Thursday, May 31

The End Is Near

Yes, the workday is half way through, and I am sooo happy! Another month completed and pressure is removed for awhile. So here I sit, enjoying my lunch (carne asada burrito), contemplating on how I should attempt to entertain you today. To put it truthfully, nothing much comes to mind. I think the EOM and work has just drained my head from ideas, and shut down. I think that sums it up. I am going to go rest and see about recharge for tomorrow.


Wednesday, May 30

Hmmmm, Guess it'll keep going ....

Tom OQuinn has tagged me with a meme - however, I am not sure which one it is to be. His comment was I was tagged, see yesterday's post. Now, I know I have my 'head-up-the-ass' moments, but Tom, for the life of me, I have no idea which blog to look at for the meme. Sooooo, I read all the bloglist this morning, and saw no less than 3 different ones that had completed a meme. This one was prevalent, so I am guessing it is the right one. If not, send me a signal.

Musical Meme

1. Go to the Billboard #1 Hits listings ;

2. Pick the year you turned 18

3. Get nostalgic over the songs of the year;

4. Pick 5 songs and write something about how these songs affected you;

5. Pass it on to 5 more friends.

'The Living Years' - Mike & the Mechanics
You're correct. I am a sentimental old fool, as my wife says. This song when I first heard it, just made the tear factory go into overdrive. My dad had passed away four years prior, and the 2nd verse just always gets me to tearing up.

I wasn't there that morning
When my father passed away
I didn't get to tell him
All the things I had to say

I think I caught his spirit
Later that same year
I'm sure I heard his echo
In my baby's new born tears
I just wish I could have told him in the living years

'Right Here Waiting' - Richard Marx
I was a senior in high school when I turned 18. As it turned out, this was the theme song to the Senior Prom that year. Aside from that, who doesn't like a slow song to cuddle up to the girlfriend? The Wife and I were dating and of course, being seniors we were talking about going to separate colleges and whatnot. Teenage romances - what more can I say?

'We Didn't Start The Fire' - Billy Joel
This is a fun song. I thought it was cool how you get a bit of history lesson, plus culture changes all in one song. I remember recording it off the radio, and playing back the cassette over & over til I had the song memorized. Sitting here thinking about it, I can recall certain names/places/stuff from the song, but not remember the order of words. The video was very cool on MTV at the time too.

'Me So Horny' - 2 Live Crew
If you have heard of these guys, you would know this was like the rebellious-type song I would play around my parents ... until the realized what was being said. After that they took away both cassettes I had of this group. When my friends and I would leave campus for lunch, this song would be booming out the back of the Buick Skylark as loud as we could get it.

'Don't Know Much' - Linda Ronstadt & Aaron Neville
This is one of my Wife's favorite songs. In fact, she liked it so much, I went and bought the sheet music for it and taught myself to play it on the piano for a 'just because I love you' present. Of course, back then I was able to hit the higher pitch notes that Aaron Neville does. I rip my cords out trying it nowadays. The Wife always turns up the radio at home when this song happens to come on, and of course, if I am there, I always try to squeeze the nards enough to hit that high note just for her. Amazing what torture you'll do for some people.

Okay, so I hope this was the right meme you were talking about Tom. I am supposed to tag 5 other people according to the rules, but as I say when it is convenient for me to say, 'Rules are meant to be Broken'. I have seen this one several times at many blogs, so I don't know who hasn't completed it yet. If you are reading this and you have a blog, consider yourself tagged. Oh!! I do want to tag a non-blog owner - STUART. Just throw it in comments so I can read what you pick. Other than that, y'all have some fun today. I am going to stay nice and cool indoors instead of being out in the 105+ heat. Damn summer has started....


Tuesday, May 29

Weekend Recap

As I stated before, it wasn't that big of a weekend for me. Friday night I did the regular bar thing. Saturday the Wife let me sleep in until 11:30'ish, where we then had brunch. The daughter went to a friend's house, and the oldest son & I went shopping. We were combining my son's, nephew's, and niece's b-day celebrations into one on Monday. We got the nephew a gift card for the video game store. The niece got a gift card for some girls clothing outlet.

When the son & I went into this girl store (Justice by name) immediately my sons hands went to above his eyes and the whole 15 minutes in line, he stared at his shoes. As we were leaving, I asked him why was he looking down - weren't there some pretty girls in there. I got the glare, and he said "Dad, I was staring at my feet the whole time. I didn't see any girls." Didn't you like the frilly clothing they had there? "Dad, I wasn't looking." I told him that his age, I didn't admit I liked girls either, and soon his thoughts would change. Again I got a glare.

Sunday we were invited out to do the swimming, BBQ, and poker thing. My wife decided she did not want to go, and wasn't thrilled about me going - knowing I would be drinking. I told her that they said they had room for those that needed to stay the night, but the wife didn't really like that idea either. So I ended up not going. She instead took the kids and went to a friends house to go swimming, with confused me since she just turned down the other party. So I gave up and went to the bar to watch Nascar, and the Indy. I took a book and did some reading after the races, and made it home around 10'ish.

Monday we all slept in and then went to my sister's about 2pm. Did the swimming and BBQ thing, then went home about 8. Kids still have school a couple of days this week. Next week they will all (including the wife) be gone to camp for the week. I will be the Bachelor. I like that week of the year...I get to have all the ass-burning foods I want, without having to be told to sleep on the couch, etc. Yeah... good stuff!!

