Saturday, December 19

Wearing Out

I think I have finished all the shopping I am doing for Christmas presents. Today we went out and activated the phone the middle son will be getting on Friday. Then I had to go shopping for a case for it, which led to me getting a couple other things for the Wife and the boys. I have no idea what all there actually is that between the Wife and I have bought. I suppose we will find out late Christmas Eve when she gets done wrapping and labeling. I hope to have my wrapping done by Monday evening.

Short work wee this week. Only have to work four days. However, my days have 9-10 hours long, not counting the 45 minute drive to/from home. There are a couple new techs that have been hired (which is good) and they are on the Westside, so will be added to my delivery schedule. Which means more time driving. Not excited about that.

Not sure how we will be traveling for Christmas. Usually it is our family, then the MIL's, then my parents, before we retire at home (tired and worn out from wrapping most of the night before and getting up early). We have kept the same times pretty much for the past several years, but I am not sure what/who is doing what this year. RM, that means what are your plans/times you guys need to do things?

Guess that is about all I got for now.


Sunday, December 13

Sunday Chillin'

Yesterday, I think the Wife and I finished up all the shopping we needed to do. Well, let me re-phrase that to the shopping I think we needed to accomplish. I am sure she will be taking moments out of the next couple weeks to go out and get that one more thing. Now it is time to wrap. I hate wrapping. I never acquired the patience to do it properly, though I have been taught well. So I will leave that to the Wife probably ... which means it won't get done until the night before.

Got nothing else today.


Wednesday, December 9

Getting Back Into It

I have been, in my opinion, quite busy the past couple of months or so. Enough that I haven't taken the time to even try to post anything, let alone even visit the ol' blog. Is it truly lack of available time? Not able to think of a creatively worded topic and subsequent post? Just too damn lazy? Probably more of the last one than any others.

So this morning, since I am up earlier than normal, I decided to try again to post something ... maybe just some mindless drivel, or complaints about my life. Heck, there maybe be even interesting content (to some) here every once in awhile. But I figured, instead of just sleeping until I HAVE to get up, if I rise twenty minutes earlier, I still have time to post something, since I would be on the computer checking email, etc. at that time anyways.

This counts as a post ... this explaining to myself (and you) what I am going to try to do.

Whew! Now, off to the showers!!


Sunday, December 6

Life Sucks

Three-thirty in the morning. On a Saturday night.Or Sunday morn, depending how you look at it.

Yes. I was at my local pub.

Yes. The Wife reminded me of the time, right before I came out to the computer. No, I didn't need her reminder, but it was a good hint to leave her alone, since I wasn't ready to go to bed yet.

I went Christmas shopping today.An experience I hope to never do again. It wasn't so much the crowd thing, or the rush of special deals ... I just hate shopping. If I know I need a new pair of jeans, I walk in, find my size, buy and leave. I don't have to "roam" to see if I find something they like...

Which reminds me I am screwed. The Wife has a birthday in early December. And then there is Christmas.

I can't find a good gift for one, and yet another 2-3 weeks later! At least, that is how I feel. Any other gal would say something like... if you paid attention, and spent the year looking, you could have at least five ....

I'm a guy dammit!

I wish Christmas was more about celebrating some religious idealism, and less about the commercialism of it.

I think about my growing up days. There weren't a lot of presents ... for anyone. At least, I never remember there being many, but the ones I opened, they were like FREAKIN' AWESOME!

That was my Dad, raising one, on his own. A pocket-knife, a model, and a new rabbit (because I raised and showed in 4-H) was awesome! Now I got three boys at home, a daughter grown, and married, and living in an urban area .... yeah. if I gave the same, not the same excitement. Guess 30 ... or more .... years... sigh.

I did some shopping today. I leave most of the shopping for the Wife to do, for Christmas, just because, she is in better "tune" with what the kids want, because I am .... whatever. But I shopped for those of my side of the family. The Sister. The Brother. The Parents. Sis and Stuman were done and easy. The Parents....sigh.

I texted both of them the other night, asking for ideas, Mom gives me four for her, two for PT. The next morning, PT gives me one extra idea, and repeats what Mom said before (I don't know if he knew she told me previously or not).

So, I think, screw their ideas, we are going 'New Age' this year .... and bought accordingly. Nothing like an accumulation of black stones, that burn well, to sit around and commiserate over.

heh. Caught ya reading Mom!


Wednesday, November 11

Sometimes, Just Wanna Hang Myself

Sigh. Hang on, I need to pee.

Glad ya have the opportunity to hang around. Most wouldn't. Must mean I am interesting enough for you to do it. That, and my 3 minutes is only 3 seconds as you read.

Lots in my life has been going on. Hell, I have three boys. All of them at monumental places of their lives.

The Oldest, is a senior this year. Has been in the Band/music program since 4th grade. Started out on the French Horn. I wasn't a big fan. I played Tuba for 8+ years, bass trombone my senior year. But, French Horn... I admit, it not only takes musical talent, but a touch of learned skill. There is a reason not everyone picks this instrument, and my son ... well, aside from parental pride, he did damn well at playing it. When he reached high school, obviously you don't march with a French horn, so he played a Bb horn, I think just the first two years, for marching. Junior year, he learned Tuba, and continued playing it through Senior year (as of now).

The band is going to Super State competition this weekend. That means they are in the Top Ten of their division, of the whole state. I will be there Saturday to watch, even though I have seen the show, I hope they perform even better, and just 'knock the socks' off everyone!

My Middle son, many would say the most like me ('cause I am a middle kid) plays trumpet. Tonight, Tuesday, they did some middle-school event that was about music and dinner. I know the Wife paid, and went, to the dinner, as well as the older & younger brothers, and both grandmas. Wish I could have, but damn the work shift. This one is in 8th, and moves to the high school, when the oldest boy graduates.

The youngest ... well, he is in 4th grade. Which means I will miss any grade-school concert, due to work hours.... but I won't miss them. Been through three kids, and grade school musics.. Yeah, not the most pleasant ear music, but hey... when it is your kids, you suck it up. But this one is the percussionist. He has said he wants to play drums for years. When he reached the age/grade where he could, he claimed the same. Been telling him, percussionists need to read music, too. And good that I did, as the starting instrument is a xylophone, basically. And he is doing well, from what I hear.

I'm proud of my boys. I'm proud of my daughter, who is now married and in her own life things... but she was supported by us in band when she was going through school.

Re--reading all that, I realized that I am blessed. Four kids, musically talented. That's awesome. But music isn't the best thing I would say about them individually. They all have other talents/trades. One is awesome at computer skills. Another at personal communications. Another... well, he's a good kiss-ass for now, but he is so damn cute, women don't care!

Maybe I just ain't ready to hang that cord across the beam, and around my neck. Maybe I can wait a few more years, and see if one of mine turn out to be the next "Doc", or "Buddy", or whoever had that thing called a Schu-horn. It was a specially made one, for a guy I thought was named Danny Schu .... but I couldn't find anything on the internet to back any of that up, so figured I must have misremembered it at some point since my Senior year. It's possible.

Let me know if you know what I think I remember....


Saturday, November 7


I am flustered. I am upset. I am impatient. All when it comes to internet speeds. Months ago (read prolly as year(s) plus, I opted for the phone company's DSL service, which was faster than the cable company (which I did not service with). My house is an older home, built well before I was born, and I understand there can be some "tricky" wiring going on, but between the phone company, and the wiring in my home, there was some big hoo-haw about what was going to happen. I say that because a few very short months ago, the amount of upload/download capabilities changed, and not in my favor.

Basically, I got three computers on the same DSL, and then you add in a 4th source on wifi ... pretty much a lot of service being used at the same time. I noticed lags. it happens. I'm cheap. I don't have the most expensive package. The last month or more, I am down at least a third of the availability I should have. I call them, they say it is my phoneline. I tell them to fix their problem. They come back a week later saying it is the lines in my house, and that costs extra for them to diagnose.

Fuck everyone out for a buck.

Domain name is up for renewal this month. Having probs with internet thanks to dumbass phone company. Am I done?

Hell no!

Wednesday, October 28

A Time Of Renewal

Geez ... this post title sounds pretty New Age. You know, as in, here, hold this piece of crystal and feel a renewal of your essence.... blah blah blah. Oh well,it just popped into my head.

It has been pretty busy around the doodstead of late. The oldest son has had about 4 band events in as many days, one of which I was finally able to attend. They has their second competition this past Saturday at my Alma Mater. Again, they scored a rating of Excellent, and swept all five caption awards (Auxiliary, Percussion, General Performance, General Effect, and Visuals). Monday they had the school district exhibition performance. Last night they had the third and final competition, again scoring an Excellent and sweeping the captions. With their first competition, they already qualified for State, so that is coming up in a couple weeks. This Friday is the last home game, and also senior walk night, though I won't be able to make it. The Wife will walk with the oldest when he is announced.

Work is still going fine, though I feel older each week with the numerous aches/pains I seem to acquire on a daily basis. After a couple days off, I feel better, until I get back into the shop. Ibuprofen is my friend.

Been sticking my nose a little more into my Kindle of late. Less computer, more reading. Of course, it is easy to do when I get home because almost everyone is in bed already. Seems lately my hours have increased due to the extra traffic. Since July, I have added about an hour plus to my drive time due to the increase of traffic. I blame it all on snowbirds. That and one of the newer techs is an ass, and never seems to have his paperwork ready when I get there (my next to last stop) or worse, he isn't home yet. He lives in one of those suite rental by the week/month/whatever places, so it's not like I can leave his stuff on the porch. Very, very irritating. And he whines about how they require certain things to be done, paperwork-wise. Most days I just want to tell him "You're Fired!".

