Sunday, December 6

Life Sucks

Three-thirty in the morning. On a Saturday night.Or Sunday morn, depending how you look at it.

Yes. I was at my local pub.

Yes. The Wife reminded me of the time, right before I came out to the computer. No, I didn't need her reminder, but it was a good hint to leave her alone, since I wasn't ready to go to bed yet.

I went Christmas shopping today.An experience I hope to never do again. It wasn't so much the crowd thing, or the rush of special deals ... I just hate shopping. If I know I need a new pair of jeans, I walk in, find my size, buy and leave. I don't have to "roam" to see if I find something they like...

Which reminds me I am screwed. The Wife has a birthday in early December. And then there is Christmas.

I can't find a good gift for one, and yet another 2-3 weeks later! At least, that is how I feel. Any other gal would say something like... if you paid attention, and spent the year looking, you could have at least five ....

I'm a guy dammit!

I wish Christmas was more about celebrating some religious idealism, and less about the commercialism of it.

I think about my growing up days. There weren't a lot of presents ... for anyone. At least, I never remember there being many, but the ones I opened, they were like FREAKIN' AWESOME!

That was my Dad, raising one, on his own. A pocket-knife, a model, and a new rabbit (because I raised and showed in 4-H) was awesome! Now I got three boys at home, a daughter grown, and married, and living in an urban area .... yeah. if I gave the same, not the same excitement. Guess 30 ... or more .... years... sigh.

I did some shopping today. I leave most of the shopping for the Wife to do, for Christmas, just because, she is in better "tune" with what the kids want, because I am .... whatever. But I shopped for those of my side of the family. The Sister. The Brother. The Parents. Sis and Stuman were done and easy. The Parents....sigh.

I texted both of them the other night, asking for ideas, Mom gives me four for her, two for PT. The next morning, PT gives me one extra idea, and repeats what Mom said before (I don't know if he knew she told me previously or not).

So, I think, screw their ideas, we are going 'New Age' this year .... and bought accordingly. Nothing like an accumulation of black stones, that burn well, to sit around and commiserate over.

heh. Caught ya reading Mom!


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Rev Mom said...

LOL You made me smile in a couple places of your blog. Glad you do have some good memories of Christmas past. Your children will have good memories too - they just don't know it yet. I love you, son.