Welp, I am all caught up at my desk, and still only half the day is gone. I guess I am off to read my book. So, until next time ...


It's That Time ofMonth Again ...

This is the week of work I really detest - End of Month. I have already had probolems this morning, like, no one could get into the office. For some reason the security locks would not open for anyone's keycard. Then the owner didn't show up until damn near an hour later. At least then we were able to get in. Now I have people on my back trying to get things done that should have been done last week. Oh well....

So my holiday weekend was fairly uneventful. I will try to get a post in later today. Right now I thought I should give a little blurp for the time being.


Friday, May 25

A Moment of Silence

This weekend is Memorial Day weekend (duh!) and like many other people, I am taking a brief moment to remind everyone what our country has been able to become thanks to our veterans.

A brief moment of silence for them.

Now the rest of the weekend for many familes I hear is geting together with loved ones, friends, etc. Which is pretty much what I am doing. Saturday will be spent getting stuff together. Sunday the family has been invited over to a friends to swim, bbq, and eventually get a poker game going. Monday will be the big day. I get up early and head over to the Veterans Cemetary here in Phoenix. I meet up with a couple other guys and we visit my pal Big Mike. We each bring a six pack, and Mike always drinks faster than us. Then in the afternoon will be headed to my sister's for the big family thingy.

Sounds simple, but I am sure I will wish I had Tuesday off to catch up. I know I will be schnookered on Monday, to deal with my

I am out for the weekend. May yours be pleasant. And remember. Click it or Ticket.


Thursday, May 24

Yee Haw Doggie Dog!!!

As Dax would say ... JUST DAMN!

I have just been the recipient of some great news. One of the other processors here just up and quit today. That leaves it now to two of us to handle the whole office.. which means more files to work, less time sitting here doing nothing, and the end result of making more money!!! I mean, I feel for her, that she felt the need to quit, but I am happy about it more.

I been sitting here for about 15 minutes letting the news sink in, and thinking now I can plan that trip I want to do this fall to Indiana; able to get a better rate for a house; be able to put back some of the savings we have had to draw on this year... I am just stoked!! We are talking about doubling/tripling my monthly income. Without having to work extra hours. JUST DAMN!

So, other than that, I really don't have much to add today. I am trying to save up for a really good post on Friday. Y'all come back tomorrow and see what be going down this holiday weekend.


Wednesday, May 23

What to do today...?

Hmmmm, that sure is the question at the top of my mind. I feel so unmotivated to do anything. No pep, no zip, nada. I could sit here in the chair and sleep away the rest of the world. But since I cannot do that, I will have to do something else. Here is a joke so you can have a laugh today.

After having been served in a Las Vegas cocktaill lounge, a real southern gentleman beckoned the waitress back and said quietly, "Miss, y'all sure are as luvly, luvly lady ... can I persuade you to give me a piece of ice?"

"Lord, that is the most direct proposition I've ever had!" gasped the girl. Then she looked around the room, smiled and added, "Sure, why not!? You're nice lookin' too and it's pretty slow here right now, so why don't we just slip away up to my room?"

When the pair returned half an hour later, the man sat down at the same table and the waitress asked, "Will there be anything else sir?"

"Why yes, " replied the Southern gentleman. "Ah sure 'preciate what y'all just did for me; it was real sweet and right neighborly, but where I come from in Ten'see, we lack our bourbon real cold, so ah still need to trouble y'all for a piece uh ass for mah drink."

Okay, so now you have had your funny bone touched, I have one thing more for you. I cameacross this poem the other day, and for some reason, it really stands out ot me. I have been reading it and starting to understand it. Either way, I feel a bit motivated after reading it, so I am sharing with you. Prepare for mental awakenings!!


Out of the night that covers me,
Black as the Pit from pole to pole,
I thank whatever gods may be
For my unconquerable soul.

In the fell clutch of circumstance
I have not winced nor cried aloud.
Under the bludgeonings of chance
My head is bloody, but unbowed.

Beyond this place of wrath and tears
Looms but the Horror of the shade,
And yet the menace of the years
Finds, and shall find, me unafraid.

It matters not how strait the gate,
How charged with punishments the scroll,
I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

- William Ernest Henley 1849-1903


Tuesday, May 22

Cleaning Off the Tag Mark

Okay, Redneck Scottsdale Princess tagged me with this meme, so I might as well get it out of the way. Besides, nothing else may come to my mind to post about...

1. Add a direct link to your post below the name of the person who tagged you.Include the city/state and country you’re in.

Nicole (Sydney, Australia)
velverse (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
LB (San Giovanni in Marignano, Italy)
Selba (Jakarta, Indonesia)
Olivia (London, England)
ML (Utah, United States)
Lotus (Toronto, Canada)
tanabata (Saitama, Japan)
Andi (Dallas [ish], Texas, United States)
Lulu (Chicago, Illinois, United States)
Chris (Boyne City, Michigan, United States)
AB (Cave Creek, Arizona, United States)
Johnny Yen (Chicago, Illinois, United States)
Bubs (Mt Prospect, Illinois, United States)
Mob (Midland, Texas United States)
Yas (Ahwatukee, Arizona USA)
RSP (Scottsdale, AZ USA)
Ralphd00d (Phoenix, AZ USA)

2. List out your top 5 favorite places to eat at your location.

3. Tag 5 other people (preferably from other countries/states) and let them know they’ve been tagged.

Since there were two others that did this before me, that live within the 20 miles of Phoenix, I am going to do this one a bit different. I am going to do the Poor Man's Favorite Restaurants - mostly 'cause I eats there more than I do the nice places.