Speaking of "you're fired' ... how about that GOP race. (smh). Debate tonight. Maybe something proper will happen.


Friday, October 16

Gonna Be A Long One

I have been employed at the Company now for just a bit over two years. I enjoy working in the parts department. Like any company, especially those dealing with parts, etc, you need to do an inventory, probably once a year, for financial reasons. At least, I would think a company should.

In the past year and a half, we have done about five inventories. This includes each tech's truck (for their truck inventory) and the parts warehouse (where I work out of). At a year and a half ago, when they performed their first one (since I had started), I found out it was also the first one that the company had ever done ... at least in the last 12 years (about when our branch opened up). Yeah ...

Needless to say, there was a large discrepancy in what parts/value should be there, versus what was actually there. So a couple months later, they did it again, after spending time adjusting numbers, tracking missing parts, etc. Again a month later.

Eventually, it came down to we had to implement a new software system as part of the tracking problem was in the older program/software they were using (suppposedly), so February of last year, that was installed. The inventories faded off. I heard our numbers were closer to be actuals, instead of 'what-should-be'. 

About a month ago, they did another one. Once again the numbers were with less errors. This weekend, they are doing it again. Needless to say, my boss is doing the truck inventories for the Westside techs (the ones I deliver to) this morning. He scheduled them to meet at one centralized location (for them) and have them come every half hour. Each inventory should take about 20 minutes. He asked me to come help him. How? I don't know. Most of these techs do not carry truck stock, so there is going to next to nothing, or nothing to count. Either way, he said to be there by 6am. Which means getting up at 5:30, for me. Whiuch also means, I awoke at 4:30 and could not go back to sleep. Let's add in that Fridays are my "longer" days, as I am pulling parts for two days (Sat & Mon) versus just the usual next day. I'll be lucky to be home by 9pm.

It's also my lil' brother's birthday today. Stuman turns 41 this year, and has already asked what time I would finish up work tonight. I had told him around 9pm. He is to text me where he may be at around that time, so I can go help celebrate out with him. I'm going to be TIRED.

Think I will need a Monster energy drink today, on my way into the shop.


Tuesday, October 13

Let's Look At College

As parents, I am sure most look at sending your kids to college like a second mortgage. For many, I understand. I'm thinking about my second. Let me re-align you with our history....

The Daughter. Paid for a year of major university, with dorm, etc, She basically "fails out" they don't ask her back. Enroll her in a secondary, pay all fees, etc, plus her living costs (an apartment, etc. in another city while she attends). After graduating, with what she went to school for, she has to take three (3) state tests to be licensed to work.

She got married. She moved twice (based on the boyfriend, now husband) but still living in the state. And STILL has not taken the tests, to be able to work. I'm not happy.

So my next child, is a Senior this year. Yes, he is male. Yes, we don't have the money available like we did with his sister. Also, he has not applied to any university (that I know of, as of tonight). That could be a good thing. I know he is super smart. I'm pushing for him to join the US Air Force. Can't be a pilot, but Intelligence, Police, or something better. He's smart, shouldn't be on dipshit patrol.

Or I said Navy. He likes to eat. Maybe a cook, or something. I don't know.

I just want him to have a goal. Because he seems to have none as of now.

I'm pushing for Air Force. I got my brother in Army Reserve. Dad served (drafted) Army. PT served AF back in the day. Grandpa was Army in WWII. Got Uncles that did NAVY, and ARMY. Lot of family that served, whether in time of need or not.

Not happy about our country in the political situation we are in, and signing up one more, ain't fixing nothing ..... and it makes me harder to believe in what is right, if we don't have a strong leader, which we don't have now, and the prospects for the future, are not looking good.

All my opinion. Maybe you rest easy....


Sunday, October 11

I'm A Bit Pissed Tonight

Weekends for my family, come and go like ... hotcakes in front of a hungry teenager. Unless they are my teens, who aren't crazy about hotcakes, but I can't complain, neither am I. Anyways, I guess what I was trying to say is, weekends around here, pretty much aren't weekends. It is just two more days that those of us that are parents, have to squeeze in everything that we weren't able to get done during the week, plus attend 4+ hours of marching competition, help another finish his essay paper, and make sure all of them practice their instruments. Let's add-in the time we need to run to friends' weddings/funerals/extended family visits, etc, etc.

Yeah. We live in real life. Not all that shit gets done.

On "regular" weekends, I make sure of one thing ... either Saturday or Sunday, we go out to eat as a family. Now if the Daughter is up (with or without the SIL) she's invited. And sometimes we invite the MIL (as we did Saturday night). So we had dinner last night, today my Redskins were playing at 10am (my time, even if they did lose ... again). So I was at the pub, had some beers.

Oh hell. I ain't pissed now at nobody but the Wife. She had an MRI today, to help figure out some neuropathy issues she has going on .... but failed to remind me today she was going for an MRI. Yes, she gave me a date, many days ago, but my memory is terrible. It wasn't written on a calendar, or anywhere else. I even spoke with her for 15-20 minutes this morning, but did she remind me? No. So ... when I heard she was getting it done, I was a bit freaked that she had not reminded me.

It ruined the evening.

I am upset my Wife doesn't want to keep me informed (even as bad as my memory is, and she knows this) nor cares if I am there.

I'm a little pissed off. Maybe I should book a flight for our 25th next year, and go without her - say I forgot to remind her that morning our flight leaves ....

Yeah. That would be a cause to waste 25 years ....

So not happy tonight.

Hope you get some ....


Thursday, October 1

Isn't Winter Supposed to Be Coming?

It's October 1st, and here in Phoenix we are expecting around 103 for a temperature. If I remember correctly, weather forecast on the radio said we are about 10 degrees higher than average. Plus, it is to finally cool down into the 90's by Monday, with even a slight chance of rain. That sounds more like  the  Octobers of the past I remember.

Work was crazy this last week. One of the guys in my department took 4 days off, and of course that meant I was working 12-13 hour days for those four days. At least the weekend fell in the middle of that time, and I had a couple days to somewhat rest. Though, I still feel pretty worn out. Probably be next week before I start feeling back to normal (no aches/pains, not so tired, etc).

Not much else is going on. Any free time I have anymore seems I have my nose stuck in a book. I've been getting a bit behind in my reading ... or just adding to it faster.


Tuesday, September 22

Catching Up

The last week or so has been crazy. This next week isn't looking much better. Been having to help cover for people going on vacations, then you throw into the works we had inventory last week. This next week, I have to pull extra hours for four days, and if like yesterday, which I fear they will be, it means 12 hour plus work days. Yesterday about dropped me. By the time I made it home, I used the restroom, then went to bed. No supper. No chit chat. Straight to bed, and passed out. I got a good nine hours of sleep or more, and today I feel rested, but muscle-achey.

Nothing exciting in the Life around here. The Daughter is coming up this weekend for her birthday, though it isn't until next Monday.

Geez, my life is sounding pretty boring right now if all I do is work.


Tuesday, September 15

Back To Normal, For Around Here

Finally got the AC fixed Saturday. Sunday was Football day, so I went to the pub with some buddies, and watched our team lose. Monday it was back to work.

Huge exciting post, right? Truly, not much more happened this past weekend. I like weekends like that, because I know here soon, with school activities, our weekends (and seemingly many weeknights) are filled up.

Well staring at the screen isn't helping either of us ....


Wednesday, September 9

When It Rains, It Pours

Labor Day weekend has come and gone. With it, my birthday showed up. Saturday night, we did a family dinner out for my bday at one of our favorites, a place called the Black Bear Diner. My birthday, being Sunday, the Wife and boys went to church, and I went up to the pub to hang out for awhile. An hour or so after being there, I found out some movie company was there shooting some scenes for some mafia boss-type movie. No one well-known was going to be there, but supposedly the movie stars Nicholas Cage and Mila Kunis. I guess the scenes they were shooting that day were more about the bad guy and some bar scene. I watched a couple of them. One guy, I'm guessing the one in charge of extras, heard it was my birthday, and if I stayed long enough, he would get me in a scene "close to the action" as an extra, but it didn't work out. I waited for him to get me, but he never did. On their way out he sort of apologized, saying he hadn't realized til some of the regular guys were there, that I was a bit bigger than they, and would appear more intimidating than they were. Great.

Either way I still had a fun time. The Wife and I went to dinner at Black Angus, a little more expensive steak place for those that don't know of them. Good birthday. Monday, Reverend Mother came by with some cookies, leftover home made potato salad and some 'white girl' salsa Sis had made. And some cassette tapes she had at home she thought I could listen to in my truck, since I griped about the radio last time. Then the AC at the house went out.

Tuesday I got AC repair to the house, supposedly fixed it. Some board had some scorch marks on it but covered under warranty (yea!) but when the Wife got home last night, it still isn't working. She and the boys stayed over at the MIL's, I stayed home as I had to rise early and get to work. No idea when we can get the AC repair back here as they want access to the thermostat inside, but with our schedules, we may have to wait until the weekend.

