Wife surprised me a bit with the following:

Wife: And if they actually want to raise any issues about our attending this event, I'll be sure to make a very large scene for them.

Me: Oh? You will have my back, huh?

Wife: Hell no! I will be in front of you, and it will be you holding me back.

I have never seen her so tempered and show the Momma Bear side before. I was hoping for a few that it might be a Happy Morning (ya know what I mean) but unfortunately that moment passed. I caught my Sis online a bit ago and relayed this to her and she said she would like to see my Wife lay it out for them. Hehehe....

The Wife is good to me. She came home last night with 5 bags of candy corn. The store had them on sale for $.20 each. The kids had absolutely none for Halloween, so the Wife got me some so I would be happy. Just took awhile to get them on sale I guess.

Anything else exciting happening here? Heck, as of right now I have no idea. I am sure I may have some good stuff after the picnic, but who knows. Think I will finish the post for now and continue listening to some Garth, then maybe some Rachmaninoff. Cute picture warning: Here is a new one of my youngest boy. Check out his gnarly surfer hair-do! Here is a mean, fightin' machine!

And here is why everyone loves my lil' d00d!


Wednesday, December 10

Sporadic Posting

Posting here is going to be sort of erratic for the next few days. With trying to get Christmas stuff done, kid's programs/concerts, and the regular daily crap I won't have time to think of anything to write about.

Saturday was a Christmas Party at my friend Smitty's place. He and Sailynn always throw a nice shindig. The Wife was so happy to get out of the house and away from the kids for adult conversation, and I enjoyed a bottle of scotch and lots of cookies. We stayed way later than we meant to, but overall it was a great time!!

Sunday, I recuperated by sleeping off an on all day.

Monday was the Wife's b-day. She and her mother share the same one. We went to dinner with the in-laws that evening.

That brings us to today. I am getting ready to head out and get some shopping done - maybe. Talk to ya guys later!


Thursday, December 4

Check this out!

No major post today. I saw this over at Freddie's and thought it a good idea so I am posting it here as well.

If you go to this web site, you can pick out a thank you card and Xerox will print it and it will be sent to a soldier that is currently serving in Iraq. You can't pick out who gets it, but it will go to a member of the armed services. How AMAZING it would be if we could get everyone we know to send one!

It is FREE and it only takes a second. Wouldn't it be wonderful if the soldiers received a bunch of these? Whether you are for or against the war, our soldiers over there need to know we are behind them. This takes just 10 seconds and it's a wonderful way to say thank you. Please take the time and please take the time to pass it on for others to do. We can never say enough thank you's. Thanks for taking to time to support our military!

Okay, public service work is over and I gotta get my stuff together and moving so I can get to the library.


Wednesday, December 3

Christmas shopping sucks!

Another reason why I do not car efor Christmas - shopping! I haven't been out too much, but you can tell traffic has increased. And I have yet to get the kids out and get their stuff done. Sigh.

It has been a drab and boring weekend and week start. I am currently spending my attention on "Brisingr" the third book in the Paolini series of Inheritance. Waited a year plus for this book, and find out there is now going to be a 4th one, due to the story.

Hmmm, what else? Let's see - Bloody Mary breakfast Saturday morning, followed by a 9 hole golf tournament. Then back to the pub for lunch. Then a Christmas party that evening. Damn, I think it will be a long day. But so worth it. I won't have to see the kids that much!

So the next couple days I am probably going to be gone. I am trying to get a Verizon USB720 Modem that has broadband to work with my computer, but the computer will not recognize it when I plug it in. Starting to really get on my nerves now.


Friday, November 28

What a Day!

Phew! Damn, I need more turkey for that trip-whatever they say makes ya sleepy! Good excuse for the Wife!!

I had a wonderful holiday with family, and the Reverend Mother's giblet gravy (I have Ziplocs of it to take home). Sis did damn good with her green bean casserole, and the winner is me and my two older boys. We ended up staying this night at my sis's whilst everyone else went home. I think it had to do with the two boys playing 'World of Warcraft' for the first time, and me, just hanging, watching movies and drinking the big ass bottle of Gentleman Jack the BIL picked up (I Love him so much!).

So here it is about 3QAM AZ time, and the oldest son and I are both doing mail/blog things. I am trying to get him offline to bed, but it is taking awhile. Meantime, I have been checking movie trailers. Lotta good stuff coming out - well, more bad than good, but some good stuff mixed in there.

BLACK FRIDAY - geez, that is tomorrow. The sis said she would drive me and the 2 boys home sometime, which is good for me. No shopping for at least a couple days. Okay - oldest is heading to bed - gotta go.


Thursday, November 27

Countdown to the Gravy

Happy Thanksgiving Day! Be sure to remember those who won't be home for this holiday in your prayers, and what a fine job all the vets have done for this country.

I am counting down to time for the gravy. The Reverend Mother makes the best giblet gravy....


Tuesday, November 25

My Favorite Week

Thanksgiving Day is only 2 days away and I am excited. This is my favorite holiday of the year. I have been pacing myself preparing for the food that is going to be presented and feasted upon throughout the whole afternoon. I may fore go alcohol just to get more turkey and deviled eggs down - oh and the giblet gravy too!!!

Last week I pretty much accomplished avoiding the Wife. Which is why there were not any updates. Wife and computer at home means no way to access unless I went to someone else's house. Only prob is the other person actually has a job. Hopefully that is changing soon. I received a nice lead from a someone I know for a position selling vacation packages - no cold calling - and only 5 minutes from home. I am checking it out as soon as I am done here. You, my esteemed readers, come first.

Saw Trans-Siberian Orchestra Sunday night with the three older kids. The youngest made it halfway before falling asleep. As my buddy Smitty said, I was not too impressed this year. Seemed the same type of show, with few changes. I still enjoyed the second half when they play several of the well known songs. Either way the kids liked it again, and that goes for a major portion of their Christmas. They seemed okay with that - for now anyways.

Thanksgiving - A time I feel one should reflect and think about what they are thankful for over the past year. My list is pretty basic: My Wife and kids, a home for us, and many extra things (like a computer, eating out, etc). I try to keep it simple.

Thanks to you readers too. It's not always interesting here, but I am sure you have laughed at some point. I'll be sure to have a quick thought of you between forkfuls of turkey and pumpkin pie. Happy Thanksgiving!


Tuesday, November 18

To Not Be Seen or Heard

That's my goal this week. To avoid being detected anywhere near the Wife this week while she is on vacation. Yesterday morning I feel I did more than I did all of last week! Honey-Do's are not my favorite things. So I spent yesterday just hiding out with a book at the pub. Today, I am safe so far. Just watched "Kung Fu Panda" and am heading to the shower. My allergies are kicking up a bit today, so I may be able to get out of a few things.

Nothing much new to share. But I am sure there should be more to tell about tomorrow, if I don't stay outta the way today. Be Back Later!


Wednesday, November 12

Another Mid-Week Day is here

It is Wednesday once again, and I find myself in need already to return to the library for more books. Something I will have to plan out this afternoon I am sure. I spent yesterday re-reading and finishing "Rising Sun" just for lack of anything else to read at home.

The boys have a half day today so I will be picking them up around the noon hour. I figure then run them over to Dairy Queen for a treat and then maybe the library. Of course, then no one would want to go home, but we would have to, and the younger one would start throwing fits. I can almost see it all already.... sigh.

Not much else happening this week. This weekend looks like it will be our first to be able to sleep in possibly past 8am so the Wife and I are looking forward to it. Her more than I, I am sure. Next week, the Wife is taking a weeks vacation time so posting may be erratic. Depends on how much she bothers me I guess.


Sunday, November 9

Another Season comes to a Close

This weekend marks the official end of a hectic season around the d00d household, and I am celebrating in secret with untold amounts of joy.