1.)Lonestar Steakhouse - This place has one of the best steaks I have personally ever eaten. Kind of cowboy-ish as there is sawdust on the floor, so don't worry about getting messy. My fave is the 14 oz. Ribeye cooked up medium rare comes out just a purty pink on the inside and juicy to boot! Comes with hefty sized side of choice of potato, plus the dinner salad or soup. Beer or other adult beverages are available as they have a bar. Figure about $20-$25 a person when ya go.

2)Pappadeaux's - Whoa boy! We is talking Cajun seafood done right! It's been a little while since I last ate here, but the food is memorable! They have so many dishes I usually take about 10 minutes to pick one. While we wait, we have the fried alligator, or the fried calamari. I am a big gumbo fan, and have had all their styles of gumbo, and my favorite dish is the Shrimp Etouffee. They have steak for those they care not for the seafood. Prices run average $20-$30 a person, depending on your order and appetizers.

3) My Mother's - This place is by far one of the best restaurants I have been to in Phoenix. The food selection is just like Mom was making it in the kitchen. And tastes like it too! My favorites from here are the Lasagna, or the Pot Pie, or the meat loaf. MMM MMM Good! Prices are very reasonable.

4) Bill Johnson's Big Apple - This here is where ya want to take the boys for some family sized eating. Sawdust on the floors and everywhere you look you see cowboy memorabilia, and other antique-type stuff. Waitresses come by with a shooter on the hip and a big 'ol Texas grin when taking your order. I tend to go with the Meatloaf dinner that is Home Made. And talk about sides - you get corn, beans, biscuit, and salad/soup with your dinner. Nothing like that place in Texas, but they have the ol 24 oz'er there for $26 - if ya eats it all, and the sides, you get a T-shirt (comes in only one size - BIG!) that says "I ate the Big One at Bill Johnson's". I done got me 2 of dat there shirt. Prices are good that my family of 6 eats there under $100.

5) Garcia's - One of my places for Mexican-type food. The really good stuff you have to go south of the border for, but this place ain't too bad. For about $15 a person,you can feed up and still take home about 1/3 to 1/2 your meal. Well, the Wife and Daughter usually, but not me. I clean my plate like Momma taught me. I recommend the El Magnifco sampler platter. It comes with one of everything it seems - burro, chimi, enchilada, beans, rice, taco, etc etc.

Okay, there is my review for the Poor Man (like me). I don't generally tag anyone to do these things, so iffen ya wants to do this, feels free to cut/paste and proceed. Let me know if ya did it, I wouldn't mind reading it. Damn, I am hungry now...


Update: It ain't no fun unless it keeps going, so I am tagging Tony, Brass Dragon and El Capitan.

Monday, May 21

Time for the Work Week Again

It's Monday, and once again I am at a loss of words for you. Half the work day is completed, and I have spent the last couple hours trying to find a topic of interest, or pics, or jokes, and I just gave up. So, be good adults and entertain yourselves today.

The weekend was nice. We went out and celebrated my oldest son's b-day on Saturday, and I went out to a party that night. Sunday was the regular Church of Holy Beer and Softball, which we lost both games, but there was plenty of beer to console us. Spent most of the day int he bar after that.

Seeing that it is Monday, I think I will be attending the bar this evening as well. As for this afternoon, I think I am going to work on some writing. I wouldn't be surprised if I were able to get a post up on the story sight before tomorrow. Y'all have to check and see...


Friday, May 18

Kids Growing Up

I was doing my reads, and Freddie had posted some pics from a recent trip they were on. I couldn't believe how much her Sunshine had grown since the last ic she had posted of her. Well I went back and looked at some of my kids pics...

ABOVE - This is Easter of 2006.

This is Easter 2007. Damn, I can't belive how big they are getting...


You Miss One Day and Look What Happens ...

... Absolutely nothing. I took yesterday off as a "personal" day, as I had somethings that needed to be taken care of during normal business hours. I come into work today thinking, maybe there is some stuff that came in and I will be busy most of the day. There is nothing. Anything I expected yesterday did not arrive, so now I have to call and wait again. ::sigh::

For those of you that know about it, my BIL & family are now officially evacuated from their property in Christopher Creek. They are staying up the Mogollon Rim in the Tonto Pines area. No idea how long they may stay there, or how soon until they can get into the property again. Hopefully they can get the fire under more control and they won't lose their cabin.

Today is my oldest son's b-day, and he turns 9. The Wife and I talked this morning and we are going to celebrate the b-day tomorrow - let him pick a place for lunch, etc. With a few other things going lately, we have kind of 'spaced' his b-day, and I know the Wife is going shopping this afternoon. I suggested just giving him a dollar limit and let him pick out what he wants. I got the Scowl from that suggestion. Hell, I was picking my own presents out, plus it helps teach them the value of a dollar. And he will learn to make decisions on what he wants based on price and desire. I thought it was a good idea!

