Sunday, February 22

Sunday Morning Bumming Around

Plans for today are mostly made up of doing pretty much nothing. When I say nothing, I mean, no plans to go anywhere, or have a specific thing that needs to be done. As of this moment, I will probably end up playing some games on the computer, or in the bedroom reading/napping. I was pretty wiped out Friday night, and yesterday I had several things that needed to get done. Thus I declare today a relax day.

Even though I decided to relax today, I have already today met up with a friend and given him the scrap metal, etc from my work truck (old appliance parts, etc). Yesterday the youngest son and I unboxed it all, and had it ready for quick unloading to day, so it only took about 10 minutes for the middle son and I to transfer to my friend's truck. Stopped for breakfast and sodas from the Quik Trip, and back home, changed into my bum clothes.

Monday will be another long day for me. I know I won't have time in the morning to write anything ... not that I write every day anymore. At least I know this Thursday will be a short work day for me, as the boss doesn't want me to deliver the routes. however, I have to be up early for a breakfast meeting on Friday. It has to do with the truck stock the techs carry, and I have to be there in my truck to transport the return of it all. At least I get overtime.


Thursday, February 19

Long Days Ahead

Yesterday was a busy morning for me. Had to run the oldest Son to the allergist for weekly shots. He is on some regime, where if he misses a week of these shots, he has to start all over ... I have no clue. The Wife set it all up. But I guess with his schedule, she can't take him the next couple weeks, so my Wednesday mornings are shot for sleeping in (the one day of the work week I can as he does not have early school mornings). At least I have to do nothing. Walk in, gets two shots, sit for 30 minutes to be sure of no reaction. Then drop him off at school and I am home by 8:50. Just enough time to use the loo, and start to work.

So yesterday, it didn't quite go like that. I called the dentist office as early as I could, and they were able to get me in late that morning. I had them extract that tooth that was bothering me. The Doc was surprised at how easy it came out, which leads me to believe the body was trying to get it out anyways. So, I am still a little tender in the gums around that side. Aside from not being able to drink from a straw (which I have been anyways, lightly) everything is good now.

This morning I am meeting PT for breakfast. He had called a few weeks ago, asking why we weren't doing them anymore (why he called to ask me, I have no clue). I realized that we had not done one in awhile was just mainly due to my schedule. The system change-over at work had my hours a bit skewed, so between trying to get an hour extra sleep in the morning after running the kid to school, and work, and whatnot, there was just no time to do it anymore. So this week I made time.

The Wife is off work today. I wish sometimes I got as many vacation days as she does, though, when the census is low at her work, they have to use Vacation days to have off if there is no work. Today is one of those days, but she doesn't mind. I wouldn't either if I got 4 weeks vacation a year, and time grows back.

Guess I am outta here.


Monday, February 16

Night Time Grinding

Another Monday is here, and as usual, I am not ready for it. Woke up several times during the night with pain from my teeth. That molar I had a crown on nearly 9 months ago, and back around the end of last year, some grinding done on it to adjust some of the contact points. If fact, that was done twice within about three weeks. Dentist says the only next options are a root canal, which may not fix the issue if the "body" is trying to push the tooth out, or an extraction. Years ago I had the molar under this one removed for an abscess, so it would make another hole. One of the times I woke, it the pain was more on the lower teeth on that side. Only thing I can figure is I am grinding my teeth in my sleep, and it is irritating them because it forces them to shift minutely.

This just started the past couple nights. Actually, maybe even during the day. I noticed yesterday that I was clenching the teeth tight while playing a game. Maybe I am doing that in my sleep, too, because they say dreams are "replays" of events during the day. I don't know. Just need to concentrate on not clenching/grinding my teeth I guess, and hopefully it will stop. I prefer not to lose any more teeth than I already have had pulled/broke, etc.

Working some overtime this coming Friday and the following Monday. I am helping fill another parts person's job while they use a couple vacation days. Going to make for longs days for me. Figure, 12-13 hours between leaving home and getting back home, and only get paid for about 10 of them. But the company truck and gas card make it hurt not nearly as bad. Just going to be long days. Today I am going in a bit early to make sure I know how to print out the labels for the customer parts. Not just print, but to format from a computer download from the appliance warehouse where we buy most parts. Many steps. Maybe I will find a shortcut and that will make me look good. Still waiting on my review for the year.