The son had his last football Saturday in nearby Anthem (only 30 minutes north of our home - thank goodness was close). Unfortunately, they lost, but did receive a free T-shirt just for playing. He has only the end of the year party to attend in December to be done with this team. To make the last game even more special for him, he had slightly injured his hand earlier in the game. Kind of a combination of bruise/smash around the thumb and wrist area. By the near start of the 4th quarter, the Wife (a physical therapist) and myself had checked him and he wanted to play more. They were able to get him in a couple more plays before the end of the game, but he never got to complete his total of 10 plays. After the game, I was not right there, but his uncle (one of the coaches) got up into the "main asst coach" and gave him holy hell about it all. I am just happy we are not going to associate with this league any longer.

The football games for the HS have finished as well for my daughter. The last home game was Friday. Saturday she competed in the State Marching festival in (opposite side of the Valley) Chandler. They received an Excellent rating. Marching season has ended pretty much for her, and now will roll over into the concert band season for the remainder of the year. Still have to get up and deliver her for zero hour at 6:30am (sigh).

So that brings in the new season of Thanksgiving (and *shudder*) Christmas. I know the whole Christmas thing is going to be small around here. But we were able to already obtain big gift presents for each of the kids - that much is done and out of the way. Not sure what we are doing for Thanksgiving yet. Usually it is at my sister's - but she may not be able to host it this year. The Wife's family usually do something up north in Clarkdale/Cottonwood, but there has not been any news about it yet this year. Who knows, maybe for once we will just do our Tday here at home. Not sure if the Wife likes the idea of having to fix that many dishes, but at least the kids can help her clean up afterwards!

Funny thing after my last post where I mentioned about stocking up on firearms and ammo. I heard last week on the morning NEWS/Talk show that firearm sales had increased over 27% since the election on Tuesday. The majority being automatic firearms because that is the first type the legislation will be passed to restrict the sales of. F'ing idiots. Now I gotta hurry and find a job so I can raise the cash to get my share....

Today the NASCAR race is here in Phoenix - and I was not able to score a couple tickets to take the oldest son to his first race. Not even sure if it will be televised on the regular channels here. I think I am going to head to the pub to watch it. That and to get out of the house.

I think that that is about all I have for today. I am sure I will be back in a day or so with more. I still need to d/l the pics from the camera from Halloween to show ya costumes the kids had. It's hard to get that thing away from the Wife.


Wednesday, November 5

Time to Re-Stock

It is finally over. Yes, I am referring to the whole election BS that has been going on. Did my candidate win? DUH! Seems in my opinion (stress that) some dumbass just got elected.

Ya know, I don't want to hear shit from any of you democrats about how great this is supposed to be, or how much of an f'ing asshole I am because I voted for McCain. I still think there is a grassy knoll somewhere in the near future - and if there isn't, well there should be. I brought up the idea of a running pool to see if the muslim makes it to office at the pub. For some reason, the bartender told me to hush up and even out back smoking cigarettes, we were told to hush. Hey! Easy way to possibly make some cash! It is either that or it goes to welfare....

Okay, maybe I exaggerate a bit about the welfare thing. But I am sure I am not far off. Hell I been outta work for several months, and you don't see me going to the welfare office. And I got kids too!

Alright - bad subject when ya have had a few, eh Ralphd00d? Sure. I still wonder though, would $20 get someone to light one of those laser pointers on his head during his speech tonight be cool, or what?

Needless to say it is now late, and I am tired. Tomorrow I am spending the day cashing in whatever easy assets I have, and talking to the Wife, and looking to start purchasing handguns for the coming years. I figure I have at least 2 years to teach the youngest kids how to handle the weapons, and the others to hit a target better. Then we need to concentrate on who are our neighbors I guess.

Sound extreme? Could be. But I am not building a nuclear bunker in the backyard....

Come back for more later. I might be a bit less sane.


Tuesday, November 4

Going to Hell in a Handbasket

Today is Election Day. I get to spend the whole day doing nothing. I voted 2 weeks ago by early ballot to avoid today. The Wife has to go wait in line. Some places here in the Valley are already 2-4 hours waiting. I gave my Wife the info the news channels were giving everyone: bring water along, wear comfortable shoes, and best times to go. Then I gave her the most important advice - if you vote for Obama, don't bother coming home. Nothing like starting the day with "that look" from the Wife. I did say afterwards I was only kidding - sort of.

This is the last week for the son's football practices. His last game is this Saturday. The daughter has her last home football game Friday, and then State Marching Festival 0n Saturday. Of course, the football game for the son, and the State thing are on complete opposite sides of the Valley. And knowing my luck, be at the same time.

I did my regular run to the library yesterday and was able to find about 9 books that interested me. Should keep me busy for the next couple weeks.

Well, guess that is about it for today. I think I shall head to the pub for some a couple brewskis and lunch today. Y'all have a good one.


Saturday, November 1

Weekend Update without Kevin Nealon

Ahhhh! It is Saturday evening and I am sitting back to relax for the day. Just the past 24 or so hours seems like it rushed by pretty quick, and I know it wore me out. The Wife and I actually had to take a nap earlier this afternoon (and yes, it was to sleep - not just get away from the kids).

When the Wife gets back from the store in a bit, I'll have to see about getting the Halloween pics from the camera to post one up. Kids had a wonderful time as we stopped at about 4 different church events and they loaded up on the Trunk or Treats. In fact, the last one we stopped at around 8:20 and they just emptied whatever candy they had left in to the buckets as the people wanted to go home. Final figures?
5 - number of total stops (4 churches and Reverend Mother's place)
3 - happy boys for going out
1 - garbage bag (kitchen size) full of candy
1 - lesson to be taught this weekend about the differences of Republicans and Democrats using candy as "money" and Daddy as the "Gov't". (The kids always love taxation equations this way - ha ha)

The daughter had the away football game where instead of uniforms, they were to dress up for Halloween. My daughter went as Dorothy from "The Wizard of Oz". I am hoping we have a picture of that on the camera as well, but am not sure. Needless to say, after the fetching of sugar delights, and picking the daughter up, it was near 11 when we got home. I took a trip down to my regular hangout and got to see some interesting costumes. Not too many really stuck out except for one guy that came as the transvestite from Rocky Horror. Shaved his legs and all for the costume. I think he had near $20 hanging from the panties he was wearing as everyone kept slipping them in. I closed shop there and made it home shortly after 2.

Seven came early and we hit the road to head to Chandler across the valley for the football game. They lost. But with it being a "Bowl Game" my son still got a T-shirt that says something about the Youth League that the team was part of. One more week of football, and end of the season party, and it is finally over. Next week we should be closer to home as it is a "home" game. Still about 20 miles away, but close for Valley standards.

Tomorrow is Football and NASCAR. I should get my as out of bed earlier and head to the softball game, but don't know if I will or not. Rather rest up for the drinking afterwards. My Redskins don't play until Monday night, but in the race pool I have Carl Edwards #99 so hopefully he will place int he top three for a cash payout.

Hmmmm, anything else to share at the moment? Oh yeah - if you want to see that new movie "The Happening" with Mark Wahlberg - don't waste your time. I watched it the other day and I thought it was pretty damn stupid. I know, just my opinion - but don't say I didn't warn you. Alrighty then. I am outta here for now.


Friday, October 31

A Short Holiday Blurb

Not much to say today. I spent yesterday morning putting a barbecue grill together for a friend. Today my back is a bit stiff and sore. I am hoping I didn't tweak it out again.

It is Halloween today. Tonight it looks like the Wife and kids will be traveling to the churches around the area with the Sis and her kids. The daughter has an AWAY game to attend, so we will have to be back home by 10'ish.

Tomorrow begins another early morning exodus to the ball field for the son's football team. Leave by around 7 to drive an hour plus across the Valley again. I keep telling myself, only 1 more week of this crap.

I am off to watch "The Happening". Y'all enjoy some good ol candy corn and dum-dums.