Bachelor Week may be coming up soon! Seems the weekend after Memorial Day (June 4th) the in-laws have their yearly children's camp for the week. Since MIL is not able to watch my kids, my wife takes the week off and takes the kids to camp and helps out there. That means a week at home with no kids or wife - just the dog. Except this year we are not sure yet. The campground is in Christopher Creek and the fire.... It's gotta get controlled!!!

That's all I got right now for you. I need to catch up on my reads, and see what else I can come back and write about. In the meantime, have a good Friday!


Wednesday, May 16

Puh-Lease!! I Gotta Find Something!!

Welcome to Wednesday. Hump Day. Middle of the week. And it is now the middle of the day. I spent some time thinking this morning how I was going to entertain you, esteemed reader, and as usual, I came up with nothing. So no entertainment today, but I am sure it seems that way most days too.

I was reading the paper today and came across this article. I should say I am astounded by the stupidity of this act, but for some reason I am not. I would be pissed if I was a tax payer there, that I had to pay for his 10 month jail sentence because he lacked imagination and drive to get a fucking job. I am sooo glad he is single though... else what would he be teaching his kids - just give up and let the state take care of you until something comes to your doorstep (in this case, cellstep). Dumbass.

Here is another article I am not happy about. My brother in law lives up in Christopher Creek, and though they have not been asked to evacuate, but only to prepare, his family was not able to go to their home as of last night. I hope they are well this morning. Hopefully the authorities will allow them to pass today so they CAN get their stuff ready. Actually it would be better if they could get a grip and contain more of the fire.

When watching DVDs or VHS movies, there is that warning about copyright infringement, etc and whatnot. I ahte 'em. That's 30 seconds of my time wasted. I have never seen or heard of anyone getting busted for this stuf - until now. And they say we only deal with illegals here in Arizona... hahaha!!

Okay - I give up. I ain't got nothing else for you today, Have a good one - se ya laters.


Tuesday, May 15

Adjustments - That's What it is About

Thanks for the thoughts folks. I am just making an adjustment to that situation, and not doing anything. He has not called me, and I am not making the first move. I have no desire to get caught up in that trouble heap when I have my own stuff to deal with. 'Nuff said.

Speaking of adjustments, I have done some around this place. It was looking a bit ragged so I am still tweaking some things. I am sure you noticed the recent comments added to the side bar and if ya bother to take a care, there are quite a few new sites I have added to the link list. If I tweak something and it causes something else to not work right, give me a holler so I can fix it.

My oldest boy has a school program tonight. I assume it has to do with singing. I was going to attend the b-day party for a friend of mine, but I know my son would be upset if I didn't make the one performance he has during the year.

Other than that, I am tapped out today folks. Last night wasn't a good peaceful night and I just ain't in the mood to do much today. Give a read to some of them new ones, and come back tomorrow - maybe something good will have happened.


Monday, May 14

Post Mother's Day - The Real Story

Aside from my particular views that this is just another holiday for businesses to get more money, it is a nice day for many of us to remember/respect/honor our mothers, if they deserve it. Since my mother is still alive, I of course honored her, and will be seeing her later this week.

Pre - My sister, very last minute, decided to have all the families over to her place, and have lunch, let the kids go swimming, etc. Not a bad idea, except my wife did not really want to do this all last minute. Heck for that matter, I didn't really want to either.

So I called Mom who I knew was over there, and wished her a Happy Mother's Day, and we would visit later this week to drop off her present. She was fine with that, and sent wishes back to my wife. I guess my brother and his family were over there and everyone had a good time. We went on and did our family thing.

Post - My sister calls me at work this morning. "Do you have a moment to talk?" (Why is this seemingly a pre-cursor to bad things? Whenever I get a call like this, I know something is going to be told to me that I don't want to hear, or that something has happened to someone.)

"Yeah, I can talk." I get up and shut my office door. "What's up?"

"You knew that Stuart's (my brother) friend Daniel, well his mother passed away."

"I didn't know that. Stuart had called and left me a message earlier this week that someone had passed away, and he was going to the funeral, but I couldn't make out who he was talking about. I figured it was a friend or someone I didn't personally know."

"Well, he had got to drinking pretty good yesterday and was getting all depressed about her passing away. Currently he is at the VA in lock down for suicide watch."

"What? What the hell is going on?"

"Well, he was depressed when he went home, and according to his wife, he had tried to commit suicide, but was stopped and they admitted him. The doctors say initially, the depression could be part of the Post-War symptoms many GI's are showing. They are not yet sure on that issue though. I do know he was griping last night about how you never talk to him anymore, and he feels alone all the time."

"Any idea how long he will be in this lock down?"

"No, this is pretty much all I know at this point."

"Okay, well, thanks for updating me. Let me know if you hear anything else. There is nothing I can do at the moment."

Now, what a shitty way to start out a week. My brother on suicide watch, and somehow I get tied into that it is my fault as well as his friend's mother dying. That just pisses me off to no end.
Now I am trying to reach Mom to find out if she knows anything more. This will be something else I will get dragged into by the family and it irritates me. Like I don't have my own problems too?!? So I haven't talked to anyone in the family for two weeks until yesterday ... We live within 10 miles of each other for cripe's sake. Why the hell would I need to call? I HATE talking on the phone. And when you ain't got nothing to say - even worse!!