This morning, already frustrated with some work issues from Monday, the AC not working, a night sleeping in warm house (it is 7am, and only 91 now, but was up 98 last night at like 9pm), I got up early and headed to my truck. There is a nice large puddle of coolant underneath. The garage my shop uses is in East Mesa, in other words, across the valley (about 35 miles one way) so no way am I able to drive it there with this issue. The garage doesn't open until 7:30 (it was about 6:20 at this point). I called my boss, gave him the heads up. He has the number for the owner of the garage, and within a few minutes, both of them calling me, we got a tow set up.

Tow company calls. They are based in East Mesa, and with morning rush hour, it will take them 1-2 hours to get here (which is about right - takes me about 50 minutes to go to the garage prior to morning rush when I take it in for maintenance. Then I am to ride with them to the garage to pick up a company loaner van (we keep a couple there for this situation with out tech fleet). That will be at least another hour. Then I can got to work (about 15 mins from the garage). I might make it in by 10:30, when I started the day planning to be there at 7:30. In the meantime, I get to sit here in this warm house, waiting for the tow, prattling on about how frustrated I am with all the problems happening to me right now.

At least I have cookies .... for breakfast.

Lunch on Thursday morning with Preacher Tom ... unless more bad stuff happens.

Thanks for reading my rant.


Thursday, August 27

I Repeat ... I Repeat ... I Repeat

I can think of quite a few times in the past years, that while listening to the radio, a new, popular song comes on. Listening along, I like the beat. Words seem pretty cool. I sort of like it. Later on, that song comes on the radio again, and I think, cool - and sort of hum along with it the best I can. Days go by, and the frequency that that radio station plays the song goes higher. By now I have all the words memorized, am able to sing right along with it, in key, and know both the LIVE version and the station version. Another short while goes by, and you realize you start to hate the song. BY the time a couple months have gone on, you never, ever want to hear that song played again. For some of us, since I was a karaoke host at one time for this happening, even after the radio quit playing the song as much, everyone seemed to want to sing it at the bar - off key.

I been feeling this way lately with the media. Mostly the news talk media I listen to on my drive int he afternoon/evening. I mean, I know it is talk radio, and to they talk about major events going on in the US, or related to the US in some way. But I am tired of hearing about the CO theater shooting. We knew a couple weeks ago that he was not going to be executed. Why waste my time going over (every 30 minutes it seemed) about how the he was sentenced to 12 life sentences, plus another 3000 years? The VA shooting of the reporter, her cameraman, and wounding the interviewee (that a word?) ... Yeah, I don't mind hearing about it. I don't mind hearing new info on the case that comes along every few hours. But to spend an hour plus talking about it? Enough already.

Hillary Clinton's emails - Donald Trump and his presidency run - I'm sure there are others I can't think of off the top of my head, but these are things I don't need to be reminded of every 15 minutes. Let me know at the top of the hour if anything NEW has happened. It is supposed to be NEWs.

And why does it always have to be sensationally bad news? A school shooting gets play-time over and over, but that small fluff piece they did for 30 secs? Been and gone. Of course, I really don't care about 99% of the fluff pieces either.

Maybe I should stop listening to the radio - whether it is news talk, or even just music. I have a cassette player int he truck .... but not much on cassette anymore. Hard to find them, too, except at the pawn shop, or a thrift market. Most times that stuff is all Spanish music anyways. I could not play anything, and just think about stuff while driving. Yeah, I don't think that would be such a good idea .... who knows what sort of trouble that could bring me.


Tuesday, August 25

Who Is Pointing Fingers?

I have been very lax about updating here. Aside from the blog name, I had also gotten the web thingy name. Had it in a special deal, got it for another year through another service. And now, got a mailing from Internet Domain Name Services. I don't think $85 a year is good to save my domain. Willing to let it go. But I have until November to figure it out.

That all being said .... I have not been a good writer here, a poster of 'whatever' ... a master of wit, a conundrum of idiots. A blathering of politics, a rebel yell to the sensibility of humanity.

I have failed.

It has turned into a diary, of my pathetic life.

So. No, I don't think I will renew the domain name. No. I don't think I will placate any of the masses with less than my opinion. NO! I will not stop posting ....

Yeah. Somebody give me a cyber-slap, and tell me that, even if it is drizzle, and it bores you to shit, you still read it.....

Nobody likes that.

Things are a changing ... again.

For you, hope it isn't something your mother-in-law likes.....

Be forewarned.


Sunday, August 9

A Day of Rest

Sunday. No football. Nothing on my agenda except chilling and relaxing pretty much. Work wore me out pretty much this past week, with the high humidity and temperatures we are having. Got some rain, but never long enough to cool things off good. Friday was the middle son's birthday, so I took him out yesterday to see about letting him pick out a bday gift(s). Ended up with a couple books, and I okayed a digital purchase of a game he wanted for the PC. Took all afternoon and night to download, but started up good this morning. He is anxious to play it, but won't be able to until after church (where they are now). Did the Texas Roadhouse for his dinner out selection. I love their fried pickles.

Today is also the Reverend Mother's birthday. I texted her once I was up this morning, and sent her another happy bday on Facebook. I screwed up though and have not gotten a card for her as of yet. Maybe I will remember to get it done next time I am out and about. I'm just so bad at remembering to do things like that anymore.

The Boys start back to school Monday. Back to the early mornings of running the oldest to band. Everyone is pretty much ready for school. The middle one I will take in on the first day, as the bus route they have him on is not the one we want. Since he will ride to/from the MIL's house, he will need to be on a different route. We have had to do this for each of the kids almost every year once they got to Jr High and had to take a bus.

Guess that is about all I got at this time.


Tuesday, August 4

When Life Gets Busy

I guess you could say my last days off was this last weekend. As a rule, I get those off work. But it still doesn't change the fact I feel like I haven't had a day of rest in quite awhile. Between getting school registrations done, school shopping, work, other things that need to be done, social events with friends, etc.... I am just beat. I admit it, I have been trying to take advantage of the extra hours I have at home prior to going to work, as extra sleep time. Those 5:30am mornings don't start until next week.

That being said, next week will start a more regular schedule, I am hoping. With the kids in school, I am sure the concert calendar will replace much of whatever else life the Wife and I might have had.

Only 7:30am now, and I think I am going to go lay back down for an hour.


Wednesday, July 22

Feel Like Hiding Out

The past few days have been pretty weird. The next few aren't looking much different. Work has been kicking my ass quite a bit of late. With the high humidity (for AZ) that has been around for the monsoon season, and the fact our parts warehouse is not air conditioned, has lead to me having two hour sweat sessions, which just really wipe me out. By the time I get home in the evenings, I just want to sit somewhere with the A/C on full, and mellow out until I fall asleep. Most nights, that doesn't take long. I am just feeling so worn out.

Next week I get the spend a couple days getting the two older boys registered for school. The Oldest Son has his on Tuesday morning, and due to also having band camp that week, they get to go first thing in the morning. Makes it nice for me, as I usually do not end up missing any work time. How ever, the Middle Son, I had to take Wednesday off of work. He is in Jr. High, but why would they do their registration from 4pm-7pm? The Wife said she would not be able to get off early that day, so I ended up using one of my last two days of vacation. I have one day left, and knowing me, I probably will just lose it. I have a month to use it, but have to plan the days off so far ahead of time so someone can do my job, it is going to be hard to take it. Use it or lose it ... but not much choice at this time. Come the end of August I get two weeks vacation, and here this past year, I had a hard time using just 1 week....

School registrations.... Oh, and I need to get the Oldest in to get his senior portraits done. Never realized that they charge for a sitting fee, then also for the proofs, then also for the actual photos. Freaking expensive. I'm sure we will get literature later in the year for the class ring as well. I am sure they are more expensive than when I went to school.

Well, I suppose I should get the morning started and get ready for work.


Wednesday, July 15

Looking For Some Extra

Oh man, am I feeling a bit whooped. Sunday night found me back home from a four-day whirlwind of traveling and visiting with family/friends back in the Midwest. Straight back into work on Monday morning, and now it is Wednesday, and I am feeling worn out already.

The trip started off on a bad note. I had arrived at the airport about 4 hours early for my flight as it was the easiest ride I could get to there. About an hour before the flight was to depart, it got delayed for 6 hours. Needless to say, that cut into some of the time I had allotted to visit some family in Indianapolis. Friday got on the rode a bit later than I meant to do, but the drive up to Wakarusa to see Grandma & Grandpa was good. They were surprised, not knowing I would be there. The Daughter and SIL made it in Saturday morning. The family get together went well. My buddy from MI came down and we had supper followed with a couple hours of tale swapping. Monday drove down to Frankfort, had lunch with my lil Sissy, stepmom and nephew. The Daughter and SIL followed back to Indy to an Uncle's house, then I had to go to the airport. Missed seeing some I wanted to see, but already talking about another trip possibly next year.

It was a bit depressing to see G&G this year. I know it has been 5 years since my last visit, and in that time they both have gotten older, had bad illnesses/falls. Gramps has a bad cough from pneumonia that he will have to his grave per the doctor. Grams is blind in one eye, and though has gained more mobility, still has problems with some joints/bones from a bad fall she had. Both are slowly losing some of their previous acute mental acuity. Noticed some name mistakes, much pausing in speech to "recollect the thought" and even some going off on a tangent to the convo. But being in their later 80s, it makes sense. Just don't like to think of them getting to the passing away stage of life.