Monday, October 27

School Day At Last!

Finally, a day when I have a chance to get on the computer with no kids fighting about online time and games they need to catch up on playing. Some of you out there understand what I am saying.

Thank you for the nice comments on the daughter's pic. I'll have to let her know to check over here to see them. I do not think she was aware I was going to post the pic.

So how's life? Same-O same-O it seems. I am getting ready to go thru the ads for this week as soon as I finish up here. Nothing like some reading time in the bathroom. School is back in session for the kids, so things are getting back to normal (whatever that is) around here.

The son had his football game this past Saturday in the Miami-Globe area. In other words, a 2 hour drive to somewhere east of Phoenix. Big mining community. They won! and as a prize they were given some rocks that have some unique jewel that is only found in 3 parts of the world - herein AZ, Hawaii and some other place. I need to look up the info on it. He has only 2 more games this season - thank goodness - and tomorrow night we are supposed to find out the locations. Better not be another trip like this last one.

Halloween is Friday. We are doubling up with my Sister's kids and hitting some of the churches for trick or treating. The Wife and I don't care to walk our neighborhood with the way the kids around here behave. Then before you know it, Turkey Day will be here - my favorite Holiday. I need to get my lazy ass back into the gym to burn off the pounds I know I am going to add come this holiday.

Okay, enough for now. Try to be back tomorrow for more exciting drivel.


Friday, October 24

Finally! Some time for me!

I apologize for the time delay on getting back on here. Computer time here at the d00d household come sin weird sessions. Daughter gets first for homework, then smaller kids for emails/games, then the Wife for emails, then finally me. Usually by this time I am asleep and don't care to awaken to update.

So it has been a couple weeks. The basics: Son lost another game. Daughter did Homecoming, below is a pic of this beautiful daughter (anyone puts nasty comments I will hunt and kill you). See her in her splendor....

I am in the process of getting over some nasty bronchitis/sinus infection which has kept me pretty much messed up over the last couple of weeks. I like to think I am damn near over it now, though I have a lingering cough, and some slight nasal congestion - though I am not sure the congestion is from allergies or the cold. Could be a combination I suppose.

Son has a game this week - one of the last few - but it is damn near 60 miles outside the Valley. So come Saturday, we leave at 8am, be there by 10, game at 12, over by 2, and home by hopefully 4. In the meantime, the daughter has to be at a band event by 3 at the school. Thank goodness for grandparents!

Job market is still bleak. I did mail out my early ballot this week, so hopefully it will have an impact no matter how anyone else votes. Otherwise, I guess we can all probably prepare ourselves for hell. Or should that be Hell, with a capital H?

I miss you all, and hope to find some more time available to read up in the next week - barring children interaction, and health issues.


Sunday, October 12

Weekend Update for now

I know it is still Sunday morning here in the west, but it seems most of the weekend has passed - at least a majority of the activities. Here are some quick updates...

Friday - The daughter's school lost their homecoming football game. That always sucks.

Saturday - The son's team finally won a game and scored 3 touchdowns!! The other team is now 0-5, whereas his is 1-4. Had to listen to 30 minutes of him being upset with his sister after the game though. The coach was buying pizza for the team near where they played, but we had to head home so she could "make herself up" for the dance. So after her ride picked her up, we treated the boys to a dinner out. That seemed to make up for it. The daughter evidently had a nice time, and I will show you how great she looked once I get the camera back from the wife.

Today is an easy day. My Sis and family left for Cali to attend 2 days of Disneyland, so I am sort of house/dog sitting for them while they are gone. I am going to kick back and watch some movies and football and eat all their leftovers - well maybe not all. It's a nice day. Temps in the 70's, no kids, lotsa TV and food. I know, your jealous!

And just because it is sunday....

Catch y'all later today or tomorrow.


Friday, October 10

Another activity filled weekend!

Here at the d00d household, we again have another action packed weekend of kids events. At least, it feels packed full, though I am probably exaggerating more than usual. It all starts tonight....

Daughter has her Homecoming football game tonight, and of course will be in the Marching Chiefs halftime show. Somehow, teens think this is such a big event but I never understood it. Tomorrow night is her Dance. This is the first year she was asked by someone. A fellow clarinet player so I feel he should be safe. So the daughter is excited about going to the dance as a double-date with her best friend, and her date's best friend.

The oldest son has his football game tomorrow at noon. At least it is on the west side of the valley this week. Hopefully they will win, or at least score this week.

The two younger boys just get to tag along to everything else. Sunday seems clear for now, except for the Wife and kids going to church.

Nascar is a Saturday night race, so no race on Sunday for me - instead I'll probably go to watch the games.

I just got done ordering tickets for Trans Siberian Orchestra. They are coming out here on Nov. 23rd. The Wife had me order tickets for us and the three older kids. There goes around $250 and the biggest part of their
Christmas. But the good thing is they won't care. All of them enjoy the three albums of TSO I have now. Glad I can keep them interested in reading and music.

Alrighty then. I am headed off to read some more of the latest batch of books from the library. Whoever mentioned Tim Dorsey - man, I read "Torpedo Juice" and that is definitely some humorous writing.


Wednesday, October 8

WOW! Another post!

I had to throw another post in here to mess y'all up on yer reading. I know, you really only flip through here on a daily basis to make me feel good (and it really works!) but I know ...

So, here is some more useless fodder. Son had football practice tonight. Now, they have the team just under their division practicing on the same field, same time. Tonight for some reason, they went head to head. Okay, now my Sis may disagree (though she was not there, and is going from B-I-L opinion only) but I think our boys got their asses beat and handed to them by the younger and smaller team. My opine, but that is the way I saw it.

My son comes off after practice saying, "Dad, I knocked the dude on his butt like lots of times!"

"Oh?" I ask."Because he is like 8 years old and you are 10, and you are about 20 pounds heavier, plus prolly like 6 inches taller?!?"

Needless to say, he didn't understand until I got home and literally laid it out for him. But he did understand then. Doesn't matter, I still love him!

Oh, for Maeve ( I Luv ya darlin'!) Whiskey working well tonight. No, not well whiskey, but working well! Would love the massuese work any day, just gotta fnd someone I am okay with... but note taken with ink!

OK - 3am is early enough for anyone. I am off to bed. Luvs ya!


Tuesday, October 7

Writing from the Injured Reserve area ...

Today is your lucky day! I can actually sit for a moderately length of time in front of the computer and get some stuff done. Seems I tweaked my back somehow and for the past week, or more, it has been difficult to sit, or recline, or walk, or just about anything. But today I feel up to sitting for a short time, and within the next couple of days, I should be back to pretty much normal - for me.

What has happened since that last post? Lessee ... my son's football team lost yet another game. Now makes them like 0-4. They still have yet to score a single touchdown. That fact is really starting to bother my son, plus the fact they only play him the required number of plays, plus maybe one or two. He has two more regular games, then a couple bowl games. The Bowl gasmes are supposed to be against teams with similar records - but I don't know if that will be possible at the rate they are going. He has pretty much decided he does not want to play with this team/league next year, and his cousin feels pretty much the same. Talking to the B-I-L we may sign them back into Pop Warner next year - who knows.

The daughter had her first performance of the year. She played the lead of Cinderella in an adapted version of said play, placed in the '80's. I suffered through Saturday night's performance to see her, though I did a lot of shifting and standing. Overall I thought the play sucked, but of course my daughter was great.

Today I think I shall make another trip to the library. I still have a nice list of suggestions for reading material, and am working on reading many of them in order. I also started watching "Boston Legal" this last week (season one) and actually find I like it. I will be continuing the series on DVD.

We have gone over the 20K mark here at B&B - thanks for the grats shout Freddie! I probably should go and see who it was, only I don't know how to tell. Well, sorta anyways. No prozes given away this time, but many thanks to those that click here to advance the count.

