Tuesday, February 3

A Big Let-Down

This past weekend had been hyped-up on so many different levels. I mean, you have the Super Bowl. Plus seeing how Glendale was hosting it, the attention it brought to the Valley was huge. All the larger towns had some sort of NFL event going on - some for the whole week ahead of the game. Some areas of town had traffic snarls due to these events; others did not. Luckily, most did not affect my driving route.

So for all the hype for the big game, I was pretty let down. As for the past several years, I was invited over to a friend's house to watch the game, have some drinks, eat food, be merry. I did attend, but near half time I left and went over to Stuman's. At some point late that night, I went home. Drank way too much that day.

And I don't remember anything about the game. I remember watching a few minutes worth at the beginning, but it just had no appeal for me to watch it this year.

I watched the half time show on YouTube last night. Commercials? Yeah. Really no desire to see how good they were or not this year. I have no idea why I am so indifferent to everything 'game related' .... I just am.

Yesterday started the use of a new software program at work. We have been preparing for it for about a month, though, the issues that came up yesterday, I guess, were to be somewhat expected. The program overall is better than what we were using before, even if I don't care for some of the changes that I will have to learn. Though, I will admit there is literally at this point, less work for me to do, so I should be happier. It frees up more of my time. Which will drive me insane sitting around with nothing to do, so I am sure once we get into a rhythm, there will be other things added on to my list of to-do's at the office. Though I arrived at the time I should arrive (instead of early to help adjust to make 40 hours/week) and only left the shop about 40 minutes later than usual. Today should be better as we have some issues resolved, and know where to get certain reports from the system. I think I am still not going to arrive before noon though. The less idle time I have, the better.

Sigh. Three and half hours to kill before heading into work. Maybe I should go back to bed ....


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