Saturday, March 31

A Day With Family

Usually when I write about a day with the family, it is like my siblings and parents getting together for a holiday dinner, or something. This time it isn't. I guess the church the Wife goes to is having a sort of festival today, and we will be going (yes, me too) to let them play and mingle. Plus I herd that there are going to be hot dogs. And I think it is all free. Sometimes I just can't pass up a good deal. RM & PT are volunteering in helping out there as well.

Looks like Easter will be spent at Sis' place again. I am awaiting final word from my inlaws as to whether their family is doing anything, but it is looking like thy are not. It is so hard for MIL to manage with FIL, since his Parkinson's is getting so bad. I try to help when I know and can, but I am sure it is not often enough.

I got about 30 minutes to get some stuff done before we leave.


Friday, March 30

That Time of Year (Again)

Today marks the 21st year of the Wife and I being married. 

Seems like a short time, when I actually think about it. The years together have been good to us. I definitely do not deserve this woman, and am so glad to have her.

Through those 21 years, four kids, and my bad habits, She has been there and never stopped being the awesome person she is. I can never tell her enough how wonderful she is, and how much I love her, though I do try.

We have dinner plans, though I am not sure just where at yet. RM & PT said they would take care of the boys for dinner and a couple hours for us to have a nice dinner. I just found that out this morning. 

Sure glad April 1st wasn't on a Saturday that year.....


Thursday, March 29

Another Trip to the Doctor

Well, the middle son (9 years old) has done it again. The Wife ended up taking him to the doctor last night for some sort of 'infection' on his fingers. She had pointed them out to me last weekend. One thumb had gotten a bit of infection and swelling - like from a hangnail that was pulled out (I assumed). She lanced it (got some of the pus out) and noted that some of his other fingers were a bit red around the nails. She also mentioned he has a habit of putting his fingertips in his mouth quite a bit. Since we were in bed when she got back from the doc's, that this morning all I heard was they gave him some antibiotics to help clear it up. The Wife mentioned this had happened with him several years ago, though I don't remember that time. At least it isn't something extremely dangerous or contagious. Though, he needs to learn to keep his fingers out of his mouth (and his foot, too).

I was due to set up an appointment for my self to follow up with my doctor this month. I didn't do it. My weight has been fluctuating so much that I don't feel like going in there and finding out more has been put on. Yeah, my pessimistic nature coming through as I doubt it would be at a time where I lost a nice amount. Besides that, all that would be done is another blood draw to check my counts, and he mentioned an EKG reading. Not that I have any heart problems, he just likes to have current readings in the file I guess for possible future issues since I have a family history of heart problems. I may wait until late summer before I go back.

I guess Preacher Tom and I will be doing breakfast tomorrow morning I think. He emailed me the other day about that or a movie, and I said breakfast, as with it being a Friday, I don't know what movies would be out in the theater we prefer. I expect him to call me later today to set up a time, though I may end up calling him if he waits too long.

I guess staring at the screen isn't helping get any more words down.


Tuesday, March 27

A Moment of Weakness

The past several days have seen me have several of these. I don't know why, aside from my weak power of will. At least, that is all I can find to blame it on. How bad can it be? I guess it depends on what level of importance one puts on things.

I started playing 'Words with Friends' on Facebook. Doesn't sound so bad, right? Well, the first day, I started like 7 games with 7 different people. Here we are like five days later and I have no clue how many actual games I am in playing now. Kind of nice though, is Eric over at Straight White Guy and I have started one together. Though I feel a bit pressured, and that he is going to really outscore me with the vocabulary he has.  So far that is true. For those of you that can't figure it out, this is a 'Scrabble'-like game. Many of those I am playing with use their phones for it, but I don't.

Saturday, with the Wife and Daughter out at the Renaissance Fair, I got lazy and ordered Pizza Hut. Meatlover and Super Supreme pizza, with the stuffed crust. Delivered of course, as I was being lazy and didn't want to go pick it up.