So now I have a sister that is trying to call everyone and let them know what is going on; I have a brother in lockup/suicide watch at the VA; I got a mother I can't reach at present, that may know more of what is going on than anyone; and I got myself all worked up and pissed off at the fucking situation.... ARGH!!!!

I hope your Monday is going better than mine. Be back when I can.


UPDATE: Seems he has been released this afternoon after meeting a counselor. They did some blood work, but obviously it was just alcohol in his system and not a bunch of drugs. Basically, they suggested some places for him to seek group therapy (I assume like AA for starters) but I don't know anymore than that. I suppose in about 2 hours I will get a call from him telling me all about his adventure. Wonder if I should answer it or not. Worth the aggravation and ass-chewing he is going to get? I dunno ....

Friday, May 11

Friday pic gallery

Ladies, ladies!! Calm down now. After all, this is Boobies & Beer here, not Balls & Boners. I do apologize as that content is not being posted here for your enjoyment as well, but I just don't know what exactly you would like, and the next femme not like.

So I am sticking to what every REAL man likes.... Yup, A-huh. Ya got it... here's some for today... Above and to the right are a couple gals that love cheerleading for Carolina Panthers.

This lovely lady to the left is obviously from the Miami Dolphins.

And to the right are a couple more from that same team.

Makes me wish I could go to more NFL games and have a sideline pass. Like THAT will ever happen.

Last but not least, we have someone lounging poolside - as I should be doing in just a couple weeks now that it is getting to be over 100 degrees out here.

That will be it for today I think. I ain't got noting to argue about. That OJ article, well I think the majority of us agree it was the right thing to do, even if his attorney is a dipshit and throwing the racist card. Bugger this, Asswipe. Anyways, I hope y'all have a good weekend, and let's see if anything exciting happens before Monday.


Revving up for the Weekend!!

Oh my gawsh! Here it is Friday again, and man, am I ready for the weekend - sort of. Aside from the Mother's day stuff, I am ready for the weekend. I was such a good boy last night; I went home, took care of dinner for the family, spent some time with the kids, got plenty of rest. I feel almost completely refreshed!

So I have all this energy this morning, and what do I have to do? Of course, my desk job. Though I am almost done for the day (and only been in for 30 minutes so far), I may even be able to leave early. That would be so nice!

Today is going a multi-post day I believe. I will be popping back and forth in here with little tid bits, maybe some more pics, maybe some article, or opinion. I dunno. Depends on what I come across today. You stay tuned - check back every now and then - if nothing else, it is good for the site!


Thursday, May 10

Somethings I am just surprised by

Speaking of, I came across this today whilst doing my regular jaunts. Go ahead and click that llink and find out about it... wonder if I should buy it to try it...

Oh well, here is another to keep ya interested. Two of my favorite things... Nascar being one of them.

I am outta here for now.


And the Fucktard of the Day is ...

... Washington Mutual! That's right folks, not only do they do mortgages and banking, but they do it with their head up their ass. Sending me paperwork that is incorrect, changing amounts and values ... as if they could do whatever they wanted and we wouldn't catch it. Hell, they are probably shopping my client out from underneath me as I type this. Bastids. As you can tell, I am not happy. I have spent the majority of the day today dealing with WaMu and I *still* do not have the answer, or an answer for that matter. ::bangs head on desk::

So, now that I have that off my chest, I don't have much else for you today. I was unprepared for the battle of stupidity that has been taking place, and to be Frank (better than George or Henry) I am just mentally worn out.

But there are some good things in life that just work out well. Yesterday I had a newer AC unit put in. Our old one had died about 3 years ago, and it cost way too much to resurrect. We had a separate evap cooler, so we just dealt with summer as we needed. But a co-worker of the Wife's were replacing theirs, and gave it to us. So now we have AC in the house again. Plus we patched up the ventilation and just need to replace the sheet rock in the hallway, and we may FINALLY be at a stopping point for house repair. Wait, nope. We gotta fix the ceiling in the family room where it almost came down from the last rain before the roof was fixed. ::sigh:: I will never win with house.

I think this weekend we are going to sit down and discuss with the daughter the true meaning of the word responsibility. She turns 16 this September, and has been reading the drivers license manual for awhile. I think we may start taking her out and practice a bit in parking lots. Parked on the side of the house is the other minivan we used to drive. Had some tranny problem going to San Diego a year ago, and we just didn't get it fixed. Instead we bought a newer van. We had to no matter what as the one wouldn't seat enough once the 4th kid came along. Anyways, the Wife and I were talking last night about getting it in and seeing the cost for repair. Possibly give it to the daughter depending on insurance and etc.

Mother's day is this weekend. I screwed. I have not gotten anything for my mother, nor the Wife from the kids. I frankly have no clue. Maybe I can get away with dinner for the Wife, and maybe a card for the Mom. Either that or I have to go :eck: shopping on Saturday. Other than that, no plans have been made for the weekend. I think I will be able to revitalize and get some energy back. I have been feeling a bit drained this week.

Y'all have a good one, and don't waste all day trying to decipher this shit out.


