Monday, February 16

Night Time Grinding

Another Monday is here, and as usual, I am not ready for it. Woke up several times during the night with pain from my teeth. That molar I had a crown on nearly 9 months ago, and back around the end of last year, some grinding done on it to adjust some of the contact points. If fact, that was done twice within about three weeks. Dentist says the only next options are a root canal, which may not fix the issue if the "body" is trying to push the tooth out, or an extraction. Years ago I had the molar under this one removed for an abscess, so it would make another hole. One of the times I woke, it the pain was more on the lower teeth on that side. Only thing I can figure is I am grinding my teeth in my sleep, and it is irritating them because it forces them to shift minutely.

This just started the past couple nights. Actually, maybe even during the day. I noticed yesterday that I was clenching the teeth tight while playing a game. Maybe I am doing that in my sleep, too, because they say dreams are "replays" of events during the day. I don't know. Just need to concentrate on not clenching/grinding my teeth I guess, and hopefully it will stop. I prefer not to lose any more teeth than I already have had pulled/broke, etc.

Working some overtime this coming Friday and the following Monday. I am helping fill another parts person's job while they use a couple vacation days. Going to make for longs days for me. Figure, 12-13 hours between leaving home and getting back home, and only get paid for about 10 of them. But the company truck and gas card make it hurt not nearly as bad. Just going to be long days. Today I am going in a bit early to make sure I know how to print out the labels for the customer parts. Not just print, but to format from a computer download from the appliance warehouse where we buy most parts. Many steps. Maybe I will find a shortcut and that will make me look good. Still waiting on my review for the year.

Tomorrow makes it 30 years since my Dad passed away. Not sure how I will be handling that. Much of the grief from his passing has been let out over the years - some more than others. I try to share some of my stories/events with my kids, but having never known him, they don't seem interested. Of course, living half a country away from most of his side of the family makes a difference, too, I am sure. But it is what it is.

I'm off to think about Dad.


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