Sunday, the BIL called up and asked if I wanted some leftovers. I guess their church had done many pork-pulled sandwiches, ranch beans, and slaw, and there was quite a bit leftover. I said sure, thinking that it would be about a family size amount. It was bigger. I am about pork-ed out now. The slaw, I can live with on a daily basis, and just about have to in order to eat it before it spoils as I am the only one in the house that eats it. I need to check today how many more sandwiches are left, and maybe I will get rid of the bread, and use the pork in some other fashion.

Now it is Tuesday, and after such a lazy weekend, I still have not made it to the gym. I will have to make myself go tomorrow, and I know I will be hurting again. I didn't go at all last week, with the boys on spring break. I found every excuse to not go. I know I won't be weighing myself for awhile, especially with all the pizza and sandwiches this past weekend.

Sigh. Time to get back to being aware of what I am doing and steel-ing up my will power. Oh joy.


Monday, March 26

A Return to Normal

Today marks the return to things normal, at last what passes for normal around my household. The Daughter has returned to Tucson, the boys are back in school, and I am enjoying the sounds of quiet all around me.

I'm going to take some time and enjoy this.


Friday, March 23

Ever Have That Feeling?

I feel sort of crappy today. No, not in a health-wise way. No, not that I need to visit the Reading Room. Just sort of... ugh. The boys' spring break is ending, and though they bickered, fought, whined, complained, etc. most of the week; and RM & PT helped by taking each boy a day, I am going to miss hanging out with them.... but only a little, super-tiny bit.

I got a call from one of my buddies last night as we were returning home from dinner. Seems my friend that had found out he had some cancer earlier this year, he has been in the hospital a bit the past 2-3 weeks. I knew he was in (another story). Seems with the chemo he was doing, he ended up catching strep throat. Once he was out that time, it turned around and went back in for double pneumonia. Last night I found out he is in the ICU now, where they can monitor him better, and that things are not looking so good. A few of our group of friends is getting together this afternoon to go up and visit since things are looking sort of grim. I am so not looking forward to this... I do not care for hospitals.

So, since I am now really bummed about the situation, I am closing this off. Hope your weekend is better....


Thursday, March 22

Taking a Reading Day

Spring Break for my kids is nearing the end. Somehow, they have made it through the week without me killing them, though at times I wonder how I still have a voice. Today we are heading up to the north side of town, and visiting Sis. The boys want to "play" with their cousins, though I presume it is only the nephew they truly mean. I am sure my niece will be acknowledged, and then promptly put out of mind by at least the two older boys.

Myself, rather than waste the gas to drive back and forth there twice, I am going to veg out I think. Take along my Kindle and get some reading done. I am sure I will have a little bit of time throughout the day to visit a bit with Sis (she is a realtor and works out of the home).

It's not even 8am yet, and my boys are awake and asking when will we leave. Sheesh! You would think they like going there or something....

I need to get so I can make sure I get the freebies from Amazon today that I want.


Wednesday, March 21

Hey! Quiet Down!

I say that quite a bit at my house. With three boys ranging from 6 to 13, they tend to argue, fight, bicker, and just play - loudly. Doesn't seem to matter what room they are in, even with my hard hearing, it comes out distracting and at a volume that at times makes it hard to have any sort of conversation. Today, I am hoping to have it down somewhat. The oldest son is heading over to RM & PT's to help PT stain the wood fence to help keep down the weathering. I can imagine him coming home splattered with stain later today. RM has been good at helping out somewhat this week with taking a boy at a time to have some grandparent time with them, and preventing me from killing all three of my boys.

The rest of this week is going to be about as boring as this post. Heading to Sis' tomorrow as the boys asked about going there to play with the cousins. I personally think it is just because they have a nice computer set-up (meaning more than the 2 we have) and they can all be on at the same time. For a fact, it does help keep down the noise level, as they are get engrossed in whatever game they are playing rather than fighting with each other.

Okay, I should go get some breakfast for myself.


Tuesday, March 20

Just a Roll of the Shoulder

I felt some pain yesterday. Around mid-day, I began to notice my right shoulder giving me some pain. I say notice, as I am not sure if I was just side-tracked, and not felt it sooner. Either way, once it had my attention, it seemed determined to keep it. The pain "increased" as the day wore on, or at least it bothered me more and more. I had taken some ibuprofen earlier in the day, but when the Wife got home, and I mentioned it to her, some Solstice went on it to help alleviate the ache. Seems I evidently strained the muscles in it when I was exerting major force bending back a metal leg support the night before. At least, that is what the Wife figures. All I know, ids that this morning, it is still getting my attention, though it does not ache as bad as yesterday. Seems every time I move my arm, so it has to use those muscles, I get that 'twinge'. Great. Be my luck a couple more days of this.