Okay, I am done for now. I am going to go lay down a bit then be back to read some blogs - I need to catch up!


Friday, September 26

The Big Weekend

It's Friday! Yeah, I know, a workday that those love whom work M-F, and another day to curse if ya don't. Oh well. I look at it as, (shudder) pre-losing weekend.

Yes, the oldest son has a football game tomorrow morning. They have to win the rest of the regular season to get to playoffs, since they lost the first 2 games, especially with no points. So it comes down to tomorrow. My family will be there - waking up hours early to drive the 45 minutes plus to get there, for a HOME game.

Let it be said - I am not happy with the administration of this league, nor the coaches. My B-I-L is one of the coaches, and his son is playing on the team as well, and he agrees that this league sucks. Never again will we put our kids on this league.

Prolly hit 20K after this post. Still small beans to most of ya, but I appreciate all the hits!

Daughter turns 17 come Monday. Has a home game for football tonight. So the family will be cruising to the HS to see her half-time performance in the band. Thank god for the family ticket for sporting events. Only $25 and it gets all of us in for any sporting event, though we only go to see halftime at football. Regular tickets would cost us like $28 per game.

Again - why'd I have so many kids?

Doesn't matter. I am not giving them up. They are too cute like their mother. y'all seen pics (see archives).

Okay, The Wife should be here any minute to pick me up for the game. See y'all later! Be good. Come back lots!


Saturday, September 20

Busy Saturday Posts (yes, multiple posts)

Obviously I needed to do alot of catching up on my emails. Finally through them all - including downloads, and links to check out. Actually gettting some play time in at youtube on some stuff - as well as other places.

My StepDad just emailed this a few minutes ago, and thought since I never post anything political here, it would be a first, and I would love to hear anyone's comments about it. Here is how it read....

I ran this through Snopes and they have it rated as "Undetermined." In other words they don't know if it is true or not.
It wouldn't surprise me if this takes place. Need to watch the news around October 5th. This wouldn't be the first time a VP candidate stepped off the ticket due to "health reasons."
(name withdrawn)

---------- Forwarded Message ----------

I hope this isn't true..

Very interesting!

I don’t know if this is true….I haven’t checked it out, but it wouldn’t surprise me. Anyone else hear/read anything?

Subject: ACTION ALERT: info from DNC

hi all
let me share some info with you that i have gotten from excellent sources within the DNC:

On or about October 5th, Biden will excuse himself from the ticket, citing health problems, and he will be replaced by Hillary. This is timed to occur after the VP debate on 10/2

there have been talks all weekend about how to proceed with this info. generally, the feeling is that we should all go ahead and get it out there to as many blog sites and personal email lists as is possible. i have already seen a few short blurbs about this - the "health problem" cited in those articles was aneurysm. probably many of you have heard the same rumblings.
however, at this point, with this inside info from the DNC, it looks like this obama strategy will be a go. therefore, it seems that the best strategy is to get out in front of this obama maneuver, spell it out in detail, and thereby expose it for the grand manipulation that it is.

so, let's start mixing this one up and cut the obamites off at the pass - send this info out to as many people as you can - post about it on websites and blogs - etc etc

if you have any thoughts or questions about this, please be in touch.

lastly, i have put an excerpt from Rudy's speech at the RNC below - it seems to address this very issue!!

excerpt from R.Giuliani's speech at the 2008 RNC:
"Well, I'll tell you, if I were Joe Biden, I'd want to get that V.P. thing in writing."

------ end of fwd message-----

So what ya think?


Worn out or just old?

I'm tired. Seems like I have been busier than normal this week, but in truth I haven't been. Don't know if that is part of getting older, or just getting lazier. Prolly the latter more than the former - I know Smitty would say so.

I am in the process of doing all my video downloads that my uncle has emailed me this past week. Here is a good one of Indianapolis for anyone that cares to see it - sing is pretty good too for the video. Here's the link.

Not much else going on. The oldest is working the football car wash this morning - only reason I am up this early. The Wife is taking the daughter for her annual eye exam and glasses replacement. Another $300 or so spent. The other boys are at the mercy of whatever else is going on.

My big Bro Scotty B is in town this weekend, so I look forward to seeing him tonight. Our team has the first softball game this Sunday - a double header. I am hoping to make it to the 2nd game after the son's football pictures tomorrow morning.

Update more later. Meanwhile, a couple pics I got in the mail.


Saturday, September 13

Late Saturday - hell, there would be a subtitle, if I knew how

It's Saturday evening, AZ time (which is PDT for those that care). Yes, I spent another 4 hours on the East side of the desert valley watching my son's football team lose AGAIN (38-0) against a team that was supposedly 0-1 (same record as our team). My son though, did play very good offensively - blocked where he needed to, etc., but the rest of the line crumpled and can we say no 1st downs - except on penalties? (sigh)

So an hour later (drive time estimated) I am at home, find out that the daughter needs to interview a couple people my wife knows for an assignment. As the day progresses, they are not home/don't return calls/whatever. And I find out they leave in the morning for NC - meaning my daughter has missed those 2 interviews. So now I need to search for someone that is a "leader" in a religion outside her own (Christianity) and someone that has had to learn English as a 2nd language. That is 2 separate interviews. Now I am contacting anyone I know that is Mormon in the valley, to find out what tabernacle they practice at, the name of the leaders, and then have to call to see if they can spare 30 minutes for an interview with my daughter. PLUS, find someone that has had to learn English as a 2nd language. That one should be easy - except, I would prefer someone that can pretty much speak it well... Damn, ain't that a wonderful thing.

Tomorrow starts the softball season. I am still not happy about having to drop coaching status until the son's football is through. Our team actually has a "bye" the first week, and it is one I could have been there for. They start next week with a double header, but I have the son's football pictures to get done, halfway to BFE from the field we play on.

Sorry, but I ain't got nothing but bitches and gripes tonight - and I have not made it to the bedroom to deal with the wife and the 2 1/2 yr old yet.

There are times when Russian Roulette sounds fun.

Oh, and Smitty, I did NOT shave my armpits, but since you are such the father figure in my, I rejected the idea of trying it. You Dog!


Friday, September 12

That day is past ...

I am going to apologize for anyone that may feel offended. I ain't posting no 9/11 anniversary crap here. If you don't like it, leave now. I have respect for those there when it happened, but chewing the cud this long after, I still agree we should have taken stronger terms and bombed the fuck outta some places. I regret those that dies unnecessarily, but still, no monument here.

Which brings me to the piddly shit that after the above, no one would want to read.

Last practice before the next game on Saturday. Team is looking better - my son, he must have got some big bugger up his ass, because he was tackling the players like fricking crazy the last 2 nights of practice. I hope he can hang on to that intensity for the game. Which is another hour + drive across the desert valley. I got the directions tonight - and I am like, sheesh! Another 6am Saturday. I remember when I used to be able to sleep in on that one day. What ya do for the kids!

Weird side note - has anyone ever had a fungal infection their armpit? I think I am getting one. I have gone through 3 different deodorants/anti-persperints lately, and still have this tender area that seems to be getting worse. Glad it is my armpit, and not closer to some other places - ya know?!?

Okay, enough of that. Three apps out - two turned down. Going to Wal mart on Monday I think. Mean times, I think working at the superstore may bring to contact/thinking/ some stories of rednecks from around the nation. Or, just stupid desert people - or, just dumb people. Who knows. Could be a well-spring of info to write about. Come back and find out!!


Wednesday, September 10

A Late, After The Bar Post

Yep. Here we be again. Another night after the 2 1/2 hours of football practice, I decided to visit the bar. Least to say, there was not enough time from when I got there til 2am.

My son, the 10 year old he is, was having a fit when practice was over. He was playing defensive lineman, and had 3 different coaches trying to tell him how to do his job.