While driving, had hit a few light rain mists, but never hit any rain. Indy got some while I was up north, so missed it all. Come home to possible storms here in Phoenix, but nothing as of yet. The monsoon humidity is up though, and I have been sweating buckets for the past couple of weeks. My biggest worry is if I am drinking enough water to help stay hydrated. Been getting some small muscle cramps every now and then, and I know that is a sign to drink more water.

At least it is Wednesday.... count half the week almost over.


Tuesday, July 7

Less Work = More Play

Only two more days of work for me this week. Than a four day weekend, that will feel non-restive with all the rushing around I feel I will be doing. I sat down last night, to try to create an itinerary, get the reservations completed, etc. I wore myself out. The only part of the day(s) I will get any relaxation, is when I am driving somewhere, or I am sleeping. On the good part though, it will be good to see what family and friends I have in the short time I am back there.

Car. That's the one reservation I need to get done yet. Got to remember to do it tonight.

That's about all I have this morning. Thoughts are buzzing in and out the head this morning, along with what-ifs and other worries. Can't seem to keep a solid train of thought moving.


Sunday, July 5

ummmm... yeah

There is nothing better than a post written when one is half drunk.Well, to be honest, probably more than half ... But wait, I just woke up, so it has to be less, right?

Oh well. It is Sunday morning, and here we are. You, that bored, and myself, in need of more stimulating than the snores of the Mrs. Funny how neither of us win.

It's time I said something... about the "Rebel Flag".

WTF? Seriously? This is a symbol of racism and slavery? Huh?!? It held down people down, and chained them? It was a KKK symbol? If I were to wave it in the face of some random negro, they would be all of a sudden submissive and do what I tell them? Good nigger ....

OMFG. What is it with the general public today? All this because of a picture, of some stupid ass mofo that wanted to tr to cause some racial war? America has stooped this low ..... It embarrasses me.

Corporations are taking product (American-made product) off the shelves in fear of retaliation from consumers, if it contains the dreaded, "Confederate flag". The old 'DUKES OF HAZZARD' television show has been removed from the air, and all marketing (merchandising) has been discontinued. This banner that has been sold for over the last 150 years, is now not allowed on sites such as Ebay, Amazon, and god only knows how many others, that cave to the demands of an outraged, dumb society.

Am I for slavery? No. Do I think this symbol is all about slavery, and the merest sight of it should bring everyone into a social out-roar about slavery? No. In my 43 years of life, have I ever...have I EVER .... thought that when viewing this banner, this flag of Dixie, this battle standard flown in the war between the states, would make me want to own slaves, and be the cause of misery and ruin for any negro alive today? No. Is there any negro alive today, that can attest to, and relive in memory, being a slave? I don't think so.

Wikipedia (our God-trusted source of all things ....pshaw) says this:

 Designed by William Porcher Miles, the chairman of the Flag and Seal committee, a now-popular variant of the Confederate flag was rejected as the national flag in 1861. It was instead adopted as a battle flag by the Army of Northern Virginia under General Robert E. Lee.[31] Despite never having historically represented the CSA as a country nor officially recognized as one of the national flags, it is commonly referred to as "the Confederate Flag" and has become a widely recognized symbol of the American south.[32] It is also known as the rebel flagDixie flag, and Southern cross and is often incorrectly referred to as the "Stars and Bars".[33] (The actual "Stars and Bars" is the first national flag, which used an entirely different design.) The self-declared Confederate exclave of Town Line, New York, lacking a genuine Confederate flag, flew a version of this flag prior to its 1946 vote to ceremonially rejoin the Union.

So why is this still an issue? What is our government doing, hiding behind this social outrage? Has another Benghazi happened? 

Sheep... I am so tired of the sheep ....


Thursday, July 2

She Made Me Do It

Well, not *IT*, that would have been easy... No, it's a little more than just sex.

The Wife is making me fly back to Indiana. Making me? Yeah. Pretty much. The Daughter and SIL were wanting to fly back this next week, seeing how my Dad's side of the family are doing a get-together. This way she could "introduce" the SIL to the family (he has not had the opportunity to meet much of my family). Talk had been a few weeks ago, about the possibility of me going with them, since I knew the locations of everyone, places to be, etc. I had turned it down at that time, due to not being able to plan out days off from work, and finances.

Last week, the Wife brought it up.At bedtime. After I had had a few drinks. She pretty much scolded me for not wanting to go back, and did her best to guilt-trip me (doesn't work much anymore) about how I should go see my grandparents BEFORE they pass away. Bottom line is I am going. Fly out next week for 4 days, before returning home. The Daughter and SIL are going as well, but their trip is overlapping the days that I am going. We will see each other a couple of the days.

So I am excited to go. Not thrilled, as I know our finances are taking a little hit to do this trip. Especially after just getting my new car about a month ago. The Wife says we can manage the hit. Too late now to do anything but go since I purchased the flight already.

Looking forward to seeing some family I haven't seen in at least 5 years.


Saturday, June 20

Something I Should Probably Get Used To

The weather here in AZ has been a tad warm of late. Earlier this week, we tied a record high temperature of 114, that had been previously set back in 1896. Of course, this is just the temperature record for that specific day. I also heard yesterday that we are on our way to possibly break another record, of number of days over 110. The current record they said was 10 days. I didn't happen to catch if that was for any summer, or just June. Either way, it is too many. The stories say that Hell is hot, but Arizona is hotter ... well, with my bad habits, and where I live, I should be used to it by now. Of course, the women out here love the heat. I know Reverend Mother says the pool water isn't warm enough until the water temp is over 80. Days like the past few, I would not be surprised if it is a few degrees above that mark.

The middle Son and I go "scrappin'" on Saturday mornings usually. By scrapping, I mean we empty the trash/old parts from my work truck. We meet a guy that takes all the old parts for scrap. It gets my truck cleaned out, makes him a few bucks and gives me some time with my son. I debated going earlier this morning to try to beat the heat, but unless it is like 4am, it isn't going to make a difference. Already it is 81 out.

Well, I think it is about time I went and woke up the middle boy, and we can head up to QuikTrip and grab some drinks and breakfast before heading scrappin.


Thursday, June 18

Government Frustration

You think this post is going to be full of every bitch about politicians and whatnot? No, not really. I mean, I do have many gripes about them. Many citizens do, I am sure. Some of them might even match mine, or make me agree with them on something I haven't even heard of ... but that is more off track than what I was referring to with the post title.

Several, nay, MANY years ago, when I was but a wee lad in high school, The Valley area had many DMV offices. I can remember several locations from those days, as I had thoroughly read the paper pamphlet (the rules of the road) and the listing of locations within, so I could be ready to do my licensing at any place, anytime, and knew what places did the testing, etc. In that blank space of time since my HS days, many of these locations have closed. My guess to some government beaucracy somewhere, funding cuts and the shit riolls downhill, blah blah blah, until ADOT (AZ Dept of Trans.) has to do cuts that close locations.

The Valley is continuing to grow in population. Hence, more monies being paid into the system for licenses/registrations/etc, but does that make a difference? No. What ADOT/DMV have done, is contracted and allowed third party providers offer certain services (registration/plates/temporary plates), many of which, charge additional fees on top of the standard fee from DMV. However, after much research this morning, none of these third parties are allowed to do licenses/permits.

A.) with higher fees, many people don't use these third party places, or they don't even know about them.
B.) DMV locations are fewer in number, thus have to serve larger amounts of people (from Valley growth, plus larger areas with fewer locations).
C.) DMV locations are swamped with longer waiting times to get anything accomplished.

Is there any way to fix this? Sure, if whatever higher-up muckity-mucks got whatever funding they needed to provide more locations, and fatten their paychecks. So no, no way to fix it. Sure, DMV does offer some online services, but not enough people use it. The worst is most are not informed of what they can do online, or through other means except going to the DMV. Which clogs up the waiting process even more.

What brought this griping on today? The Eldest Son had his driving permit expire. Told the Wife, but not me. So now he has to go take the written test again, instead of just a renewal we could have done online. He has to go to a DMV to take the test. Third parties aren't allowed licensing procedures. Tried two different locations today, with terrible results - lines over 50 at one, and well over 100 at the other. At 15 minutes to opening ....

We are going to try one of those locations tomorrow, but arrive at least 30 minutes ahead of opening, so we can maybe be in the top 25 to get in, and be out in a couple hours (I hope).

Monday, June 8

Boosting the Economy

Economic recovery ... is it happening? From what I have been hearing from our local news talk radio station, not really. I get the impression that many are in limbo. Like waiting for the other shoe to drop. The last recession is claimed to have started about 2008, and supposedly we have "recovered" but not to the level we were at before it hit. Consumer spending is still down, and there is good reason for that: no one is getting raises, yet the price of everything is pretty much only going up.

That's how I understand it anyways. If I got it wrong, please correct me. Better yet, don't. I kind of like my version.

Either way, I did my best to help give the local economy here a boost. Saturday I went out and bought a used (new to me) car. Or is it a van? I have had the 2000 Ford Windstar van for many years. Many problems with it. Too much money spent on repairs. I think I have told that story before. The Wife and I went out Saturday, and ended up purchasing a 2007 Dodge Magnum. Talked the dealer down $2,700 (before license/tax/etc) and feel that we did a pretty good job for the price we paid. I got it insured this morning (though, I guess I could have done that Saturday, but didn't think about doing it all online). I'm a little excited, as this is the newest vehicle I have ever owned ... and it is "mine". I say mine, as I will be the primary driver of it. The Wife has already said she would not feel comfortable driving it, which is fine with me.

