Wednesday, February 4

Money Talks

I made some money yesterday. Yup. Not the quick way, but the easy one. I worked overtime. Of course, it wasn't by choice, because I would have stopped at 40 hours if that were the case. This new system we are using at work really had some mess-ups in printing the routes/work orders for each technician yesterday. I was 2 1/2 hours late getting started on my route, but made it home only about an hour and a half later than usual. I guess I missed enough of rush hour traffic that I made up an hour. Next paycheck should be nice with that overtime on it.

The Daughter came into town last night. She is only here a couple days, I guess, before heading back to Safford. Once I got home, I remembered that I had new insurance cards for her vehicle ... which got me to thinking. With her getting married this May, they should start taking over the financial needs she has, that currently we pay. It doesn't seem like much: car insurance, cell phone, health insurance, plus the Wife gives her a substantial amount of money for miscellaneous expenses each month - an amount that far exceeds what could be considered miscellaneous, in my opinion. I remember a couple weeks back, when on one of my rants, I told the Wife that she needs to address this issue with them. The Fiance is working full-time, at times making over-time. Why shouldn't they be responsible for all their expenses? I was when I was young, married with children, etc. If that issue ever gets resolved (because I have a feeling my Wife is going to try to hide some of it from me) that would be some more money... to put back for the next Son, who only has one more year of HS, if he passes all his classes.

The Powerball lottery out here is at around 317 million. Yeah. I posted some time ago, about how I day dream at times about winning a big lottery - how many of people don't? I never did get a ticket to yesterday's drawing (I think there was one yesterday) and I probably won't get one the next time. But it sure is nice to dream. I think about how many times the Wife and I have loaned out money (talking about in the hundreds to thousands range) to different people we know through the years, and how many times has it been paid back? I know we don't lend it if it going to hurt us if we never get it back ... but what if all those that had not paid, suddenly paid? Yeah ,that would be nice. Not trying to sound mean, just, you know, it would be nice to "come into" some unexpected money.

I have about 30-45 minutes until I want to leave for work. This extra sitting around time at home (so I can be at work at my scheduled time) is a pain. I was going in early (before the new system) to help maintain my hours so I made 40/pay period. This week, with the new system, I have adjusted back to my regular supposed hours, until we get a regular time frame I will be working in. It might take a few weeks. Which means later into the shop, and later getting home, I feel. Not much I can do about it at this point.


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