"Dad, one would say to do it this way. So on the next play I did it as he told me. Then a different coach said that that way was all wrong. Do it this way. So I did. Then a Third coach would say both of them are wrong, do it this way. I don't know what to do, and they keep yelling at me." I asked, all three yell at you, he said yes.

I am not the first to verbalize, that this "Youth Football League" has bad communications - whether it is with parents, or where games are at, or anything. If I had not already spent the money for him to play, I would pull him. My son is only playing on this team because his cousin, of same age, is playing. And his uncle, is supposedly the defensive line coach - but now it seems we are finding out otherwise. I know, after speaking to the b-i-l last week, he ain't so happy about this league either. Sad part, we have 8 1/2 weeks to go for the money paid already. I reminded my boy of that, and he said, "Dad, how is that supposed to help me?"

What do you say? I told him to suck it up and just do the best you can. If the coaches get on your ass too bad, tell them to come talk to me. I am there every practice, every game, and as far as I am concerned, they are idiots. He smiled at that.

Other than that, it is 4 am, and I think I am ready to head to bed. That late night at the bar, no e-mail answers from the jobs I applied, and life in general. (sigh)

But I did catch up on reading blogs late today!


Tuesday, September 9

HA! Thought I forgot my password, huh?

I actually had to reflect a moment this morning whilst logging in - did I put the correct password - and spell it correctly? Evidently I did on the first try, because - HERE I AM! (I know, you are just shaking with feverish excitement of what is being posted today!)

So, let's catch up a few days. Saturday (6th) was my birthday. Thought it would be a wonderful day, but it was just packed full of stuff. My oldest son had his first football game. It was a 50 minute drive across town to where they were playing, and he had to be there at 8am for a 10am game. Well, four hours later, the verdict was in they had lost approximately 36-0. The team is not looking hot this year. Following this, my parents, sister's family, and mine headed further east and south to my brothers new house he is renting. So that was another half hour out into another county. We had pizza there, and then drove the hour and fifteen minute drive back home. The daughter had a History Group session at the library at 5, so I dropped her off early and went to the bar. I didn't last but a short time and I was falling asleep so came home and crashed. Not much of a celebration for me. Presents collected: several packages of beef jerky from my parents, and $10 from my in-laws. Sis is supposed to make me some white chocolate macadamian nut cookies, but don't know when.

Now it is Tuesday, and the excitement just keeps flowing. Yesterday I put out some more applications for jobs. One of which is part time. I am almost to the point of going to Wal-Mart and trying to be a greeter, but they will probably say I am too young... Nothing has come back positive yet for anything.

The library and I are getting to be good and close. I am in there about every 2 weeks to get some books. Definitely cheaper than buying them as I was before. Only, if there is a series, it is guaranteed to have either book one, or three missing/checked out. The pickings have started getting slimmer since I am running out of authors I like and all their material. Some of you throw me some good authors to read. I like Sci-Fi, Fiction, Mystery, and Westerns mostly. Every now and then a good Non-Fiction. Give me some ideas!

So between books I have pretty much re-watched every DVD we own, plus gone through a couple more TV series on DVD through netflix. I have even reloaded Max Payne 2 and am in the process of going through the game again.

Okay, that is how exciting things have been around here. Today I am spending the morning catching up on my reading of blogs. I also notice I am within 500 hits of 20,000 finally. Who will be the lucky one?

Y'all have a good one! See ya back here soon!

Friday, September 5

How do I even try to post a comment header? Months ago, I had time to post, now I have more time on my hands, but no materiel. Do you wanna hear about me wasting my days? Hell no! We can sleep away the BS. I am fighting with placement agencies that I need "X" amount time off every day for my son's football practice, and they don't like that.... (sigh). I am even looking at part time work, for the while. Nobody likes that.

I love the fact my son is willing to play football. Tackle ball at that. He is usually so timid. He has become a mean ass mofo playing defensive line, and I LOVE it. That's my boy!

First game is this weekend, and it is across the valley. So is next week's game. Hell, when we get a home game, it is still 15 miles away. Bad thing about playing in the league, which he is only playing in because his cousin is. I got the schedule for the first 6 games, and I have to drive at least 15 miles for the home game. Let alone the others.

Oh well. Life in general has been going slow. I am to the point of going to a placement agency to get a job. Ads just ain't doing it. And The Wife says I need to do something soon. I may be working warehouse, but maybe some stories can come out of that, ya know what I mean.

Smitty, and all my other "acquaintances".... well, I still pray for the Holy Church of Softball and Beer. Even though your votes of favor have fallen from me, I shall return. Get off yer ass, Dad, Have a Coors light and forget, again.

I love y 'all - try to post more later.


Friday, August 29

be sure to check this out....

Had to do something since Obama is still running.... click to view

Tuesday, August 26

My Stupid Update

I have received many complaints from e-mails, from verbal responses, and even from comments made indirectly. I have not posted enough.

True I have have not posted many items of deep intellectual thought, or political side-edness. No, I have not posted my opinion about many tings on the many sites I visit (though I still try to read them when I have a chance).

Does that make me a dumbass? No. It makes me one that doesn't post enough - one that has dropped the ball I used to roll on and post regularly. I, too, miss those days.

For those of you that know me, I have been in the search for a job - somewhat close to the income level I have been at. One cannot go to Wal-Mart for $7/hour, when one is used to commission that exceeds $3000/month. I wish the latter one were me, but you understand.

Right now I sit on a chair, scratching my head, dealing with a broken left-footed big toe, and tired of reading ads, reading online jobs, and will go to bed feeling nothing but the pain in my foot. Life in Phoenix ain't great. Throw the last 11+ years of Real Estate and mortgage industry away. It ain't no good here. But - HEY! It's okay!

We have Wal-marts! I am applying tomorrow. At one of them "Super Wal-Marts". I could be a grocer, maybe a stocker - on either side! The Wife would be happy with anything I can get now a days..... Hell. So would I.

Due to my situation, I miss hanging out with several of my friends, who read here. They say they understand, but who knows.

I need to run. Six AM comes early ( I take the Daughter to band early every day of high school) and at the end of the day, the oldest boy, Ralphie, is playing football with practices from til 8. Leaves a lot of time I wishing I was at the bar.

I'll try to post more. Meantime, I read many books, and have several stories in process. Maybe I should finish one soon.


Sunday, August 24

For those, I left behind...

Sounds simple. That opening phrase. I, once who published here frequently, without fail, with out fallout from an employer, etc , etc. Here I am again.

A simple man. A man with a family. A man that wants to make the world do things around him. A Man, that is willing to make to make them happen.


Also a man, that has limitations.

Tonight, I was on my way from the bar (go figure). My driver side window was down, no other windows. I was the only one in the car. And I heard some kind of angelic music.

I know it sounds stupid. But A simple man, in a situation, where one is unemployed, and I am hearing this music - more than I can explore. It lasts until I pull into the drive, and I tell my wife "Shhh!"

I can hear it still, but it is falling fast from my ears...

I came to my keyboard tonight, with the thought of throwing this in here.... and believe it or not, there is a little lizard here. Now in Arizona, we have lizards all over - most are geckos. [Save the Gecko/Geico jokes to yourself.] Coming in at 2am, I woke the Wife, told her to stay in bed, this was more than worth her getting up for. [talking about the angelic singing in my car from the windows being down]

Angelic singing? Harmonic balancing? No matter how many times in the last week, with my oldest son in the car, never did the sounds appear. No matter how many times I am drunk, driving home from the bar, with the window down, did these sounds never appear. When alone -

- until tonight.

Job. No, I ain't even thinking I could do that.

Tell me what you think.


Sunday, August 17

It is hard

I will admit. It has been awhile since I tried posting some comment or other.

I have died. At least, I feel that way. Playing Mr. Mom was never an easy game, and I learned it the hard way over the past few months/weeks/days. ARGH!

The oldest son is in football....

The daughter is in Band.....

The gun is loaded. Psyche! No - more to come in a couple of days. Story too.