The Daughter and SIL were up the whole week last week. He had some kind of training the company sent him up to do. She was along to spend time with friends/family. Why not? She still hasn't bothered to do her testing so she can work in the field that we paid for her schooling for. Yeah, still not happy about that. They left last night. I asked when they would be up next thinking July 4th, but no. I said it was fine, we weren't doing anything anyways.

I have a couple days coming up the week after the 4th that I have off. Thinking of taking the boys to the water park here. I still have a couple more days of vacation to use before the end of August or I lose them.

Guess it is about time I head into work.


Wednesday, June 3

For Sale

When I am not at work, the personal vehicle I use is a minivan. A 2000 Ford Windstar, that we had purchased back in around the mid 2000's ... if I remember right. I'm thinking it was around 2005, as it was just before the last child of mine was born. We were in a rush to get it, as the previous POS crap van we had only sat three in the back, so with the one on the way... plus, the van had crapped out on us when we went to San Diego. Either way, it was the best deal I could find at the time, and I think it was $6,000. Back around 2011-2012, I got rid of the Saturn I was driving (it was on it's last leg) and we purchased a newer van, for the Wife to drive, and I would take over the Windstar. For a Ford, I guess it has done pretty good. Fifteen years, and it still runs. Only now, the check engine light is on, needs many, many things done to it. Time to retire it rather than spend more money getting it fixed. Over the years we have had it, I think we have spent over 6K in repairs already.

So the past couple weeks I have been going through dealerships online, seeing what is available. I don't want brand new, but something a bit more current ... say within 7 years. Though there is product out there, it is too expensive. The Wife and I don't want to add on an additional monthly payment to some car finance company, plus even higher insurance due to the full coverage. Haven't been seeing many vehicles on the side of the road with for sale signs in the windows.

I spent about an hour on Craigslist last night. Saw some really good deals. Saw many that I would not even think of contacting. I was a bit shocked at the number of words misspelled in car descriptions, or worse, intermixed with Spanish words, or spelling. I know we have [too] many Hispanics out here, but still. I think this Friday after work I will be running through the ads there again, and see if I can find a couple to check out on Saturday. Trust me, I'll take the precautions suggested (and a few I have made up) to be sure I don't get screwed, or attacked. Sometimes Craigslist people are dangerous .... or so I have heard stories. Heard more stories about the deals/experiences being good.

So, maybe I will be driving a new car this weekend .... maybe I won't. 


Sunday, May 31

Another Bloody Sunday

Another Sunday morning finds me oddly awake at s very early hour. I think it is the fact that I did not go out drinking last night, but that doesn't make sense for the other Saturdays I do not go out, and yet sleep in something fierce on Sundays. At this point it doesn't matter, as it is just after 5am, and yet I have been up for almost an hour already. Sounds like it is bloody marys at 6 for me.

I did not go to Comicon yesterday. Seems there ticket sales online Wednesday were all messed up, and so they extended the pricing an extra day (saves me $5 more) and I was able to get it to correctly go through Thursday evening. So, I did not have the extra ticket. Not that I did anything interesting that I could not have gone ... The eldest Son went with the Daughter & SIL, all dressed up. The Daughter was the character Link from the LEGEND OF ZELDA games, and the SIL was Blue Link, from something to do with the same games. Not sure who the Son went as - his sister made the outfit, and he got dressed somewhere else and I have not seen pics yet.

June is here tomorrow. It finally hit over 100 here Friday (103) and an expected 106 yesterday, and probably the same for today. I thought I heard to cool off to the upper 90s this week again, but not sure.

Guess I will surf the net a bit before leaving for my liquid breakfast.


Thursday, May 28


Phoenix Comicon is here this weekend. For those that do not know what a comicon is, well, it is sort of hard to explain. Some would say it is a geekfest, others would other words. There is quite a bit of cosplay (dressing up in costumes) going on. The Daughter and the eldest Son are planning on going Saturday dressed up as some characters from some Anime, I believe. I went to purchase the Son's ticket last night, but something went wrong online. I did it twice, but no tickets as of this morning. I wasn't planning on going, but if it glitches correctly, I'll have 2 tickets so may end up going. There are always many authors there, and this year there are several that I enjoy their books. However, being how I read most of mine on the Kindle, I don't have the physical books to have them signed .... bummers. And believe it or not, I often get shy with the thought of just walking up and speaking to them, letting them know I enjoyed their books. I get all nervous.

So, depending on how this ticket debacle ends up will determine the weekend for me I believe.

Not much else going on. Today is the last day of school for the boys. We have no major plans. The eldest has band camp starting in about a week I think. I got some discount coupons for the waterpark that maybe we can go this summer at some point.

It is supposed to be 101 tomorrow. The first time into the three digit area since May 2nd. It has been a wonderful cooler May here in the Valley, and not looking forward to the hotter temps, but expected them a long time ago,

I keep hearing stuff about new candidates running for whatever office. I think we have like 10 int he Presidential category, Santorum being the newest. As an American, I think I am a bit embarrassed by these candidates. Yet at the same time, I could not name a person that would be 100% better than any of them. Hopefully, like previous years, this jokes will be knocked out of the competition once the big hitters get in there.

Enough for today, I got to head to work.


Tuesday, May 26

Oh, F*** Me ....

I screwed up on Friday. I had gotten through the entire work day with no problems, until I reached the last stop of my route. I was missing two parts. I double-checked the bins I carry the parts in - didn't see anything. I remembered earlier in the day, setting both pieces (they were small - about hand-sized) on a shelf. Thinking maybe I got side-tracked from someone, or something, and maybe left them there. I made a quick note to the tech about not having the parts with me for that call. I wrote a note for my boss, as I dropped off paperwork to him after that stop. I did forget to call in Saturday morning, thinking they would find the parts quickly and get them to the tech .... but I didn't. I forgot to call. This morning I got a call from one of the other parts people, and we talked a few minutes about it. He wasn't able to locate them quickly as to where I thought I had left them. He said he would continue looking, thinking maybe I set them somewhere else by accident. I don't know. I guess I will find out when I get there and see if they were found, or I may be spending some time looking for them. I just hate when I mess up like that.

Weekend was nice. Would have been nicer if I didn't have the damn cold. By Saturday, the runny nose and sinus pressure was gone, but had moved into the chest a bit. Been hacking most of the weekend. This morning I noticed that quite a bit of phlegm was coming up with the hacking, and it feels like it is starting to clear up. I'm sure just as I kick this cold, the allergies will start back in.

Got a few other things on my mind this week. Glad it is only 4 work days. Still feeling muscle-weary, and not sure how to get rid of that. Maybe I need to find someone with a hot tub.


Friday, May 22

Summer Time

It is the eve of Memorial Day weekend, and things are just weird. The normal temperatures for AZ this time of year (average normal) is like 98. Today it is to be in the mid 80s (if I remember what I heard correctly). We hit 100 on May 1st and 2nd, and have not been over 100 since. Note: I am not complaining, just stating fact. This has got to be one of the most mild springs I have ever seen here in the last 29 years.

The boys finish up school next week. No major plans at this time for any summertime getaways. The oldest Son has a couple weeks of band camp, usually one week at the beginning and the other at the end, of summer.

Work is work. I still have a few days of vacation to use up before the end of August, but no clue as to when to use them yet. Might be coming up soon. The tendinitis in my arms is flaring up (the past couple days anyways) and I feel like I could use a break. Will see how it goes with this three day weekend. The Wife has to work Monday, so we have no major plans.

Guess that is about all I got today.


Wednesday, May 13

Falling Behind

The past few days, I feel that things have become "stacked up". I am lagging in getting some of my reading done (entertainment for me), getting a post on here, and probably many other places I am just not thinking about.

The Daughter's wedding went well. At least, in my opinion it did. Aside from The Wife being so stressed out that morning that she was in tears with frustration, everything seemed to go without a hitch. The reception was nice, and I heard a good time was had by all through the evening. I had to leave a bit early as the oldest Son had Prom. I was about 15-20 minutes early to pick him up and drove him to an after Prom party. I made it home about 11:45. The Wife showed up 10 minutes later. I have spent the past few days trying to readjust by getting a little extra sleep, and of course, returning to work schedule on Monday.

This was the first time I had taken time off from work in the past year and a half. It was nice to know that it took two people to do my job each day while I was gone. Three if you count my boss being the one to shuttle the parts to locations where the techs could meet him to pick them up. The two other in Parts mentioned they had no idea how much I was doing, as they only knew what the guy before me did. Obviously, they have added more duties to my role, and they did not realize how much I help them out. It is nice to know sometimes that what you do is finally noticed. Now if that huge raise would come in ....

Not much else to say today. I have a couple hours before leaving for work I should try to catch up on something.


Edit: Okay, I had to add it. One picture from the wedding ... one of my favorites.

That's me walking the Daughter down the aisle. There will be better professional pics in a couple of weeks....

Friday, May 8

Crossing Fingers

It is Friday. I am on Vacation from work. The Daughter is getting married tomorrow. My day is pretty open.

I think all that combined puts me in a pretty damn good mood ... so far.