The boys were actually pretty good yesterday. Hardly any bickering and fighting. This morning, I am working on getting them all up and moving, eating breakfast as we need to leave in a few to go to Grandma's house. MIL needs to get some shopping done, so I offered to sit with FIL (remember he has Parkinson's) so she can get stuff done.

Okay, I gotta rub some more solstice on before I leave...


Monday, March 19

Getting Pickled and Other Miscellaneous Stuff

The boys are on Spring Break this week. I am already dreading it. Two of them are up already, and the bickering has started. RM & PT have offered to help out some, by having them over to spend time with them on a more one-to-one basis. RM started this weekend, taking the oldest son, and had him help her start some batches of her homemade bread 'n butter pickles (made from cucumbers and onions. Even a jar was sent home for us yesterday. I love them! I told RM I would have to give her some money to get a case of the canning jars so she could make plenty more for me. I'll stock them up here at home and maybe give out a jar or two to friends that like pickles.

It's almost 11am already, so I suppose I should go wake the oldest son as he doesn't need to sleep all day. I shall wander into the kitchen and try to figure out what to fix for lunch for them all. Normally, some leftovers or Ramen soup work for myself, but I know they are not crazy about leftovers - spoiled brats!


Friday, March 16

My Kind of Holiday

Another Friday is here, and it is the eve of St. Patrick's Day. The "Irish" holiday everyone seems to love to celebrate. You know the regular things.... wear green (only you are British, then it wear orange - or so I heard) to keep from getting pinched, eat Irish dishes, and drink green beer. Now don't get me wrong, I do have some Irish heritage in me, and you can tell sometimes by the red highlights in my beard, and my freckles and fair skin. I also contribute the amount of whiskey I can handle as being part Irish too, but that may be more practice than anything else. Let's not forget my love of potatoes, too!!

So how does America once again commercialize a holiday? Sell something green. It can paper pictures of shamrocks, leprechauns, the Blarney stone.... it doesn't matter. People think it is the thing to do and spend money buying that stupid stuff. Myself, I really do not participate in all that nonsense. I do admit to getting together with friends when I can, and tossing back a few green beers. Mainly since the pubs have discounted prices on special drinks that are green, or "Irish", and I just have a good time. I don't know if I am getting out any tomorrow though.

No major plans this weekend for the family. Might just take it easy and do some things around the house.

And the most important part of St. Patrick's Day? It's my little sister's birthday! Happy Birthday Katie!


Thursday, March 15

Trash Talking

It's Thursday, so for us in this area of the Valley, it is the day our "regular" trash (as opposed to recyclable trash) is picked up. Our can is actually overflowing this week. There is a bush/tree that we have had in the front yard since we bought this place, that the Wife decided she didn't want anymore. I have most of it cut down, but have to trim the branches down to baggable pieces, so I can put in the trash can. So far we been managing one bag per week, and maybe another bag or two to go. I think this is the first time in 12 years I have seen our trash can this full.

What is so important about that? Nothing. But it kept ya busy for couple minutes.


Wednesday, March 14

What to Do..What to Do...

It's quiet around the house today. All the boys are back in school. The oldest is ona  few prescriptions, but otherwise feeling better. It just feels like the past several days it has been louder, with one or more of the boys home sick. I had to play my itunes a bit louder this morning to make up for the feeling of emptiness. I am sure the neighbors loved the variety of music that came blasting from my house: from Beethoven to Five Finger Death Punch to Johnny Cash to Enya. It was all playing on shuffle mode this morning.

I found out last night that next week is spring break for the boys. It's not like the school just surprised me with the information, the Wife just didn't bother to notify me about it until last night. I am not looking forward to a whole week with all three boys here at home, arguing, bickering and fighting over any and every thing. I spoke to Reverend Mother and Preacher Tom last night at dinner after the oldest son's concert, that they may take one or more of the boys a day or two next week. That will help my sanity out, and from the sounds of it, PT has some work that the oldest son can help them get done too. Bonus all the way around it seems!