Wednesday, May 9

Sheesh! It's ONLY Wednesday?

I woke up this morning, praying to any higher power that today was Friday. I was almost ready to believe it was until the radio alarm went off and first thing they said was it was only Wednesday.

Since I am still recovering from the shots last night, my brain is unable to function for you today. I think I will just share some pics and etc.

See her to the left? That's Jada, she's a Carolina Panthers cheerleader. I am glad summer is coming for in AZ, wimmens go around in swimsuits alot - well some of them. Below is Amanda from my team - the Redskins...

So for you fellows, this is just a small thing to get ya by until later. I leave this last pic just cuz I can.

I found this book I want to get one of these days...

Tuesday, May 8

Everyone is catching it ...

... you know, that bug that makes you got nothing to post about. At least it seems like it today. I am afraid it might even spread to my place ... actually, I think it is too late.

Many of you faithful, devoted readers click over to here to read, and laugh at my life. That's great! But it seemed I had disappeared from Google,and had not had a search hit me in awhile. I guess I need to get back to grannie porn or something since I miss those hits.... naw, don't think so. Anyways, here are the 2 actual Google hits I got this week

1. Mature Wife Video - now why in the hell would I post a video of my mature wife? Or maybe they are just looking for older woman videos... I guess it could read either way...

2. Spiderman 3 Boobies - Yeah! There's a guy that knows what he is looking for!! Who is that main star -Kirsten Dunst I am thinking? Yeah, go hunt for her boobies.

Imagine that - only 2 hits, both on the same day, and I hadn't had a Google in weeks. Well, all I gotta say right now is that I am tapped. I wrote up 2 stories yesterday, and my mind is in need of alcohol to replenish the thinking part of it. Y'all have a good one.


Monday, May 7

I missed posting a couple stories

I see after reviewing my site, that I missed posting the chapters 1&2 over at the story sight. I have corrected that problem as well, and they are now there - including chapter 3. If you haven't read them, be sure to read them in order. I don't know how to post them in order, so I am posting all 3 in one post. Go here for the read : Stories


Upcoming Events

Well, I knew it wouldn't last forever, but the two older boys heard that "SpiderMan 3" came out this weekend. In fact, it was sort of cute how they brought it to my attention. We had gone out to eat last Thursday, after the Daughter's band concert. Nothing special, just the Chinese Buffet closest to home. The younger boy says something to his brother about the MOVIE (love it when they stress a certain word). The older son turns to me and starts.

"Dad, I heard there is a really cool movie coming out this weekend."
"Oh really? And what movie would that be?"
"It's one me and Boy#3 have been wanting to see for awhile."
"Ok, so what is the name of it?"
"I know we can't see it this weekend, but we would like to see it soon."
"Enough! What is the name of it?"
"Spiderman 3. Think we can see it one week after it is out?"
"Ha! No way! Think about 4 weeks, and that's if don't decide to wait for it on DVD. You want to complete the set don't you?"
"Yeah, but it would be better to see it in the theater."
"Okay, tell you what. You think about the $50 for tickets for the family, and I will think about us seeing it soon. Fair?"
"Dad, I don't have the $50. Does this mean we can't go?"
"Depends on how you boys help out at home."

Yeah, sometimes they can be a riot. SO Spidey 3 is out. Fantastic Four 2 is due out this summer (which has the Silver Surfer - cool dude). My books, 'Maximum Ride #3' by James Patterson is out the end of this month (I pre-ordered) and Harry Potter #7 is due out July. Plus another series the Daughter hooked me on by Stephanie Meyer the 3rd book "Eclipse' comes out August (I pre-ordered). Many good things coming this summer... as I am sure there are a couple more movies due out too. Plus OTL in July!!


Whew! The fingers are tired!

That's right folks, right off the ol' press here at Boobies & Beer we have the latest installment for the story board. If will carefully press this link right here, you can go read it, and maybe some others if you have missed them. If you can't figure out where HERE is look at he links on the right and pick the one that says "Stories/Novellas by Ralphd00d". If that doesn't work, leave me email and I will email you the story.

In the meantime, I still have nothing really to bitch about right now. I went through all my dailys and there is nothing there to get me fired up. Well, except I couldn't go to the TX Blown-eyes meet-up. I wisht I coulda. And I know I won't be going back to Helen for that one neither. I guess I just need to get one going out here, and see how many inthe SW would do that sorta thing. Course, it would have to be like October/November to do it so temps are comfortable.

Four hours to get out of here. I think I feel another story coming on. Don't be surprised if you get 2 today.


Painful start to the week

Oh Lordy! Does my back hurt! I went out Saturday and played a round of golf with the buds. Yesterday I could hardly get around, and today, I am just stiff and sore. I thin k I need to get out more to practice (because my score sucked) and swing some clubs (to let the muscles get used to that movement).

Being that it is Monday, and I should have had my motivational speech ready for you this morning, but yo know how things can go sometimes. Therefore, I am urging you to smile, even if it scares those around you, and do something different than usual. Make people wonder about you. Me? I think I am going to moan and walk and see if I can get sent home early.


Friday, May 4

Pics for today ...

Today just isn't a day to hunting for pics I guess. Either that, or I need to find some better places to go to to get them. I only got these 2 in the last hour or so. I gotta stop now for a bit as my eyes are tired and watering. Enjoy!