Last night was the Daughter's wedding rehearsal. Aside from the fiance being nearly thirty minutes late (so, he was right on time for his appearances) it went well. This was the first time I had seen the venue they were having it at. I was a bit let-down at the actual size of the place. The descriptions and what few pictures I had seen, had made it look a little bigger. Maybe once it is all set up and I see it, my opinion will change ... otherwise, I think we paid too much for the place. After the rehearsal, the Fiance's parents invited us all out for dinner. It was a restaurant I had not heard of, and not too terribly far of a drive from our home. It was good! Some nice Italian food!

This morning, the Wife is accompanying me, along with Daisy and Rusty, (aka That Damn Cat, aka Crack Kitty) to the vet. Daisy has her rabies update due, and Rusty was due for his regular checkup a couple months ago. Afterwards, I have no plans for the day so I may end up at the pub for a couple brewskis.

Tomorrow is the Daughter's wedding. I was told that the Wife and Daughter plan to be at the venue by 3pm, though the wedding isn't until 5-5:30. I mentioned I guess we all would be there at 3, and she gave me a funny look. I can't believe I had to explain to her that there is no need to do two vehicles to drive that far. We are not bringing anyone to the wedding. Though, I cannot say I am happy about being two hours early.... I'm bringing my book, for sure.

Well, I will be absent for a couple days due to all the activity. hope you have a good weekend.


Tuesday, May 5

It's A Steep Hill, And I Feel Like I Am At The Bottom

Humility Checks. That has got to be the correct terminology for what has been happening lately. Just when you think things are going pretty good, things just seem to be falling into place correctly - then BAM! things start breaking/failing/going wrong. To such an extent, it leaves you holding your head thinking, "Why me?"

In my household, we just call it Smith Luck. It happens to us often enough (the things going wrong) that we have pretty much accepted it as a fact of life.

I already mentioned the air conditioning not working properly. Called a place to get it fixed yesterday morning, and they said they could have someone here before 6pm. They even gave a time window ... of 12pm - 6pm, that the tech would be here. I was working, so the Wife spent most of the afternoon waiting for the guy to show up. Near 5pm, I guess the company called and said the tech was running late (it happens) and was not sure he would be there at all that night, but they penned us in for 7:30am today. Another day with no a/c. Well, the good side is that it was a cooler day due to some rain that came through the night before, and more expected. It's already about five after 7am, and I have yet to hear from the company about them showing up.

I only am working two days this week, so in a sense, yesterday was my Thursday, and today my Friday. Yesterday still felt like a Monday though. I plodded through the regular part of the work day as normal, and got started on my route. About an hour into the drive, just a few blocks from my first stop, I smell diesal fumes. I'm thinking, surely that is not coming from my truck ... Maybe it is something in the "area" (I was driving with the window down due to the cooler temperature). I arrived a few blocks later at my first stop. As I hop down from the cab, I glance into the area between cab and truck-box. There is a misting/spraying of diesal fuel from the top of the motor area I can see, covering the whole engine area. Quickly I turn the engine off, and start wondering what to do. It's after 5 pm. I still have basically my whole route to do yet. I call my boss. He has the phone number for the garage owner that does our fleet, and they were coming out to me with a spare van we have, and a tow truck. Okay, no probs. Except I'm in the west valley, and they are in the east valley .... at rush hour traffic time. I only ended up losing about an hour of time before the van showed up (amazingly fast) and was able to continue on. Overall, I got home about the normal time still, having two techs off on vacation helped speed up the drive time I guess. But my truck is in the shop, and I have to drive one of the vans, which I don't like compared to my truck. I'll be calling before I leave for work to see if they fixed it yet (the truck).

The middle son had some homework last night that he needed to print some pictures for, as well as type up some paper and print it. This is near 10pm at night and he is working on it (still), and of course, the ink cartridge goes empty. I'm pretty much on my way to bed, so I tell the Wife if she wants, she can drive over to Walmart and get another cartridge so he can finish. I guess they decided not to do that, but to hand-write what he wants to type up, and then he could do it at Grandma's this morning before going to school.

Well, I am off to the Reading Room (I know, TMI) and I am sure the a/c guy will knock while I am in the middle of things ....


Sunday, May 3

Heat Wave

Friday (May 1st) Phoenix hit 100 for the first time this year. Well, I should say officially, as they user only the temperature recorded at Sky Harbor airport as the official city temperature. There are other parts of the Valley that have been above 100 by a degree or two prior to Friday. What does that mean? Summer is here. It will just steadily get warmer until October.

With the warmer temps, it has gotten warmer in the house. Yesterday it was bad enough I was sweating inside, with a fan on. Obviously, it is time to turn on the air conditioning. Except, it didn't work. Seems it is blowing, but no cool air. Which means it needs to be charged with freon, Ia m sure, and that is if there is not some other component of the system that is leaking. The Wife is off work all this week, so maybe she will be able to find someone to come out Monday and take a look. Going to talk to her about it today when they get home from church.

So, it is short of 11 am, and it isn't terribly hot inside yet. been wasting my morning playing on the computer. My regular buddy I meet up with on Sundays is out of town on vacation, so no plans to hang out with anyone.

Yeah. Pretty boring weekend, but I kind of like it. This week is going to be getting busy too quick I am sure.


Friday, May 1

Tuning Out

Driving my route each afternoon/evening, I have too much time to think about stuff. I admit, for those that don't have the time, it probably sounds like a luxury, but to those of us that have it ... it can be brutal sometimes. Often, I begin to second-guess myself. Things like: did I shut and latch the back door before I took off from the last stop? Did I remember to load up all the correct bins of parts for the techs I am delivering to? Did I grab that one big part that was off to the side? I will sit and stew over whatever issue until I can get off the freeway, or get a chance to find a spot easy to turn around in on a side street, and check.

There is also quite a bit of time with no one to converse with, so the radio is the next best thing. I generally start out on our local news talk radio show (KTAR 92.3 if you are interested) as they not only do a quick update of news headlines about every 15 minutes, also a quick traffic report of the Valley freeways, and many times, accidents on side streets as well. The traffic reports really help in deciding if I need to change my route due to closure, etc. In between the traffic reports, I listen to whatever the afternoon (or morning if heading to work) show people talk about - usually current events.

But lately, I have just been tuning them out.

Why? It is depressing. Riots in Baltimore for an unexplained death of a person that was in police custody. Any candidate running for presidency (my opinion, because I think most of the ones I have heard of so far are idiots). The news about the earthquake in Nepal hasn't been bad, but I do get tired of hearing about how the death toll just keeps increasing. I mean, it's not surprising it will increase.

Then the talk show hosts go off in tangents - probably because they have nothing else to fill the empty space: the mom that went and pulled her son out and was beating him on the head in Baltimore - was she a good parent or a bad one? The local trial of whomever: Arias, Hunter .... blah blah blah. Anything having to do with Sheriff Arpaio - man, that gets really boring.

After 4pm, I usually am out of the downtown area for the evening, and switch to one of the local country stations... I can't stand listening to that crap until 7, and then have Dave Ramsey on.

Maybe I should just shut the radio off, and enjoy the quiet ....

... but then I think, did I close the panel door after my last stop? Did I forget something?


Wednesday, April 29

A Little Bad News with the Good ....

So much for my one day during the week to sleep in. Usually Wednesdays are the one day I don't have to get up earlier than usual to run the oldest Son to school. Today, that was still true, but the middle Son had an early dental check-up, and I got drafted into taking him.

Which brings us to the post title for today. As I was standing there whilst the Dentist did his quick look to be sure no cavities (the hygenist actually does the cleaning) he made an observation. I thought it was a bit odd, and obviously I have no dental/medical knowledge, but he said, "Yep. He has the Del bicuspid issue." I wasn't sure if I heard him correctly. Did he name some weird symptom/disease/problem, or comparing something to my Wife (Del is the short version of her name).

While I mentally fumbled for a moment, I realized what he meant. One of the bicuspids has started to grow out from the gum at an angle. In short, he is going to need braces. Another genetic default from both of us parents.... bad teeth. The oldest Son still needs to get his started, including a tooth to be removed before he can start the braces, and now this one as well. I will make the presumption that the youngest will need, as well, so I might as well just start sending the doctor that does the braces his annual vacation checks..... sigh.

Just when you think you are getting things financially settled ....

I seem to have lots of things that need to get done here in a very short time (not talking about dental issues now) but do not have the time to get it all done. Most of it is running around picking this up there, or that there. Many stores are not open prior to me heading into work, and definitely not when I get home from work. Guess that means Saturday will be a long day for me.

Enough of my whining for now....


Monday, April 27

Counting Down

Now under the two week mark to the Daughter's Wedding. Maybe I am a bad dad because I just can't wait until this is all over and done with. The flurry of anxious activity around the house this weekend just irritates me on several levels. I am sure this next weekend will be worse, as the final details are honed/planned/designed/etc. Maybe I can get a cot at the pub and just stay there all weekend.

It is back to work of course, since it is Monday. This week, our Parts "Mgr." was planning to be gone this week. Which meant I was to have to arrive a couple hours earlier than normal to help with the workload. The other parts person can't seem to handle both their jobs when she is out. However, those plans changed last week, and I may only have to go in early tomorrow. I won't know for sure until I get in today. My guess is my co-worker will wuss out and say he needs my help tomorrow. He was off last Friday, and I managed to do both his and my own jobs just fine ... as well as part of the other co-worker's. She had had to leave early as just found out one of her sisters had passed away. Yeah. Depressing I know.