Tomorrow makes it 30 years since my Dad passed away. Not sure how I will be handling that. Much of the grief from his passing has been let out over the years - some more than others. I try to share some of my stories/events with my kids, but having never known him, they don't seem interested. Of course, living half a country away from most of his side of the family makes a difference, too, I am sure. But it is what it is.

I'm off to think about Dad.


Wednesday, February 11

Title-Less Post (or Post-Less Title)?

I'm up a bit earlier than usual, but that is not irregular. I have been sitting here nearly 20 minutes, trying to find something to write about.Aside from munching on my Pop-Tart and drinking my tea, I still have not really came up with anything. Any thing of interest, that is.

AZ news is overflowing with the death of Kayla Mueller (spelling? I admit I didn't look it up). Growing up in Prescott has made her the attention of all the media here. Personally, I think they milk it too much. I believe I understand the significance of the cause(s) of her death and ISIS' ....blah, blah, blah. Maybe I am just tired of hearing the same information over and over. For two hours yesterday, that was all they talked about on the news station I listen to. Repeats of audio from her friend, and her aunt, and the live reporter and his take of the press release that was done. B-O-R-I-N-G! I'm not saying I don't feel for her family, but there ARE other things happening in the world that have importance as well.

Like what the hell is going on in the Ukraine? I haven't heard anything about it in several weeks.

Chris Kyle. That's another one I am sort of tired of hearing about lately. But whatever publicist they have got, they earned their money. With all the national media attention this trial is getting, everyone is wanting to get out to see AMERICAN SNIPER (based on Kyle's experiences) let alone the book he had out (I believe under the same name, but don't know). But it won't be long until it is over. The trial is in Texas, and you know how fast their murder trials go, and the line moves at express speed for Death Row. At least something is right in Texas.

Been in, or near, the low 80's most of this week, but to cool down to the upper 70s by the weekend. I don't know if I can stand it. I turned on the A/C in my truck the other day for about an hour. The heater at home kicked on that night still (set at 75) so it does still cool down tot he 50s at night. Boston is getting slammed with snow, and we are getting a bit baled early with sun.

Guess I spent enough time rambling. My breakfast has been gone for a few. About as ready as I am going to be for the day to start, even if I have to wait 2+ hours yet to leave for work.


Friday, February 6

Dreading the Day

I am dreading going into work today. Yes, the new system software we are using is slowly getting better/easier. I also have been putting in quite a bit of overtime, with having to run the route later due to issues with paperwork.Today, the Boss wants to do the technician routes differently than we have this week. To see if it makes things easier. Like a good peon, I told him I was willing to try it. Anything to save me some extra work.

Friday always seems to have extra work. I usually pull parts for the next day, but on Fridays, I get to pull two days worth of parts - Saturday and Monday. It isn't quite twice the amount, as many techs have Saturday off, and those that work Saturdays, have Monday off. It almost washes out, except there are always more parts to pull than a regular day. A year and a half later, I can't figure out why. So I will need extra time to do that, added to this different way the Boss wants me to do the paperwork. Maybe I should go in a little early to start today. What's another extra hour of work?

On the good side, yesterday afternoon, the Boss got my attention (in front of the Parts and Billing Dept - where everyone could overhear) by saying that he and Bigger Boss (his Boss) had been talking about me the prior day. They wanted to relay to me how much they appreciate my work. That I am conscientious about making sure mistakes are not made where they would have to send someone out to deliver a missed part, etc. Also that I ask questions when something doesn't look right, which is usually a problem, that can be fixed before it explodes. After hearing this, I wanted to say for him to remember this, as my review is due this month .... but I didn't. I just said, "Okay. Thanks."

I do admit, my Boss i pretty good, in my opinion. He's laid-back, but I have heard him come down on people when they need it. As long as work is going smoothly and correctly, he is cool. There is always some joking going on with him, and he is easy to work with. He also admits when his idea was wrong and not going to work. My Boss is pretty good.