Thursday, July 31

Where has all the time gone this week?

Dang! It has been awhile since I posted something on here. I had not realized that time had slipped by me so quickly - then again, it has been one heck of a busy week.

The Wife is still gone with the boys. She brought the oldest back from camp Monday to the cardiologist's office. There he was cleared for football - the murmur was a minor innocent variety basically. They are all due back tomorrow sometime in the afternoon. Then Saturday I will have to take him for the physical so he can start practices on Monday.

This week with the Daughter hasn't been too bad. I just feel like Dad's Taxi except I don't get paid for the fares. But driving around in the heat just wears me out pretty much.

Still having problems loading pics from the home computer. I think I will try to get them posted from my Sister's this Saturday. I don't know what else to try to do.

Work search has been suspended for the time being. After this week, I will start it back up and probably look for a part time job. With the Son's football practices and Daughter's band schedule, it is going to be too difficult for us as parents to get the kids to their proper events on time. I don't know what else to do...

Hope your days are going good! See y'all back here soon!


Thursday, July 24

Commentors comments - and OTL pics (Early part)

Okay, for some reason blogger isn't cooperating with loading up my pics. I will have to try to send them up later.

Mr. Smith, my seemingly only commentor lately, feels free with handing out some compliments I see. It's a good thing they don't voice record those comments - I would have a hard time hearing you....

Anyway, I will get the 1st couple days of OTL info up as soon as I can upload the pics.


Tuesday, July 22

Been an 'Icky' week so far...

Seems every time I turn around to do something, 5 more things pop up that "have to" be done right away. It's starting to drive me nuts. The Wife and the three younger kids are gone to church camp next week. The Daughter is staying home with me as she has band camp (merely practices twice a day) for the week. But before the oldest boy can go I need to get his physical taken care of this week, as practices for football start the Monday after they return. Plus the Wife is to make sure all the paperwork for HS registration for the Daughter is done, as that is next week as well.

Not too bad you say? The gas dryer quit working last week. It is a brand so old I have never heard of it, so finding the right element to replace is probably more expensive than buying a new one. We need to get out and price them hopefully before the Wife leaves. She has been doing a load or so every day over at her mother's - thank goodness only a few blocks away.

This weekend has been too damn busy and I just don't feel like dealing with anything today. But of course, there are things to do. I need to get drop off the film from San Diego so I can get some pics up on here. I have been lax about getting them turned in. Then we'll have some boobies for ya guys.

Okay, I need to get going if I am going to accomplish any of the running around before it hits 100 (no AC in the car).


Sunday, July 20

I have lame excuses....

Between fighting for computer time with my daughter, and trying to be sober, I have reached a peak that it may take me a few days to put the vacation online. Besides, I don't have the pics developed yet....

Smitty - be patient. work overtime for the printing business of the Cardinals programs, lord knows they need all the help they can get. And no I ain't saying shit against the raiders yet - oh wait - too late.

Been a really busy week getting the one kid in football, and having to deal with other family issues. I will try to get it done next week, plus the pics.


Tuesday, July 15

Back Home Again - Barely

I am back from the trip to San Diego. Actually, I got back yesterday, but was too damn tired to post anything. I'll be getting some moments up over the next few days, but for now, I think I am going to head back to bed for a couple more naps - and lots of water to rehydrate.

Needless to say, weather was wonderful considering we left Phoenix getting rain all weekend. Had a super time at OTL. And have 2 cameras of pics once I get developed.

Glad to see some of you still come here! Be back later!


Thursday, July 10

It's Time!!!!

I leave in just under 7 hours from the front door for my trip to San Diego. Bring on the alcohol!!!!

Posting will be lax until at minimum Tuesday - like it hasn't been lax for days as it is.... but hopefully I will have plenty of damn good pics to post when I get back and develop them.

I have disposable cameras, notebook, pens. New Shorts (thx Smitty - and the size is one that fits me).

I gotta head out and pack, plus watch a movie prior to leaving.

Love y'all! Come back soon!


Monday, July 7

Vacation Time come quickly

Only a few more days of this week before I board that great silver bird and spend 4 days in San Diego. I spend all day thinking about it. Of course I have been doing that for the past several months it seems. O know this week is going to be busy as I prepare everything I need to get done prior to leaving.

Tomorrow, I go in for eyeglasses. Then shopping for shorts and something good for a carry-on luggage that still gives me plenty of room. The Wife wants me to get disposable cameras too, but I want to take our digital. Ya know some places won't develop certain photos.... not that I plan on getting any....

This past weekend was good. Had rain on the fires up north like we needed, but none in the valley - or at least my part of it. I spent a portion of Sunday with my buddy Jeff. A moment of silence for him whilst he re-visits Tent City for a few days. Damn Arpaio!

Enough for now. Will have more this week prior to leaving!


Thursday, July 3

Departure Time approaching!!!

DCI has once again put on another great performance! Last night's show was really good, and I know we enjoyed it very much.I even ran into a friend I had not seen since high school days - so it made for an even better evening.

The youngest is doing fine now - back to running and whatnot, though I am sure his foot is still a bit sore and bruised on the top. The daughter is doing fine considering she had her wisdom teeth (all four) removed this past Monday morning. Kids don't appreciate good jokes like "Guess you lost all your smarts..." She keeps giving me that look.

A week from tomorrow morning I will be basking int he great weather in San Diego. OTL is next weekend, and the 7 or so of us guys going are waiting anxiously. Four days of nice weather, beach favors (women dressed in bikinis) and beer. Ahhhh.... can't wait. Again, if anyone is in that neighborhood, you can probably find me down at Beachcombers at Old mission Bay most evenings, and most days Fri-Mon.

Tomorrow is the 4th of July. We are spending it over at my sister's place. The Reverend Mother and StepDad will be in appearance. The brother and his family has gone north to St Johns to visit his FIL. Will be nice for some swimming, BBQ, and then watching the fireworks.

Hope y'all have a good holiday! Be back next week.


Wednesday, July 2

I have failed you, my readers

Yes, like the title says. I have not been updating as recently as I should have been. For that, I apologize.

Let's talk about the good things. My oldest son is in the youth association to play tackle football this year. I think that is wonderful! He is doing pre-conditioning prior to actually starting practices. So far all on the team are doing them. Good advantage to running , etc. My son, being built like me, is nothing more than a lineman, but hey, we are the guys that make the holes for the runners, etc! He is is ready!

The youngest boy (2) had a major bruise on his foot, whilst we were replacing some fencing on the yard. The slightly older one pushed the support poles over on him. Brothers taking brothers out.

I apologize for my spelling, but this is where we are at. Tonight, we are going to watch DCI (Drum Corp International) at the local community college. That's right - drum and bugle corp. They are awesome.


Sunday, June 22

Keep It Simple Stupid!

Seems to be a common mantra to many people, many jobs, and can be applied to almost if not all, everyday life things. I am slowly learning that.

Softball - had 2 scrimmage games this morning, and not one word about all the BS going around. I also learned, that being a Coach, obviously details more than I imagined in the beginning. Big difference being a score-keeper, and then having to place the positions, plus the batting order... (sigh). I did the best I could, and I am always welcome to constructive criticism - though, luckily, today I received none. No more scrimmage games, actually, probably no more games until the season starts after Labor Day weekend. Bonus.

My driver for he Nascar pool didn't come in. Again. (shrug) stuff happens.

I get a bit of refund from the son's sign-up into football. My bro-in-law (an asst coach) said the sponsors are buying all brand new gear so I shouldn't have to pay the rental fee, but I am waiting to find out. Be nice to get some $$ back, ya know!

Okay, it's Sunday. The Wife has dinner ready and I am outta here!


Good to the Palate!

There is nothing better than a tuna salad sandwich when I get home from the bar. Don't get me wrong - tuna salad sandwiches are good any time during the day, but they are so much better when I get home from the bar, and make my own. Miracle Whip is my fave, not real mayonnaise. Sorry, but it is true.