No major plans this week. One of my good buddies is leaving for a cruise over the next couple of weeks, so I have no one to hang out with in the evenings or weekends for awhile. The family is going crazy with wedding and Prom stuff. I still need to find something to wear for the wedding.

Guess I don't have much else to say. Maybe I will go into work early today.


Saturday, April 25

Circle On The Wall

At work, one of my co-workers has a sheet of paper taped up onto the wall next to their desk. It is a simple piece of white paper, with a circle drawn with a black marker on it, about six inches in diameter. Beneath the circle it is printed something along of the lines of "Bang Head Here". I feel like I need one of these sheets at my house, on the concrete block wall next to my desk. Especially at this busy time around here.

The Daughter came up earlier this week, supposedly to just not be alone (the fiance was working a 2-day shift), but also to finalize the wedding stuff. She and The Wife are outdoing that today, leaving me at home with the three boys. The oldest is back in his room, probably sleeping or whatever teens nowadays do. The other two are fighting and whining and bickering. Maybe I will just take a marker and draw the circle onto the wall. I don't need the written instructions. I am sure I can figure it out.

The wedding is in two weeks. last week we resolved the issue about Prom and the Wedding. This week has been about finalizing all the other crap. Alterations to the dress, groomsman clothes, what other things do they need to get to decorate the venue. I know the Wife rattled off a list of things they needed to do yet, but it was last night, and I admit it ... I wasn't listening ... on purpose.

Needless to say, things will be sporadic for the next couple weeks. On the plus side ... I have three days off from work before the wedding! My first vacation in a year and a half. I'll be ready to return to work for sure after that weekend.


Monday, April 20

When Events Collide

The past few days have been somewhat stress-filled at our house. Of course the Daughter's wedding is coming up (under three weeks now I believe), and that has caused enough other problems. But now another issue has risen. The oldest Son has the Jr/Sr prom that same night ... as the wedding.

I don't know who to blame for this extravagant error in planning said events both on the same day, but I do know that anger levels have been exceeded as of late.

Friday, I got a text message from the Daughter, about how it is my fault about allowing the Son to go to Prom, when he committed to the wedding and she has to have him there for some function of the wedding. For some reason, the Daughter has been going through some weird swearing phase, for way too long, and so it included some choice word usages. I called her back, and first told her to not start on me for something I obviously have no clue about. So I heard her tearful, and explicative filled version of some text conversation she has been having with the oldest Son.

Seems last Sunday night, while out to dinner, was the first I had heard that the Son had asked a girl to the prom. In my recollection, it was the first he even had said he wanted to go to prom. I also found out it was the same night as the wedding. I casually mentioned that it shouldn't be a problem. Of course, I was told the wedding was an afternoon/early evening event.

Being how it is my Life, and it never goes smoothly, turns out the wedding was changed to more of an evening affair, and of course, prom is like a 45+ minute drive, across the Valley. As parents of the Bride, I think it would be bad taste for one, or both, of us to leave the reception to take the Son to prom, so I said he would have to find a ride that we trust to take him from the wedding, to prom, and we would pick him up after the prom. If no ride could be found, he would not go to prom.

The Wife, I have no clue how/why she did this, but somehow ended up with a co-worker willing to drive the Son. At that point, I am just, figure out what you need to get the Daughter to compromise and get it all done. The compromise is something to do with dinner. It is tentatively scheduled to start about 7, with the toasts and all following ( I think - the way they keep changing things, I have no idea). Supposedly, one of his jobs as groomsman is to help pour/distribute the champagne.

I agree, he should give up the prom for the wedding. He is only a Junior, and there is always next year. But The Wife insists it is a big social event and he should be able to attend. Now I have two siblings fighting, a Wife, who is sided with the Son, and everyone yelling at me to fix it. I'm about ready to say no to prom, no to the wedding, and then move by myself to Alaska.

Last night we think we finally got it all settled. I told the Wife to contact the Daughter and explain the Son will need to leave shortly after/during the dinner. No other compromise. He will be there for his part in the ceremony, pictures, and up to the dinner. I have not heard any responses as of yet, but I expect the Wife to be back home shortly from running the other boys to school, etc, and will see if she has heard back.

Makes me wonder why we had kids ... oh, the procreation part was fun.


Thursday, April 16

More Than My Share

Work has been pretty tiring the past few days. Monday, one of the guys in my department came down with flu-like symptoms, and ended up leaving early. Tuesday and Wednesday he called out sick. Personally, I think he was faking it all. There are only three of us in the Parts Dept., and Mondays, this guy has to cover his position and hers. That's a normal thing, and has been since before I started there. Why should things be any different now? So Monday he wasn't feeling well, called the other gal (Monday is her day off) and asks her to come in since he supposedly is so sick he can't do everything (like he has the past Mondays for more than a year). Then he goes home early.

Tuesday it was time to take my truck into the shop for the routine oil change. The A/C had been making some noise, so I left the truck there for them to work on, and borrowed a loaner van (one of our older work vans). The plan was for Denny's for breakfast to kill time before work (I had at least a couple hours before needing to be there) but for some reason, I felt nudged that I shouldn't. Instead I stopped at a QT and had a couple sausage dogs. I arrive at work about two hours early and hear the one guys has called in sick, so I clocked in early, to help do his job. Makes for along day.

Wednesday morning, around 7 am (about 4 hours before my usual clock-in time) my boss calls me, asking me to come in early since the guy has called in sick again. Of course I said yes, never hurts to get bonus points, and headed in. Another long day. Granted a few hours of overtime is nice, plus the bonus points for going above and beyond the regular job duties. But I told my boss, in a joking manner, I was shutting off my phone last night so if the guy called in sick again, the could not reach me. He laughed, They haven't called me yet, so sitting here with fingers crossed ... though, I am sure if he does show up to work, he will be dragging heels pretending to still be "recovering".

So why am I so negative about this guy? He's been with the company several years .... he must be doing his job competently. I have only been there about a year and a half, and have knowingly caught him telling me stories about something he did on a "sick day". Yes, I know many of us have done similar - call in sick to do something else. So why do I care so much?

I don't know. I wouldn't say I care so much, but am a bit peeved at having to unexpectedly cover his position, on top of my own job. I know it happens .... but when I just have a strong feeling that he is faking it. Yeah, me doing his job so he can go party. Joy.


Wednesday, April 8

Blank Thoughts

This morning, like most, I am sitting here, trying to find something to write about. I have scanned some of the major headlines for the local area. I have read through my Facebook feed. I have even glanced through my emails. Yet, nothing interesting, or that I feel like commenting on, is found. Most mornings I don't have/take the time to go through so many sources for ideas, but, I have been lacking int he writing department lately.

Going on nine years since I first started writing (here at Blogspot) and still I have no major purpose for it. Most of my drivel is rants about what the family members, or work, have done to tick me off. No deeply involved, philosophical rants about science versus religion, or the size of the hole in the ozone layer. No pointing fingers at you, the reader, for excessive whatever you do that is excessive.

Posted quite a few boob pics though.

I remember reading on several blogs, about staying dedicated and writing "something" each day. Does putting the sentence " I have nothing for you today" count towards that? I don't know. I do know, the many times I have pretty much done just that, I spent some time trying to find some topic to motivate me, before just giving up and writing that line. Maybe that is the problem ... I have no motivation.I know I have requirements, that make me get things done, like going to work so I can pay bills, etc.

Finding what motivates me. I think I shall work on that one. My first thought, though, is ... I hope it doesn't turn out to be illegal. And the second thought, or messy.

I'm off to see if I can find motivation. If you find it, use it up.


Thursday, April 2

Not Missing Any Excitement

What is up with Indiana? It's nice that the legislators from another state have taken the attention off of Arizona, but really? And I thought the sun was the reason so many of the laws out here are stupid ....

That being said, it has been yet another slow week here for the 'd00d. Work is work. No excitement to speak of happening, or planning in the near future. Still about a month until the Daughter's wedding. Which reminds me, I still need to go buy a suit still.

Easter is this weekend, and obviously that means something to some people. If you are religious, it is a celebration. If you are a kid, it means candy and Easter  basket stuff. If you are a diabetic ... well, sucks to be you, I guess. If you are an Atheist, well, I hope you have to work on Sunday.

Heard a rumor at work yesterday, that they are getting ready to implement some changes to the process of things. Not too big of a deal for me usually, except I heard mention that somehow, I will be having a more "active part". In what way, I don't know. I also don't know when am I going to have time to do more than I already do .... I am not dreading anything, because, like I said, if I don't have time to do any extra work, they'll see it, and things will get changed again. Contrary to popular belief, I am only human (Soundtrack pops in head here of Human League).

Got about an hour until I start the day. Guess I should go poke some fun at the Indiana posts on Facebook.


Sunday, March 29

Another Week Until A Weekend

It's Sunday evening, and as I prepare myself to head to bed, to toss and turn through the night, I figured I could gripe about how this weekend has gone.

Friday, after work, the Wife headed to Safford to assist the Daughter and Fiance to move an hour from where they currently reside, into some housing supplied by the Company the Fiance works for ... located about an hour drive away. Yes, closer to work for him, and for her, since she is not working. All fine and dandy, except the Wife felt she HAD to go and help them move. The Wife is "scheduled" to return sometime tomorrow(Monday), but as of earlier this afternoon, she had no exact time. Seems the original plan (prior to Friday) had changed and now no one seems to know anything. Needless to say, she said she would still be home, but no idea what time.