I am off to enjoy a bit of  book I am reading, and maybe a nap. Maybe even some gaming later. I feel like I have a ton of free time, though  know that is not true.


Tuesday, March 13

It Just Looks That Way ...

After spending a seemingly LONG day at home with two of the boys sick from school, I was so ready to go out and have a drink last night. And I did. I was even good, and came home by 10pm, instead of the usual 2am. That was weird for me, but I just didn't feel like staying out and drinking, or karaoking, or reading the book on the Kindle I was reading. Instead, it seemed better to come home and read in bed. I must be feeling my years....

One of the boys is better today. The 6 year old has only a slight cough (which seems forced since we were talking about it) and no fever. He is returning to school. The eldest son, well, he is getting a trip to the doctor. He doesn't sound as congested as he did yesterday, and his fever is gone, but the Wife was saying it looks like he has pink eye. I am hoping it is just a bit of the curse of allergies, but won't know until I get him into UrgentCare. At least the Wife was apologetic that I was taking him. She knows how much I hate going to see any doctor, in any medical setting. But it is easier for me than for her to miss work to do so.

Tonight is also the pink-eyed son's concert. I presume he will be able to attend even with pink eye, as by then he'll have antibiotics. That will mean he can return to school tomorrow as well. Yay! Be nice to have the house back to myself for a change, and be able to head to the gym. I have been putting it off this week enough already due to the boys being sick.

Okay, I need to go to the online sign-in so I don't have to wait at the Doc's.


Monday, March 12

It Must Be Catching ...

There were things I was looking forward to getting done today. That sure sounds like a wonderful statement, especially considering it is a Monday, and I am lazy. Truly, there were at least a couple things I am looking forward to getting done today, and a couple others I won't be doing.

I have sick children (yes plural) in my home today. The oldest is still a bit feverish (low-grade) and will remain home again. Added to that, the mucus-sounding coughing, interspersed with the sickly yellow-green colored sinus ejections of the youngest... he too, is home today. The middle son, who gave us all sorts of problems about trying to be sick to stay out of school last year? He seems healthy...for now, and is on his way to school.

That means I am bypassing the gym. But dishes will get done today. Well, they would have either way. I need to head into Mommy's Medicene Shack here in a couple to start dosing out the required stuffs that will help symptoms around here, and maybe even help control some of whatever they have. Mostly, it is to be out of the room so nothing will bring me down to their sickness levels.

Some Mondays, one cannot create stuff to happen like this one.


Friday, March 9

Sitting With the Sick Boy

My oldest son is home sick from school with a temperature of 101.4. The timing of his being sick is not the greatest though. Tomorrow he is to report nice and early to All State Band, for a full day of practice, followed by the concert that evening. If he is feeling the slightest amount better, he is going, I don't care what they say. In the meantime, the Wife has left extra jobs for me today (aside from medicating the boy). Need to get some stuff notarized, so a trip to the bank will be happening in a couple hours when they open. Then we need to run over to the school as the son left his instrument there. Talk about taking away from my reading time!

So, got the concert tomorrow night, and the trip to the west side of town in the AM to drop him off. That pretty much concludes my weekend. Sunday morning I will probably end up doing some bloody marys with the boys, followed by some Church of Holy Beer and Softball. I have been good all week and deserve to have a couple I think.

I am in the process of quitting smoking again. It has been 5 days so far, and I feel I am over the worst of the cravings. I won't know for sure until I am in the bar environment, or near others that smoke, and I can smell it. I had done well at the the turn of the year last year, going for about 6 months before I started up again. Need to stay stronger willed.

That's it for now. Be back maybe over the weekend, but prolly not.


Thursday, March 8

All Backed Up

Today, my Dad would have been 64 years old, if cancer hadn't taken him from us all those years ago. As many of you that have gone through a grieving process, over time it eventually doesn't hurt so bad. I guess that is finally in effect for me. I still get those twinges in the heart, but nothing debilitating. I have shared a few rememberances of my Dad in other posts, and I really don't feel like trying to think of one to share today. I think I just want to have some quiet time and reflect on things.

