Wednesday, February 11

Title-Less Post (or Post-Less Title)?

I'm up a bit earlier than usual, but that is not irregular. I have been sitting here nearly 20 minutes, trying to find something to write about.Aside from munching on my Pop-Tart and drinking my tea, I still have not really came up with anything. Any thing of interest, that is.

AZ news is overflowing with the death of Kayla Mueller (spelling? I admit I didn't look it up). Growing up in Prescott has made her the attention of all the media here. Personally, I think they milk it too much. I believe I understand the significance of the cause(s) of her death and ISIS' ....blah, blah, blah. Maybe I am just tired of hearing the same information over and over. For two hours yesterday, that was all they talked about on the news station I listen to. Repeats of audio from her friend, and her aunt, and the live reporter and his take of the press release that was done. B-O-R-I-N-G! I'm not saying I don't feel for her family, but there ARE other things happening in the world that have importance as well.

Like what the hell is going on in the Ukraine? I haven't heard anything about it in several weeks.

Chris Kyle. That's another one I am sort of tired of hearing about lately. But whatever publicist they have got, they earned their money. With all the national media attention this trial is getting, everyone is wanting to get out to see AMERICAN SNIPER (based on Kyle's experiences) let alone the book he had out (I believe under the same name, but don't know). But it won't be long until it is over. The trial is in Texas, and you know how fast their murder trials go, and the line moves at express speed for Death Row. At least something is right in Texas.

Been in, or near, the low 80's most of this week, but to cool down to the upper 70s by the weekend. I don't know if I can stand it. I turned on the A/C in my truck the other day for about an hour. The heater at home kicked on that night still (set at 75) so it does still cool down tot he 50s at night. Boston is getting slammed with snow, and we are getting a bit baled early with sun.

Guess I spent enough time rambling. My breakfast has been gone for a few. About as ready as I am going to be for the day to start, even if I have to wait 2+ hours yet to leave for work.


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