Friday Morning - and I am prepping for the weekend!

Welcome to one of my favorite days of the week - FRIDAY! It's that day that a majority of us love because we are off the next two days, sometimes. Fortunately, I am, and I plan to use it to my full advantage.

The bar owner of one of the places I frequent, is taking several of us out for a free round of golf tomorrow. That should be interesting. At least it is another chance for me to practice at getting better. Of course, that means afterwards, we are going to end up in the bar drinking the rest of the afternoon. And the race would be starting soon after that... makes for a long day.

What can I say? It is about 9:30am and I am done for the day here at work. I will be popping in and out of here todya with other tidbits I am sure. Maybe some pictures - who knows, maybe I can get a short story in if I can think and print one. In the meantime, check the blog list to the left. I have added a few new places that I came across and enjoyed.


Thursday, May 3

It is Turning Into One of Those Days

I am ready to pound my head into a wall. I mean it. I am just so frustrated. I have done nothing most of today except make demands, threats, yell, holler, and scream on the phone to 4 different people, in 4 different parts of the country, regarding 2 files that only needed one thing: docs to go out to be signed. That's it!

Well, all I got to say is : FUCK Bank of America - especially their Mortgage Division. If you bank with them, don't let me influence you, because this has nothing to do with their regular banking, unless they run that division like this one.

I never understood why I would have to talk to someone in Colorado, when the file is in the Texas branch, and the property is in Arizona. Where is the sense in that? Let me talk directly to the fucker that is having the problem understanding what it means to do their damn job instead of wasting hours me calling here, them calling there, leaving messages, playing phone tag, returning the call down the chain with the wrong answer. ARGH!!!

I need a drink. Yes, I said NEED. But I don't think I have time to stop anywhere on the way home. The daughter has a concert tonight that I have to attend. Not have to, WANT to. Sigh. A little over two hours to go and craving a whiskey already. I have a bad feeling about tonight. Think a good thought for me... and you can ignore that ranting and raving I just posted too.


Too much time on my hands ...

This slump that we are in for my line of work is just creating all sorts of problems for me. I am spending WAYYY too much time ont he internet, doing what? Finding pictures to amuse you, reading blogs, doing anything I can since I have little work on my desk. You guys are soooo lucky to have someone that cares soo much about what you see/read at this special place, ya know, right here, where the short bus ends its route.

No wonderful things like that for you today though. Heck, I am doing my best to keep my head up and not drowse off.I think I shall get p and do a walkabout and get some water. Kepp your heads up - there might be soething interesting to read here later.


Wednesday, May 2

Some pics for today

Yessir! I went pic hunting today, and I found a few I think I will share... so enjoy and catch y'all later!!


I have to go where to light up my smoke?

That seemed to be the question in many places in Arizona yesterday. I had went to my regular hangout after work, and had a laugh just seeing some of the faces of the smokers there. The owner has enclosed some patio area at the rear of the bar that is capable of holding about 15 people comfortably - standing up - with no room to move. It looks more like a zoo cage. He intends to make the area larger, but for initial purposes this is what he has. I kid you not, at one point there were more people out smoking then there was in the bar. I am thinking of going somewhere else tonight to see what other places are doing. I know the Denny's I was at for lunch is total smoke-free now...

The office is pretty damn quiet today. I have a bad feeling about that. Something is about to happen and I hope it brings me more work.

Saturday is Cinco De Mayo. What are your plans? Well, being in a place that has many peoples from Mexico (and other places) that have astrong influence on the economy here, I know where I won't be - somewhere celebrating their damn crap. Find me an All-American restaurant and bar - eat steak, baked potato and drink Budweiser and Jack. Hell Yeah! Damn, I do that most weekends anyways... well, maybe not most - but several! I am not going to be caught at some "mexican" restaurant. Nope - no Garcia's, Caramba's, Macayo's, or Taco Bell for this guy.

Since we are on the subject of hispanics, made me think of a couple of them jokes.... you know, the ones where you look over both shoulders before you start...

EDIT: If you are going to accuse me of racial issues, you might as well log off my blog now. I am a bigot. I hate everyone equally, and I will share whatever kind of joke, story, made up or real about any race, color, creed or religion. Don't like it - don't come here - and don't read any further. 'Nuff said, let's laugh a little.

Q: Why do mexican women wear long dresses?
A: To hide the 'no-pest' strips

Q: Why do mexicans eat jalapenos?
A: So when their ass stops burning, they will know it is time to eat again.

Yeah, so they weren't that great, so here is my funny one I have been telling lately:

A zebra dies and goes to heaven. At the Pearly Gates he sees St. Peter and asks him, "Am I white with black stripes, or black with white stripes?"

"I do not know. you'll have to find God and ask him," replies St. Peter.

The zebra goes on and enters heaven. After awhile of traipsing about, he sees God and presents his question to him.

God replies, "You are what you are."

The zebra is unsure of this answer and ponders it as he walks around. Soon he comes back across St. Peter who asks the zebra, "Did you find God and ask your question?"

"Yes," the zebra says. "However I am still not sure which is correct. All God told me was 'You are what you are'."

"There you see! You are white with black stripes!" Exclaims St. Peter.