Speaking of sitting and thinking, I think I am feeling constipated. I know I am not, but got that feeling in that one spot. I may go and see if I can work it out.


Wednesday, March 7

Starting New Again

It has been a couple days of me recuperating from this past weekend. Though no one probably believes me, I did not drink as much as I would have in the past. I do however, feel the longer need to recuperate afterwards. Actually, one day was all I needed, and I spent most of yesterday doing things around the house.

This morning I am headed to the gym. A bit later than my usual time, as I felt lazy, and laid in bed 20 minutes longer than usual. I am feeling that urge to just skip going, but I really should get in there for a work out. Plus, today is a weigh day, and I am curious if I am down any pounds.

I have quite a few things I should get done today, but feel only a few will actually be accomplished. It's that whole lazy feeling.


Monday, March 5

Checking My List

I am constantly needing paper near my desk. It is a habit that I picked up, that I am always needing paper to jot down a note, put down a name, some other information related to whatever I am doing. I think at the current moment, I have like three pads around the computer. I have certain pages within the notebooks where I keep information, too, like interesting-looking movie titles. these I go through every couple of weeks on Netflix, to see if I can "Save" them into the queue for when they are released finally. Or to be sent if they are available now.

A few weeks ago, I started using Calibre for my e-book library. As I am going through the books I have to read, I try to determine if there are multiple books in a series , and to verify I have them all so nothing is skipped int he story line. At times, I may get the third book in a series for free, but have to purchase the additional ones. I find that irritating, reading a book and then discovering it is not a stand-alone story, and is in fact a book further down the story line, that you have not even started. Either way, one portion of my library is dedicated to "Incomplete Series" of books I have. Maybe I have the first two in a trilogy, but not the third. Or maybe books 5 & 8 but not the others. Most books are good in stating they are book number such & such, ad I can categorize them better. The books I need to get, I have a special notebook for, where I can add author/title of books I want, or need to complete sets. I have spent the last couple hours going through that list, searching for possible free copies on the Web.

Such an exciting life I lead, eh?

Nascar weekend was quite fun. Got to hang with my brother, have a few beers, and watch two races. I came home last night feeling pretty tired (didn't sleep good there) and ended up getting into an argument with the Wife. As of this morning, she is not speaking to me, and I don't really care at this point. I know Reverend Mother would tell me I should apologize and work out a compromise to whatever we argued about, but I don't feel like it right now. I may wait a day or two, and see what happens. We are oth stubborn about things like this.

So, great start for a week, huh?


Friday, March 2

Getting Offline

It's Friday, and for once, it is a goo done. The Wife has today off, due to hurting her ankle. She and her boss decided she should take today to rest it, as well as this weekend, and come back Monday with it feeling better. She's a physical therapist, so obviously moving is an important feature of her work. Thus, we will be going out for lunch today...just me and her.

Tomorrow I will be heading to the track for the races this weekend. I will not be I do on weekends, as if.


Thursday, March 1

The Little Things

The Wife made it home safely last night from Tucson. The boys and I were already in bed, though had not been for long. The Daughter had sent home a little gift for her Daddy. She had made stuffed bell peppers a couple days ago, and kept one back for me as she knows I really like how she makes them. So, for breakfast, because I could not wait, I ate it. It was so good! Maybe not the perfect breakfast, but it sure was good, and I am not hungry now.

Looking forward to this weekend at the track. These guys know how to have a good time, and we have already been told to not worry about food/drink, and no need to bring money (unless we want to buy souvenirs). How cool is that? Of course, I will be bring a bottle of Jack Daniels, to share, and some extra cash to offer payment for letting us in, etc. It still makes my head swell with pride that they asked for me to come again this time around. Maybe it will become a regular thing for the two races we have here each year....?

It is Thursday, and I should start planning on what I am taking. Stuman called me up the other day and decided we want to get there earlier on Saturday. His buddy has a Pit Pass, where before the race you can meet the drivers and walk the garage. I am not really interested in that, though it would be cool to meet Jr. But my bro wants to, and he is driving. I got to remember to give him some money for gas too....