No big deal, right? She was already planning to be gone until then. I still had to take care of things this weekend while she was gone. And I did.

The two younger Sons and I had breakfast out Saturday morning. Followed with the Easter Festival at the church that they went to for about an hour and half. Then we met up with RM & PT for dinner out at Chili's. Spent the rest of the evening, chilling at home (meaning, we played on the computers). Sunday morning I was wakened about 6am to pick up the oldest Son, as his band trip was returning from California. I went back to bed after bringing him home. Most of the day was spent getting some things tidied around the house, and some laundry, so Mom (aka The Wife) would see we were somewhat productive while she was gone. I treated for dinner out at Souper Salad.

Now the boys have all had showers, did their nightlies, and are in bed. Well, the oldest is in his bedroom, probably not in bed, but not my problem. Tomorrow morning will be me waking him up at 6'ish, then to school, then home to take the other two boys to MIL's, where one will wait for the bus, and the other I will run to his school. Then home for a couple hours until I need to head to work.

Dad has it all in control, right? Doesn't sound like anything majorly bad happened.

Did I say how much sleep I have had? Since waking Friday morning, I figure I have had about 6 hours of decent sleep (uninterrupted for at least 2 hours) and another 8-12 of tossing/turning and the occasional 15 minute cat-nap. I just don't sleep well when the Wife is not at home. Most nights I go to bed before she does, but even so, I wake when she gets there, and then fall smoothly back to sleep. It's that whole "knowing" they are there, I guess.

I've had the problem for the last ... well, in just a couple hours, it will be 24 years. Yes, Monday is our 24th Anniversary. And she is hours away, helping the Daughter move. And I am here, trying to sleep. I know tomorrow night, by the time I get home from work around 9pm, it is going to be a shower and straight to bed for 12 hours. I am sure I will need it.

Hoping for at least 4 hours (of sleep) tonight. That's why I am going to bed now (10pm).


Friday, March 27

Working Overtime

The oldest Son left yesterday on the trip to CA with the HS band. He is not due home until about 7am on Sunday morning. While there, they have some sort of music clinic they will attend today, plus an added music workshop. Afterwards, they have passes to Disneyland/California Adventure for the remainder of the day, plus all day Saturday. I am sure he is having fun with friends, and no parents (although there are chaperones).

Which means today is Friday. The Wife is leaving town after work today, to head to Safford. She asked me to leave her the basic directions on how to get there before I leave for work this morning. It thought about how it may be a bit funny to send her on a longer, scenic route, but then figured, it is a good 3 1/2 hour drive as it is, after work, on a Friday, at night, that that would not be as funny as I thought. I have the most direct instructions on how to get there next to me now. She won't be back until Monday evening ... no idea how late.

Which leaves me at home with the two younger Sons as of tonight. I don't mind too much. They are 12, and 9, and can be easily entertained by allowing them computer access. My only main concern is feeding them. Tonight I won't have to, as Grandma will feed them supper. I'll take them with me in the morning when I scrap out my trash in my work truck, and we'll have Denny's for breakfast/brunch. There is a church Easter fun event thingy at the church that afternoon, so will probably take them to that as well, maybe grab some burgers/fries afterwards. Sunday, up early to pick up the oldest Son, and that's where I am not sure what I am doing. I am guessing the oldest will want to immediately go home and sleep ... all day if I let him. Which I won't.

Monday my concern is getting the kids up and to school on time.

Seems like I have a good idea what needs to happen over the weekend. Usually I just "play it by ear" and see what happens, but there are enough other things going on, that I had to almost set an itinerary to it.

Now, to see if I can just get through the workday.


Tuesday, March 24

Not Quite Back To Normal

Yesterday, the kids returned to school. The Wife returned to work. I was hoping a bit of my sanity would return, but it has extended its vacation I guess. The Daughter and Fiance returned to Safford last night. They are moving from there to housing provided by the mining company this next weekend I guess. The Wife is going down to help move them. I guess his mom is driving a Uhaul down from the Valley, and with the Wife going, and able to bring her back, it will save on the mileage used (not a return trip). Of course, that means it leaves me at home with the boys Friday through Monday. The oldest Son is doing a Disneyland trip with the school band, so leaves Thursday, returns Sunday. Guess I need to figure out what to do with the two younger ones for meals, etc.

Not even 8:30 yet, and work has called. Seems some parts I pulled for a tech yesterday are not able to be found. It happens occasionally, but this time I remember pulling them. It's possible I put them in the wrong spot, and thinking about it, I think I may have accidently done that. Checking with another tech that might have them. I hate when I screw up like this. It's easy to do though, when you have 20 guys, and the work seems to be a bit busier right now, it can get a bit hectic. I admit it, I screw up some here and there.

Soooo ... nothing much else to talk about.


Wednesday, March 18

Feeling A Little Jealous

Here it is Wednesday already, and I am just feeling wiped. I think a bit of burn-out from work has hit, and I can't seem to get out of the funk I have been feeling lately. I know a few days off would be good, but with the scheduling, right now it isn't feasible for me to take a couple days off (intentionally, like for a small vacation). Besides, I only get seven days this year, and three are allocated to the Daughter's wedding time.

The Wife has a great job, being a physical therapist. She gets four weeks of vacation time. Also, when any of that time is used, she starts accruing the time back through some kind of PTO. At least, that is the way I understand it all. With kids on Spring Break this week, she had decided to take a couple days off to be with them. Now it has turned into all week. Seems their census (number of patients) is low, so her boss told her she could just take the week off. Must be nice.

Now I have to go to work early. The middle son Finally brought his instrument to me and showed me the problems with it. Since the company that supplies them for school kids is in Mesa, near my work, I just got volunteered to address the problem. Half the week over and NOW they bring this problem to me. Something else to be pissed off about this morning. There goes my extra hour plus of not having to be rushing off early.


Saturday, March 14

Less Stress Is Good

The bee problem has been resolved finally. Thursday evening when I got home, the Wife informed me that the swarm was now gone. Which was good, because on that day, we also received a notice from the County that within 48 hours we were to contact the inspector to come out and verify that the problem had been handled. I called them Friday morning, explaining all was done, bees gone, and that afternoon the inspector called to set up that he would be by on Monday to check. At least I don't have to be home, though the Wife does have a few days off next week ... as do the kids for Spring Break. I wish I had some time off. But not until May.

So that problem is done and over pretty much. I was stressing about the issue.

This morning was sort of wasted. Arose at 5:30 as I had to drive out to the shop (Mesa - about a 30-45 minute drive) as I had missed a part for last night's run. I was able to get it, get it to the tech, all by 7am. Then the tech calls me about 20 minutes later, asking if I had gotten the part yet. I told him it was in his truck. He says, well, he doesn't need it now because the customer rescheduled their appointment to next week. SO I got up, wasted time and gas, and then they don't .... GRRRR! I mean I needed to be up somewhat early, but not that early. Either way, was going to run the truck through emissions, but then found out they don't open until 8, so met up with the guy I give the scrap metal from parts to. Afterwards, headed for emissions and passed. The diesel testing is so fast.

Back home by 8:30, and find everyone else still asleep. Just me and the middle son, who went with me today, are up, so going to get some game time in on the computer.


Wednesday, March 11

The Bee's Knees

I hope that they are clubbed. Supposedly, someone was here today to finish up the problem. Since I don't get home from work until well after dark (yes, we don't do that dumb DST thing here in AZ) the Wife said this: she noticed a white powder around the area of the shed (where the hive was situated before, with a honeycomb we paid to be removed) but yet the swarm, on the grapevine, plus/minus 20 yards away she saw no change (or anything else). After calling the company today and detailing the lack of changes, they said they would look into it. An hour later I got an 'accidental' call (she said she didn't mean to call me, but ...) where they said a tech was on the way to my house to take care of the problem. She added that, due to the size of the hive, it is understandable it would take longer for a larger amount of bees to disperse. I laughed. I said if this was addressed in the beginning, which it was, why am I calling you 4-5 days later? Did you not SEE it? Were you not AWARE of it? Why am I having to call you nearly every day to RESOLVE it?

Yeah. she had no answer other than to say that some one would be out today. I already mentioned the 'white powder' around the original sight. I also mentioned that the swarm on the new site, roughly 15-20 yards from the shed, has no sign of anything. I told the Wife, let's wait one day, see if it make a difference. If not, then they get another call (6th one by my count I think) to get this resolved.

The supposed good news, that since we got a city notice about it, they will back up that they were contacted properly, and it is their on-going effort to resolve this problem. So, I shouldn't have to interact with the City, if they were to try to fine me. By the initial receipt, and time-stamps of phone calls, the 'supposed bee-removal company' will be held accountable. I ain't holding my breath, but will see what happens. I feel more calls, not just to the BBB, but others, as well as the supposed owners of this company. Waiting a day or two to determine.

Stingy, or stingy? I paid for a service. For me, a lot of money. am I happy with the service? Hell, no. Getting a good review somewhere? Hell, no. Getting a bad review? Every place I can put one, that may matter, including word of mouth.

I admit, this has got to be more of an urban problem, because if I lived anywhere in a small town, it would have been no big deal. I would have smoked them out, over a period of days. But, being urban I can't. I feel like.... ugh. I don't know if I am more pissed at the stupidity of urban laws, or at the idiots running businesses under them.

Either way, sometimes I feel like I can't win. But then, I am not supposed to win. I am an American.

Peace ... if you can find it.