"How can you be sure?"asks the zebra.

"If you were black with white stripes, God would have said 'You is what you is'."

Well, I am off to finish up the book I currently have in the office "Hornet's Nest" by Patricia Cornwell. Hope you all have a happy Humpday, and we'll talk at ya later!!


Taking care of business....

I been tagged. No, not spray painted graffiti - but tagged for a meme. So, here it is. Lots of thanks to Dazd he did the tagging....

I was tagged by MrsJoseGoldbloom for this meme, it’s in honor of Hammer's 500th post. Congrats Hammer! My 'grats as well!

1. What is the stupidest mistake you have ever made with money? The first car I bought - what a lemon.

2. Do you think taxes are unfair or do you think it’s your civic duty? I think a bit of both.

3. Do you take risks and possibly turn your life upside down for new opportunity? Tempted at times, but no.

4. Are you the alpha in your household? (Include pets) Yes.

5. Do you compromise with your significant other or does someone always get their way? Compromise most times.

6. What curse word do you use most often? damn

7. Do you easily change your mind or are you dead set on most issues? Pretty dead set - unless you can convince me my standpoints are invalid.

8. What famous person would you like to trade places with for one week? Bill Gates

9. If you could go back in time and tell one person off, who would it be and what would you say? I don't think anyone is worth my getting that upset over....

10. Were you a good student or did you do just enough to get by? depended on the class.

11. If you could give one piece of advice to someone just starting out on their own, what would you tell them? Be a big kid, before you have any.

12. Are people basically good and honest or are most people opportunistic and predatory? The latter - the former are few and far between.

13. Is there somebody you wish you could go back and apologize to? Apologize for what?

I am going to tag... Anyone that wants to do this. I am not much one for tagging...

Tuesday, May 1

a bit late, and not much of a story

Sorry this is a bit late today. I was trying to work on a story, but this was stuck in my head so I let it out first. I think I am posting it over at the storyboard too, since it is almost like an article (at least to me). I dunno. I am just abit funny feeling in the pit os the stomach right this moment.

Many people around me – friends, co-workers, etc. – have been talking to me a lot in the last year. My wife has brought up the topic, and we have semi-seriously discussed it. I even almost called and got it. But I didn’t. Why? Because I am scared. Yeah, I know. It’s not that big a thing to get – but I am yellow-bellied when it comes to even thinking about it. Vasectomy.

I have four wonderful children that my wife and I are very happy to have brought into the world. Fortunately, between the two of us, we do live comfortably even with the costs so far in raising the kids. They have necessities they need and lots of extras, food, roof over their heads, clothing, etc, etc. Do I want more? I always answer with an emphatic “Hell no!” So why don’t I call the doc and have him do the snip-snip?

I get goose pimples just thinking about it. Snip. Snip. So … final. So easy and quick. Even sounds almost painless. And I have been assured it isn’t as painful as one would think. But each time I get serious about it, that thought runs through my head …

“d00d, that’s your balls they are cutting off.”

Remember when we were younger boys, I am thinking like 3-4 years of age, and the two most funniest things in the world were farts, and some unfortunate guy getting hit/kicked/damaged in the ‘nads. As we grew older, being like 1st grade for me, we actually made effort to get the other guy, before he got you. “What’s the capital of Thailand?” “Bangkok!” Whammy!!! We never heard about ruptures. We only knew it would hurt for a bit, and while you laid there groaning, holding your nuts, you did nothing but swore merciless revenge in the same kind of punishment to that guy that got you. And if you were the lucky one that got the other guy, you had like minutes of pure laughing freedom.

So now I am thinking, yeah, it’s not like getting hit there; they are not physically removing your testicles. It is simply a couple supply lines being cut and tied off to prevent them anxious and fertile soldiers from doing any possible adventures. Sounds like a good idea. What’s the pro’s about it?

- Don’t have to worry about safe sex to prevent pregnancy.
- It is not major surgery – usually out patient
- Insurance covers it
- Fairly painless procedure.

What are the con’s?
- No more children unless you adopt

So we see Pro’s outnumber the Con’s. But there are questions still – like, will I be like a dog and lose the urge to have sex? Not that I get it often as it is…. But still! Why do I have to do it? I know it is more of an operation for the wife to have it done, but why me?

I am going to have to do a lot more thinking about this thing. I know the Wife is going to be bringing it up in conversation soon. She usually does about every 3 months. I usually get her to drop the subject by saying one simple phrase….

“So if I ain’t gotta worry about getting you pregnant, then I could fuck around and not have to worry about that with any woman… hmmm, this is thinkable.”

Of course, she responds, “You do, you die.”

Yeah, gonna think about this one for awhile.


Hey! Go smoke that outside!

You gotta love legislation. Today starts Arizona's non-smoking law regarding bars. I spent last night out and about, smoking a pack just because I could. Of course, I hadn't had a cigarette since my pneumonia, but I did throw away the rest of the pack come time to go home. I think there were like 4 left by then anyways. So once again I have stopped smoking.

Work is just blah-crap today. Nothing worth getting aggravated over.

Nothing else is coming to mind. I must be going blank for a spell. I do have the itching urge to get back to my story writing, just haven't found the time, or the right mood to sit down and get it done. Maybe I can get something this afternoon.