So, let's screw this BS I have been writing about. Nobody cares about a coach that doesn't inform previous players that they ain't playing, and no one calls and bitches. Friends that are over 17 years above my age, well, they haven't said much since either. And tomorrow is a 'scrimmage game'. I even went and bought a score book today.

So I am leaving the softball issues behind. I gave up on them. It is my way or the highway. And if those friends want it that way, well I guess they were not friends. Life goes on. Trust me, I am realizing that.

So I signed my son up for tackle football with one of the Youth leagues in the Valley. He's excited! He weighed in at 104lbs. and just turned 10 on May 18th. He's got shoulders like mine! He will turn into a good lineman, or maybe second as a good linebacker. He can't run fast, but he can hit hard! I can't wait!

The rest of life is on a standstill. I am possibly looking to expand my bro-in law's business into the Valley (he is currently not in the Phx area). Some classes could do me some good....

I miss reading all of ya as daily as I should. Glad some of you still stop by and notice I am alive. I'll try to do better. If I can get my daughter off Myspace enough.


Friday, June 20

I have been challenged

One person has commented about my last post ( I won't mention names) but he has pointed out some 'protocols' that he feels should be followed. Isn't that nice? Oh, but let's leave out details, wait, I should not bring his identity to bear, unless he wants, so that is out.

Here is what I have decided. I am still coaching the team as of this moment.

Anyone, that includes all you players that read here and do not comment, and I know there are a few of you, that has a problem with me being coach - tell me. Don't want me - fine. Get a majority vote, talk to the bar owner, discuss amongst yourselves, quit for all I care. Fuck calling people to tell them they are off the team. Fuck calling people to call and ask them to cheer us on. I am not here to please parents. I am not here to run a team that is going on to have a championship in the Olympics. IT'S A BAR LEAGUE. You want to play so badly, and I cut you out. CALL ME. How simple is that?

And if you can't call, but just have everyone vote me out as coach, hell - no problem there. Just tell me you don't want me doing it, and you get off your ass and do it.

Enough said.

I guess this weekend I will have to address everyone that shows up on Sunday of this issue going on, and ask what "they want to do". I am sad to say, that when you have friends that have these sort of issues, even when they know the right out come, .... hell I am done. Got more to say call me 602-695-5549.


In the meantime, I am moving on with my life and registering my 10 year old son for football tomorrow. He is excited! Full gear and tackle! Watch for him in 10 years to be one of those best linemen!!!

Wednesday, June 18

A Piss-Off post and whatever you think

It is just short of 9:30 tonight, and here I am posting. Let's be fair. I AM PISSED OFF. Maybe I do not have the right to be as PO'ed as I am, but maybe I do - let's let the comments, and the additional comments by phone/person sway the difference.

For the past almost 10 years, I have been involved with what I tell the Reverend Mother, is the Church of Holy Beer & Softball. Meaning in short, that on Sundays mornings, between 8 & 12 I am at the park playing slow pitch softball. This also includes drinking large amounts of alcohol. How is that? Oh. It is a leagues sponsored by bars. Yes, has to be bar sponsored - and yes, you can drink as much as you want at the game - just no beer on the field of play. Now, there are several teams that don't drink (they want to win, rather than just have fun) but who cares. The particular team I have been cheering and supporting is the Bullock's team. Not only is this the bar I go to all the time, but when I am awake enough, I go to their games. Here's the kicker tonight.

I decided to be the Coach this fall. Our typical season runs from just after Labor Day thru about February... maybe into March - depending on rain-out dates (in AZ). So I am in charge of setting a roster of 15 people (16 if you have 2 females). From the previous season, I decided to not include certain people. It was based on dependability mostly. Now I would be the first to say that I was not the roster for several seasons, but I assisted by helping keep score, so I had a decent idea who would show up and who would not - even if I missed a week here and there because I chose to sleep in, or had other obligations.

Bottom line - I offered to be the Coach this next season, starting after Labor Day, thru about Feb, maybe March. There have been a couple scrimmage games, some games outside out bracket, that I was not at, but I am only the coach after Labor Day. So, as I try to get an idea of the team I have available to me, based off the old roster, I realize that some players have decided to stop playing, others I cancelled due to lack of showing up on a regular basis. There a re maybe about three players wanting to get in on the action, and they get the first shot.

Sounds great until tonight.One of the regular players (my main pitcher) says he is not happy about the fact I cancelled one of the girls from our team, and didn't call her. She is the daughter of one of his good friends, and declared I was going to call her and tell her why she was not needed anymore. I said I had no recollection of that, but if she wanted to call me, her step dad, her mother, and all their friends had my # to call, and I would be glad to tell her she as not playing. Now he swears that it is up to me to tell her she ain't playing.

I told him screw it! If he wanted to coach the team, he can take over, he says no, but I should call her - why? When she already knows she has been cut from the team due to lack of dependability? Sorry Reverend Mother - FUCK FUCK FUCK!!!

I need this shit like I need a job. I cannot win anything without a damn fight over stupid bullshit. I am going back to my favorite bar, resigning as coach, and trying to find another bar to go in town due to this bullshit. I am sooo tired of :



Tuesday, June 17

Back to School Blues & other things

Welcome back to what is more often than not becoming the weekly post here at B&B. I really should do better, I know, but the content you readers require is sooo much more important, and when I do nothing, there is nothing to write about.

The Wife and I discussed the whole unemployment thing this past weekend. Rather she discussed and asked questions - I mumbled answers and said no one wants to hire me. No, it really is true that no one really wants to employ me. I either have too much experience, not enough, or they require I have a business degree (I got that one twice). Yeah, a business degree - meaning I got the experience, but they would rather I had a degree to go with it. What's wrong with my diploma from HS?

To bring the story to a shorter conclusion, it looks like I am going to be going back to school. I will be going over to the Community College and getting the fall schedule (if out)) and planning what classes to take. We figured this way I can get a degree, and that will assist in a job, or even learn a new trade. In the meantime, I can sort of play Mr Mom and help get the kids around for school and etc. So that still leaves plenty of time to keep posting here, and might even help add more content since I will be out around different people than the bar regulars.

Happy Late Father's Days to those that deserve them - thanks Freddie for yours!! My day was wonderful! Watched the race, had dinner at Olive Garden, and got what I wanted for the day. Saturday we had been at Lowe's to price some wooden fencing (ours is starting to fall) and the Wife looks at me slyly and says, "Do you see anything you like?"

I said," You got to be kidding. Of course I do."

"Anything you would want for Father's Day?" She asked, digging for an idea of something.

"Nope. Nothing I want at all. I know this trick."

"What trick?", she asks, all innocent-like.

"Duh! The one where you buy me some power tool because I want one, and then all of a sudden - BAM! - 100 honey do's pop up that require just that tool. I don't want any tool for Father's Day." There - I said it out loud and she knows. "What I really want is $35.00 so I can pay off the library fines on the card so I can borrow books from there again. I am spending too much buying the books - even if from the used store."

I got the $35.00 - and picked up 6 books last night.

Okay, I am out of fresh exciting stuff. And Kees, again you were right!! Boobs and beer stuff coming up - and I feel better!!!


Friday, June 6

Catchy, Interesting Title Here

Salutations! (Catchy Greeting, ay?)

This is where I am supposed to be inputting something interesting for y'all to marvel at - be it an event that happened to me, or some strange fact I pulled out of the air. Lucky for you, this step can be bypassed this week.

So what have I done all week? I feel like nothing has been accomplished, but I know I got many little things done. Still waiting to hear back on a few jobs. I am beginning to think maybe even a part-time job for now to get some cash flow coming in. I don't know just yet though.

