Thursday, February 19

Long Days Ahead

Yesterday was a busy morning for me. Had to run the oldest Son to the allergist for weekly shots. He is on some regime, where if he misses a week of these shots, he has to start all over ... I have no clue. The Wife set it all up. But I guess with his schedule, she can't take him the next couple weeks, so my Wednesday mornings are shot for sleeping in (the one day of the work week I can as he does not have early school mornings). At least I have to do nothing. Walk in, gets two shots, sit for 30 minutes to be sure of no reaction. Then drop him off at school and I am home by 8:50. Just enough time to use the loo, and start to work.

So yesterday, it didn't quite go like that. I called the dentist office as early as I could, and they were able to get me in late that morning. I had them extract that tooth that was bothering me. The Doc was surprised at how easy it came out, which leads me to believe the body was trying to get it out anyways. So, I am still a little tender in the gums around that side. Aside from not being able to drink from a straw (which I have been anyways, lightly) everything is good now.

This morning I am meeting PT for breakfast. He had called a few weeks ago, asking why we weren't doing them anymore (why he called to ask me, I have no clue). I realized that we had not done one in awhile was just mainly due to my schedule. The system change-over at work had my hours a bit skewed, so between trying to get an hour extra sleep in the morning after running the kid to school, and work, and whatnot, there was just no time to do it anymore. So this week I made time.

The Wife is off work today. I wish sometimes I got as many vacation days as she does, though, when the census is low at her work, they have to use Vacation days to have off if there is no work. Today is one of those days, but she doesn't mind. I wouldn't either if I got 4 weeks vacation a year, and time grows back.

Guess I am outta here.


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