I guess if I am going to get going in early, I should finish this off.


Wednesday, February 4

Money Talks

I made some money yesterday. Yup. Not the quick way, but the easy one. I worked overtime. Of course, it wasn't by choice, because I would have stopped at 40 hours if that were the case. This new system we are using at work really had some mess-ups in printing the routes/work orders for each technician yesterday. I was 2 1/2 hours late getting started on my route, but made it home only about an hour and a half later than usual. I guess I missed enough of rush hour traffic that I made up an hour. Next paycheck should be nice with that overtime on it.

The Daughter came into town last night. She is only here a couple days, I guess, before heading back to Safford. Once I got home, I remembered that I had new insurance cards for her vehicle ... which got me to thinking. With her getting married this May, they should start taking over the financial needs she has, that currently we pay. It doesn't seem like much: car insurance, cell phone, health insurance, plus the Wife gives her a substantial amount of money for miscellaneous expenses each month - an amount that far exceeds what could be considered miscellaneous, in my opinion. I remember a couple weeks back, when on one of my rants, I told the Wife that she needs to address this issue with them. The Fiance is working full-time, at times making over-time. Why shouldn't they be responsible for all their expenses? I was when I was young, married with children, etc. If that issue ever gets resolved (because I have a feeling my Wife is going to try to hide some of it from me) that would be some more money... to put back for the next Son, who only has one more year of HS, if he passes all his classes.

The Powerball lottery out here is at around 317 million. Yeah. I posted some time ago, about how I day dream at times about winning a big lottery - how many of people don't? I never did get a ticket to yesterday's drawing (I think there was one yesterday) and I probably won't get one the next time. But it sure is nice to dream. I think about how many times the Wife and I have loaned out money (talking about in the hundreds to thousands range) to different people we know through the years, and how many times has it been paid back? I know we don't lend it if it going to hurt us if we never get it back ... but what if all those that had not paid, suddenly paid? Yeah ,that would be nice. Not trying to sound mean, just, you know, it would be nice to "come into" some unexpected money.

I have about 30-45 minutes until I want to leave for work. This extra sitting around time at home (so I can be at work at my scheduled time) is a pain. I was going in early (before the new system) to help maintain my hours so I made 40/pay period. This week, with the new system, I have adjusted back to my regular supposed hours, until we get a regular time frame I will be working in. It might take a few weeks. Which means later into the shop, and later getting home, I feel. Not much I can do about it at this point.


Tuesday, February 3

A Big Let-Down

This past weekend had been hyped-up on so many different levels. I mean, you have the Super Bowl. Plus seeing how Glendale was hosting it, the attention it brought to the Valley was huge. All the larger towns had some sort of NFL event going on - some for the whole week ahead of the game. Some areas of town had traffic snarls due to these events; others did not. Luckily, most did not affect my driving route.

So for all the hype for the big game, I was pretty let down. As for the past several years, I was invited over to a friend's house to watch the game, have some drinks, eat food, be merry. I did attend, but near half time I left and went over to Stuman's. At some point late that night, I went home. Drank way too much that day.

And I don't remember anything about the game. I remember watching a few minutes worth at the beginning, but it just had no appeal for me to watch it this year.

I watched the half time show on YouTube last night. Commercials? Yeah. Really no desire to see how good they were or not this year. I have no idea why I am so indifferent to everything 'game related' .... I just am.

Yesterday started the use of a new software program at work. We have been preparing for it for about a month, though, the issues that came up yesterday, I guess, were to be somewhat expected. The program overall is better than what we were using before, even if I don't care for some of the changes that I will have to learn. Though, I will admit there is literally at this point, less work for me to do, so I should be happier. It frees up more of my time. Which will drive me insane sitting around with nothing to do, so I am sure once we get into a rhythm, there will be other things added on to my list of to-do's at the office. Though I arrived at the time I should arrive (instead of early to help adjust to make 40 hours/week) and only left the shop about 40 minutes later than usual. Today should be better as we have some issues resolved, and know where to get certain reports from the system. I think I am still not going to arrive before noon though. The less idle time I have, the better.

Sigh. Three and half hours to kill before heading into work. Maybe I should go back to bed ....