We are down to a month and a week for the OTL trip to San Diego. I have been stoked to going since February. I have everything ready except the packed bag. Tickets are ready, hotel reserved, free food/drink ticket, money for spending. Yeah - 4 days of debauchery... who wouldn't be excited? Anyone going to be near there that weekend? I am staying down at Old Mission Bay, if you are not too far away. Let me know:

Okay. Other than that I am still around. Would be nice if I had a lot more interesting things happening, but it just isn't. I'll be around to see your sites again today!


EDIT: I was reading over at HB's and realized what today is. Imagaine that. I watched 2 hours of morning TV here in the Valley, and not once was this mentioned.

Anniversary of the Longest Day - D-Day invasion.

Tuesday, June 3

Poker is starting to piss me off

Welcome to a fabulous Tuesday - if you are employed that is. I am not. So it is another day that I spend searching want ads, and Internet sites looking for a job that I am 1) not over-qualified for, 2)does not require a degree from college, and 3) that will actually be interested int he experience I can bring and have the opportunity for advancement over time into a position I am more deserving of. Yeah, life sucks.

In the meantime, at the bequest of HB, her is a post to show I am still alive. I was hoping the the hits from here to your sites would be enough, knowing I am trying to keep up to date with y'all would be enough, but I guess, just because it comes from here, it may not necessarily be me. Like you get millions of hits from B&!!

Yes, I am still looking for work. Phoenix is not the best area for employment right now considering 3 large firms laid off over 700+ people in the last past 3 months. And getting out of the shrinking mortgage business is even making things harder. How have I been handling this? With liver shrinkage. Yes, I have been drinking more than I should. I need to stop. I need to get back to going to the gym. I need to do more Mr Mom stuff. I know what I need to do, just a matter of doing it.

Kids are out of school. Need to go to the book store tomorrow to get "Catcher in the Rye" for the daughter as she needs to study it and read/review/essay it over the summer. Good thing - I need to get more books too. I have been averaging about 7 a week now, with all this free time.

Thank y'all for still stopping by. I will try to get some more posts up, just hard to find something to write about when nothing is happening. signing off at 104 degrees, and thank the higher powers for AC!!


Saturday, May 24

Wish I went to college ...

It's been another week, and I now have to courage to confess, yes, I was truly smashed when I posted last. I didn't remember doing it until the next day when I read it, so that was some damn good whiskey!

The job search is still in progress. I have had several turn downs due to too much experience. Actually have had a couple turn downs due to no college degree. I still don't understand the catch-22 of experience versus college degree.

I actually have broken down and prepared for hopefully some interviews soon. After about seven months, I have shaved the beard and actually got a haircut. I almost don't look like myself, but I do clean up pretty nice, the Wife says.

It is Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend. I am headed off to a buddy's house for some bacci ball. Sunday will be spent watching the Indy 500 and the Nascar races. Monday will be at Veterans Cemetery in the morning and then my sister's in the afternoon.

The kids are out of school as of Wednesday this week. Wonder how that will affect things here at the house. Play more Mr Mom I guess.

Hope y'all have a good weekend and will be back later!


Monday, May 19

The multi - apology post

%amn. Couldn't get past the headline without a correction. That makes 10 now. Of course, you don't see it, but I am running ragged to fix as many imperfections I can prior to posting this. Why? How the HELL am to know?

Besides these obvious facts: 1) am using a spare computer at the sister's house, which houses a keyboard in which over 90% of the keys are rubbed off; 2) it is at 3:30am, and I am drunker than usual and 3) feel free to pass it along to the proper British gov't personnel you might know. Not tnat I really give I damnn, but some how still awake; and finally 3) who gives a rat's ass.

Hey -- two #3's. /bonus for the cheaper whiskee I am drinking.

OK - "F" this. I miss y'all and tried to get 'up to speed' as soon as I am able.


Thursday, May 15

What is today?

That is how things feel for me around here lately. I wake up trying to figure out which day of the week it is, does the oldest have early school today? Do I need to get up? I need to get a job to get some order back in my life.

I know my posting has been non-existent for a few days, but I have not had much to add to here for now. I am obviously still looking for work, and spend the rest of the day either reading, or costing Netflix a lot of money. I think I have watched over 15 movies these past 3 weeks. Add about 20 books on that.

So, that is my update for now. I am still trying to get around to the regular reads, so forgive me if I miss a day or two. Hopefully better news will be here soon.


Monday, May 12

Mother's Day aftermath ... I am still alive?

See, here I go again. A year or more ago, I wrote some basic rules that I should follow in continuing the whole 'blog experience'. The Numero Uno Rule was supposedly, No posting under the influence of any alcohol. Well, I think I have broken that enough to actually call it a rule now.

Yes, it truly is about 3am as I write this, and probably will be a little bit later once I edit it for all the misspellings I know that are gonna show up. Oh well.

Saturday I spent the day with the family, and we went to the 'alternative zoo' in the Phoenix area. I mean, we have the Phoenix Zoo, who have got the million dollar sponsors, and all the rich and lively looking habitats for every odd named creature on the earth.... but we went to the zoo on the "other side of town" called the World Wildlife Zoo. Only maybe a few dollars cheaper than the Phoenix Zoo (still too much for my opinion). Needless to say, the main reason we went was for the youngest male child of mine. He is 2 years of age, and we determined this would be the best age to view the 'Masters of the Wild' and not question why they are caged up. So, he was able to see 3 White Bengal Tigers, 1 white Bengal baby, plus many regular animals you expect at the zoo. The Wife and I noted a few missing (bear of any type, elephant) but all four kids made no note of it. They were able to feed a giraffe (ya know that animal has a 1 foot long tongue? I got pics to be posted later). They also enjoyed feeding some parrots, and overall the day was well spent. I was kept out of the bar for several hours, and the DTs never hit. Always a good thing.

So the morning light brings Monday to us. I have several places to follow up with regarding employment. I also need to download the zoo pics from the camera. I have a few places to travel regarding work ... but overall, will be a slow day for the 1st day of the week. I have a movie card for $25 - maybe I will go catch a movie, but I am waiting for the Indy Jones one later this month....


Wednesday, May 7

Humph Day is here again ...

Yeah, I said HUMPH Day, instead of hump day. Seems frustrating to not had at least one interview after a week and a half. I have done follow up calls to where I have sent resumes, and many of them are still collecting resumes/apps prior to going through them. Others just don't contact you when they have turned you down. Kinda pissing me off at the moment.

Soooo, that is my brightest thing I have for you today. I was able to take some time and catch up on alot of my blog reading today. Seems weird when you are used to doing it most every day and suddenly you missa like 4 days and .... aw, ya know - like a soap opera of ya miss a week of episodes.

I think I am going to go out and catch a few beers. Ya'll be good!

Oh, short story posted over here.


I have been neglectful ...

Does that look right? N-E-G-L-E-C-T-F-U-L. Hmmmm, spell check seems okay with it.

Either way I have been neglectful (I always have to slow down to two finger typing when spelling that word - I think because I have never had to spell it before) of my blog lately. I know it is now VERY early Wednesday morning, and here I am. The Wife has already been on my ass tonight (not about the blog, but, ya know....) and I am trying to get things done for the next day.

Job search sucks. But hey! I think we already knew that was gonna be a factor of the contention over the next few weeks. No leads as of yet, but things are rolling ... doing follow ups... who knows?

I was told tonight by someone, that I should look into doing the audio recordings for books on CD or tape. I have been told over the years that I have a great story-telling voice, especially when it comes to jokes, but I never thought about it before. I think I will be looking into that tomorrow - can't hurt to see where it may lead. Imagine, you could be reading this blog, and listening to a book that I am narrating... freaking weird!

In the meantime, I apologize and I promise to get back here more often for updates. This week has been hell already, and I am recovering what's left of it as best I can. See you soon!


Oh - and since I messed up the regular Monday thing, here ya go!
Good dentist! I should go there for what's left of my teeth, huh Catfish?!

You know it is too true!!!